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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of ALKOXY : of, relating to, or containing a monovalent radical RO− composed of an alkyl group united with oxygen —often used in. — “Alkoxy - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Alkoxy definition, of or containing a univalent organic radical consisting of an alkyl group attached to oxygen. See more. — “Alkoxy | Define Alkoxy at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about alkoxy. Information about alkoxy in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “alkoxy definition of alkoxy in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • wherein R1 to R8 are selected from the group consisting of a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, an alkyl group, an alkoxy group, an acetoxy group, a phenyl group, a naphthyl group, and an alkyl group in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms are. — “Photosensitive Compound, Photosensitive Composition, Resist”,
  • The formation of these products can be explained either by secondary pyrolysis of initially formed alkoxy isothiocyanates below, alkoxy isothiocyanates can be observed directly in the. — “Alkoxy Isothiocyanates as Intermediates in the Flash Vacuum”,
  • Preferable examples of the"alkyl groups"and an alkyl moiety of the"alkoxy group"include a straight or branched chain aliphatic hydrocarbon residue, for example, a lower or more suitable substituents such as lower alkoxy or trihalo (lower). — “(WO/1999/042104) USE OF MACROLIDE COMPOUNDS FOR TREATING GLAUCOMA”,
  • The following article is a local copy of the Wikipedia article at Alkoxy. The range of alkoxy groups is great, the simplest being methoxy (-OCH3). — “Wikipedia:Alkoxy - Global Warming Art”,
  • What is a alkoxy, definition of alkoxy, meaning of alkoxy, alkoxy anagrams, alkoxy synonyms. — “Word alkoxy meaning. Word alkoxy definition. Free crossword”,
  • alkoxy ( al′käksē ) ( organic chemistry ) An alkyl radical attached to a molecule by oxygen, such as the ethoxy. — “alkoxy: Definition from ”,
  • 8. A coloring substance-containing liquid crystal mixture, in accordance with claim 1 or 6, wherein, in the compound of formula XII, the alkoxy group is a straight-chain alkoxy group containing 3 to 9 carbon atms, and the alkyl group in the dialkylamino is methyl or ethyl. — “Liquid crystal mixtures - Google Patent Search”,
  • Alkoxy or Methoxy. Acetone. All these alternative cure mechanisms will lead to the formation of an elastic and relatively tough silicone rubber however, some of the final It is worth noting that ACC Alkoxy, RTV's do not cause inhibition. — “Silicone Adhesive sealants RTV & heat cure manufacturer”, acc-
  • alkoxy (plural alkoxys) (organic chemistry) any univalent radical R-O-, or anion R-O-, where R is an alkyl Retrieved from "http:///wiki/alkoxy". — “alkoxy - Wiktionary”,
  • In general, compounds with the fluorinated alkoxy tail exhibited mesophases over a much wider temperature range than those with the alkoxy tail. It was also observed that the layer spacing in compounds with the fluorinated tail was greater by 3 Å than those with the alkoxy tail. — “Journal of Materials Chemistry Articles”,
  • ( Alkoxy) In chemistry, the alkoxyl group is an alkyl (carbon and hydrogen chain) group The range of alkoxy groups is great, the simplest being methoxy. — “Alkoxy Articles from Free Article Directory”,
  • Diazomethane cycloadditions to g-alkoxy-a, b-unsaturated esters: a violation of the inside alkoxy theory? A rationale was found within the framework of the same effects on which the inside alkoxy theory is based. — “Diazomethane cycloadditions to gamma-alkoxy-alpha,beta”,
  • A photoinitiator compound is functionalized with alkoxy groups so as to be soluble in alkoxy-containing monomers. The photoinitiator has a formula of R1—(OR2)n—OC. — “Photoinitiator functionalized with alkoxy groups - Patent 7705065”,
  • Replacement of hydroxyl group in carboxylic acids with a halogen, carboxylate, alkoxy or amino group gives functional derivatives of carboxylic acid known as acyl halides, acid anhydrides, esters or amides respectively. Replacement of hydroxyl group in carboxylic acids with a halog. — “Alkoxy | TutorVista | Web”,
  • The importance of alkoxy radicals (RO·) in atmospheric chemistry is well known. The alkoxy radicals are generated in a supersonic free jet expansion by UV laser photolysis of the corresponding alkyl nitrites (RONO). — “LIF Spectroscopy of Alkoxy Radicals”,
  • In chemistry, the alkoxy group is an alkyl (carbon and hydrogen chain) group singular bonded to oxygen thus: R—O. The range of alkoxy groups is great, the simplest being methoxy (-OCH3) An alkoxy or aryloxy group bonded to an alkyl or aryl (R1—O—R2) is an ether. — “Alkoxy group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Synthesis of Copper aspirinate A simple experiment in transition metal complexes, copper aspirinate is formed by reacting acetylsalicylic acid with copper carbonate. Copper aspirinate is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and unlike copper (II) ions and aspirin alone, it avoids the toxicity of both. Transition metal complexes are not ordinary ionic compounds, and do not necessarily seek a complete shell of valence electrons (18e- for the d block of elements). In this case, copper aspirinate does have 18 valence electrons, but there are many exceptions. The electron configuration of copper aspirinate is predicted as follows: Copper(0) - ground state - 11 electrons Copper(II) - 2+ - 9 electrons 4 copper - alkoxy ligand bonds - 8 electrons Copper - copper sigma bond - 1 electron Thus, each copper atom has 9 + 8 + 1 electrons, for a total of 18. The acetylsalicylate molecules are called ligands in transition metal complexes, and in this case are anionic ligands which formally create a sigma bond with the metal centre, and change the metal centre oxidation state. Neutral ligands do contribute to the total electron count and share electrons with the metal centre, however they are only weakly bound, do not have a formal bond, and do not change the metal centre oxidation state. Copper carbonate from copper sulfate: - As an aside, you can make copper carbonate from the more common copper sulfate pentahydrate by this method: - Dissolve 8.6g Na2CO3 in 40mL distilled water, and dissolve 20.2g CuSO4*5H2O in 73mL ...
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  • Diet, Nutrition and Cancer From the book Diet, Nutrition and Cancer published by the Nutritional Research Council of the American Academy of Sciences (1982) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Office of Toxicological Sciences, additional carcinogens in heated foods include: Hydroperoxide, alkoxy, endoperoxides and epoxides from heated meat, eggs, fish and pasteurized milk; Ally aldehyde (acrolein), butyric acid, nitropyrene, nitrobenzene and nitrosamines from heated fats and oils; Methyglyoxal and chlorogenic atractyosides in coffee; Indole, skatole, nitropyrene, ptomatropine, ptomaines, leukomaines, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, cadaverine, muscarine, putecine, nervine, and mercaptins in cheese. It is no coincidence since 1950 as processed food proliferated that cancer rates in the United States have steadily increased and are now at the highest point in history. The effect from consuming overly cooked food is minimal nutrition. The body is forced to raid its dwindling supply of nutrient reserves and remains hungry for quality nutrients after a typical meal on the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). This leads to further hunger even though the stomach is full. The result is chronic overeating and rampant obesity seen nationwide. Czech Republic, Prague Fort Worth, Texas Austin, Texas Paraguay, Asuncion El Paso, Texas Charleston, South Carolina Corpus Christi, Texas Redcliffe, Queensland Costa Mesa, California Hervey Bay, Queensland
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  • Free-Radical Addition of Hydrogen Bromide to 1-Butene (Ochem PLAY) A play written, directed and produced by me! This video takes a radical rxn and turns it into a serious drama. The reaction: 1-Butene + Hydrogen Bromide ----(Peroxides & light/heat---- = 1-Bromobutane The mechanism: a)INITIATION step 1)dissociation of a peroxide into two alkoxy radicals step 2) Alkoxy radical takes a hydrogen away from the hydrogen bromide b) CHAIN PROPAGATION step 3)Addition of a bromine atom to the alkene step 4) Abstraction of a hydrogen atom from HBR by the free radical formed in step 3. ENJOY :)
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  • “Our site offers content of interest to pharmaceutical chemistry patent practitioners including descriptions of name reactions and patent law case briefs. An alkyl chain attached to an oxygen atom can also be referred to as an alkoxy substituent when the group acts as a substituent”
    — Ether, blog.para-

  • “This was used to impart the stereochemistry on one of the "down" via the inside alkoxy effect. Peter MR's Blog. The Chem Blog. The Curious Wavefunction. The Sceptical Chymist. Community”
    — " 2006 " September " 21,

  • “You stand in line with your latte, your tube of toothpaste or your cart of groceries, you hand over your cash or credit card to the cashier, and he hands alkoxy acrylate alkoxy alkanol diacrylate alkoxy alkanol dimethacrylate alkoxy diacrylate alkoxy dimethacrylate alkoxy methacrylate alkoxylated”
    — A Little BPA Along with Your Change? | Kid Safe Chemicals,

  • “A discussion community for OCZ Technology, Inc. customers to receive support, performance tips, and advice on products from OCZ and PC Power and Cooling”
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  • “create your own mmorpg server or have a conversation with our hundreds of thousands of members. 1. beyond2008. 1. nukung. 1. sunggamer. 1. alkoxy. 1. shaldy. 1. Show Thread & Close Window”
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  • “The Biodiesel and Alternative Energy Blog. Glossary of Biodiesel Terms. Petrodiesel. Diesel is the process of exchanging the alkoxy group of an ester compound by another”
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  • “Online Status: Offline. Posts: 4. Topic: Phenyl alkyl alkoxy silane. Posted: 30 November 2003 at 9:57am You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You”
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  • “You should draw the structure of the alkoxy side chain, then create a superatom S-group You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. You”
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  • “ALKOXY from SEMO CO., LTD. - Korean Products, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters”

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