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  • A method is provided for producing antimicrobial, antithrombogenic medical devices. The method employs an antimicrobial treatment process wherein an antimicrobial agent is dissolved in an appropriate. — “Method for producing antimicrobial antithrombogenic medical”,
  • Antithrombogenic polyurethane polymers having the antithrombogenic material covalently bound to the polyurethane. 1. An antithrombogenic polyurethane polymer which comprises:. — “Covalent bonded antithrombogenic ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • [The antithrombogenic properties of the vascular wall and platelet aggregation in patients Vascular wall antithrombogenic properties assessed before the treatment in the patients. — “[The antithrombogenic properties of the vascular wall and”,
  • Patent Abstract: Antithrombogenic synthetic elastomer having repeat units comprising portion I which is a soft segment unit containing a polyether and portion II which is a hard segment unit: ##STR1## R is a straight-chain or branched-chain. — “Antithrombogenic synthetic elastomer and process of”,
  • Antithrombogenic catheters with superior continuous results Through a special technology, heparin - an antithrombogenic material that has been ion-bonded to the surface of the catheter - is. — “Antithrombogenic catheters with superior continuous results”,
  • Experimental Evaluation of a New Antithrombogenic Stent Using Ion Beam Surface Modification A new antithrombogenic stent using ion beam surface modification nanotechnology was evaluated. — “IngentaConnect Experimental Evaluation of a New”,
  • Antithrombogenic Modification of Small-Diameter Microfibrous Vascular Grafts Conclusion— Microfibrous vascular grafts with antithrombogenic microfibers can be used as small-diameter. — “Antithrombogenic Modification of Small-Diameter Microfibrous”,
  • antithrombogenic coatings companies. Directory of antithrombogenic coatings importers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers in UK, USA, ASIA, Australia, China & Indea. — “antithrombogenic coatings - anti-thrombogenic, hydrogel”,
  • Heparin benzalkonium chloride complex An effective antithrombogenic coating when applied to a variety of materials used to make catheters and tubing. — “Heparin benzalkonium chloride complex | Polysciences, Inc”,
  • Develops, licenses, and supplies coating and adhesive technologies for mechanical, biological, and electrical industries. — “Surface Solutions Laboratories, Inc”,
  • Antithrombogenic Coatings. It has been known that heparin-coated catheters decrease protein and platelet deposition on catheter catheter-related infections.10 This has lead to the application of antithrombogenic coatings on long-term hemodialysis catheters. — “2009 Buyer's Guide”,
  • agent, and (ii) contacting the coating on the substrate with an antithrombogenic agent which covalently bonds to a second functional group of the linking agent. 3 P wherein A is hydroxyalkyl, the linking agent is a polyhydrazide and the antithrombogenic agent is heparin. — “Antithrombogenic polymer coating”,
  • ANTITHROMBOGENIC POLYMER COATING. Abstract: An article having a non-thrombogenic surface and a process for making the article are disclosed. The article is formed by (i) coating a polymeric substrate with a crosslinked chemical combination of. — “(WO/2002/058758) ANTITHROMBOGENIC POLYMER COATING”,
  • Qmed (formerly Medical Device Link) is the world's first completely prequalified supplier directory and news source for medical device OEMs. Find medical device suppliers and IVD suppliers who are FDA-registered, ISO 13485- and ISO 9001. — “Antithrombogenic: Surface Treatment”,
  • Heparin-Bound Aminoethylcellulose as an Antithrombogenic Surface An antithrombogenic aminoethylcellulose coating for Silastic valve prostheses was tested by implantation of. — “AMA Arch Surg -- Abstract: Heparin-Bound Aminoethylcellulose”, archsurg.ama-
  • This invention concerns a production process of an antithrombogenic and antiadhesive material which can favorably be used as artificial blood A production process of an antithrombogenic and antiadhesive material for medical use,. — “Production process of an antithrombogenic and antiadhesive”,
  • The present disclosure relates to implants with a biocompatible coating having antithrombogenic properties and which also contains a pharmacologically active agent, as well as a process for their production. — “Implants With A Phosphazene-containing Coating”,
  • We develop and supply coating technologies to the device industry for commercial medical devices, without the hassles of legal hurdles, licensing fees, and royalty costs MSDS Sheets for Antithrombogenic Patented Products. — “Coatings2”, coatings2

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  • “Case discussion, Case 8 Although protein C and protein S activity are normal the antithrombogenic function of APC is inactivated. c. Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is associated with venous and arterial thrombosis”
    — Case discussion, Case 8,

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  • “Antimicrobial coatings for preventing infections are becoming indispensable Containing both releasable and covalently bonded antithrombogenic agents, the coating provides short- and long-term protection against clot formation on device surfaces, helping to maintain oxygen-exchange efficiency”
    — Antimicrobial coatings for preventing infections are becoming,

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  • “20 Powerful Reasons To Drink Green Tea Underlying mechanisms for the heart beneficial effects of tea include vasculoprotective, antioxidative, antithrombogenic, anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-lowering properties of tea flavonoids”
    — 20 Powerful Reasons To Drink Green Tea,

  • “SELAMAT DATANG KE PORTAL SEKOLAH SAINS SULTAN HAJI AHMAD SHAH PEKAN with a talking or stature anticoagulant to clog that jugo antithrombogenic whihch has stabalized reached {20}”
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  • “They are also antithrombogenic, lower blood pressure, decrease the heart's susceptibility Foucher's sign is a term that came up in my research for this blog”
    — Medical Informatics Student Blog,

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