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  • Welcome to Allegiant Emergency Services. Thank you for visiting Allegiant Emergency Services Inc., A supplier of Emergency Vehicles and Products to all First Responding Emergency Agencies. We hope you find what you are looking for on our site. — “Allegiant Emergency Services Home Page”,
  • Allegiant Business Finance is a financial company offering Accounts Receivable Factoring for businesses that need to increase their cash flow. Our services include both invoice factoring and accounts receivable lines of credit. — “Factoring, Accounts Receivable Factoring, Invoice Factoring”,
  • Las Vegas based Allegiant Travel Company is focused on linking travelers in small cities to world-class leisure destinations. The official Twitter account. — “Allegiant (allegiantair) on Twitter”,
  • Allegiant Financial specializes in financial management and advisory companies, providing financial planning and advice, mutual funds and investment banking services. — “Allegiant Financial”,
  • Allegiant Air flights and passenger information. A useful guide to Allegiant Air. Read the latest information on in-flight services, checking-in and baggage allowance. — “Allegiant Air - flights and passenger information”,
  • Discount Air Fares, Cheap Travel Deals, All Airlines, Air Consolidator, Flights, Airlines Travel Agency, Cheap Hotels, Car Rentals, Europe, Asia, USA. — “CheapOair - Searching”,
  • Allegiant is a group of multinational companies that conceives, designs, and implements core technologies that result in sustainable economic development for emerging nations. — “Go Allegiant - Pioneers in developing the essential”,
  • Allegiant Virtual is now open for business ! We are a group of flight sim enthusiasts who love allegiant airlines. We seek to emulate airline operations with flight simulation by immersing our pilots in a realistic environment based on the real allegiant airline. — “Welcome - allegiant virtual”,
  • Established employee leasing company providing big company benefits to small and midsize companies, also known as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Allegiant Management Corporation is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) providing integrated, cost effective management and administration. — “Welcome to Allegiant Management Corporation - The Friendly”, allegiant-
  • Allegiant was founded in 1997 under the name WestJet Express.[1] After a trademark dispute with West Jet Air Shortly after the shutdown of WinAir Airlines, Allegiant Air opened a hub in Long Beach, California, mirroring WinAir's network. Allegiant was unable to bring in enough revenue to cover its. — “Allegiant Air - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Allegiant provides oversight to support elders living at home. Call us anytime to reach an Elder Care Director at 877-320-7030 or — “Allegiant Elder Care”,
  • Allegiant Wealth Management is a premier financial services organization, Business Continuation Planning, Employee Benefit Products and Services, The Financial Planning Process, General Financial Strategy Process. — “Welcome to our website : Allegiant Wealth Management Group”,
  • Allegiant Air offers flights and vacation packages from over 60 North American destinations! Our discount airfare and hotel partners allow us to offer vacation packages at discount prices. If you're looking for flights to Las Vegas, Orlando,. — “Allegiant - Welcome to Allegiant Investor Relations”,
  • Allegiant, Inc. Business Acquisitions, Finance and Support. If you are looking to buy, sell or merge a business can assist you with all facets of the transaction. As a licensed business broker with the industry leader in sales, can effectively. — “Allegiant, Inc. | Business Acquisitions, Finance & Support”, allegiant-
  • Allegiant Partners is a direct funding source founded in 1998 in the underserved niche of high margin asset based loan and lease financing. — “Commercial Funding for Small Businesses - Allegiant Partners, Inc”, allegiant-
  • allegiant steadfast in devotion (especially to your lawful monarch or government); 'it is impossible to be allegiant to two opposing. — “allegiant: Information from ”,
  • United Country Allegiant Realty & Auction specializes in California real estate auctions. Based in Lincoln California, we service home auctions, farm auctions, ranch auctions as well as land auctions. — “United Country Allegiant Realty & Auction”,
  • Allegiant AMC - We specialize in nationwide quality appraisals. Order an appraisal today online! Allegiant Appraisal Management Company offers fast turnaround times, high quality appraisal reports, electronic ordering and delivery and competitive pricing. — “Real Estate Appraisal - home appraisal - appraiser - real”,
  • Internet identity document verification service: Form I9 Verification, Identity Document Verification, Identity Authentication, Driver's License Verification, Employee Screening Services and Tools at . — “ – Identity Document Verification”,
  • Allegiant Technology provides business process improvement and software solutions to streamline your company's operations and IT infrastructure. Allegiant Technology was founded in 1999 with the vision to create a business based entirely on a commitment to customer service. — “ALLEGIANT TECHNOLOGY”, allegiant-
  • Travel is our deal. Get the best air and hotel deals to your favorite destinations. Check out Blue Man Group at a new lower price only available to Allegiant vacation customers. — “Discount Flights and Vacation Packages | Travel Is Our Deal”,
  • View the basic ALGT stock chart on Yahoo! Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare Allegiant Travel Company against other companies. — “ALGT: Summary for Allegiant Travel Company- Yahoo! Finance”,
  • Increase the ancillary income or revenue realized by your marketing agreements with the cable TV, Satellite and Phone companies. Allegiant Integrated Solutions, LLC © 2010. — “AllegiantIS - Increase Your Apartments Ancillary Income”,

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  • A rather bumpy landing later we were finally in Florida At PIE you must deplane by stairs which made me glad that I could get a couple of up close pictures of our plane We claimed our bags from Claim 1 and the rental car and headed off I got some pictures from the outside of the terminal while a huge military jet something like a C 130 took off
  • A rather bumpy landing later we were finally in Florida At PIE you must deplane by stairs which made me glad that I could get a couple of up close pictures of our plane We claimed our bags from Claim 1 and the rental car and headed off I got some pictures from the outside of the terminal while a huge military jet something like a C 130 took off
  • A promotional offer may appear before they ask for the passenger s information Skip the offer by selecting No Thanks Enter in the Traveler s information When completed Select Continue
  • AllegiantPIE jpg
  • Matt Woody loading the baggage cart Airport Ops Specialist Mike Peterson hamming it up with showgirl Portia
  • A lady from Des Moines Iowa I m not using her name here to protect her privacy has been following our blog posts about the recent engine failures on three Allegiant Air flights two of
  • One of the captains preparing for the trip Dan Strom supervises the loading of
  • Click to Enlarge Photos Dan Strom marshals in our first Allegiant flight
  • Portia and Elvis Bright clean fuselage with leather comfort
  • Dan Strom supervises the loading of bags and passengers Matt Woody loading the baggage cart
  • Allegiant s John Fenyes left and GFK s Executive Director
  • Bright clean fuselage with leather comfort One of the captains preparing for the trip
  • allegiant 20090630 07 jpg
  • 4 Round trip tickets on Allegiant Air to Orlando Allegiant Air Terms of Use Form
  • Allegiant Egypt Air
  • Allegiant index jpg
  • A bunch of Maddogs
  • allegiant 20090630 04
  • getting more smooth when I do the crossing over on the right She hasn t spooked at ANYTHING She did want to back off of the wash rack at first but within two or three minutes she did Allegiant is drinking three buckets of water per day and she is eating ALL of her food so she got a treat for that I tried giving her an apple she doesn t like them haha We even beat
  • see a flexible date search calendar similar to the one below Use the forward arrows to see other months of travel Allegiant is currently selling seats through the end of July
  • Airport Ops Specialist Mike Peterson hamming it up with showgirl Portia ARFF trucks perform the wash down or salute
  • << Back to Main Photo Gallery
  • 3 jpg
  • The LTC 8500 Series Allegiant Video Switcher Control Systems combine both switching and computer technology to provide powerful
  • El Monje El Slayer de Denhegra
  • allegiant 20090630 02
  • ARFF trucks perform the wash down or salute Another photo of the wash down
  • charter program in the second quarter operating between Miami and four Cuban cities Growth at Allegiant doesn t appear to be ending anytime soon as the airline announced it plans to have 46 MD80 twin engine jets in its fleet by the end of the year up from the 43 it presently operates The company announced the acquisition from Japan Airlines of seven jets which will be parted
  • Excited Travelers line up Sonja s friendly smile greets excited travelers
  • AllegiantMD 87 jpg
  • AllegiantAirMD 80 jpg
  • Ok I guess I will be taking both cameras on my trip to JFK next week But before ruling this idea out completely does this have a chance
  • or by calling its reservation centers at 888 594 6937 for air only and 800 432 3810 for Allegiant Vacations packages The aircraft are powered by twin Pratt Whitney JT8D 219 engines Allegiant Air Complaints customers Allegiant Air Complaints customers Airlines Allegiant Air Buyer beware the Super Low Fare disgust Very odd customer service Post your Comment
  • proofallegiantcard jpg
  • Anyways thought I would share feels good to write it down
  • 12june09allegiant jpg
  • Sonja Schettler and Jeff Ohman prepare for check in Excited Travelers line up
  • Dan Strom marshals in our first Allegiant flight Allegiant s MD80
  • Allegiant Air MD 83
  • Doug Houlahan at 415 257 4200 x 205 or Paul Foster at 415 257 4200 x 206 or Visit www allegiant partners com The Allegiant Team Back Row Ben Carlile Brent Thorn Stacy Lynch Doug Houlahan Scott Enbom Paul Foster Front Row Chris Enbom Norma Brewer Chris Lerma

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  • Allegiant Air Emergency Landing 3/29/07 An Allegiant Air's nose gear doesn't come down, and makes a hard landing. Here's a great picture of the incident:
  • Gemini Jets Allegiant Air MD-82
  • Allegiant Air MD-83 Taking Off Vegas HD For landing video, click here: This video feature N862GA, an Allegiant Air MD-83, taking off from runway 25R at Las Vegas McCarran International KLAS on August 20th, 2009. This was Allegiant flight 486 to Grand Forks KGFK. Uploaded in HD and shot by a Canon SD960IS point and shoot camera. Leave me a comment. Also, let me know if you like the window in the shot for future reference. The window in the shot adds a more natural feel, but blocks out the ground scenery below. The window out gives more viewing space, but an odd angle shot of the wing especially in the MD-83. Tell me what you think.
  • Allegiant Air MD-82 Landing in Punta Gorda, FL (HD) Recorded December 2009. Arriving from Greenville, SC.
  • Allegiant Short video from the Allegiant tour
  • Direct Mailers Oklahoma City OK Allegiant Marketing Group (800) 648-3107 Direct Mailers Oklahoma City OK Mail Marketing Mortgage Automotive Loan Mod Modification Auto Warranty Insurance Lawn Care Our Clients are our partners in creating their sales. We focus on your brand identity and deliver your unique selling propositions to the buyer on time. Through knowledge, creativity, passion, accountability and pride, we partner with you as a single entity focused on our common cause. We develop successful relationships, advertisements and businesses. When it comes to business communications services, we've got it covered. We can provide virtually any product or service imaginable to communicate with your clients, employees, stockholders, or vendors. Of course, we're experts at letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and other corporate identity pieces. But that's only the beginning. To learn more about the many products and services we offer, please contact one of our representatives.
  • Allegiant Landing Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (IWA) Allegiant Air MD-80 landing in Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA) on a very hot September day. Arriving from Billings, MT. I really like when the flight attendant says "if you're connecting onto another carrier, there are no other carriers" Allegiant is the only airline serving IWA.
  • Take Off & Landing: Allegiant Air FL/TN Take off and Landing on Allegiant Air Flight #865 from St. Pete / Clearwater to Tri-Cities Tennessee.
  • Allegiant Air MD-82 Takeoff from Greenville, SC in HD Recorded in December 2009. Destination: Punta Gorda, Florida. We were invited to a New Years Eve celebration near Punta Gorda. We decided to try Allegiant Air and save a few bucks so we drove an hour and 45 min from our home in Charlotte, NC to the Greenville, SC airport. It was a great experience and I will fly the airline again. The crew was great, and I have always loved the MD-80.
  • Allegiant MD-83 KCID to KSFB Takeoff, en-route, approach, landing, and taxi.
  • Allegiant's Early Bird Savings - Now Book Through November 15th Book your early bird vacation at
  • Allegiant Air 629 Landing At Phoenix-Mesa, AZ [IWA, AZA] This is Allegiant Air Flight 629 landing at the Phoenix-Mesa, AZ airport from Santa Maria, CA on May 30, 2008. Allegiant no longer flies that route. This was the last day for the route to be flown. Plane was a MD 83, N871GA. Enjoy!
  • Allegiant Air Takeoff Allegiant Air takeoff from Orlando Sanford International Airport
  • Spotlight - Allegiant Travel Co. - Bloomberg What is Allegiant Air Doing Differently? - Interview with CFO Andrew Levy (Bloomberg News)
  • Allegiant Air MD-80 Takeoff To see HD planespotting videos, please check out FLLspotter: Allegiant Air McDonnell Douglas MD-87 departing Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Int'l airport. Allegiant operates daily service out of FLL to many of their focus airports, such as Tri-Cities Regional (KTRI), in Tennessee. Let me know what you think! Your rating and comment is always appreciated.
  • crazy Allegiant air lady Here you are Sharron. LOL. You should hit me up while your in Florida. ; ) (Markdizzle@)
  • Allegiant Airlines MD-83 takeoff from Mesa, Arizona An Allegiant Airlines MD-83 is seen departing Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona.
  • allegiant air lays off workers kris bauer walk away form meeting with ground ops
  • Allegiant Air MD-83 Billings to Phoenix I was on N883GA, I had a so-so flight, I was supposed to be in 35E which would of put me right at the nacelle, so I got lucky and the people in the amazing imaginary 34A got moved to row 35, so I got bumped up a lucky row. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the engine sounds ;) CRANK UP THE VOLUME
  • allegiant air flight 402 Lex Ky to FL part 1 also watch part 2 4-23-2011 1040 am Our plane - flight 402 replacement plane for flight 663, finally arrives at gate B-2 Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky. 4-23-2011 A day late and A dollar short, but at least we are on our way to Orlando/Sanford, Florida Airport. This is the first part of our trip home to florida.
  • Allegiant To Move 10 Flights To OIA Allegiant Air, the largest domestic carrier using Orlando Sanford International Airport, is moving a third of its business to Orlando International Airport beginning in February.
  • Gemini jets Allegiant Air MD-82
  • A tribute to Allegiant airlines Allegiant
  • Allegiant Takeoff from Billings, MT Allegiant Air departing Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) headed for Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA), September 2008. It was about 50 degrees in Montana and 100 degrees when we landed in Arizona.
  • Allegiant Air flying out of Burbank Airport
  • Allegiant Airlines MD-80 Series Tribute Heres To Allegiant
  • Allegiant Air Landing SFB Sanford Orlando Allegiant Air MD83 landing at Sanford airport north of Orlando, FL on April 15th 2007.
  • Allegiant Virtual Promo teaser!
  • Allegiant Air Takeoff from SBN Allegiant Air flight 834 from SBN to PIE on Friday, June 1st!
  • Allegiant Air Announcement Allegiant Air Announces Service from RFD to Phoenix-Mesa and Ft. Lauderdale
  • Allegiant Air MD-82 Takeoff from Punta Gorda, Florida in HD Recorded January 2010. Destination: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Allegiant Air MD-87 landing San Jose International Airport - KSJC Another rare aircraft sighting at San Jose Callsign: AAY6151 || KIFP-KSJC || 15 September 2010 Allegiant Air / Allegiant Travel Co. N952MA: a McDonnell Douglas MD-87, cn 49673 Captured with Sony HDR-UX5 ©Chazflyz
  • Allegiant airlines landing (Elmira,New York) My flight from Sanford Orlando, Florida to Elmira, New York. I love upstate New York's scenery so I had to film it from the sky to get the best view.
  • Officers Use Force Removing Passenger from Allegiant Airways Flight 106 Orlando Sept. 2010 Passenger escorted off Flight 106 in handcuffs after incident upon landing in Orlando. Possible only video of event. Raw up close footage of suspect.
  • Allegiant Air Flight Attendants Another video I made from our Flight Attendants at Allegiant Air. Thank you all to our highly spirited Flight Attendants!
  • Allegiant Air MD-83 Landing Grand Forks HD For takeoff video, click here: This video feature N862GA, an Allegiant Air MD-83, landing on runway 35L at Grand Forks International KGFK on August 20th, 2009. This was Allegiant flight 486 from Las Vegas McCarran International KLAS. Uploaded in HD and shot by a Canon SD960IS point and shoot camera. Leave me a comment. Also, let me know if you like the window in the shot for future reference. The window in the shot adds a more natural feel, but blocks out the ground scenery below. The window out gives more viewing space, but an odd angle shot of the wing especially in the MD-83. Tell me what you think.
  • Allegiant Air Adds Direct Flight -Tampa Bay- Huntington, WV Allgiant Air starts new service from Huntington Tri-State Airport to Tampa Bay, Florida. They now fly non-stop to St. Pete/Clearwater International, as well as to airports in the Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale metro areas as well using MD-80 jets. Due to their niche of flying to and from smaller under-served markets at bargain rates, Allegiant is one of the few carriers making money.
  • Allegiant Air Landing Orlando Sanford This was our landing into Orlando Sanford. The weather was very rough. The pilots did an excellent job in my opinion.
  • Allegiant Air Flight 567 (SBA-LAS) An Allegiant Air MD-88 (N402NV), leaving Santa Barbara flying nonstop to Las Vegas McCarran Airport. Allegiant Air doesn't fly nonstop to Las Vegas from SB anymore but it still does from Santa Maria here on the central coast of California. The flight was on Monday December 29,2008.
  • Allegiant Airline Emergency Landing on March 29, 2007, Allegiant Airline MD-83 made an emergency landing at Orlando Sanford International airport due to the nose gear cannot be extract. The video is not perfect, but hope you like it. The pilots did a great job to hold off the head as long as they can off the ground. Great job.

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  • “Blogs / 417 Blog / March 2010 / Allegiant adding Hawaii as destination? Looks like Allegiant Airlines is in the process of purchasing a number of Boeing 757's in order to add Hawaii as a destination”
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  • “Allegiant provides $20 instant savings off roundtrip airfare to customers who purchase an of travel," Andrew C. Levy, Allegiant Travel Company President, said”
    — Springfield-Branson National Airport (KSGF) Springfield,

  • “Allegiant Air has a message for customers. It doesn’t want to be known as an airline and it’s creating a branding campaign to make sure t”
    Allegiant Rebrands to Make You Forget It's an Airline | BNET,

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