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  • English: Allanite, collective name for the minerals Allanite-(Ce), Allanite-(La), Allanite-(Y) Allanite-Quartz-3946 68,678 bytes. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Category:Allanite". — “Category:Allanite - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Allanite-(Ce) was first noted at Franklin by Jackson (1850a) and later reported by Hunt (1861) The preponderance of the known specimens suggests a simple assemblage of microcline, allanite-(Ce), quartz, and minor andradite. — “ALLANITE Chapter16. Sorosilicates and cyclosilicates”, franklin-
  • Encyclopedia article about Allanite. Information about Allanite in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Allanite definition of Allanite in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • 2001 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1.2. Crystal Data: Monoclinic; may be metamict. ( 1971) Re ̄nement of the crystal structures of epidote, allanite. — “Allanite-(Ce) (Ca; Ce)”,
  • Definition of allanite in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of allanite. Pronunciation of allanite. Translations of allanite. allanite synonyms, allanite antonyms. Information about allanite in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “allanite - definition of allanite by the Free Online”,
  • Allanite-(Ce) is ubiquitous in the aluminous association, while Primary allanite shows complex zoning but is always rich in ferriallanite and TiO2, a. — “ALLANITE AND CHEVKINITE IN A-TYPE GRANITES AND SYENITES OF”,
  • allanite ( ′alə′nīt ) ( mineralogy ) (Ca,Ce,La,Y) 2 (Al,Fe) 3 Si 3 O 12 (OH) Monoclinic mineral distinguished from all other members of the epidote. — “Allanite: Definition from ”,
  • Dollase W A (1971) Refinement of the crystal structures of epidote, allanite and han***ite, American Mineralogist, 56, 447-464 [view file] Morin J A (1977) Allanite in granitic rocks of the Kenora - Vermilion Bay area, northwestern Ontario, The Canadian Mineralogist, 15, 297-302. — “Allanite-(La) - RRUFF Database: Raman, X-ray, Infrared, and”,
  • The International Mineralogical Association lists three minerals in the allanite group, each recognized as a unique mineral: allanite-Ce, allanite-La and allanite-Y, depending on the dominant rare earth present. Related Topics: Allanite, also called orthite, contains up to 20% rare earth elements. — “Allanite - Everything on Allanite (information, latest news”, spiritus-
  • Rocks and Minerals Collecting Ontario Canada and district mineral resource guide, Allanite. — “Rocks Minerals Ontario Canada - Allanite Mineral”,
  • Allanite is a sorosilicate group of minerals within the broader epidote group that Allanite, also called orthite, contains up to 20% rare earth elements and is a valuable. — “Allanite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Allanite mineral data, information about Allanite, its properties and worldwide locations. — “Allanite: Allanite mineral information and data”,
  • Translation of allanite in English. Translate allanite in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of Allanite in English”,
  • Weight of pure Allanite-(Ce) in grams (gm) and Calculated Diameter of Allanite-(Ce) Classification. Dana Class: 58.02.01c.01 (58)Sorosilicate Insular, Mixed,. — “Allanite-(Ce) Mineral Data”,
  • Allanite, also known as "orthite" in Europe, is one of the most common rare earth minerals, which is somewhat of an oxymoron. Up to 20% of allanite's weight could be composed of these rare earth elements, making allanite a potentially valuable ore. — “ALLANITE (Calcium Rare Earth Aluminum Iron Silicate Hydroxide)”,
  • Allanite definition, a member of the epidote group, a silicate of calcium, cerium, aluminum, and iron, occurring chiefly in brown-to-black masses or prismatic cr See more. — “Allanite | Define Allanite at ”,
  • The crystal structure of allanite from granitic pegmatite, the Daibosatsu Pass, Yamanashi, In the allanite groups the bond angles between the O10–H bond and. — “The chemistry of allanite from the Daibosatsu Pass, Yamanashi”,
  • allanite definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “allanite - Definition”,
  • Description: Allanite is a relatively rare mineral found as an accessory in a number of different rocks such as syenite, granite and gneiss. ASHLAND COUNTY: Allanite is noted as an accessory in granite exposed. — “allanite”,
  • allanite. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: has an article on: Allanite. Wikipedia allanite (plural allanites) (mineralogy) Any of. — “allanite - Wiktionary”,

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  • allanite ce JPG
  • Molland Iveland Norway RME037 Allanite Arendal Norway
  • Links Thumbnails Allanite Ce crystals © Bill Lechner
  • RMB021 Allanite Askagen Sweden 褐色塊状
  • Allanite Stracciacappe Rm Lazio Italy 0 4 mm coll e foto L Mattei JPG
  • 53 jpg 23 Jul 2004 08 12 22K notes 23 Jul 2004 08 12 allanite jpg 23 Jul 2004 08 12 68K anda jpg 23 Jul 2004 08 12 48K
  • RMG047 Allanite 滋賀県大津市田ノ上 中沢晶洞
  • 1 jpg
  • RMA026 Allanite Kingman Feldspar mine Mohave Co Arizona USA 褐色塊状 6×4×3cm
  • Brown crystals of Allanite Ce Plauenscher Grund near Dresden Saxony Germany Specimen size 5 2 cm Collection and foto Thomas Witzke
  • 福島県石川郡石川町猫啼 長石中に長さ6cmの褐簾石 JRM024 Allanite 福島県伊達郡川俣町 水晶山
  • 福島県石川郡石川町 石川山 8x3x3cm RME043 Allanite 福島県川俣町水晶山 9x7x6cm 全体が褐簾石
  • 0 2 3 0 µm plot
  • Brown prismatic crystal of Allanite Ce Naundorf Freiberg Erzgebirge Saxony Germany Picture size 10 mm Collection and foto Thomas Witzke
  • JRM022 Allanite 三重県一志郡美杉村 美杉鉱山
  • 0 2 3 0µm plot
  • 5 25µm plot
  • RMC035 Allanite Sandy Creek Otter Lake Quebec Canada
  • Allanite Ce webmineral com jpg Image file link
  • RME040 Allanite 広島県広島市安芸区畑賀水谷
  • Allanite Ce in granite
  • 0 2 3 0µm plot
  • JRM029 Allanite 三重県安芸郡芸濃町 苗木鉱山
  • RMC023 Allanite 茨城県高萩市下大能 紅葉橋坑 30×40mm
  • ☆ RMD040 Allanaite
  • Allanite Trimouns Luzenac France Coll RV 003 jpg
  • JRM023 Allanite 京都府京都市左京区 大文字山
  • 0 jpg
  • Brown prismatic crystals of Allanite Ce Ossling Lausitz Saxony Germany Picture size 1 4 mm Collection and foto Thomas Witzke
  • 1 5 6 0µm plot
  • all macro 1 jpg
  • RME007 Allanite 群馬県勢多郡東村沢入
  • RMD088 Allanite 大阪府北河内郡田原村下田原白衣 坂口鉱山
  • allanite01 jpg
  • RME041 Allanite 岩手県上閉伊郡宮守村上宮守
  • Black allanite Ce in monzonite rock
  • JRM021 Allanite 三重県一志郡白山町 福田山鉱山
  • RMG010 Allanite 山梨県塩山市大菩薩峠
  • allanite cetw2 jpg
  • ☆ RMD082 Allanite

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  • Allanite.flv

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