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  • If Your Anchor Is Stuck, moving forward over the Anchor, and Applying Pressure till a Pre-Determined Load Limit is reached, will Cause the Release Bolt to Shear. The attachment point then Switches from the Shank Eye to the Crown and Draws Your Anchor out of the Obstruction, To Be Retrieved. — “Home”,
  • Drugmaker Claris Lifesciences Ltd has raised Rs 53.9 crore by selling 1.84 million equity shares to four anchor investors as part of its Rs 300 crore initial public offering, it said in a statement. — “Claris Life IPO gets Rs 54 cr from anchor investors - The”,
  • Anchor investors' portion of Claris Lifesciences' initial public offering (IPO) has received good response and got fully covered on Tuesday, one day before the issue opened for subscription. — “Claris Lifesciences ropes in anchor investors - -”,
  • Drugmaker Claris Lifesciences Ltd has raised 539 million rupees by selling 1.84 million equity shares to four anchor investors as part of its 3-billion-rupee initial public offering, it said in a. — “Claris Life IPO gets 539 mln rupees from anchor investors”,
  • A U.S. congressman says the new Republican majority in the House will have a series of hearings on the issue of anchor babies, and the resulting decision is predicted by a law professor to reveal how the 112th Congress will make a 180-degree. — “Anchor babies away! Congress eyes '180-degree turn'”,
  • Anchor's eight unique beers—including Anchor Steamare all produced in one of the most traditional and handsome breweries in the world. Each brew is virtually handmade from an all-malt mash in our handcrafted copper brewhouse, a veritable museum of the simple, traditional breweries of old. — “Anchor Brewing”,
  • Anchor Land revenues up 34% in first 9 mos. November 23, 2010, 6:44pm Anchor Land recently introduced the second phase of SoleMare Parksuites which is another twin 18-storey development beside the. — “Anchor Land revenues up 34% in first 9 mos. | The Manila”, .ph
  • Anchor River king salmon escapement goal relaxed Double the closed area at the mouth of Anchor River from 2 miles to 4 miles in the early-run King Salmon Special Harvest Area. — “Anchor River king salmon escapement goal relaxed: Alaska”,
  • Anchor Yeast offers baking and brewing solutions,manufacturing bakers yeast,instant,active and brewing yeast,wine and distillers yeast as well as a range of bakery ingredients. — “Anchor Yeast”,
  • Cabela's recently signed a letter of intent with developer CenterCal Properties. The company's 125,000-square-foot store would be one of project's two anchor tenants. — “Cabela's signs letter of intent to anchor Oregon City mall”,
  • Interview with CNN International anchor Ralitsa Vassileva for the Bulgaria-US Survey of (Sofia News Agency). — “Bulgaria: CNN International's Bulgarian Anchor Ralitsa”,
  • A tussle between state fisheries managers and some lower Kenai Peninsula residents at last week's Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting in Homer ended by relaxing the escapement goal for Anchor River king salmon. — “Anchor River king salmon escapement goal relaxed - Outdoors”,
  • Whether it's pavers, retaining walls, patio stones or fireplaces, Anchor Block Company has the products and solutions to turn your landscape visions into reality. — “Anchor Block Company”,
  • Definition of anchor in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of anchor. Pronunciation of anchor. Translations of anchor. anchor synonyms, anchor antonyms. Information about anchor in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. news anchor,. — “anchor - definition of anchor by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • CNBC anchor says US coverage of Dubai World downturn 'simplistic' Ms Burnett, who anchors the Street Signs show and co-anchors Squawk on the Street, as well as contributing to other programmes, previously made a one-hour documentary about Dubai called City of Money and Mystery. — “CNBC anchor says US coverage of Dubai World downturn 'simplistic'”,
  • Provides personal and business banking services including mortgage lending. fsb. AnchorBank, fsb, 25 West Main Street, Madison, WI. a subsidiary of Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin, Inc. — “AnchorBank”,
  • Drugmaker Claris Lifesciences Ltd has raised 539 million rupees by selling 1.84 million equity shares to four anchor investors. — “Claris Life IPO gets Rs 539 mn from anchor investors - The”,
  • Veteran Lexington television news anchor Sam Dick has prostate cancer, the same disease that killed his father in July. — “News anchor Sam Dick announces that he has prostate cancer”,
  • The vessel is attached to the anchor by the rode which is made with chain, cable, or mooring line (or a combination of these). The hole in the hull through which the anchor rode passes is called "hawsepipe" because thick mooring lines are called "hawsers". — “Anchor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This is a simple job, replacing anchor text links on existing incorrect links, and sometimes creating the text AND links. There are 56 pages to be modified Existing text links are at the top of the page. — “ - Simple Joomla Anchor Text”,
  • (Click to enlarge) anchor Danforth, admiralty, and stockless anchors (Precision Graphics) anchor n. — “anchor: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Angelo, Gordon & Co, a privately-held registered investment advisor dedicated to alternative investing, acquired the two-building office park at Anchor Centre, located at 2201 and 2231 E. Camelback Rd. in Phoenix, AZ, for $52. — “Angelo, Gordon & Co Pays $52M for Anchor Centre - CoStar Group”,
  • Financial express latest business and finance news: Punjab & Sind Bank open to anchor investors for public issue. — “Punjab & Sind Bank open to anchor investors for public issue”,

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  • Parkway Drive - Idols And Anchors Track #7 from their latest album, Horizons Lyrics: Now, You're heroes have fallen. Champion mess, The seas are rising. So touch every banner, Every hope of surviving. Lifetime is waking. Security has left you, Treading water. Now taste the fear. Tasting uncertainty. What will you do? When there's nothing left for you to cling to. What will you do? When your life has rot. Thrive in your emptiness. Burn all you love. There's no hope for the weak. Your heroes have died. There is... No Hope. For it still flies, In the Abyss (In the Abyss), I'll find one. Beg for a way, Out from the nest. Can you hear it? Can you hear the sound? As our broken Idols, Come crashing down. Now taste the fear. Now, taste, the, fear. Burn all you love. There's no hope for the weak. Your Heroes have died. Burn all you love. There's no hope for the weak. Burn all you love
  • The Anchor Holds Note: Not accepting any comments concerning Ray Boltz's life style. This video was posted long before that revelation was made known in Sept 2008. Please just comment on the song itself, thank you! As 2006 came to a close I had selected "The Anchor Holds" as a song of encouragement to post for those of you going through the storms of life. Please continue to enjoy as Ray Boltz sings "The Anchor Holds". Song Lyrics: I have journeyed Through the long dark night Out on the open sea By faith alone Sight unknown and yet his eyes were watching me CHORUS The anchor holds Though the ship is battered the anchor holds Though the sails are torn I have fallen on my knees As I faced the raging seas The anchor holds In spite of the storm I've had visions I've had dreams I've even held them in my hand but I never knew They would slip right through Like they were only grains of sand CHORUS I have been young but I am older now And there has been beauty these eyes have seen but it was in the night Through the storms of my life Ohh thats where God proved his love to me Original Release Date of The Anchor Holds was August 29, 1995.
  • News Anchor Fail For more, visit
  • What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks w/sound WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have been together for many years. This whole thing started out really small and simple. And then along came the internet, and a video camera, and you tube, and here we are with the funniest dance routine since that scene in Big. It's the original, What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks. This one has the nat sound, not cheesy music.
  • US Navy Anchors Aweigh I now its another slide show I'm trying to figure out how to F&^%$#ing use youtube downloader. So enjoy comment and rate
  • bjork anchor song live in cambridge icelandish version of anchor song live in cambridge
  • Nautical Anchor Nail Tutorial BECOME A TWITTERISTA: Illamasqua Nudge MAC Blue India White Migi Nail Art Pen Lipstick I'm wearing: MAC: Dubonnet Music: Brad Sucks - Fake It All products are from my personal collection and I'm not paid to use them in this video.
  • News Anchor Fail For more, visit
  • Asaf Avidan & The Mojos - your anchor This is a great band from Jerusalem. Asaf Avidan vocals, guitar, harmonica Roi Peled guitars Ran Nir bass Joni Snow drums Hadas Kleinman cello, Vocals Band's website:
  • Anchor- Satellites & Sirens Song: Anchor Artist: Satellites & Sirens Album: Satellites & Sirens Lyrics: You said open your eyes and I said I don't like surprises You said surprise you're up to your knees in the water and don't have a life vest I know, I know, I know But don't worry 'cause I've got it figured out You said jump in the boat man I said no you reach your hand You said the storms that will come will be more than enough and alone you can not win You know, You know, You know With out hope you'll only sink not swim And the current here is stronger now Than I remember And I'm crying for you to help Please save me Chorus: When I feel like I am drifting away Sinking down, the sands are shifting today I'm about to lose my way You anchor, anchor me down Looking out the skies are turning to grey All around the tide is pulling away Just about to lose my way You anchor, anchor me down You said whatever happens Don't get caught in the rapids Hold on I'm over the edge and I'm reaching for help 'cause I'm caught in the deep end I know, I know, I know What you said but I'm in over my head You said I'm not alone here I said throw me a rope then I've had more than enough of the rain an the cold and I wanna give up and I know, I know, I know With out hope I'll only sink not swim And the current here is stronger now Than I remember And I'm crying for you to help Please save me When I feel like I am drifting away Sinking down, the sands are shifting today I'm about to lose my way You anchor, anchor me down ...
  • The Boating Guy - How to Anchor a Boat How to anchor a boat and other tips.
  • News Anchor Caught Without Pants! LMAO Subscribe For More Funny videoes! = )
  • Fox Anchor: Americans Marry "Ethnics" and Other "Species" Watch more at
  • Grim Fandango: Glottis sings the Rusty Anchor In this video Manny shows the Rusty Anchor card to Glottis. Glottis plays the song.
  • Halo: Reach - Quick Look Anchor 9 Go Zero-G with gameplay and commentary covering Anchor 9, one of three new maps in the Noble Map Pack. The Noble Map Pack is available on 11.30.2010 for 800 Microsoft Points. For more information visit .
  • News Blooper: Anchor vs Reporter - Timothy Beagley This is one of my all-time favorite 'on air fights' between a reporter and the anchorman in-studio. This is from a local New York broadcast live a few years ago.
  • Anchor Brewing Company: A conversation with craft beer pioneer Fritz Maytag Fritz Maytag, longtime owner and brew master of the Anchor Brewing Company, is a central figure in the story of the American craft beer revolution. When Maytag bought Anchor Brewing Company in 1965, he blazed a new trail in the beer industry. At a time when the market was increasingly dominated by big breweries selling inexpensive, watery lagers, Maytag decided to devote his life to creating more flavorful and traditional beers. While Maytag worked to improve the quality of Anchor's beer, the number of breweries in the US continued to dwindle, and by 1980 there were fewer than 50 breweries in the United States. But then everything began to change. To the home brewers in the Bay Area who began opening their own small breweries in the 80s and 90s, Maytag was both an inspiration and a mentor. Today, astonishingly, there are more than 1500 breweries in the US. The craft beer revolution is part of what Maytag calls the "food renaissance." Over the past few decades, economic, political, and cultural freedom—coupled with a uniquely American sense of entrepreneurship—has produced more and better choices for American consumers. Remember how difficult it was to find a decent cup of coffee, let alone an espresso, in the 1970s? Well, today we routinely enjoy outstanding coffee, artisan breads and cheeses, superb California wine and, of course, great American beer. On behalf of craft brew lovers everywhere—thanks, Fritz! (Maytag recently sold Anchor Brewing Company to the Griffin ...
  • Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen More than 3000 European Jews, including prominent intellectuals, have signed a petition speaking out against Israeli settlement policies and warning that systematic support for the Israeli government is dangerous. See: Rabbi Against Israel (Zionism) Israeli settlers stone human rights workers in Hebron 6 countries/entities consider Hezbollah as terrorist: United States Canada Israel United Kingdom Netherlands Australia European Union Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen Some intersting things said that makes you ponder: "The fact there haven't been casualties in Israel... all the Israli's that have been killed those who have come out from the bomb shelter." Not sure but I think Israel have claimed many more than that. See: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land to understand more about the conflict between the two countries Lebanon — Religion: 60% Muslim 40% Christian According to
  • Philly TV Anchor "shaving off her Muff" brings you a classic video. WCAU Anchor Lori Wilson reads and email about shaving off her muff. She has no idea what that means.
  • You Be The Anchor... - Mayday Parade with lyrics Mayday Parade is at home in Tallahassee, Florida writing for their new record. Go to their Myspace page for more details and stuff. Yeah. /maydayparade *** Song: You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground And I'll Be The Wings That Keeps Your Heart In The Clouds Ar***t: Mayday Parade Album: A Lesson In Romantics My favorite Mayday Parade song with lyrics. I know in some parts, the lyrics look wrong, but that's just how they are in the book, so that's how I made them. Hope you like this one as much as I do. (:
  • "The Anchor Holds" By Donnie Sumner Donnie Sumner sings the ray boltz song with emotion and passion. I've always loved this song, it reminds me of my old youth pastor and his wife, they used to sing this song in church and they never could get through it without crying.
  • Atreyu - Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor) Song An extremely underrated song by Atreyu.
  • Mindy Gledhill - Anchor Directed by: Matt Eastin, Produced by: Mindy Gledhill, Illustrations by: April Meeker, Collage by: Marin Reeve and Mindy Gledhill, Camera Operators: Matt Eastin, Aaron Hymes, Russ Mayo "Anchor," Written and performed by: Mindy Gledhill, Produced by: Stuart Brawley at The Backyard, LA, Copyright 2010 Blue Morph Music (BMI). Buy the song at or on iTunes here
  • Bjork Anchor Song live
  • You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds by Mayday Parade on the album A Lesson In Romantics. I made this slideshow. Hope you like it.
  • Halo: Reach Anchor 9 Slayer Gameplay See an entire match on the Anchor 9 station from the upcoming Noble Map Pack for Halo: Reach.
  • Finnish news anchor reporting on misconduct of bars selling alcohol Finnish news anchor Kimmo Wilska reporting on misconduct of bars selling alcohol He was fired later at same day.
  • Big Ship Drops Anchor On Tug Boat Funny Big Ship Drops Anchor On Tug Boat www.myxv535
  • anchor retrieval 101 here is the simple method of using a poly ball and stainless ring to "float" an anchor. This was shot in 200' of water with 350' of rope out, using a 16 lb Mighty Mite reef anchor. It sure beats hand pulling a heavy anchor, and it works with all types of anchors.
  • Parkway Drive - Idols and Anchors (Live - DVD) Parkway drive perform Idols and Anchors from the DVD.
  • dermal anchor Mike Moore at Eternal Tattoos gives me my long awaited dermal anchor!
  • Port Blue - At Anchor From the album The Airship (2007)
  • Sara Bareilles - Anchors Away (unreleased new song) live acoustic w/ukulele @ hotel cafe 010509 Sara Bareilles playing her new song for the first time "Anchors Away" with a ukulele live acoustic @ hotel cafe 010509
  • KTLA Anchor Slams Perez Hilton KTLA Anchor, Sam Rubin, Slams Perez Hilton 'You Talentless Dope!'
  • Angry Anchor Jessica Savitch goes on a tirade. Don't know if she's totally in the wrong though, after all the anchor is the one that ends up looking silly, even if its everyone behind the scenes that screwed up.
  • Anchor drop, funny!!! This is a video taken during sea trial of a newly built merchant vessel in Germany. When testing the anchor winches it became obvious that something was wrong with the brake!
  • TV news anchor gets Rick Roll'd For April Fool's Day 2008, FOX23 News rick roll'd their female anchor as well as all the viewers watching at home. She got pwnt not once... but twice! Rick Rolling since 1987. Gotta love it! april fools baby! Also: I am in the running for a new MTV reality show... if you could.. please visit and vote for me.. you can vote once a day.. so go ahead and bookmark it :) love you! more tags: tv blooper live television rick rolled rick roll'd rick astley never gonna give you up april fools fool's day you tube prank gotcha paris hilton falls down belly dances ASHLEY perez hilton mets new york
  • Anchor Made by Fun new TV ad from Anchor Butter

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