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  • OVER ALLEGGED RATINGS SURVEY MANIPULATION. GMA-7 sues ABS-CBN for P15M Sued were ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp., its talents and personnel: Angelo Palmones, Alona Magsalas, Junrie Hidalgo; Jobert Sucaldito , Cristie. — “:: Malaya - The National Newspaper ::”, .ph
  • Top Stories: Readers can't bear euthanasia after allegged chase | bear, swendsen, masciarelli, incident, wildlife, woman, creek, chased, find, rather. — “Readers can't bear euthanasia after allegged chase | bear”,
  • A tentative agreement was reached this morning between the union representing faculty at Eastern Michigan University and the administration. Dutch officials confirm U.S. wants 2 men held on allegged terror plot. — “EMU faculty union will vote soon on new agreement | ”,
  • if he doesn't show up the court will assume the child is his and grant you any/all that you are asking. If he really wants to protest it and prove that the child is not his, he will show his but up for court. — “does the allegged father have to show up for the court hearing?”,
  • If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the project and see lists of open tasks along with regional and topical task forces. We should probably put that other people have allegged that the RUF partakes in cannibalism or something like that. — “Talk:Revolutionary United Front - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • August 19, 2010 (JUBA) — International community has to prepare to provide massive humanitarian assistance to southern Sudan due to the expected we will have humantarian crises in the south show us some leadership qualities and tell us what is the plan in the event of those allegged crises. — “South Sudan would face humanitarian crisis after referendum”,
  • Formulating scenerios assuming different treatment if the allegged offender is just that, an assumed event that formulates a non-existant racism. Formulating scenerios assuming different treatment if the allegged offender is just that, an assumed event that formulates a non-existant racism. — “Comments on: Report: Vick Offered Plea Deal - CBS News”,
  • ufo - UFOS at close sight: Roswell 1947, the articles, LATEST NEWS ON THE ALLEGGED ALIEN AUTOPSY VIDEO - APRIL 2006: It has been years that - at least in France - various media have told that the alleged alien autopsy video that producer Ray Santilli made known is a "known" or even an "admitted" fake. — “ufo - UFOS at close sight: Roswell 1947, the articles,”,
  • Any Plan Can Backfire When it is revealed that his new-found friends are connected to his allegged crimes, redemption becomes secondary to survival. — “A Proper Violence”,
  • Barry Bonds who was allegged in using HGH Alternative Medicine Dieting & Weight Loss Other Categories " More: college football Barack Obama 2010 election Fall TV iPad. — “Associated Content - ”,
  • A light appearing high in the Arctic sky early Wednesday morning baffled many people who saw it, and sparked lots of comments. This same voice needs to take the mote out of his own eye to see the beam that is allegged if there is one in his brothers eye. — “Mysterious Spiral Light in Sky over Norway - KTVA”,
  • Come to Citysearch® to read user reviews on The Bentley Hotel in Manhattan. About the allegged "Belgium Linens"-we had a suite and routinely received 1 washcloth-when we received none, I called housekeeping to be told that there were no additional washcloths-we had to use hand towels to bathe. — “The Bentley Hotel User Reviews - New York, NY 10021 - Citysearch”,
  • This is at least one undeniable proof that secret agents from developped countries do not only perpetrate crimes on behalf of allegged terrorists but that they do not hesitate to kill innocent citizens even. — “Mossad Agent killing Oz Tourists to steal their identity to”,
  • Sri Lanka news, Sri Lanka business news, Sri Lanka economy, stocks, bonds, rupee interest rates and foreign exchange on Lanka Business Online Allegged misappropriation of MavilAru compensation funds is under scrutiny. — “Sri Lanka promises eastern economic revival - LANKA BUSINESS”,
  • Did employees at Dunkin' Donuts celebrate the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. In another Dunkin Donuts store in Little Falls, a customer saw a U.S. flag on the floor with Arabic writing all over it. — “: Dunkin Donuts 'Celebrating Employees' Rumor”,
  • Gil Elvgren was an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration. Elvgren was one of the most important pin-up and glamour artists of the twentieth century. In particular, this is both to respond to to questions concerning the legal ramifications of the allegged trademark "rights". — “Gil Elvgren - Legal - Trademark Legal Brief”,
  • Governor Matt Blunt (the guy who can't run for re-election because he committed fraud by email) signed into law yesterday a bill that imposes a Class A misdemeanor for for He can choose to simply not log onto the DR or whereever the allegged bullying is taking place. — “WARNING: Don't Bully OzarkAggie | Drudge Retort”,
  • St Clair Cave, Jamaica Instead, Jan used his assertiveness and indicated to some of the youngsters that the police were coming and looking for Odain Bailey aka Omar Davies the allegged mastermind behind the fires,. — “Trip Report, Andreas Haiduk, July 25-31, 2008”,
  • Pakistan News Service providing,Pak news,news wire the 24 hrs updated news service and also providing news about Iraq, Kashmir, India, Pakistan,Pakistani Culture, Pakistani Politics, America.News Alerts around the world. the NA Committee on Education, allegged that the government was using. — “Pakistan News Service - PakTribune”,
  • A prosecutor says Tony Gonzalez's abuse of the victim had been happening for years The allegged victim is a minor! The press hasn't ruined his life; his actions may have. The press' job is to report on the facts, which they appear to have done here. — “Silverton officer arraigned on *** abuse charges | ”,

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  • Howard Stern - Rich Cronin Interview Pt. 2 A charming story of fear and rape.
  • Alleged Bank Robber Takes Hostage, Slips and Falls on Ice, then Shot and Killed by Police i do not own the video! just helping fox 5 in spreading the word. great job done by takoma police, montgomery county police and maryland state police
  • Hamid Mir Exposed - Connection with TTP pt. 1/2 Hamid Mir, makes a call to the Punjabi Taliban and ask them not to release KK and instigates them to assassinate KK as a spy! Hamid Mir, talks to Punjabi Taliban (PT) in detail and this entire conversation is recored by the PT and the tape is taken to HakimUllah Mehsud. The allegations, charges and accusations against KK which were leveled by Hamid Mir were so severe that HakimUllah Mehsud also fell for the trap and allowed the execution of KK after making him read the confessional statement which was exactly what Hamid Mir had dictated to the PT. This tape is now available and is the most direct incriminating evidence against Hamid Mir. It is clear that Hamid Mir was launched by Americans to use his influence on the TTP and PT to get KK assassinated. It was done with precision, except for one blunder the tape is now with Pakistani secret services.
  • Red & The Pledge Red Skelton dissects the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Carl Sagan on black holes and the bending of light Carl Sagan discusses the effects of gravity on light. Sagan also explains what black holes are, and how they distort the space around them. This video is from Carl Sagan's Cosmos episode 9, "The Lives of Stars."
  • Anwar Ibrahim: Police Report On Alleged *** Video 22/03/2011 Dang Wangi Police Station, Kuala Lumpur 22/03/2011
  • Dissonanzen-Quartett 1.Adagio-Allegro (Alban Berg Quartet) The first movement of the String Quartet No. 19 in C Major, KV. 465 by Wolfgang Amadè Mozart, completed on January 14, 1785 and performed by the great Alban Berg Quartet. It is the last in the set of six quartets composed between 1782 and 1785 that he dedicated to Joseph Haydn.
  • Epica - The Score (part 5) "The Score" is the most special album by Epica in my opinion and it was the first Epica album I bought. songlist: 11. The Alleged Paradigm 12. Supremacy 13. Beyond the Depth 14. Epitome my favorite song in this part is: Beyond the Depth hope you like it :)
  • Herman Cain: "Stupid People Are Ruining America" Herman Cain says that "stupid people are ruining America," by which he means "the liberals" who do nothing by lie and name-call.
  • Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 1 - Penn State Allegheny *NOW WITH ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE SUBTITLES IN THE CLOSED CAPTION BAR!* Futurist and social designer Jacque Fresco giving a lecture at Penn State Allegheny on 4/16/09. Fully English subtitled DVD Torrent:
  • Rep Gabrielle Giffords alleged shooter, Jared Loughner's, YouTube Video... Evidence? Part 1 As the identity of the alleged assailant behind today's deathly attack on attendees of Gabrielle Gifford's Tuscon area event has become clear, the Internet is filled with a digital footprint that leaves clues for us to try and determine what was going through the suspect's mind. A YouTube video below, published by an individual named Jared Lee Loughner appears to own up to at the very least a troubled mind, if not damning evidence that he may in fact be the the gunman. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head Saturday when an assailant opened fire outside a grocery store during a meeting with constituents, killing at least five people and wounding at least 10. Giffords was listed in critical condition, but the hospital said her outlook was "optimistic" and that she was responding to commands from doctors. The hospital said a 9-year-old child was among the killed, and a US Marshal said a federal judge was also fatally shot in the attack. Giffords spokesman CJ Karamargin said an unspecified number of her staff members were injured in the shooting. Congressional officials said an aide to the Democrat was killed. Police say the shooter was in custody, and was identified by people familiar with the investigation as Jared Lee Loughner, 22. Pima County Sheriff's officials said he used a pistol to carry out the shooting spree.
  • Exposing the alleged killing of Osama - Zaid Hamid - Part 1 02-05-11 - Zaid hamid along with other defence ***yst and expert, exposing the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on the ARY News program with Kashif Abbasi.
  • Colombian special farces ambush five alleged FARC members on
  • Rihanna's Horrific Injuries from Alleged Chris Brown Attack Subscribe & be notified of new videos from CelebTV - Follow Us! - Become a Fan! - Rihanna's injuries are revealed--and Chris Brown loses an ad campaign after their domestic violence incident. Keep up with all the latest coverage of the Rihanna and Chris Brown story:
  • Mozart: Clarinet Concerto: I. Allegro (Audio Only) David Shifrin, Bassett Clarinet in A Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra Conducted by Gerard Schwarz Score available here: *Edited for time
  • VIDEO: Boy body-slams his alleged bully (Bully Interview) Boy body-slams his alleged bully (bully interview)
  • Captors force alleged vandals to dance A pair of alleged vandals were captured by a New Zealand couple and forced to dance on camera until police arrived. The two young men had allegedly sprayed graffiti tags on a fence at the home in Whangarei on Thursday night last week. The next day a couple who live at the home tracked them down and forced them to come back to their house where they called the police. While they waited for police to arrive, the couple took out a video camera and forced the men to dance for at least ten minutes. "You f--- with us we'll f--- with you twice as hard," a woman is heard saying on the video, which was originally posted to YouTube but has since been removed. It was not clear how the couple managed to capture the ***s or whether a weapon was involved. The man filming the incident, who has been identified only as Izzy, told that when police showed up at the house they burst out laughing. Four other officers were allegedly called in to watch the performance. Whangarei police have now released a statement saying they are investigating the incident and the actions of the police involved. One of the alleged taggers has been charged with willful damage.
  • Miwa Sato - 1st Mov. : Sora - Allegro con brio - Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Track #5 from the album "Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts" performed by "Miwa Sato".
  • US offers base for terror? CIA alleged militant link in Iran There are claims America is sponsoring terror attacks in Iran. The allegations come from a militant group's leader who was captured in Iran on Tuesday. He says he met CIA agents in Pakistan, who promised to supply arms to his organisation a claim Washington denies.
  • Dvorak-Serenade in E major Op.22-Mov.5/5 Dvorak(1841-1901) Serenade in E major Op.22 1.Moderato 2.Tempo di Valse 3.Scherzo:Vivace 4.Larghetto 5.Finale:Allegro Vivace Capella Istropolitana Conductor : Jaroslav Krecek 1990 Recording NAXOS Paintings by Juan Gris(1887-1927) I should thank the artists! and hope nobody will mind.
  • Investors Reeling From Alleged Madoff Scheme Bernard Madoff made an appearance at a federal courthouse to complete paperwork for his bail after a judge set new conditions for release, including a curfew and monitoring bracelet. (Dec. 17)
  • Alleged police murder behind Egypt protests Egypt's chief prosecutor has ordered an investigation into the death of Khaled Saeed, a young man allegedly killed by police in the coastal city of Alexandria. Activists and family members say the 28-year-old was tortured to death for possessing video material implicating members of the police in a drug deal. The allegations were followed by protests in Alexandria and the Egyptian capital of Cairo where authorities responded with force. Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh reports on how police brutality has once again put the country's emergency law under attack. June 14, 2010
  • Fle*** Addresses Alleged Feud With Flippa Mafia
  • Voyager - Basics Review 2 of 3 Opinionated Voyager Episode Guide's second look at the Basics cliffhanger. In this installment you will no doubt notice my intense anti-Neelix sentiment - well, it's fully deserved. This is his moment to shine and he chokes big time. Given everything that happens because of him, he's lucky the most that happens is being mocked by me. Anyway, the Voyager crew is shoved off onto a barren planet and forced to survive on their own while the Kazon make off with Voyager.
  • Photos Of Shaq's Alleged Mistress Dominica Westling Vote TYT everyday through 1/15/10 @ : Read Ana's blog at: Follow us on Twitter: Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at
  • 17-year-old girl arrested over an alleged conspiracy to murder -- Chifley Local Area Command A 17-year-old girl was arrested this morning over an alleged conspiracy to murder the victim of a kidnapping. Chifley Local Area Command detectives arrested the girl on a street in Blacktown, in Sydney's west, shortly after 9am. She has been taken to Blacktown Police Station where she is currently assisting with inquiries and it is expected she will be charged shortly, to appear before Parramatta Children's Court this afternoon. A second person, a 41-year-old Bathurst man, was arrested at 11am today and has now been charged with conspiracy to murder. He will appear before Bathurst Local Court this afternoon. Today's arrests follow an investigation in an alleged plot to kill the victim of a kidnapping who was expected to give evidence against his alleged captors. A Bathurst man and his wife were arrested on August 27 after they allegedly kidnapped and held a 26-year-old man captive for six months. Police allege the man was held against his will at a home in Gormans Hill where he was forced to perform domestic duties in the home, was starved of food and repeatedly beaten and assaulted. The man was taken to Bathurst Police Station where officers found him to be extremely dehydrated and in an emaciated state -- weighing just 40kg. He was treated in hospital for a number of injuries including a fractured jaw. As a result of investigations by Chifley LAC detectives attached to Strike Force Bukari, a 41-year-old man was charged with 14 offences and a 46-year-old woman was ...
  • Chris Langan, bar bouncer with the alleged world's highest IQ. Chris Langan, bar bouncer with the alleged world's highest IQ. Now a Farmer working on his own "theory of the relationship between mind and reality" which he calls the "Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU)". Out in the middle of rural Missouri, there's a man who may be a world record-holder, but you'd never know it. News 4's Ray Preston took a long journey to find out about what makes him so special. This I found really interesting: The Chris Langan Genius. His 1 vs 100 appearance.
  • BBC: Which One is Worse? Allegro v Marina - Clarkson's Car Years Jeremy has a big decision to make as he sets himself the task of choosing which is worse between the Allegro and the Marina. Hilarious car review video from BBC motoring enthusiast show 'Clarkson's Car Years'. Don't forget to hit 'view in high quality' at the bottom right of the video to get the best picture.
  • alkaline trio-burn(alleged remix) a nice blend of kingdomhearts naruto and silkroad
  • Elvis Alive? Alleged Half Sister Says yes Absolutely Foxnews Nov 19 2008 better sound Six years after a doctor claimed he was treating Elvis Presley in 2002, could new DNA evidence finally prove it's true? Fox 8 News Suzanne Stratford spoke exclusively to the woman who claims she is Elvis's half sister after she says DNA we received from the man claiming he is Elvis matched her own DNA, and DNA from Elvis's family members
  • The Beatles Alleged Backmasking (Part 2) The Beatles were the first band, which backmasked some lyrics. Officially, they did it only once. But allegedly, they did it much more often!
  • Beat Stevie 27 - Alleged Legends As Beat Stevie gets stuck down with a chronic case of Jeruselam fever, Mike and Ted turn to Jesus to provide an antidote. It's time to pack our bags, go to Israel and pray to God for a comedy T-Shirt...
  • Exposing the alleged killing of Osama - Zaid Hamid - Part 2 02-05-11 - Zaid hamid along with other defence ***yst and expert, exposing the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on the ARY News program with Kashif Abbasi.
  • THE CORPORATION [19/23] Taking The Right Side 19. The rise of fascism has links to corporate power. American corporations played a role in *** Germany and the holocaust, such as IBM's punchcard machines that tabulated the victims' data. Corporate allegiance to profit trumps their allegiance to nationalism.
  • Bradley Manning confidant David House reports on the alleged whistle-blower's confinement House appeared on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show, guest-hosted by Jonathan Capehart, to describe his latest visit with alleged WikiLeaks whistle-blower Army PFC Bradley Manning. Visit:
  • Agustin Barrios: La Catedral, III. Allegro solemne Performed by Denis Azabagic.
  • Kristin Cavallari Comes Clean On Alleged Drug Use MTV star Kristin Cavallari talks to Ryan Seacrest about rumors that her co-stars started that she parties too hard and is a drug user.
  • Bow Wow talks about his alleged baby with Karrine "Superhead" Steffans
  • The Beatles Alleged Backmasking (Part 1) The Beatles were the first band, which backmasked some lyrics. Officially, they did it only once. But allegedly, they did it much more often!
  • Alleged gun runner's case mystery as US secrecy crushes due process Russian businessman Viktor Bout is being held in a high-security prison in New York after his extradition from Thailand. Dubbed the "merchant of death" for allegedly trafficking weapons around the world, he faces life in prison on terrorism charges in America. Moscow says the decision to hand him over to the US is "extreme injustice" and promised to support him "by all means". RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Alleged Video Footage Of Robert Johnson

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  • “Weather Underground provides weather information for worldwide locations, including current conditions, hourly forecasts, radar and satellite maps. Specialized weather products include severe weather alerts, hurricane tracking, ski and sports”
    — Wunder Blog : Weather Underground,

  • “XXL Reports: Rapper Brisco was robbed at gunpoint last week in a Miami barbershop. According to the Miami Herald, the robbers made off with the Florida rap”
    — Update : Brisco Speaks On Robbery, "I Was Not Assaulted,

  • “Comprehensive National Football League news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more a depleted secondary the Vikings defense held the allegged high flying offense of the superbowl champions to”
    — Create-a-Caption: Favre's postgame pizza party - Shutdown,

  • “Cyprus: Kutlu Adali - fallen Cypriot hero?: http:///ncyprus/literature/images/adali.jpg Kutlu Adali (1935-1996) RIP Kutlu Adali Murder Dossier Kutlu Adali was murdered on July”
    — Cyprus :: Kutlu Adali - fallen Cypriot hero?, cyprus-

  • “Bo and jrp chat- we get to listen in. Nikonians co-founders Bo Stahlbrandt (bgs) and J. kind of resolution do you think we can expect from an allegged D3X?”
    — Nikonians News - Photography & Imaging News and Podcasts: Bo,

  • “Blog section of The Star newspaper. However on the matter of allegged compensation claims by the Penanti seat candidate, Aminah Abdullah, who claims she has all the correspondence on "tape", I believe the Police and Election Commission should act fast”
    — The Star Online: Blog, .my

  • “ war in Iraq) should be used to justify a war against Pakistan to counter its allegged support for "terrorism. Contact. Lessig Blog by Lawrence Lessig is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License”
    — the lessons we teach (Lessig Blog),

  • “A prosecutor says Tony Gonzalez's abuse of the victim had been happening for years The city is a frequent contributor to the My Beaverton public blog, with nearly 80 posts since March 2010”
    — Silverton officer arraigned on *** abuse charges | ,

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