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  • Alky definition, an alcoholic. See more. Link To alky. World English Dictionary. alky or alkie (ˈælkɪ) —n , pl -kies. slang a heavy drinker or alcoholic. alkie or alkie. —n. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. 2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins. — “Alky | Define Alky at ”,
  • Alky-No- looks at alcoholism and alcohol addiction from a 12 Steps perspective. The author of this site has been active in 12 Steps fellowships for more than a decade, and has attended many meetings of AA and other groups over the years. — “Alky-No-More - Alky No More”, alky-no-
  • Shop alky t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique alky tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. If you don't find the perfect alky tee shirt, it's easy to customize your own by adding photos, images and text. — “Alky T-Shirts | Buy Alky T Shirts & Clothing Online | Unique”, t-
  • AlkyHaulers MC San Mateo Chapter is a Motorcycle Club in Northern California. — “AlkyHaulers MC - California - San Mateo Chapter”,
  • alcoholic, alky, dipsomaniac, boozer, lush, soaker, souse -- (a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually). — “Alky Reference - ”,
  • Alky for Applications is a plug-in for Window XP SP3 users to run Windows Vista applications such as the Windows Sidebar on their computers and leverage Windows Gadget technologies. Alky for Applications is provided free of charge under the Creative Commons Public License. — “Alky for Applications”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for alky in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “alky - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo! Education”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable alky coffee mugs, Steins, Travel Mugs and more from - Choose your favorite alky mug from thousands of available designs. — “Alky Coffee Mugs, Steins Alky Mugs”,
  • Sunoco Race fuels and Alky, VHT Track Bite, racing fuels, race fuels, race fuel, leaded gasoline, racing fuel, ihra, high octane gas, high octane fuel, race gas, racing gas, Cam 2, nitro, nitromethane, alky, methanol, alcohol, sunoco. — “Bazell Race Fuels, Sunoco and Alky”,
  • Starting a Blown Alky Motor. Up. What at times seems like a simple procedure is actually a very precise process. Firing up a high compression, blown alcohol engine takes practice. Though the driver may play a role, in most cases it's the crew. — “Starting a Blown Alky Motor”,
  • Definition of alky in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of alky. Pronunciation of alky. Translations of alky. alky synonyms, alky antonyms. Information about alky in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “alky - definition of alky by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • HOW TO MODIFY YOUR CAR. TO RUN ON ALCOHOL FUEL. Guidelines for converting gasoline engines To order an electronic copy of the 1982 publication of this manual, JavaScript must be. — “HOW TO MODIFY YOUR CAR TO RUN ON ALCOHOL FUEL (ethanol fueled”,
  • What does ALKY stand for? Definition of ALKY in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “ALKY - What does ALKY stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations”,
  • 2010 Schedule Has Been Updated. Home. Constitution and By-Laws. Events. January 2010. February 2010. March 2010. April 2010. May 2010. June 2010. July 2010. August 2010. September 2010. October 2010. November 2010. December 2010. Offsite Links. Newsletters. Alky Angel Photos. Member's Photos. — “Alky Angels International”,
  • Buy ALKYCONTROL, methanol items on eBay. Find a huge selection of injection, alky, water injection items and get what you want today. — “ALKYCONTROL items - Get great deals on methanol, injection”,
  • alky (plural alkies) Alternative spelling of alkie. 1985, Stephen King, Skeleton Crew. No, when an alky blacks out, he keeps doing An alky in a blackout is a busy little devil. 1999, Ian Rankin, Black and Blue: An. — “alky - Wiktionary”,
  • The Alky Tech Process is the State of the Art in Alkylation. By combining proven sound chemical principals with real-time monitoring of unit operations the Alky Tech Process has proven that improved operations are achievable in every situation. We guarantee it. Welcome to Alky Tech. — “Alky Tech :: Alkylation Optimization Process”,
  • Alky . Our Mission: "To provide a reliable methanol injection system solution for our customers application that meets or surpasses their expectations." With the flood of Injection systems on the market today, A little research and. — “http:///”,
  • Alky began wrestling at age ten with Cobras Youth Club of Rochester, Alky later wrestled for Spencerport High School, one of the United States' top public high school wrestling programs. — “Andrew Alcott - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Alky is a new project designed to translate Windows binaries to run under environments such as Mac OS X or Linux. When an application is converted with Alky, the imports are checked to see what's supported and what isn't. — “Alky - Mac Guides”,
  • alky: Definition and Pronunciation. — “alky: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “Alky-cly on deviantART”, alky-
  • Definition of alky from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of alky. Pronunciation of alky. Definition of the word alky. Origin of the word alky. — “alky - Definition of alky at ”,
  • Shop our large selection of alky gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique alky designs. Fast shipping. — “Alky Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,

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  • Grand National Alky Buick V6 v1.0 The only video of the first buildup of our alcohol burning turbocharged Buick V6, version 1.0. This engine allowed us to find some of the limits of burning alcohol as you will see. This was taken in 2001 at Carsbad Raceway. The fuel went into preignition due to a lean condition and the engine spit out two rods and some of the camshaft. Coolant and oil was spilled under all 4 tires and the car went into a slide at an angle of around 25 degrees across the finish line at around 100 mph. A drysump oiling system was installed on the next engine.
  • Tore Graneggen Blown Alky 55 Chevy 00088.avi Spring Nats 2010 at Gardermoen Raceway.. found the sweetspot on the throttle to keep the tires spinng from here to eternity (it felt like it) After i came to a stop after the burnout the oil pressure gauge read near zero, so i shut her off... turned out to be a quart short of oil in the pan...
  • the orgasmo-alky
  • sylvie y alky salsa
  • Halltech Ultraleggera Z06 429 Alky Motor-4.2 lbs/hp Halltech Systems Ultraleggera Build. 701 HP 429, 13:1 CR Katech #39 E85 Track Attack Motor; 2950 lbs. Features the Halltech GT2 Carbon Fiber DRED Hood, Halltech Super Bee Ram Air Induction Package with Halltech's carbon fiber hive port induction, carbon fiber driveshaft, ZR1 carbon ceramic brakes, Pfadt Racing Coil Overs/Anti Sways; 9 lbs Braille Lithium battery, Akrapovic Titanium EVO exhaust system, with Kooks Headers; mild Katech Torquer Cam on a 116 LSA for perfect street manners. Tuning by Jim Hall, Full Katech Aero package; Katech titanium rod upgrade, ZR1 oil squirters, DLC rod pins, ARP studs, LSXR intake manifold, NW102 Throttle body; Ultraleggera 19" front and 20" rears, with Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires. Too many other mods to mention, including StealthTitanium caliper bolts, hood hardware, and wheel lug nuts.
  • BDC's Alky Videos - 2nd gear burnout 24-25psi BDC Motorsports Quick video of my Turbo II showing the power potential of using methanol from a robust system as a gross fuel replacement from the existing EFI system (65 to 70/30 pump gas to methanol ratio) on a street driven vehicle. 2nd gear burnout from an onramp going 20mph to start. Taken in Dec '2006. Specs of the setup: Mazda Rx7 Turbo II w/ half-bridgported 13BT 4-port block, 8.5:1 rotors, Turbonetics 60-1 HIFI w/ 0.96 A/R P-Trim turbine housing, and Alkycontrol alcohol injection system
  • 1979 Chevy Malibu Blown 377 Squirting Alky.Nitro my new race car. 377 Littlefield 6-71 on alky/nitro. Switchign it over to E85 though.
  • snowman vega vs super cuda racing at carolina dragway 10-13-07
  • 840cc Superbeast blown alky kfx LIVES!! The beast used to be 730cc... now it's 840 with a new fuel design.
  • Alky Fans Trnava - Old School Roky deväťdesiate
  • Turbo TA on pump gas & alky w/ bolt ons Turbo Trans am with bolt ons
  • DRW / Buick Alky V6 finding the limits Finding the limits of turbo, tire, suspension and fueling. In the first two passes you can hear tire chatter all through second gear. After reducing the boost, the tire chatter stopped. The old T76 turbo setup was being used at this time.
  • alky! alky and sodas
  • DRW / Buick V6 Alky v3.2 20L video test My first in-car video. Preliminary tuneup with a new combination. First video since the change to the Borg Warner Airwerks S510/91mm turbo. Still chipping away at the initial spooling problem. Slowly, but surely making progress, though. Have you had your daily trip down the track yet? Kick back and get out your National Dragster or favorite go fast parts catalog. You'll be sitting in the staging lanes for a little bit. Shortcuts: go to 6:30 minutes, or 7:02 minutes. Barona Drag Strip!
  • Dj StarChild & Dj alky live in the mix with some electro' (:
  • 'Straight Alky Blues Part 1' SCRAPPER BLACKWELL & LEROY CARR, Blues Guitar Legend " Straight Alky Blues Part 1 " SCRAPPER BLACKWELL & LEROY CARR The " RED HOT BLUES " (1925-1945) Texas Alexander Pink Anderson Kokomo Arnold Barbecue Bob Scrapper Blackwell Black Ace Ed Bell Blind Blake Ishman Bracey Big Bill Broonzy Richard "Rabbit" Brown Willie Brown Bumble Bee Slim Gus Cannon Bo Carter Sam Collins Floyd Council Gary Davis Sleepy John Estes Blind Boy Fuller Son House Peg Leg Howell Mississippi John Hurt Jim Jackson Skip James Blind Lemon Jefferson Blind Willie Johnson Lonnie Johnson Robert Johnson Tommy Johnson Charley Jordan Leadbelly Furry Lewis Tommy McClennan Robert Lee McCoy Blind Willie McTell The Memphis Jug Band Buddy Moss Memphis Minnie Charley Patton Jimmie Rodgers Frank Stokes Casey Bill Weldon Peetie Wheatstraw Bukka White Josh White Robert Wilkins Super Jumbos * Gibson SJ-100 * Gibson SJ-150 Maple * Gibson SJ-200 * Gibson SJ-200 EC * Gibson SJ-300 Small Bodies * Gibson Blues King * Gibson CJ-165 Maple * Gibson CJ-165 Rosewood * Gibson LC-1 * Gibson LC-2
  • 1400 HP Blown Alky Dyno Session Steve Morris Racing Engines built, all aluminum 540 cube BBC, ProCharged and EFI alcohol.
  • Grand National Sights and Sounds of Alky Buick V6 v2.0 One of the first outings at Barona Drag Strip with the new engine buildup (version 2.0) in 2003.
  • stress , blown alky 400 sbc 2nd startup after leakdown on injector hat
  • 2010 Blown Alky Gary Phillips Top Doorslammer Crash Action from the Blown Alcohol Event at Willowbank.
  • blown alky v drive lake boat
  • blown alky 572 dart 572 ci PSi screw blown EFI alchohol 1968 Dodge Dart
  • Homemade 4-cam hemi dragster- alky fire up Tom Dicktakes' homemade 4-cam hemi. Based on a Donovan 417 block, Tom has spent 40 years building the 4-cam heads out of his garage with a Bridgeport and an Atlas lathe. Here's a fire up on alky after Tom put the motor back together after it hurt the bottom end last year on a test run at Sacramento raceway. My usual job is to start it and then check oil pressure and cylinder temps to makes sure there isn't any of them running too lean. We were down a guy today, so Tommy had me manning the fuel for the first time, hence my constant look of concern throughout the whole video. You can't see it, although you can see the red air tank on the bottom- but I'm standing by a pressurized fuel tank so after the motor is primed and started on gas (the squirt bottle) I bring in the alky with a regulated valve on top of the auxilary fuel tank. While the motor is running I'm monitoring the amount of fuel by the RPM (an electronic tach is in the seat) and the misting at the pipes. You can hear the engine pick up as soon as I dial back the alky a bit. I'm also trying to get a look at the oil pressure at the top end of the motor. All my pointing is to show Tommy that we're down on pressure. We shut it down because the pump feeding the top end with oil didn't come up to full pressure. You stop the motor in reverse- I reintroduce the gas in the primer bottle as I slowly close the fuel tank with the alky, so it runs on the bottle and I can shut it down with gas. More work in the garage! Next ...
  • LT80 on Alky For the last 2 runs we decked the cylinder and did a little home porting, advanced the timing a little too much and changed the needle. We also got rid of the DG pipe and put on a stock pipe. Now it's USFS approved for our dunes. It's a lot quieter and a little faster. It's not smooth but still almost a second quicker up the hill. Still needs a lot of carb tuning and a different premix.
  • 22042009012 Blown Alky SBC First Startup Outlaw Anglia Pop
  • Grand National Early Test Run of Alky Buick V6 v2.0 One of the first outings with the car in 2004 with engine build version 2.0. This initial tune-up on the car did not yet include nitrous oxide injection to spool the turbo. I was still finalizing the volumetric efficiency table and was testing a THM200C transmission for high horsepower use. Shift points were around 6600 rpm and the max boost was set at 18 psi using a T70 Turbonetics turbocharger at the time. CRANK IT UP!
  • Alky-Burning Cub Cadet V8 tractor-Pull Monster Ford 351 Cleveland Paul Jones dropped an alcohol-fuel Ford 351 Cleveland V8 running 15:1 CR into his Cub Cadet riding mower. And why not? It fits, doesn't it? Built for pulling contests, but also handy when you need the lawn done and you don't have a lot of time. Just listen to that thing bark. Recorded at the Genesee Valley Antique Auto Club show on Aug 1, 2010 on the grounds of the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology.
  • "Live From The Hammock" ... Shugs Day ... Alky stoves & Stuff Hanging out in my back 40 in the hammock testing some stoves and just rambling and such. A short vignette of my "job practice" as well because I have gotten some e-mails from folks curious as to what I do to earn my nut. This may help show what a feller like me does with his day before doing family things and then gettin' outside to doof around.
  • BDC's Alky Videos - 25psi 3rd gear quick run BDC Motorsports Quick 25psi in 3rd gear run showing the power of alcohol as a fuel replacement running 1 methanol and 2/3 93 octane pump fuel. Taken in Dec '2006. Specs of the setup: Mazda Rx7 Turbo II w/ half-bridgported 13BT 4-port block, 8.5:1 rotors, Turbonetics 60-1 HIFI w/ 0.96 A/R P-Trim turbine housing, and Alkycontrol alcohol injection system
  • Graneggen 55 Chevy 526 Blown Alky Big Block
  • Spokane Alky Racing 1985 Interview with Paula Gage, Alcohol dragster finals
  • Kilmarnock Alky Gets a Hand Out in 1990 The tramp that used to live outside the Galeon Center,Kilmarnock in 1990
  • tonys blown alky 525ci blown alky
  • Blown alky Round 2 FCR 8
  • Wanted Man 34 Alky Fire up Blown Hemi Nitro First time to try and fire the Hotrod on Alky (Science experiment). 10/30/09 Was gonna add some Nitro but the tune was not ready. Maybe next summer.
  • Jonsered 625 stock appearing alky saw Jonsered 625 test saw with husky 266 top , 66,7cc . Really torquey saw , pull a 8T at 13700 rpm with a low raker hungrey chain and you could still push really hard . MAY pull a 9T in some 8x8 ... Run on 12026 fuel and the log is a fresh piece of 11,5 x 10,5 inch poplar . I'm not sure if its called poplar but i can tell its medium to medium-soft.
  • RDM/NIN solo Alky So I'm no Avesta, but I still pwn Alky solo. Only rough part was when protect and shell wore off mid fight. Music: Cornandbeans - Colossus Cornandbeans - Blaze For Great Justice! - Matador
  • Speed-O-Motive's Customer Blown Alky 604cid BB Chevy Whipple Charged First start up on the engine dyno. 604cid BB Chevy Blown Alcohol Whipple W305R Supercharged. Enderle Buzzard Hat & 110 Pump - Hat & Port Nozzles, DART Big M Steel Cap Block, BRODIX Man Eater 12-Degree SOM Ported Heads, INDY SOM Ported Blower Manifold, T&D Shaft Rocker System, COMP Cams 55mm...
  • DRW / Buick Alky V6 inside and out An up-to-date inside view.
  • Drag Banshee Alky Purge "Mosquito Control" This is my 10mill cub on alky. I tried to video this for ***s and giggles and after watching this someone pointed out my neighbor across the street comes out and walks back in a few times. Video quality sucks but you get the idea why they call purging alky bikes "Mosquito Control" It smokes like crazy and my neighbors don't seem to like the noise so had to finally start doing this in a remote area.

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  • “I'm no alky, I'm a drunk. good to know where my baseline is! Logged. My Blog http://bsmith617. bulldog55. Mile High Bootboy. Top Shelf. Class Act”
    — I'm no alky, I'm a drunk,

  • “anyone tried this directx 10 emulation for win xp? i tried it with gears of war copied the *.dlll files to system32 but when i run gears it shows the typical "error application" message”
    — DX10 from Alky for Win XP with GoW ... - PC-Gaming - General,

  • “Blog: Tech news from your favourite virtual machine creator! This is a request for funding, and they will give you access to the first alpha build of Alky”
    alky | EasyVMX! Blog,

  • “Backpacking message board with fif*** backpacking forums - ultralight outdoor gear, making outdoor gear, gear for sale, backpacking food, hiking partners, hiking with kids and more”
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  • “The other thing my knowledgeable camera salesman said was not to bother with rechargeables and to just use good quality alkaline's. He di”
    — Alky's v recharges: Lighting Technique Forum: Digital,

  • “ (Alky) Vista Notepad, Paint & Calculator Info: This AddOn contains Vista Calculator, Notepad and Paint for you Alky for Apps users (Alky is NO”
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  • “My Profile. alky. 571. Level: Score: Title: Ranking: Points: 14. My Posts. Hi,Everyone. Welcome to my blog. Latest Comments. N/A. My jake's BLOG. ok jake lets see if u can help me. iv`e got the dreaded grey light im using”
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  • “alky " Reply #1 on: October 30, 2005, 07:04:16 PM " Hawkwind: I have used methanol on a alky " Reply #2 on: October 30, 2005, 09:38:02 PM " hawkwind, i would look into spraying”
    — alky,

  • “orginal Alky Converter source used to convert the popular Prey Demo " Forum " Gemeinschaft " Rund um Linux und Open Source " Alky-Project ist”
    — Alky-Project ist wieder da! [LGPL] " Forum " ,

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