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  • Providers of investigative and strategic case managment for cases involving false allegations of ***ual abuse. — “False Allegations of ***ual Abuse - Just About the Worst”, false-
  • Definition of allegation in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is allegation? Meaning of allegation as a legal term. What does allegation mean in law?. — “allegation legal definition of allegation. allegation”, legal-
  • allegation: Definition and Pronunciation. — “allegation: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Definition of allegation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of allegation. Pronunciation of allegation. Translations of allegation. allegation synonyms, allegation antonyms. Information about allegation in the free online English dictionary and. — “allegation - definition of allegation by the Free Online”,
  • Allegation means The act of declaring something to be true The assertion, claim, declaration, or statement of a party to an action, setting out what s/he expects to prove. A party’s. — “Allegation Law & Legal Definition”,
  • Defending false allegations of abuse, reversing wrongful convictions and investigating legal malpractice cases for clients, worldwide. — “Cowling Investigations, Inc”,
  • allegation - definition of allegation from : Assertion, charge, claim, or statement of fact in a court matter, made by the party who undertakes to prove it. — “allegation definition”,
  • Resolve Dispute with False Allegation Mediation - False Allegation Arbitration. Learn about False Allegation Legal Center. Find False Allegation Lawyer, False Allegation Mediator, False Allegation Arbitrator, False Allegation Paralegal, False. — “False Allegation Mediation - False Allegation Legal Center”,
  • Find allegation synonyms and allegation antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Allegation Synonyms, Allegation Antonyms | ”,
  • Allegation - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Allegation”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. an assertion unsupported and by implication regarded as unsupportable. — “Allegation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Allegation definition, the act of alleging; affirmation. See more. 2 a : a statement not yet proven b : a statement by a party to a lawsuit of. — “Allegation | Define Allegation at ”,
  • Find the definition of allegation free using Nolo's online dictionary and translate this and other confusing law terms and legal definitions into plain English. — “allegation definition - Nolo's Free Dictionary of Law Terms”,
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Allegation. Wikipedia allegation (plural allegations) An assertion, especially an accusation, not She put forth several allegations regarding her partner in hopes of. — “allegation - Wiktionary”,
  • I want you to specifically address the allegation at issue, that you tried to profit from your position and power while serving in public office that was quite an allegation. Would you care to discuss it now that we don't have an audience. the public needs to know here. — “You can read the Bangkok Post : Words in Business News”,
  • There were also several agency activities in 2005 involving the Allegation Program that warrant allegations and has made revisions to the Allegation Program based on feedback during the. — “ALLEGATION PROGRAM”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is an Allegation? An allegation is a claim of wrongdoing which can be made by a third party or by someone who believes that he or she has been wronged in some way. — “What Is an Allegation?”,
  • Allegation cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. — “Allegation Cartoons and Comics”,
  • Definition of allegation from select business dictionary. — “allegation - Business Definition”,
  • Definition of allegation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of allegation. Pronunciation of allegation. Definition of the word allegation. Origin of the word allegation. — “allegation - Definition of allegation at ”,
  • An allegation (also called adduction) is a claim of a fact by a party in a pleading, which the party claims to be able to prove. There are also marital allegations: marriage bonds and allegations exist for couples who applied to marry by licence. — “Allegation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Allegation : OF FACULTIES When a suit is instituted in the English ecclesiastical courts, in order to obtain alimony, before it is allowed, an allegation must be made on the part of the wife, stating the property of the husband. This allegation is called an allegation of faculties. Shelf. — “Allegation - Define Allegation at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • allegation n. Something alleged; an assertion: allegations of disloyalty. The act of alleging. A statement asserting something without proof: The. — “allegation: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,

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  • I ask Epping chief about death threat allegation - New Hampshire Sponsor: HomelandStupidity.US - Pro-freedom cop opposes drug war, alleges harrassment by other officers. This channel's sponsored largely by ads from liberty-oriented Americans. Many of the folks I cover are sponsors. A list of ways to assist the New Hampshire freedom movement if you wish epping ron paul selectmen dianne gilbert ridleyreport police cops homeland security thin blue line new hampshire chief staters law enforcement against prohibition oath keepers free state project meeting nh dave ridley report liberty death threats live free or die libertarian homeland stupidity enforcers
  • Allegation of Match Fixing on Kamran Akmal And Rana Naveed SPECIAL REPORT KAMRAN KHAN Allegation of Match Fixing on Kamran Akmal And Rana Naveed SPECIAL REPORT KAMRAN KHAN by Specialreportonline
  • Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's allegations - Lucman's Point Blank 2/4 Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's False Allegation raised in Mubashir Lucman's program Point Blank of 16 June 2010. These Liars Mullahs were Mullah Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer & others. This video Prove that Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullahs are ABSOLUTE LIARS.
  • Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's allegations - Lucman's Point Blank 1/4 Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's False Allegation raised in Mubashir Lucman's program Point Blank of 16 June 2010. These Liars Mullahs were Mullah Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer & others. This video Prove that Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullahs are ABSOLUTE LIARS.
  • Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's allegations - Lucman's Point Blank 3/4 Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's False Allegation raised in Mubashir Lucman's program Point Blank of 16 June 2010. These Liars Mullahs were Mullah Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer & others. This video Prove that Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullahs are ABSOLUTE LIARS.
  • Buddy Tavares denies allegation Buddy Tavares, the man kicked in the face by a police officer while being arrested last week is charged in connection with a "domestic violence situation" but, as Castanet's Kelly Hayes reports, he and his family are refuting the allegation.
  • First lady Lucy Kibaki dismisses Muite's allegations First lady Lucy Kibaki and former MP Paul Muite are at it again. It began earlier in the day when auctioneers descended on Muites home in Karen. The former Kabete member of Parliament accused state house of being the force behind the auctioneers. But in a swift reaction first lady Lucy Kibaki tore into Paul Muite dismissing his claim as barefaced falsehood before charging that the former MP is facing serious financial problems. The exchange between Lucy Kibaki and Paul Muite followed a familiar pattern.
  • Libya- Missile Strike on Brega
  • Elena Kagan ***tape Allegation Denied Allegations of an Elena Kagan ***tape are denied, though it is confirmed that she had a romantic encounter with a male GOP consultant/think tank senior fellow. After a softball game in last year's Think Tank Softball League in Washington, DC, between the Heritage Foundation and the Harding Institute, Harding Sr. Fellow Martin EIsenstadt now confirms that he and now-Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan had a romantic engagement. He further denies the internet rumor that there was a ***tape or any "***ting" that may have occurred.
  • Do you believe Donaghy's allegations? Doug Christie's thoughts, Around the Horn & PTI discussed Donaghy's allegations.
  • Jamie Foxx Responds to Howard Stern's Gay Allegation on Foxxhole Radio Show Jamie Foxx fires back at Howard Stern claiming he's not gay and that Howard Stern likes for midgets to throw dice at his a**. Ok clearly TMI.
  • Ron Paul Revealed - Tucker - Updated (see about section) Who wrote the newsletters? Eric Dondero (a former Paul staffer) says Lew Rockwell wrote the letters. Check comment sections: Economist says Lew Rockwell wrote the letters: So who is Lew Rockwell? A close friend and business partner of Ron Paul: who wrote the forward to Ron Paul's book is a long time employee and president of the Ludwid von Mises Institute where Ron Paul spoke in 1995. (see newsletters link look for March 1995 letter at the bottom) Could this mean that Ron Paul is not being honest when he makes these claims: 1. I don't know who wrote the newsletters. 2. The person who did write them was fired. 3. It's not important/it's old news. Jamie's article: The newsletters: Other articles: CNN's front page article about the allegations: An excellent blog post refuting the arguments used by Ron Paul supporters when defending Ron Paul against the allegations (updated, same post as link second from the top): Reason Magazine's take on Ron Paul's appearance on CNN: A really nice, detailed post examining some other issues the newsletters create: A well written post in defense of Ron Paul: Conservative blogger says Ron Paul is responsible: Thomas ...
  • Anti Ahmadiyya Allegation Response to Allegation
  • Brian Mulroney coverup allegations Brian Mulroney coverup allegations. Brought to you by Mediascrape.
  • David Haye Betting Allegation & Investigation David Haye Betting Allegation. Includes Interview where he claimed to have backed himself to win in the 3rd round, saying that his family profited from the victory. Also footage of his knockout victory over Audley Harrison.
  • Lady Saw - Allegation GRAFTON BREW RIDDIM 1996 2B Grafton Road Label
  • Allegations Against Teachers The fact is that, no matter what new procedures are introduced, an allegation levied at a teacher will destroy them, their life and their career. Anonymity, is the least concern - a press announcement and an absent teacher does not require the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes to reach a conclusion of 'Who Dunnit' ! There are many suicides ... false allegations do kill ! Is it murder ? In my book it is; to deliberately subject any human being to stress with no regard for them or their feelings, knowing that they will be broken and destroyed by the process; suicide, in these circumstances, by definition, must be murder. (According to William Blackstone's ***ysis and legal definitions - "Reckless indifference to an unjustifiably high risk to human life and a conscious disregard of an unreasonable risk of death or serious bodily injury is murder.") With reference to the prose, "The Ambulance In The Valley", the focus continues to be the provision of an improved ambulance service to deal with the injured. But where is the fence ? Until there is UK wide social reform, the only protection available to a teacher has to be CCTV surveillance. There has been heated debate in the past on this topic but what else is there ? I would go further and suggest that teachers should be equipped with body worn cameras. If I could rewind two years then I would not hesitate to wear one ... it can save your life ! Help me to help others ... if you know someone who has authority / position ...
  • Overtime Fraud Allegations Hit Police Department VIDEO POSTED COURTESY OF MYFOXDC By PAUL WAGNER/myfoxdc WASHINGTON, DC - The Department of Justice is looking into allegations that more than 20 DC Police officers have been fraudulently obtaining overtime, signing into court for cases not on the schedule. Some have been accused of forging documents. So far, two DC Police detectives have been placed on leave in connection with the probe. The investigation began in the spring when a DC Police Inspector began noticing what he viewed as dubious claims: officers signing into court when the case was not on the docket, as well as officers signing out of court hours after their cases had been heard. Fraud allegations include a claim by two assistant US Attorneys that their signatures were forged on court overtime documents. In order to receive overtime pay, officers checking into and out of court must have a document signed by the prosecutor assigned to the case. In a complaint written by Inspector Hilton Burton and obtained by FOX 5, Burton claims well over a dozen detectives and officers have been claiming overtime they may not deserve. More specifically, Burton writes to the Inspector General: "If a member is checked into court for a trial and there is not a trial, the question still remains as to what the member is doing during the time they are paid overtime while checked into court. I surmise that at best the members were performing administrative duties for the attorneys and at worst leaving and going home." Burton points ...
  • Mullahs' False Allegation Regarding Tonic Wine Against Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as) Exposed ! Mullahs' False Allegation Regarding Tonic Wine Against Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as) Exposed. Ahmadiyya movement in Islam is the truly Peaceful & Rational Islam. Islam-Ahmadiyya preach & practice Islam of Peace, which is the need of the time. Otherwise Mullahs are doing enough to destroy humanity in the name of Religion.
  • CIA Cocaine Sales - Drug Trafficking Allegations - Part 1 (1996) November 26, 1996 Watch the full program: The involvement of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in cocaine trafficking in Central America during the Reagan Administration as part of the Contra war in Nicaragua has been the subject of several official and journalistic investigations since the mid-1980s. Adolfo Calero Portocarrero (born December 22, 1931) was a Nicaraguan businessman, and leader of the Nicaraguan Democratic Force, which was the largest contra rebel group opposing the Sandinista government. In the contra leadership, Calero was responsible for managing the bank accounts into which money was deposited and then used to buy supplies and arms. He was brought to testify at US Congressional hearings in May 1987. Calero was born in Managua to Adolfo Calero Orozco and María Portocarrero. He studied in the United States, graduating from University of Notre Dame and Syracuse University. In Managua, he managed the Coca-Cola bottling plant. Calero was associated with the Conservative Party. From1963, he was a CIA information source. Before the overthrow of the government of Anastasio Somoza in 1979, he was briefly imprisoned, giving credibility to his claims to have opposed Somoza as well as the Sandinistas. In early 1983, he joined the political directorate of the Nicaraguan Democratic Force (FDN). By October he became its president, though many observers wondered about his real power, due to the political ...
  • Ahmadiyya Response regarding Sheikh's allegation about Allah2 Ahmadiyya Response regarding Sheikh's allegation about Allah (Urdu Language). AK Sheikh's baseless allegation regarding Promised Messiah's one of the revelation about Allah, has been proved fake. Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullahs are spreading misunderstanding against he True & Peaceful Islam ie Ahmadiyya.
  • Match-fixing worst allegation against any cricketer: MS Dhoni India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said that allegations of match-fixing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) are serious and should be handled carefully.
  • Zaid hamid Clarifys allegation about his Links to Kasab (for ill-intentional people) Zaid hamid Clarifys the allegations about his Links to False prophet Kasab (for ill-intentional people)
  • Allegation Against Narendra Modi A funny allegation against Mr.Narendra modi made by congress. Narendra modi himself exaplains it in a public meeting.
  • Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri Kidnap video allegation on Iran TV. The Iranian government says it has evidence that one of its nuclear scientists was abducted and is being held in the US against his will. Shahram Amiri disappeared a year ago while on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Iranian television broadcast a video purporting to show the scientist saying he was kidnapped and is now living in Arizona. Hours later, another video posted on YouTube appeared to show Mr Amiri saying he was happy in the US. In the video shown on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting network, the man says he was forced to say he defected with a laptop full of evidence about Iran's nuclear secrets and that he was being used to put pressure on Iran. The video showed a man wearing headphones and talking to his webcam. He says he was in the Saudi city of Medina as part of a Muslim pilgrimage when Saudi intelligence officers drugged and kidnapped him. "When I became conscious, I found myself in a plane on the way to the US," he said. "Since I was abducted and brought to the US I was heavily tortured and pressured by US intelligence." Neither the US nor the Saudi Arabian governments have made any comment on the allegations that he was abducted and taken to the US. In March US news channel ABC ran a report quoting unnamed US officials that said Mr Amiri had defected and was helping the US compile intelligence on Iran's nuclear weapons programme. They suggested that he had given them valuable information about the Iranian nuclear programme, including the recently ...
  • Vijayawada CP abused for Women Allegation Vijayawada CP In Woman Allegation
  • Fantan Mojah - False Allegation (Mighty Right Riddim) Album : VA-Mighty Right Riddim {2007-2009} Label : Philadub Records / The Orchard Riddim : Mighty Right Album Released : 2009
  • pakistan cricket team match fixing allegation report by geo news a very detailed report Full report of pakistani cricket team match fixing at lords england vs pakistan, mazhar majeed and azhar majeed was involved along salman butt mohammad asif, amir latest report of match fixing aug 29 2010
  • 'Stitch' Duran breaks down GSP greasing allegations Legendary cutman 'Stitch' Duran gives Fighters Only his views on the greasing scandal that has developed in the aftermath of GSP-BJ Penn. At the end of the video, he demonstrates the application of Vaseline to a fighter's face, and shows just how much could be left on a cornerman's hands afterwards. For more content like this - including an exclusive audio interview with NSAC head Keith Kizer on this same subject - head over to And don't forget to bookmark us for all your daily news, interviews and features.
  • Conspiracy allegation - Co-op goes to court VICTORIA -- The Peninsula Co-op is accusing a number of people in Central Saanich of conspiracy. The Co-op says the group is trying to stop or delay a new grocery store from being built on the Saanich Peninsula. The battle has now made its way to court. Peninsula Co-op has filed a civil suit in BC Supreme Court laying out a number of allegations including libel, trespass and fraud. "We thinks it's important that our members and the public know what the true facts are", says Peninsula Co-op General Manager Ron Heal. A stretch of land on West Saanich Road just north of Keating X Road is at the heart of the dispute. The Co-op wants to re-zone it and build a new store. Fierce opposition has risen up against the plan from people who say the property should be protected and kept as farmland. Both sides will have their say on May 2nd when Central Saanich Council considers the re-zoning application. BUT it's what happened on the land on November 29th and 39th last year that has the Co-op fighting back in court. Someone put a fake "For Sale" sign on the property and sent phony releases out to media. They even set up a fake phone number trying to dupe the media into believing thevoicemail belonged to the Co-Op's General Manager. .The Co-op alleges the disposable cell phone was purchased the 7-11 store at the corner of Harriet Road and Burnside Road in Saanich. The Co-Op believes the man who purchased the phone is Chris Paynter, one of the defendants "We believe there was some ...
  • Jeff Stone's Crazy-Ass Allegations This video is intended for the people already familiar with the Riverside County and Ordinance 884 etc. I hope the video shows high quality enough for you so you can decide for yourself whether you believe Stone actually was having two booklets or not. To me, the second booklet does look a lot like the ***-page of the booklet Stone presented when introducing the ordinance. Thanks to mnql1 for making this exellent post containing pictures, close ups and higher resolution pictures of the booklets in this post:
  • CBS: Woman sentenced for false rape accusation Nov 9, 2006 A Dana Point woman will spend a year in jail for falsely accusing six men of raping her.
  • MSNBC: False Rape Allegation Thwarted By Police Camera A woman is pulled over for a traffic violation. She files a formal complaint with the police department: she claims that the officer ***ually assaulted her. She doesn't know is that the whole thing was caught on tape. Her lies are exposed. His career and reputation are saved.
  • pimpin ken goes in on payroll, stays down with ice t and clears up bank robbery allegation (1 of 4) pimpin ken interview on the flashback show with da homie e. pimpin ken goes in on payroll, stays down with ice t and clears up bank robbery allegation. ice t responds to payroll pt.1 (1 of 2), ice t responds to payroll pt.1 (2 of 2), ice t responds to payroll pt.2, ice t responds to payroll pt.3
  • Tv9 - Trisha denies drug allegation Trisha denies drug allegation
  • Team 4: Seneca Valley Students Say School Took Bullying Allegations Too Far The Franks and Gaus families of Butler County said they have been trying to get an explanation from Seneca Valley School District administrators since last March as to why their daughters were pulled out of class and interrogated by a police officer about a bullying allegation without their parents' knowledge.
  • Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's allegations - Lucman's Point Blank 4/4 Reply to Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullah's False Allegation raised in Mubashir Lucman's program Point Blank of 16 June 2010. These Liars Mullahs were Mullah Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer & others. This video Prove that Anti-Ahmadiyya Mullahs are ABSOLUTE LIARS.
  • Sodomy Allegation Against Anwar: Hindraf concerns Representatives from 40 NGOs & civil societies show their concerns about the latest developments in the country. They were briefed by Datin Wan Azizah & PKR leaders on Anwar' s situation at the Parliament.
  • Proof of the TheSaurus allegation Kyle Conway provides proof that he was robbed by TheSaurus
  • Heath Ledger - Drug Allegation Story - Pulled from TV 2008 Heath Ledger - Drug Allegation Story - Pulled from TV. In 2008 both ET & the Insider planned to show this story & then pulled it due to criticism from Ledger fans. ACA
  • Govt refutes allegation of arms import; UCPN (M) says APF ... The government has clarified that the two trucks that were obstructed by Maoist cadres at Naubise along the Prithvi Highway Saturday morning were carrying explosives, detonators and logistics for the Armed Police Force (APF), not arms as claimed by the Maoists.
  • Michael Jackson False Allegations proven to be scam for Money.avi False allegations of child abuse are big business. And CPS makes trillions of dollars every year thanks to false allegations. All the judges, lawyers, psychologists, group homes, foster parasites, social workers, and all the other many, many people and organizations employed in the CPS industry depend crucially upon false allegations. PS If you're watching this and thinking about making a false allegation, think twice, because you are sending children to foster hell, where they probably will be beaten, raped, abused, and suffer greatly, and may even be murdered. If you don't care about the karma that may involve, you might care about the fact that false reports to CPS are a felony. Don't think you won't be caught - smarter people than you have been. And false accusers, especially those who make false reports to CPS, from what I understand, are treated kind of like ***philes are when they go to prison. So think twice about making a false report to CPS. FORMER CPS WORKER ARRAIGNED ON THREE FELONY CHARGES:

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  • “Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is facing ***ual assault allegations made by a woman in Georgia. No charges have been filed. The i”
    — Roethlisberger faces allegation - AFC North Blog - ESPN,

  • “An Allegation or a Fact? 11/07/2008 by Peter Hart. Yesterday's L.A. of the elected Iranian government in 1953 is more than an "allegation”
    — FAIR Blog " Blog Archive " An Allegation or a Fact?,

  • “PM Denies Coup Allegation against People's Alliance The prime minister denies accusing the People's Alliance for Democracy of trying to prov”
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  • “Tags: Activism, aid, allegation, blockade, flotilla, freedom flotilla, Tags: abuse, allegation, Benedict XVI, Capitalism, Catholic, catholic”
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  • “Are you a victim of a restraining order based on a false allegation? In a site/blog (HTML) Are you a victim of a restraining order based on a false allegation? Jump to: Powered by SMF 1.1.11 | SMF © 2006-2009, Simple Machines LLC”
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  • “A former campaign manager for Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S. http:///blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/103073-gop-operatives-deny-clyburn-allegation-of-running-greene-campaign”
    — Republican operatives deny Clyburn allegation of running,

  • “Source: AP / CBS News A Portland massage therapist accused former Vice President Al Gore of unwanted ***ual contact at a hotel during an October 2006”
    — No Charges Filed in *** Allegation against Gore | Roland S,

  • “We've previously discussed the cash-for-kids scandal, in which judges accepted per capita kickbacks for sending juveniles to detention. The WSJ blog reports a new allegation that one of the judges once decided the sentence for a juvenile by”
    — Legal Ethics Forum: Odd allegation in cash-for-kids scandal,

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