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  • Definition of aphanitic from The American Heritage Science Dictionary. — “aphanitic - Science Definition”,
  • See also:ascensional ventilation; descensional ventilation; aphanitic. a. Said of the texture of an igneous rock in which the crystalline. components are not distinguishable by the unaided. — “aphanitic”,
  • Definition of aphanitic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of aphanitic. Pronunciation of aphanitic. Translations of aphanitic. aphanitic synonyms, aphanitic antonyms. Information about aphanitic in the free online English dictionary and. — “aphanitic - definition of aphanitic by the Free Online”,
  • Andesite (Template:PronEng) is an extrusive igneous, volcanic rock, of intermediate composition, with aphanitic to porphyritic texture. Categories: Aphanitic rocks | Volcanology | Porphyritic rocks | Intermediate rocks. — “Andesite - Wikipedia Mirror”,
  • b. Texture: Aphanitic (fine-grained), vesicular. Origin: Extrusive, rapid cooling of viscous lava containing Aphanitic. Color Index 15. An intermediate-temperature extrusive. rock formed from an. — “GEOL 1040 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY TELECOURSE ANSWERS TO LAB EXERCISE 6”,
  • Volcanic Rock (Aphanitic) > Glassy Rock. Extrusive rock having a texture which is similar to that of glass or Volcanic Rock (Aphanitic) > Pyroclastic Rock > Volcanic Breccia (Agglomerate). — “Mineral Resources Data System”,
  • Aphanite, or aphanitic as an adjective, (from the Greek αφανης, invisible) is a name given to certain igneous rocks which are so fine grained that their component accurately, non-crystalline) than aphanitic rocks, and having a glass. — “Aphanite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Texture: aphanitic and vesicular (contains abundant small gas cavities) Texture: aphanitic and vesicular (contains abundant large gas cavities). — “Physical Geology Lab Samples”,
  • Aphanitic Impact Melt Breccia. St. 2, 61.9 g. INTRODUCTION. 72235 is an aphanitic, clast-rich. impact melt interlayered with The aphanitic melt appears to. be a low-K Fra Mauro composition,. — “72235 Aphanitic Impact Melt Breccia St. 2, 61.9 g”,
  • slow cooling => large xtals (coarse grained, phaneritic) From Greek, cooling => small xtals (fine-grained, aphanitic) fine textures observable in thin section. — “Igneous Rocks”,
  • Basalt from surface lava flow often exhibits an aphanitic texture. Since the crystals of individual minerals cannot be easily resolved for classification, aphanitic rocks are classified in general terms like light, intermediate or dark in color. — “Igneous Rock Texture”,
  • Related Aphanitic Rocks Terms. Aphanite. Aphanite (from the Greek αφανης, invisible) is a name given to certain typically dark-coloured igneous rocks which are so fine-grained that their component mineral crystals are not detected by the unaided eye. — “Aphanitic Rocks | Bukisa Topics”,
  • The following article is a local copy of the Wikipedia article at Aphanitic. Aphanite, or aphanitic as an adjective, (from the Greek αφανης, invisible) is a name given to certain igneous rocks which are so fine grained that their component. — “Wikipedia:Aphanitic - Global Warming Art”,
  • Definition of aphanitic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of aphanitic. Pronunciation of aphanitic. Definition of the word aphanitic. Origin of the word aphanitic. — “aphanitic - Definition of aphanitic at ”,
  • Rocks are divided by their texture from glassy to fine grained (aphanitic) to course grained (phaneritic). The terms such as fragmented, vesicular (having a lot of holes), porphoritic (large crystals in a glassy or fine grained matrix) and pegmatitic. — “Igneous Rocks”,
  • Aphanitic definition, a fine-grained igneous rock having such compact texture that the constituent minerals cannot be detected with the *** eye. See more. — “Aphanitic | Define Aphanitic at ”,
  • List the different igneous rock textures (aphanitic, phaneritic, porphyritic, pegmatitic, vesicular, glass, and pyroclastic) and explain their a much shallower (cooler) location with fast cooling (porphyritic- aphanitic), or. a somewhat shallower (slightly cooler) location with continued. — “Igneous Rocks”,
  • Crystalline rocks with mineral grains that cannot be distinguished from one another without magnification have an aphanitic igneous texture. Aphanitic, extrusive, igneous rocks therefore have coarse-grained, intrusive counterparts with the same chemical and mineral composition. — “Aphanitic: World of Earth Science”,
  • The more felsic aphanitic rocks tend to have isolated crystals and thus are examples of porphyritic textures with fine-grained groundmasses. ( Basalt can also be porphyritic!) This is a boulder of fine-grained basalt from a barn wall in Wisconsin. — “Fine-Grained (Aphanitic) Textures”,
  • aphanitic ( ′afə′nidik ) ( petrology ) Referring to the texture of an igneous rock in which the crystalline components are not distinguishable by the. — “aphanitic: Definition from ”,
  • The identification of aphanitic-textured igneous rocks can often be frustrating. The table below lists the minerals you may find in each of the common aphanitic igneous rocks and their approximate colors. — “Igneous Rock Identification”,
  • The texture of such fine-grained rocks is termed aphanitic, which is derived from the Greek aphanes, or 'invisible, unseen' In contrast to rocks of aphanitic texture, igneous rocks of phaneritic or 'visible'. — “The Petrogenesis of Rocks and Minerals”,

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  • greenish brown amphibole titanite and zeolite cutting gabbro Irregular patch in center of vein is dark brown aphanitic material Sample 176 735B 58R 3 0 8 cm All scale bars = 10 mm
  • grains in felsic vein Note the dark pitted plagioclase cores and clear white rims and overall porous nature of the vein Sample 176 735B 157R 7 1 5 cm All scale bars = 1 mm
  • and clear rims Note the rounded end of the pitted core in the upper left and the euhedral overgrowth of more sodic plagioclase Sample 176 735B 153R 1 33 39 cm All scale bars = 1 mm
  • lapilli scoria clasts that comprise the scoria fall deposit and B an armored lapillus in the scoria fall deposit with an aphanitic lava fragment wrapped by vesicular basalt glass
  • Figure F24 Interval 192 1185B 22R 6 77 87 cm showing an irregularly shaped coarser grained patch in an otherwise aphanitic to fine grained basalt Unit 11
  • 1 Euhedral plagioclase crystals in vein center showing minor zoning and presence of dark aphanitic material between the grains Sample 176 735B 126R 5 101 106 cm All scale bars = 1 mm
  • the unsorted and angular character of the fragments may indicate that the brecciation resulted from steam explosion related to sea water convection within a sheeted dike complex 030 2 8c very fine grained essentially aphanitic diabase with a relatively small number of microlitic feldspar crystals rapidly cooled diabase rock within a sheeted diabase unit of an
  • minerals so small that they cannot be identified without a microscope Glassy texture consists of ions disorganized as in a liquid but frozen in place by an extremely rapid cooling Vesicular can be aphanitic and vesicular rocks are very porous because of gas bubbles in the magma or lava when it cooled Porphyritic is a mixture of large mineral grains in an aphanitic
  • 31 cm showing a section through a basaltic pillow with a glassy rind and a 1 to 2 cm sparsely vesicular zone in the aphanitic pillow rim which grades to the fine grained pillow interior
  • 2 Rhyolite is an extrusive igneous rock with aphanitic texture and felsic minerals 3 Diorite is an intrusive igneous rock with phaneritic texture and intermediate minerals
  • alteration in aphanitic dark gray basalt pillow margin in Unit 1 Completely altered olivine phenocrysts are visible at the centers of the spherulites Black glass is present lower right
  • based on texture phaneritic aphanitic see simple classification chart
  • concerned with time than the extra protection afforded by the SESC Still standing at the top of the fillet with his back to us Charlie examines the black clast This is sample 67475 343k a 175 gram aphanitic black clast 167 26 35 Duke Okay Tony This black clast I chipped out is an aphanitic matrix with some It looks like a typical fine grained basalt to
  • Figure F28 Close up photograph showing spherulitic texture in an aphanitic pillow margin basement Unit 1 interval 192 1185B 3R 1 54 63 cm The spherulites are highlighted by alteration
  • Ultramafic 95 100 ferromags Igneous Rock Names and Composition Chart Oops Note Change Peridotite in the Aphanitic row to Komatiite rare Intrusive Rock Bodies Plutonic Rocks form Plutons
  • Rock pictures courtesy of Faith Lovett aphanitic igneous rocks
  • little pitting or corrosion The space between the plagioclase grains blue is filled with late stage quartz in optical continuity Sample 176 735B 130R 3 52 58 cm All scale bars = 1 mm
  • light brown grain and smaller reddish grain are titanite Matrix of the diopside rich zone consists of dark aphanitic material Sample 176 735B 121R 1 81 86 cm All scale bars = 1 mm
  • a reddish purple aphanitic groundmass and pale pink and or white phenocrysts up to 3 mm = the Imperial Porphyry PHOTOS VARIETY 1 sample 1 VARIETY 2 sample 2 b greenish black aphanitic groundmass and pale green and white phenocrysts up to 5 mm PHOTO sample 1
  • Extrusive rocks cool quickly and form microscopic crystals aphanitic texture
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  • and as microlitic laths sheeted dike unit of an ophiolite 032 2 8e feldspar porphyritic plagiocalse phyric diabase dike feldspars occur as large floating crystals phenocrysts 033 2 9a dark green aphanitic pillow basalt with calcite bearing amygdules effusive volcanic rock representing the uppermost igneous unit of ocean crust 034 2 9b1 2 9b2 dull green
  • of andesite dacite porphyry Precambrian basement a reddish purple aphanitic groundmass and pale pink and or white phenocrysts up to 3 mm = the Imperial Porphyry PHOTOS VARIETY 1 sample 1 VARIETY 2 sample 2 b greenish black aphanitic groundmass and pale green and white phenocrysts up to 5 mm
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  • Classification of Plutonic Igneous Rocks
  • BasaltAphaniticWeatherCUp jpg
  • the vein is filled with sodic plagioclase Pl but the distinct band along the center is filled with diopside Di in a matrix of black to dark brown aphanitic material Scale bars = 5 mm
  • 7 aphanitic cap jpg
  • a basalt www ux1 eiu edu jpg Image file link
  • A chilled margin is visible along the edges of the aphanitic Unit 11 basalt The contact is subvertical suggesting that the base of Unit 11 is filling a fissure in the surface of Unit 12
  • aphanitic igneous rocks phaneritic igneous rocks
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  • eye Viewing under a microscope you should be able to see tiny crystals The picture at right shows a rock with aphanitic texture To learn more click here 3 Phaneritic Texture A rock with phaneritic texture has crystal grains large enough to be distinguished with the eye Granite is a typical phaneritic textured
  • calcite Bed 3 Dark gray dolomitic mudstone with lobate casts of aphanitic dolomite Bed 4 Coarsely crystalline calcite underlain by thin discontinuous layer of black mudstone The preservation of delicate seasonal laminae and of undisturbed dead fish in pyritic black mudstone of unit 1 in some chemical cycles points to accumulation on a stagnant bottom probably
  • basalt handspec ap www indiana edu jpeg Image file link
  • resulting fine grained or aphanitic texture is characteristic of volcanic igneous rocks The rocks shown below show this fine grained texture Click on photos to see enlarged views basalt hand sample composed of tiny interlocking mineral crystals
  • that are coarser grained than the aphanitic to fine grained groundmass Thus some of the clinopyroxene and plagioclase phenocrysts may simply be crystals disaggregated from these patches
  • Dacite AphaniticQA www answers com gif Image file link
  • Basalt is a dark almost black volcanic rock Because it often erupts as very fluid lava flows it is fine grained aphanitic Basalt may often have gas bubbles in it These holes are called vesicles
  • cooling units defined by the presence of glassy or aphanitic margins Cooling units <1 5 m thick are probably pillows but the four units that are 2 3 m thick could be thin massive flows

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  • Lab 2: Vis-Ident Igneous Rocks 1. Take a picture of yourself in front of a table with ALL the igneous rock samples from the lab kit. 2. Take a picture of each rock sample with a label in front showing its correct name. 3. Take a picture of an igneous rock with a Phaneritic texture (there are more than one that fit this description; just pick one)/. 4. Take a picture of an igneous rock with a aphanitic texture (there are more than one that fit this description; just pick one)/. 5. Take a picture of an igneous rock with a porphyritic texture (there are more than one that fit this description; just pick one)/. 6. Take a picture of a mafic vesicular texture. 7. Take a picture of a felsic rock with a glassy texture. 8. Take a picture of a rock containing the mineral K-feldspar. 9. Take a picture of rock containing Ca-rich Plagioclase. 10. Take a picture of a rock containing approximately equal amounts of mafic and felsic minerals.
  • Aphanitic Rock Aphanitic Rock, Peewee, brian butler
  • Video 111 (2).MP4 This video describes the formation of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks showing examples of granite, Diorite, gabbro, basalt, andesite, rhyolite, as well as porphyritic rocks and volcanic bombs, pumice , AA lava, pahoi-hoi lava and obsidian. Volcanic bombs come from Yellowstone Super Volcano. Aphanitic and phanoritic textures are discussed.

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  • “Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog - no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end Aphanitic. The Archean Zone. *** Like a Geologist. Diagenesis. Earth Online (Blogspot) FHSU Geoblog. GeoBlog”
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  • “Rocks & Minerals: Alphabetic Sections A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z elements nappe angular unconformity anatexis anticline aphanitic texture aplite, aplite”
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