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  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called on President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court, calling her views anti-military and airing, for one of the first times, concerns that during her time as Dean, Harvard. — “Gingrich: Obama Should Withdraw Kagan Nomination”,
  • A video created by the Quebec Federation of Women referring to Canadian soldiers as cannon fodder is drawing sharp criticism from some military families. Anti-military video attacked by Que. families. — “CBC News - Montreal - Anti-military video attacked by Que”,
  • ND NEWS Taking Back ND has an interesting post up today discussing the effects of Senator Kent Conrad's (D-ND) history of anti-military voting and the possible role it played in the BRAC decision. TakingBackND The news is out that Senator. — “Say Anything " The BRAC/Conrad Connection”,
  • Of course, we should expect one of these anti-military nuts to call out against the U.S. Army for advertising The Isthmus highlights the faux outrage of only two anti-military activists. — “Wisc. Paper: U.S. Army ads in High School Extremely Inappropriate'”,
  • John McCain is pissed at Kerry's recent anti-military statements and slams him here. — “McCain responds to John Kerry's anti-military statements”,
  • It is critically important to distinguish between groups on Facebook or anywhere else which are anti soldier and those which are against other asp No such thing is true, given the shortage of groups that have anti military and anti soldier titles. There were no groups titled "we hate soldiers". — “Anti-soldier groups are growing in popularity on Facebook”,
  • The right-wing media has falsely claimed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is "anti-military" because she temporarily barred Harvard Law School's Office of Career Services from aiding military recruiters due to the military's discriminatory Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. — “Right-wing media falsely claim Kagan is "anti-military”,
  • James Cameron hits back at critics for calling Avatar' anti-military "The anti-military thing is kind of tough for me because my younger brother Dave was a marine for six years, fought (in) Desert Storm and he's worked for me for years," the Daily Star quoted him as saying. — “James Cameron hits back at critics for calling Avatar' anti”,
  • A grand anti-military demonstration is expected to take place in San Francisco It is generally believed  that the vast majority of Americans support the army variant for the solution of the Iraqi problem. Judging by the results of opinion. — “White House Ignores Protesters - English ”,
  • Star of "The Unit", spokesman for Allstate Insurance Anti-Military 4 Responses to "Star of "The Unit", spokesman for Allstate Insurance Anti-Military" Mustang says: November 12, 2007 at 1:00 pm. Apparently with respect to our military, his response to the question "Are you in good hands" would be. — “Star of "The Unit", spokesman for Allstate Insurance Anti”,
  • We thoroughly exposed Ball State University's Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Center as a radical, anti-military institution, and discovered that Professor Wolfe is a music professor who has no legitimate qualifications to be teaching peace. — “Ball State Peace Studies Revisited - Letters from the”,
  • antimilitary (comparative more antimilitary, superlative most antimilitary) Opposed to the military or to military activities The only armed men Gross shows us in action are arresting demonstrators at European antimilitary protests. — “antimilitary - Wiktionary”,
  • Conservatives Note Kagan's Anti-Military Views, Lack of Judicial Experience () – U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan will face two major stumbling blocks as a Supreme Court nominee – her anti-military views and her ties to Goldman Sachs, a conservative group says. — “Conservatives Note Kagan's Anti-Military Views, Lack of”,
  • Vieira Aids James Cameron in Whitewashing Anti-Military 'Avatar' Co-host Meredith Vieira allowed Cameron to brag about screening his anti-military sci-fi flick to servicemen and women on an aircraft carrier but. — “Vieira Aids James Cameron in Whitewashing Anti-Military”,
  • Staub's attorney Eric Schnapper argued that Proctor was liable because of the employees' actions, including Buck, even if she did not have the anti-military biases of the others. the direct supervisor had an anti-military bearing, because so many. — “Supreme Court Hears Case of Fired Reservist”,
  • Five anti-military protesters have been arrested after breaking into a Swedish Air Force base to demonstrate against joint exercises planned with the US Air Force. — “Protestors arrested in anti-US demo - The Local”,
  • Read the latest Atlanta anti-military news and view Atlanta anti-military pictures from our team of local insiders. — “Atlanta anti-military Articles, Atlanta anti-military News”,
  • The City of Berkeley, California, has adopted an anti-military stance that cannot be ignored. We urge you to let the city fathers hear from you!. — “Anti-Military Stance: Berkeley Goes Berserk”, military-money-
  • Anti-Military Paranoid Piece 'Green Zone' Hailed by Top Times Movie Critic A.O. Scott. By: Clay Waters. March 12, 2010 13:53 ET. Movie critic A.O. Scott on Friday reviewed "Green Zone," a leftist fantasy about the Iraq War starring Matt Damon, in which the U.S. military are the bad guys. — “Anti-Military Paranoid Piece 'Green Zone' Hailed by Top Times”,
  • Thousands of monks stage fifth day of anti-military protests. Posted : Sat, 22 Sep 2007 11: For more information related to Thousands of monks stage fifth day of anti-military protests delivered to your inbox. — “Thousands of monks stage fifth day of anti-military protests”,
  • The Military Family: anti military propaganda letter - a discussion on — “anti military propaganda letter - The Military Family -”,

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  • RE: I am not anti military or pro Al Qaeda : i am anti bull*** wars like IRAQ! Video Response
  • Defending Our Defenders This report brought to you by . Autumn Carter, Senior Staff Writer of the conservative Stanford Review student newspaper, speaks on the University's anti-military bias and the recent actions of the law school in suppressing a JAG recruitment officer's visit to the campus. Read Autumn's article here And the the rest of this story on at:
  • Network Greenmile Tyzzer Anti-Military Mashup I love "Network", Peter Finch was perfect in it. I have a expensive college degree which is of absolutely no use to me financially or work wise in this backwards country and economy. So your bleeding heart tax dollars, which i sincerely appreciate help keep food on the table and I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • An anti-military action A small anarchists performance in Leningrad/St. Petersburg in wich two generals arguing with each other and then they send some soldiers with TVs on their heads to kill. You pay taxes for killing - Don't pay for war! Then all soldiers were ressurected and crushed TVs. Politics play in games - People are dying!
  • Stinger Missile vs. Cobra Helo (not an Apache, as I originally thought) Winner: Stinger missile ***NEW - This was posted for almost two years as "Stinger vs. apache helo" I found the file of picture that came with this video, and yes it is in fact a Cobra.******* Back to the old stuff... Note that hippie tree-hugger anti-military comments will be removed promptly (or when I get around to it). Also, comments claiming to know for a fact what kind of helo it is based off video from a mile away... GONE. Even if it is a cobra, it's been 2 years and i just don't care at this point. I still won't let you post your comments. It's my video and I'll call it whatever I want.
  • Anti Military Dual Function, 1998 A student sction in Jogjakarta, 1998. (minidv/1998)
  • Anti-military protest at SFSU This is footage from a protest of military recruiters at San Francisco State University. Yet again, the leftist voice their opposition to the United States, our military and our way of life.
  • Mightier Pen: David Feith "Blaming America: Political Correctness and Anti-Military Bias in National Security Reporting," featured veteran Washington Times Geopolitics Editor Bill Gertz, the Washington Examiner's Sara Carter, and David Feith of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page. The focus was on the effect of the mainstream media's narrative when it comes to putting America's national security in context, it's common biases, and how that narrative plays out, story after story.
  • Vieira Aids James Cameron in Whitewashing Anti-Military 'Avatar' Vieira Aids James Cameron in Whitewashing Anti-Military 'Avatar' Visit
  • Vicky Hartzler defends against claims that she is anti-military Vicky Hartzler breaks down how claims by the Skelton campaign that she has an anti-military voting record are false.
  • Anti Military Gay Ban This is the other part of our Government project. Yet again, this is a spoof. Please do not be offended. Enjoy! XD
  • The Cost of War This is NOT an anti-military video. The job of our military is to do everything that is asked of them, and they have, no questions asked. The job of our government officials is to use the military wisely for our safety and protection. And it is the job of us, the citizens, to always question and scrutinize the decisions of our leaders. Anyone who feels it is okay for a government to lie to its people or it is wrong for the people to question their government, does not understand or value democracy. I have had friends and family who volunteered to serve in each of the last three wars. I am the proud son of a Marine who volunteered to serve in Vietnam. One of my best friends from high school is currently on tour in Iraq, and a member of my extended family just returned. My respect for all of them is immeasurable. I am not some "anti-war liberal hippie" who thinks all war is wrong. Our military serves a vital purpose and there are wars that need to be fought. This one however is a mistake. This war is obviously not about 9-11 or terrorists because Iraq had nothing to do with either of those. This war is obviously not about removing WMDs from hostile leaders because we KNOW of many who actually have them yet we don't invade their countries. And this war is obviously not about freeing people from repressive leaders since again, there are many many more of those who we apparently have no intention of overthrowing by force. If you think THIS war is justified, fine, that is your ...
  • Hannity & Colmes vs Crook Hannity and Colmes owning an anti-military scumbag.
  • ANTI-MILITARY SONG: Jacques Brel - Au Suivant (Next) - English Subtitles Jacques Brel's widely heard complaint against militarism, regimentation, insensitivity and prostitution has long been known to the English speaking world through the 1968 translation of Mort Shuman and Eric Blau called "Next. " It was part of the highly acclaimed review Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and living in Paris and has been covered by Scott Walker, Marc Almond and Alex Harvey.Written in 1964, it is one of Brel's most powerful, dramatic songs. Live performance recorded by Claude Vernick for his 1966 film, "Sa Dernière Tournée--Jacky in Madagascar." Thanks once again to philipchek of YouTube and Paris for refining this French to English translation .
  • Anti Military Dual Function, 1998 A student a action in Jakarta. (minidv/1998)
  • Michael Prysner-Veteran Suicides Setting Record 20% of 30000 Suicides Are Veterans.mp4 As America celebrates Veteran's Day, the number of its troops heading to overseas wars is on the rise. But so is the number of soldiers refusing to fight. The desertion rate among US servicemen has shot up three-fold. Sergeant Matthis Chiroux is an Iraq veteran who could not take any more war, and says others do not have to either. "There are vets who are anti-military, I'm one of them. There are vets that are anti-American because of their experience in the military and I'm one of them," Chiroux says. Now he's taking action to bring about change, as a college student and activist. "I enlisted when I was 18. I was homeless, living in a tent, selling psychedelic mushrooms to make money to survive. I was set up by the police department and was given the choice to enlist or face prosecution," Chiroux recalls. "When I came to the conclusion that we hadn't just made a mistake but were and continued to be in violation of international law, it was imperative that I not deploy to Iraq." Though Chiroux took the military head on, resistance -- even if more quiet -- is becoming more common. Since 2004, the number of soldiers who have gone AWOL in the US army has gone up 234 per cent, according to an army report. "If you get to the point where you feel like you can't do it anymore you have no option you go to either self harm or escape I would say it's linked to Afghanistan and Iraq and repeat deployments abuse within the military," Chiroux says. Realities perhaps not told to young ...
  • Morgellons Patient Live on TV Show The Doctors.mp4 Morgellons is a Nightmare!!!!!!! THiS WAR MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTiC 100% PROOFS from TV!!!! 1 2 3 4 STOP NANO/ NATO/ NWO/ UN!!!!!!!!!!!! MEMS - Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors GEMS - Global Environmental MEMS Sensors ♡ ♡
  • Red Shirts & Thai Troops Clash at Democracy Monument, April 10, 2010. Part 1 BANGKOK A crackdown on anti-government protesters in Thailand's capital Saturday left at least 15 people dead and more than 650 injured, with no progress toward ending a monthlong standoff with demonstrators demanding new elections. It was the worst violence in Bangkok since more than four dozen people were killed in an antimilitary protest in 1992. Bullet casings, rocks and pools of blood littered the streets where pitched battlesraged for hours. Army troops later retreated and asked protesters to do the same, resulting in an unofficial truce. Four soldiers and 11 civilians, including a Japanese cameraman, were killed, according to the government's Erawan emergency center.
  • PROTESTS AT MILITARY FUNERAL This video is about the anti-gay and anti-military protesters that are protesting at fallen soldiers funerals.
  • Army Mom's Christmas Surprise UPDATE (4/22/11): The comment section for this video are not -- I repeat, NOT -- the place to make self-serving political statements. Anti-military commentary, snide remarks, trolling, or using MY video as a platform for YOUR disagreement with American foreign policy will not be tolerated. You want to insult our warfighters, our government or the people who support them, get a blog and have fun. It's not my job to provide you with a platform. WALB News 10, Albany, GA Recorded 12 Reporter: Nikki Gaskins Photographer: Kenny Hitt
  • [email protected] - Anti-Military Conservatives When conservative pundits and politicians denounced President Obama's decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility - they stood in direct opposition to the military establishment.
  • Bill OReilly - Anti Gay Soldier Protest Bill O'Reilly's interview with the parents of the soldier that won a landmark lawsuit against the anti-gay church.
  • Radical Cheerleaders - Anti-Military Cheer Radical Cheerleaders voice their opposition to war and the ruling class' military-industrialist complex. "recruiters in schools telling lies. money for school if you survive. left, left, left, right, left!". For more info: visit . Video by Teah Michael
  • Anti-Military & Violent high schoolers dont give advice about the military or judge it when you have never been in or around it. Its not a death trap....
  • War Talk by GREATMASTERS GREATMASTERS have always been very anti-military. This is a speech against all wars. The speech is in gibberish. It is their second language.
  • Move America Forward Fights Berkeley Council Television commercial by the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward against the Berkeley City Council. On January 29, 2008 the Berkeley City Council passed anti-military resolutions, asking for residents to "impede" the work of recruiters and calling the Marines and their recruiting office "uninvited" and "unwelcome intruders." Sign the petition at and join the pushback against the anti-military Berkeley City Council.
  • Leahy on Kagan's Support of the Military at Harvard Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy responded to critics of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's record on military recruitment while at Harvard Law School. "Some continue to accuse her of anti-military bias and violating the law," said Leahy. "It's not true now. It never was true. It never was the case. The unfair attacks have been leveled on this nominee are all the more reason to get her to have a chance to respond anew."
  • Blaming America: Political Correctness and Anti-Military Bias in National Security Reporting "Blaming America: Political Correctness and Anti-Military Bias in National Security Reporting," featured veteran Washington Times Geopolitics Editor Bill Gertz, the Washington Examiner's Sara Carter, and David Feith of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page. The focus was on the effect of the mainstream media's narrative when it comes to putting America's national security in context, it's common biases, and how that narrative plays out, story after story.
  • HNA Episode 3: A Series of Random Events FINALLY. Sorry for the wait. :P WE DO NOT OWN FMA. SSJGozar: Tucker AngelElric: Nina, Gracia Ed: Jercobalt Al: Mina-chan Mustang: Antfish Maes: SonicMega Fuhrer: Takahata101 Special thanks to KaiserNeko: Pissed off State Alchemist GeneralIvan: ***y Alchemist, extra YChang: As anti-military man
  • Anti Military Demonstration koncert -A38 2009-12-23.
  • AMD - ne vonulj be AMD (anti military demonstration)*** band from hungary
  • Obama: Not just anti-military, 70s love-in kind of approach Obama disparages the peace movement to the Reno Gazette Journal editorial board on 1/14/08.
  • Hon. Laurie Hawn, MP for Edmonton Centre Answers Question about Anti-Military Ad
  • Lard - War Pimp Renaissance Lard song put to video images (1998)- from Pure Chewing Satisfaction album Anti-Military Industrial Complex Video Jello Lives On!
  • Conservatives call Kagan anti-military Media conservatives falsely claim Kagan banned military recruiters during her tenure as dean of Harvard Law School.
  • Soviet (anti)military movie Anti-war and anti-military movie made in USSR. Actual today.
  • Hannity and Colmes Cpl. Matt Sanchez Debate over anti-military administration at Columbia University.
  • "The war people are trying to take money from the school.." anti-military school indoctrination School indoctrination and anti-military sentiment in kindergarten? Please watch to the end of the video. "The war people are trying to take money from the school because they have no more..." We were sitting down eating dinner and our son had mentioned to our daughter about how the special guest they had a the school didn't visit his classroom, did he visit hers? And so that prompted us to ask who the special guest was, and Logan told us a special guest had visited and proceeded to explain what his teacher had told the class, that the "war people" were taking money from the school and this is why that individual was there, he was "from the war but not in it" and was going to "help the school". I then grabbed the Iphone to record their statements again, and make sure our son was clear on what he was saying and that there were no changes as to what was said. As explained by our daughter, apparently there was a special guest who had visited the childrens' school on Friday. An announcement was made about this person visiting to see how "beautiful the school was" and was going to visit some of the classrooms. Then our son proceeded to tell us about how his teacher described why the special guest was at the school. We have been repeatedly re-asking these questions, to make sure that it's not just something he could be mistaken about. He continues to say he was told, "The war people are trying to take the school's money because they have no more." Obviously, he's not getting ...
  • Petrol Bomb Art In this piece I am criticising the wars around the world and the violence that we see in the media. The petrol bomb is an object that is loaded with meaning. Here, it has antimilitary connotations of violence and destruction. Through the use of film I have suspended destruction and create art out of ruins.
  • Hellbender - Intro Six years ago, the Coalition of Independent Planets defeated their most fearsome enemy, a race of warriors they had created --- the Bions. Their army in ruins, the few surviving Bions fled to the safety of deep space. Thanks to your efforts, Coalition citizens could finally enjoy peace. But the universe was forever changed. Destruction of the Bion stronghold on planet Fury touched off stockpiles of red sheol and the hyper-explosive carbonium. This gave birth to a network of rift wormholes spanning the universe, a mammoth superhighway linking the Coalition of Independent Planets. Business and commerce boomed everywhere --- except on Terran. Exhausted by war and locked in the iron grip of poverty, many Terrans felt victory had come at too high a price. Anti-military sentiment flourished and civil unrest abounded. The Bions are at the root of this turmoil.
  • O'Reilly Blasts Wash. Post Columnist William Arkin (and NBC) Bill O'Reilly was in high dudgeon tonight (and justifiably so) over William Arkin’s anti-military screeds in several mainstream media outlets.

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  • “the big budget sci-fi event is not only making an absurd amount of money, but it is also causing a stir in the village of political pundits. Some have called”
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  • “President Obama asked Americans to honor our fallen military with a moment of silence at 3:00 pm yesterday (Memorial Day). At the South Valley Wal-Mart, an ann”
    — Is South Valley anti-military? - Duke City Fix,

  • “Antimilitary picketing today September 18th @ 5:30 pm In Montreal! only registered users may post in this forum. Please log in at the”
    Antimilitary picketing today September 18th @ 5:30 pm In Montreal!,

  • “ is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House history, and”
    — Elena Kagan: "Supportive Of the Men And Women Who Are,

  • “I'm not antimilitary. But the evidence is strong that education is that it ranks higher than the United States in the World Economic Forum gender gap index”
    — Costa Rica Family Holiday | CRLuxury,

  • “Obama's European Apology Tour: Next stop - Dresden | Blog Home Page | Edwards' staff and their misguided Blog Posts. WikiLeaks: Intriguing disclosure of SecState Clinton's”
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  • [email protected] MyCase. ITS Home. Subscribe to this Entry via Email. Receive an email every time Trackback URL for this entry is:”
    — Through the Magnifying Glass: San Francisco moves further,

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