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  • Definition of aquifer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of aquifer. Pronunciation of aquifer. Translations of aquifer. aquifer synonyms, aquifer antonyms. Information about aquifer in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. aquifers. — “aquifer - definition of aquifer by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The recharge zone above unconfined aquifers is generally the area above the aquifer because water is able to move directly from the surface into the aquifer. However, for a confined aquifer, the recharge zone may be limited to the range where the impermeable layer reaches the surface. — “Aquifer”,
  • aquifer n. An underground bed or layer of permeable rock, sediment, or soil that yields water. aquiferous aquif ' erous. — “aquifer: Definition from ”,
  • Aquifer definition, any geological formation containing or conducting ground water, esp. one that supplies the water for wells, springs, etc. See more. — “Aquifer | Define Aquifer at ”,
  • When perforating a hole into the ground until reaching the confined aquifer, one will see the water level in the hole rise to above the top of the aquifer and perhaps even above the land surface. In the latter case the water will flow out from the hole over the land surface. — “Aquifer types - ”,
  • Fractured volcanic rocks such as columnar basalts also make good aquifers. The rubble In order for a well to be productive, it must be drilled into an aquifer. — “What is an Aquifer?”,
  • Aquifers. The vast majority of the public water systems in Florida use ground water as their source. The major source of ground water supply in Florida is the Floridan Aquifer System, which underlies the entire state. — “SWAP: Aquifer Descriptions”,
  • A Framework for Sustainable Conservation Practices in the Guaraní Aquifer of Paraguay. The Guaraní aquifer is the largest freshwater aquifer in South America, covering more than 1.2 million square kilometers and spanning four countries—Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina (see map below). — “NatureServe: Latin America: Guarani Aquifer Report”,
  • Provides information on one of the world's most well-known aquifers. Features graphs and charts, images, essays, and pictures that describe how the aquifer formed. — “Edwards Aquifer, The”,
  • An aquifer is a layer of water-bearing permeable rock, sand, or gravel capable of providing significant amounts of water (see also groundwater) Most land areas on Earth have some form of aquifer underlying them, though often at significant depth. — “Aquifer - Wikinfo”,
  • An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock or unconsolidated materials (such as gravel, sand, silt, or clay) from which groundwater can be usefully extracted using a water well. Yet, over-exploitation of aquifer systems can lead to serious. — “Aquifer - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • What is an aquifer? , from the USGS Water Science for Schools site. What you are looking at in this picture is a "well" that exposes the water table, with an aquifer beneath it. — “Aquifers, from USGS Water Science for Schools”,
  • In Florida, fresh water comes from subsurface aquifers that are composed of multiple layers of water-bearing limestone. Groundwater released from the aquifers sustains thousands of ecosystems, and is an essential resource for human health, outdoor recreation, industry and agriculture. — “Florida aquifers - Plant Management in Florida Waters”,
  • The Edwards Aquifer is composed of Lower Cretaceous age carbonate rock, and has a Edwards Aquifer Authority is the regulatory agency committed to monitoring and preserving. — “Edwards Aquifer”,
  • An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock or unconsolidated materials (gravel, sand, silt, or clay) from which groundwater can be usefully extracted using a water well. The study of water flow in aquifers and the characterization of aquifers is called hydrogeology. — “Aquifer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A comprehensive overview of aquifers and information about the Ogallala Aquifer in the United States, from Geography at . — “Aquifers - An Overview of Aquifers and the Ogallala Aquifer”,
  • Describes the characteristics of an aquifer; explains the problems of pollution in an aquifer. — “Aquifer”,
  • You'll learn about aquifers, how your drinking water gets to you, what other kids have to do around the world This virtual field trip was jointly developed by the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board and Persistent VISION in Spokane, Washington. — “Aquifer Virtual Field Trip”,
  • The towns of Bourne, Carver, Kingston, Plymouth, Plympton, Middleborough and Wareham all depend on the Plymouth-Carver Aquifer as their principal source of water. — “Plymouth Carver Aquifer Advisory Committee”,
  • An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock or unconsolidated materials (gravel, sand, silt, or clay) from which groundwater can be usefully extracted using a water well. The study of water flow in aquifers and the. — “Aquifer”,
  • An aquifer is a subterranean layer of water-bearing rock or soil. Aquifers often follow the landscape, higher levels below hills, and dropping to lower levels in valleys. — “40d:Aquifer - Dwarf Fortress Wiki”,

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  • Marilyn Is Dead- Fly South Live @ the Aquifer us playing our newest creation Fly South at the aquifer!
  • Chracteristics of the Edwards Karst Aquifer Jay Banner, Director of the Environmental Science Institute and Professor in Geological Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, and Nico Hauwert, a hydrogeologist for the City of Austin, discuss the characteristics of the Edwards Aquifer. Jay describes the depositional environment that formed the highly permeable rocks of the Edwards Limestone, and Nico discusses the traits of the mineral calcite.
  • Draft 3D Model of the Floridan Aquifer Draft 3D Model of the Floridan Aquifer Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • 3-D Geologic Model of Columbia Plateau Aquifer System More information on the USGS Multimedia Gallery: In this month's episode we discuss how 3-D modeling is used to examine groundwater in the Columbia Plateau. USGS hydrologist Erick Burns describes how his team modeled the 53000 square mile plateau, how this information is currently used, and what implications it has for the future. Join us, as we explore how cutting edge science today is used to solve tomorrow's problems, only in this month's episode of the USGS Oregon Science Podcast.
  • Drop into the Edwards Aquifer, 2010 Here are all of the new sequences composited together into a new clip. I'm still smoothing out the rough edges, but it's presentable. Please call or write with review notes.
  • Texas Water - Part 1 - Foundations: Aquifers of Texas Texas Water - Part 1 - Foundations: Aquifers of Texas - Texas Cooperative Extension 2003 - DVD SP147 - Three informational videos are contained on this DVD. They are Foundations: Aquifers of Texas; Crossroads: Texas Water Law; and Divining the Future: Groundwater Conservation Districts. The three videos explore a wide range of issues related to managing the groundwater resources of Texas. Features Bruce J. Lesikar. Posted with permission of the author.
  • ASR - Aquifer Storage and Retrieval for Everglades Restoration ASR is a primary component of the Everglades Restoration effort. This is a promotional video by the South Florida Water Management District. More information: === There are many concerns about ASR that are not mentioned taxpayer-funded agency. --- Fragile How the $8-billion restoration deal will work -- and how it could fall apart. By Cynthia Barnett and Mike Vogel Florida Trend, March 2001 or --- The Water Issue: Restoration Dreams Without a Paddle Journey with us through the watery heart of the largest subtropical wetlands in America: the Everglades. Why? Because it's there—or used to be. By W. Hodding Carter Outside Magazine, August 2003 (Excerpt from page 4) Instead of dumping all that water into the ocean, the Corps and the SFWMD have a cunning plan to pump it into South Florida's aquifer. Their method? A series of aquifer-storage-and-recovery (ASR) systems, 330 to be exact, that are being incorporated into the existing matrix of water-control structures. Basically, up to 1.6 billion gallons a day will be pumped 1100 feet underground, where, theoretically, it will push aside the naturally brackish water, forming a kind of freshwater bubble that will simply hang out until it's "recovered" for agricultural use, drinking water, and recharging the Everglades. Sounds great, except that no one's quite sure if it's going to work. The National Research Council, a federally funded consortium of ...
  • Whangamata Marina Aquifer after years of hiring some of the best lawyers in New Zealand, and paying money for Scientific OPINION...Not fact...Oops! the Whangamata Marina Society earlier this year began a geotechnical survey of the construction site, where they wish to dig the basin... And find an Aquifer! their consent only allows for dry dredging The Marina Society decided not to continue with the geotechnical survey up into the salt marsh,(which they wish to turn into a car park with the dredgings)where the Aquifer originates. stating that they have enough information. Are they going to go ahead and dredge anyway? desperation and greed can lead to foolish mistakes.. more info can be found at:
  • Broken Hill managed aquifer recharge project (BHMAR) - NSW, Australia This video shows some of the aerial survey work being done as a part of the Broken Hill managed aquifer recharge project (BHMAR) located in western NSW, Australia. The project aims to identify groundwater resources and aquifer storage options in an effort to secure the town's future water supply. The Australian Government has made a commitment to invest up to $400 million to reduce evaporation and improve water efficiency at nearby Menindee Lakes; secure Broken Hill's water supply; protect the local environment and heritage; and return up to 200 gigalitres (GL) per year to the environment. For more information visit:
  • Recharging aquifers. India has over 22 million bore-wells and its dependancy on groundwater is estimated at 65% of total water demand. Borewells are running deep and running dry. Artificial recharge through rainwater harvesting is one approach to top up bore-well waters alongwith demand management. Rooftop rainwater harvesting, filtering the rainwater and then recharging it directly into the borewell is one approach. This experiment tries to understand how much rainwater can be directly fed into the bore-well during rains. Looks like a lot...
  • ARID Aquifer Recharge Injection System Coal Bed Methane Coal Seam Natural Gas Produced Water Dewatering Solution
  • The Edwards Aquifer Script written and performed by Philip Rykwalder (funded by the GEAA)
  • Amazing Aquifer Haliburton-Muskoka Children's Water Festival - this activity center is part of the Water Protection theme and uses a model of an aquifer, which is any soil through which groundwater moves easily. The model illustrates the subsurface (sand, gravel and bedrock aquifers and aquitards) and its relation to the surface water (lakes and rivers). A pump can be used to change the amount of precipitation in the system. Water moves continuously through the model from higher to lower elevation (due to gravity). There are several wells to demonstrate the effect of pumping on an aquifer.
  • David Grigg explains aquifer storage and re-use of rainwater at the University of British Columbia South Campus Neighbourhood at the University of British Columbia
  • The Guarani Aquifer- a complex history, an uncertain future A brief overview of the many complex strands of the story of the Guarani Aquifer. When the Guarani Project team head down to Latin America this summer we wil be trying to unravel this complex web. If you like what you see, and would like to see this story explored future please support us through kickstarter: For more information about us and the project check out: or email [email protected] Music La sixième porte de Shanaaghar by Greg Baumont from Jamendo.
  • Floridas Aquifer: The Treasure Below Explains how Florida's aquifer system formed.
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery Part 1 of Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Washington State see Part 2 here:
  • Real-time Monitoring of Managed Aquifer Recharge Andrew Fisher [Prof. of Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz] Abstract: California is highly dependent on groundwater to satisfy fresh water demands, but supplies are increasingly stressed and groundwater in many basins is overdrafted, leading to resource degradation and loss of storage. Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is strategy by which excess surface water is infiltrated into the ground in natural or engineered structures, often as part of a broader effort to conjunctively manage and enhance linked surface water and groundwater resources. Running MAR systems requires information on infiltration rates, groundwater levels, and water quality; having access to this information in real time can be helpful in operating MAR systems more efficiently and effectively. In addition, establishing new MAR projects often requires the approval from a variety of resource stakeholders, many of whom find groundwater mechanics and management to be cryptic. Real time access to MAR data may help to engage the public and encourage a commitment to water resource improvement. We present data from an ongoing study of an operating MAR system in central coastal California. A CITRIS seed grant was used to augment this research project by supporting environmental instrumentation and networking, so that field data can be acquired in real time and inform research and MAR activities. We will show examples of field data collected as part of the overall MAR research effort, and preliminary data ...
  • Environmental Newscast - Ogallala Aquifer
  • Mt Gambier`s Blue Lake Aquifer Tour Garry Turner explains what the history & the issues are with his Blue lake Aquifer Tour
  • Deep West Video: At The Edge of the Aquifer, a rancher's story A cowboy realizes his dream of owning his own ranch, only to have the water run dry soon after he acquires the property. This Deep West video premeired at the 25th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Length 7:49 (2009, by Jane Ambrose Morton with Bob Luttrell)
  • Draft - Building a 3D model of Florida's aquifers Testing a few layers in the very early stages of development of a 3D model of Florida's aquifers. The top mass is modeling a ceiling, and the lower mass is testing a confined extruded contour feature -- or an internal element within an object. Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Formation of the Guarani Aquifer the formation of the Guarani aquifer in South America
  • Persian Wheel- Shallow aquifer and their use A bullock is given a bath in a shallow aquifer by is owner. It is not a happy bullock. In the background is a Persian Wheel standing for over a century and working even now. Can anything be done to preserve the shallow aquifer and this beautiful hydraulic device?
  • Aquifer Flow Model A Student Project With Some Draumatic Music ^_~
  • Brisbane Aquifer Project Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman talks about the Aquifer project
  • Underground Aquifer in the Pajaro Valley Andy Fisher is a hydrogeologist at UC Santa Cruz who studies the interactions between surface water and ground water. Over the past decade his research has focused on the Pajaro Valley in California. The Pajaro Valley aquifer provides more than 90 percent of the water used by the area's residents, businesses, and farmers. He explains that this crucial water supply is in grave danger of running out. [2/2010] [Science] [Show ID: 17128]
  • Aquifer Videomix. Music: Cloud Mountain - Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors
  • "Aquifer Safe and Sound" for Kirby Green, by David Beede This is a video message to Kirby Green, Executive Director of the St. John's River Water Management District in Florida, and the one responsible for approving or disapproving an application for a permit for Eugene Kholov of LBC Inc. to pump .250 million gallons a day from the Florida aquifer to raise Siberian sturgeon for caviar. For more information go here: /proposedsturgeonfarm.htm To contact Kirby Green: Email: [email protected] Phone (386)329-4262 To write him: St. Johns River Water Management District PO Box 1429 Palatka, Florida 32178-1429 If Kirby Green's email account is full, as some have reported, Claire Muirhead is the hydrologist overseeing the application. Her contact info: [email protected] (386)329-4205 For more detailed information:
  • The Aquifer Taken from our North Carolina "Taking Back the Streets" trip, Life in Your Way, Advent and Impending Doom shows
  • Mahomet Aquifer Project Video - Advanced Visualization Laboratory, Jeff Carpenter This video was created by Jeff Carpenter of the National Center for Super Computing Applications Advanced Visualization Laboratory. It contains content from the Illinois Water Survey, animated through a 3D Maya program, maps by Harold Fisk, aquaporin animations created by the Beckman Institute and video of Jennifer Monson's choreography. Sound Design by Chris Cogburn. Created for site specific performances in East Central Illinois, October 2009
  • Mt Gambier`s Blue Lake Aquifer Tour - Part 2 Garry Turner continues with his Aquifer tour to the edge of the Blue Lake
  • Karst_The Edward's Aquifer Describes the karst land formations and underground water in the Edward's Aquifer in Central Texas.
  • Aquifer Test Slug Test (ANSDIMAT software) ANSDIMAT -- advanced software system for aquifer test ***ytical and numerical ***ysis and estimation by direct and inverse methods. ANSDIMAT software system is designed for aquifer test data ***ysis and estimation by ***ytical and graphic ***ytical methods using practically all calculation schemes applied in hydrological practice. ANSDIMAT software comprises both steady- and unsteady state ***ytical solution for confined, unconfined, heterogeneous aquifers, as well as leaky and multi-layer (stratified) aquifer systems. Solutions for aquifers anisotropic on the vertical plane are included. For leaky aquifer system solutions for drawdown not only in the main aquifer but also in adjacent aquifers and aquitards are considered.. Allowance is made for full or partial penetration of both pumping and observation wells. Additionally, storage capacity and skin effect of pumping and observation well is taken into account. Besides, solutions for slug tests and constant-drawdown tests in various conditions are considered.
  • Recharge well - Rainwater harvesting for aquifer recharge Recharge wells can pick storm water and send it to the aquifer. This can mitigate urban flooding, enhance ground water levels and make available well water for supplemental purpose. Depending on lithology conditions , ground water levels and recharge rates these recharge wells need to be designed. In Bangalore a 3 feet diameter and 20 feet deep well works in most places and can cover 250 square metre of plot area including roof area well.
  • Tug Hill Aquifer - Footprints of the Ice Age - part 6 of 14 This segment describes the region near Altmar, NY that includes a pristine ice age aquifer characterized by bogs, kames and kettle ponds that contain rare ecology including carnivorous species of plants that ingest insects. Excerpted from the television documentary 'Footprints of the Ice Age: the Laurentide Ice Sheet in Upstate New York' produced and narrated by Michael S. Ameigh.
  • Sen. Johanns Expresses Concern For Ogallala Aquifer During Pipeline Safety Hearing
  • Oh, Sleeper @ Aquifer 1/24/08 Clinton, NJ Vices Like Vipers Oh, Sleeper @ Aquifer 1/24/08 Clinton, NJ Vices Like Vipers /stegs311
  • Mrs. Kautzer's Aquifer Project This video will walk you through the step by step process of creating your 3-D aquifer for my science class.
  • Digital Aquifer by The Aquifer is the source, gushing forth, as a cornucopia of nature treasures bubbling up through the eternal spirit of the world - the umbilical cord of life. The River, a defined hydrological unit where the processes within it are dynamic and finite, has been turned, in this industrial world, into a software bug, a type of ecological mutation which seems to endlessly continue producing filth, dirt, decay and death. the 14 screens simulate windows that revealed feminine creatures trapped under water. at the beginning they swim - showing there natural beauty, but as the water get contaminated they struggle to get out & due to lack of success we witness a visual lamentation Video -- Liora Belford Audio -- Ido Govrin Photographer -- Haim Asias Actors -- Davida Horovitz, Anat Morag, Dafna Barkan **Digital Aquifer was origenly made and presented as a Video/Audio Installation of 14 TFT Flat screens (with a computer with 14 ch out), 1 Projector and stereo sound.
  • Florida Geological Survey Video Florida's aquifer adventure ( FGS: Videoseries 2 ) The Florida Geological Survey Digital Collection is online in the UF Digital Collections here: The Florida Geological Survey Digital Collection includes historic resources from the Florida Geological Survey (FGS). FGS is an Office which reports directly to the Deputy Secretary for Land & Recreation in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The mission of the FGS is to collect, interpret, disseminate, store and maintain geologic data, thereby contributing to the responsible use and understanding of Florida's natural resources, and to conserve the State of Florida's oil and gas resources and minimize environmental impacts from exploration and production operations.

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  • “Water Forum / water discussion board I'm trying to value an aquifer which may be for sale and I need some help with the methodology. I've been told that I should take $0.04 and multiple by the gallon/annum output of the spring”
    — BottledWaterWeb - Aquifer valuation,

  • “FOR IMMEDIATE NEWS RELEASE: Some information on the previous news release may not have come through Find additional pertinent audio and the Home " Blogs " gilcreque's blog " Save Our Aquifer Group Files Complaint with State Attorney's Office”
    — Save Our Aquifer Group Files Complaint with State Attorney's,

  • “The Aquifer Science team updates the Drought Monitor blog with pertinent aquifer status, The most current Drought Status Chart is downloadable as a pdf from the blog”
    — Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District,

  • “Water and Wastewater Blog " Housing Bust May Boost Return to Tap A connected river gains water when an aquifer is higher than the river and loses water when the aquifer is lower than the river”
    — Water and Wastewater Blog: Grounding Connectivity: Do rivers,

  • “Village of Belcarra - Aquifer Forum 2002 opens the Belcarra Aquifer Forum. Resident Jo Ledingham talks. about the Belcarra Beachkeepers organization and its activities educating the public about protecting the foreshore habitat and its many marine aquatic inhabitants”
    — Village of Belcarra - Aquifer Forum 2002,

  • “Methods of ***ysis for slug tests. Forum > Methods > Slug Tests. Figure 1. Typical well configuration for a slug test in an unconfined aquifer. The slug test method is a popular and inexpensive means of estimating the hydraulic properties of aquifers (primarily hydraulic conductivity,”
    Aquifer Test Forum--Slug Tests,

  • “Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance You can link to her blog here: Water Wonk Adding New Voices to the Blogosphere. To read her latest entry, go here: No Silver Bullets for Treating Emerging Water”
    — Annalisa Peace San Antonio Express News blog,

  • “Save The Ogallala Aquifer Wilson Research released a poll on Texans' response to radioactive waste dumped in Andrews County, Texas, and its possible affect on the Ogallala Aquifer”
    — All blog entries,

  • “I wonder what he is going to do for my family when his plan to draw down the Ogallala kills our water well? By current right-of-capture rules for gro”
    — Pickens Plans to Raid Ogallala Aquifer - Fort Worth Forum,

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