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  • Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) can occur when certain types of microscopic algae grow quickly Useful information about harmful algal blooms from federal, state, non-profit. — “Harmful Algal Blooms: Home | CDC HSB”,
  • Definition of algal in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of algal. Pronunciation of algal. Translations of algal. algal synonyms, algal antonyms. Information about algal in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “algal - definition of algal by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts provides a new level of direct interaction between the leaders in the scientific field, the strategic partners and the attending delegates. — “The First International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels”,
  • The Algal Biomass Organization promotes the development of viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable commodities derived from algae. — “Algal Biomass Organization, Renewable, Sustainable”,
  • What is DHA Algal Oil? Polyunsaturated fatty acids, including docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), are natural ingredients in the normal human diet. DHA Algal Oil is produced through the use of the non-toxigenic and non-pathogenic marine protist, Ulkenia sp. — “DHA Algal Oil”,
  • Algal bloom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - An algal bloom is a rapid increase or accumulation in the population of water systems, higher concentrations cause increased growth of algae and plants. algal life cycle. Algae are a group of simple aquatic plants represented by around 20,000. — “Algal | TutorVista | Web”,
  • In fact a recently published large, randomized, placebo-controlled nutritional study in Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association has demonstrated the benefits of algal DHA in maintaining and improving brain health in older adults. — “Algal DHA > Home”,
  • water management, toxin ***ysis, environment, water, florida, drinking water, potable water, laboratoriesAlgae, Algal, Algal, toxin, algal toxin, Algae identification, Algal Toxin, Algal toxin ***ysis, Microcystin, Cylindrospermopsin, Anatoxin, Microcystis, Cylindrospermopsis,. — “Algal Toxins - Articles”,
  • The most important parameters regulating algal growth are nutrient quantity and quality, Algal cultures must therefore be enriched with nutrients to make up. — “2.3. Algal production”,
  • Algal Blooms: - Sudden spurts of algal growth, which can affect water quality adversely and indicate potentially hazardous changes in local water chemistry. [Environmental Protection Agency] San Jose Mercury News,The kind of harmful algal blooms that get out of control tend to occur in Southern. — “Algal Blooms”,
  • 10 Water discoloration 10 - 15 Some discoloration; some development of algal scums 20 - 30 Deep discoloration; frequent algal scum formation > 30 Very deep discoloration; intense matting of algal scum. Six taxonomic divisions delineate the different. — “Water Resource Characterization DSS - Algae”,
  • Algal Scientific manufactures and operates turn-key water treatment systems that combine wastewater treatment with biofuel production using algal growth bioreactors and proprietary processing technology. — “Algal Scientific Corporation - clean water - clean energy”,
  • A small percentage of algal species produce toxins that can kill fish, mammals, and birds, and may cause human illness. The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) is leading NOAA efforts to research and understand harmful algal blooms (HABs), to develop tools to combat these toxic tides. — “NOAA's National Ocean Service: Harmful Algal Blooms”,
  • Algal blooms occur in both marine and freshwater environments when an ( An algal bloom can still kill fish and other aquatic life by decreasing sunlight available to the water and by using up all of the available oxygen in the water, but a harmful algal bloom. — “Harmful Algal Blooms Index”,
  • algal bloom The dense spread of algae which results from changes in the chemistry and/or temperature of lake water. — “Algal bloom: Definition from ”,
  • Some algal strains. are capable of doubling their mass. several times per day. In some investment in algal biofuels. research. The Biomass Program is. — “Algal Biofuels Factsheet”,
  • Definition of algal in the Medical Dictionary. algal explanation. Information about algal in Free online English dictionary. What is algal? Meaning of algal medical term. What does algal mean?. — “algal - definition of algal in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • An algal bloom is a rapid rise in the population of some form of algae. Algal blooms also are a problem recreational reasons. Algae can become so dense that the water becomes murky. — “Algal Bloom”,
  • Algal blooms on the river can be dramatic and are a result of excess nutrients from Who is keeping tabs on algal blooms in the St. Johns River? St. Johns. — “: Algal Blooms: Understanding this Natural”,
  • The Algae Task Force (ATF) of the EBTP is currently assessing recent algal biofuel reports and activites, as well producing a new section on algae for the updated EBTP SRA/SDD. Background information on the use of algae to produce biofuels is included below. — “Algal biofuels - Algae for production of biofuels”,
  • Blue-green Algae and Harmful Algal Blooms on the Web Site for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. — “Blue-green Algae and Harmful Algal Blooms - Minnesota”,
  • Algal blooms may occur in freshwater as well as marine environments. Algal bloom concentrations may reach millions of cells per milliliter. — “Algal_bloom - iPhone/Mobile Wikipedia”,
  • The US Algal Collection is represented by almost 300,000 accessioned and inventoried The topic of distribution of algal species has been fairly well. — “Algae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • FuzzHugger ALGAL BLOOM fuzz pedal The FuzzHugger Algal Bloom is an extremely natural, organic fuzz. Very harmonically rich, and sounds wonderful with chords. It can clean up quite nicely for a gritty overdrive by using the Trim control. Turn the gain knob up for a hint of scramble & splatter!
  • Solazyme's Alga Bloom & The Oil Slicks Nicole Mack Bailey aka Alga Bloom Solazyme's Christmas party
  • Biodiesel Fuel FROM ALGAE!! (((((( YES TO ALGAL FUELS! I have changed my mind, since I have found much more information: I no longer believe that global warming is caused mainly by increased carbon dioxide. The planet IS changing temperature in some ways, but its cause is way different from what is being pushed in the media now. Each planet has its own special orbit, tilt, and movment in space, and the earth's relationship to the sun, and other radiation sources and factors; is varying in cycles - so each planet rises and falls in temperature, in its own special cycle, on its own special timing. (for example, what's happening on Jupiter or Mars, is not what's happening on earth.) Humans do not have the power to alter the warming and cooling trends of this planet - it is all about natural cycles that we need to ADAPT TO. Remember, the world has experienced hot and cold ages before, without man causing it (Ice Age, etc). The earth has certainly warmed up since then without the man-introduced carbon to cause it. However, petroleum and coal are both still toxic and nasty, and we need to replace them entirely with green, safe fuels as soon as possible. Amazingly, the super-high cost of fuel now, is increasing interest in developing alternative fuels that are NON-FOOD CROPS, and do not compete with the production of food. Over $4.00 a gallon for fuel, eh? Well THAT factor will have many people working to develop alternative fuels! This is what we've been waiting for - petroleum is now offically economically unfeasible. We can get ...
  • Algal Blooms Hit Center Stage Algae grows naturally in lakes, rivers and ponds, and in the ocean, often along coastlines. What scientists say they don't know is what triggers massive blooms like one seen recently in Qingdao, China -- or why some blooms are harmful or toxic while others are not. To learn more about toxic algae, we spent a day in the Mid-Atlantic US State of Maryland with research scientist Celia Dawson. VOA's Paul Sisco reports.
  • Algal BioDiesel Project "About The ABP" A video produced by the Algal Biodiesel Project at the Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science. The project, funded by Toshiba of America foundation, aims to create an economically viable biofuel production process from algae. The project is entirely student-run.
  • SeaTalk - What is a Harmful Algal Bloom? If you live near water, you may have heard the term harmful algal bloom. HABs, as theyre called, are caused by a small group of micro-organisms that grow rapidly under certain environmental conditions.
  • Marine Algal Blooms as Renewable Fuel Sources An entry in NASA Langley's Green Video Idea Contest: Marine algal blooms, like those in the Gulf of Mexico are often human-imposed and create hypoxic zones that lower dissolved oxygen levels in the water. They may represent a renewable energy source that can double in 24 hours. Algae have oils that can be used for fuels like biodiesel. My thesis idea ties remote sensing using NASA's MODIS sensors and bomb calorimetry data from samples of algae together with GIS. Raster calculations in the GIS can estimate how much energy potential is available in any given bloom of sufficient size. My entire undergrad thesis is posted here:
  • Algal Blooms in the Sound The swedish summers are frequently accompanied by alarming reports of toxic algal blooms in the waters. Scientist Per Carlsson and his two assistants, Karine Bresolin and Kristoffer Layton, examine these toxic algaes. Follow them on a boat trip in the Sound between Denmark and Sweden.
  • Predicting Harmful Algal Blooms Learn how NOAA's Integrated Ocean Observing System tracks and predicts harmful algal blooms using satellites in space, buoys on the surface of the ocean, and sensors on the ocean floor. Harmful algal blooms, or HABs, occur when colonies of algae—simple ocean plants that live in the sea—grow out of control while producing toxic or harmful effects on people, fish, shellfish, marine mammals and birds. The human illnesses caused by HABs, though rare, can be debilitating or even fatal. "Predicting Harmful Algal Blooms" is just one of many exciting videos on The Ocean Today Kiosk. For full effect, visit the Ocean Today Kiosk at the Smithsonian Institution's Sant Ocean Hall or at an aquarium near you. Original source: .
  • - 1/08 - Celia Smith - Algal Blooms - Pt. 2 - A presentation on algal blooms on west Maui, part 2 of 2. HCRI trimester meeting, January 10, 2008.
  • Solazyme's Alga Bloom & The Oil Slicks Pt 2 Nicole Mack Bailey aka Alga Bloom Solazyme's Christmas party
  • West Maui 1991 Algae Bloom (plus 2007 comparison) Footage of the 1991 West Maui algae bloom showing Cladophora algae at Honokowai, West Maui. Second segment of this video shows the same area in Summer 2007.
  • Algal Bloom Monitoring in Reservoir with YSI Vertical Profiler A YSI Vertical Profler is deployed near a drinking water intake to monitor blue-green algae. When an aglal bloom is detected at a specific depth, the system notifies drinking water plant so action can be taken.
  • Fishcam algal bloom Blooms may be observed in freshwater aquariums when fish are overfed and excess nutrients are not absorbed by plants. These are not generally harmful for fish, and the situation can be corrected by changing the water in the tank and then reducing the amount of food given. See also:
  • Lansering Climate Solver 2010, Water Cleaning Through Algal Biomass
  • Characterization of Recycle Stream in Algal Biomass Processing University of Michigan Summer Undergraduate Research Experience 2010
  • SURE: Algal Growth and Biodiesel Production My summer research project on algae as a bio fuel.
  • Algal Bloom Fuzz demo Fuzzhugger FX & Bobby D A demo of the Fuzzhugger FX "Algal Bloom" fuzz. This is another of their fine fuzz creations that ventures from high gain fuzz to almost overdrive like textures. And it has a quite cool finish as well!
  • The causes and consequences of harmful algal blooms in East African lakes EEB Graduate student Christopher Johnson talks about his research, "the causes and consequences of harmful algal blooms on lesser flamingos in the Great Rift Valley, in Kenya. Flamingo mass die-offs have been increasing recently, which has been attributed to harmful algal blooms in polluted lakes. I study the ecological conditions that promote harmful algal blooms in these lakes, with the goal of developing management plans to reduce the risk of lesser flamingo mass die-offs due to harmful algal blooms."
  • - 8/07 - Alison Sherwood - Algal Biodiversity - Pt. 1 - A presentation on characterizing the green algal biodiversity of Hawaiian reef and estuarine communities, part 1 of 2. HCRI trimester meeting, August 29, 2007.
  • NMSU's Research on Algal Biofuels Laura Haas from NMSU's Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) talks with Dr. Meghan Starbuck about her research on economic aspects of algal biofuels. Video by Hamid M.Rad, Special Projects Coordinator, OSI, NMSU
  • Algal Biodiesel... What?! The newest and least publicized alternative fuel today, with the most potential for changes starting right now.
  • Algal growth and filter resistance in slow sand filter Algal growth and filter resistance in slow sand filter to make safe drinking water. When filamentous diatom of Melosira was seen, filter did not easily clog. Algal mat of filamentous diatom plays beneficial effect to this filter system. Internet text by JICA;
  • The search for peyssonnelioid red algal crusts in the Zapatillas, Bocas del Toro, Panama This video shows some non-coralline red algal crusts placed in the family Peyssonneliaceae (Peyssonneliales) in the Zapatillas, Bocas del Toro, Caribbean Panama. Other peyssonnelioid crusts only superfiiclally resemble Peyssonnelia and belong to other red algal familes and orders. The first part of the vide clip focuses on the crusts, the middle part on other green, red and brown leafy seaweeds an corallines, and the clip ends with some views of smaller turf algae inhabiting a patch reef dominated by stony corals, sponges, gorgonians and zoanthids. Filmed by Suzanne Fredericq at about 40-30 ft. depth, August 24th, 2009. Away from the immediate vicinity of the patch reef, most of the algae were covered under a blanket of silt and detritus. Filming took place during the NSF-funded Pan American Advanced Studies Institute: Advanced Methods in Tropical Phycology Workshop, Aug. 14-Sept. 4, 2009 (Rachel Collin, PI; Brian Wysor & S. Fredericq, Co-PIs). Seaweeds were also collected for ongoing biodiversity research funded by grants from the following National Science Foundation Programs: Systematic Biology and Biodiversity Inventories (DEB-0743024, DEB-0919508); PASI: Advanced Tropical Phycology Workshop (OISE-0819205); AToL: Red Algal Tree of Life (DEB-0937978). Participating phycologists studying Panamanian seaweeds include: Suzanne Fredericq (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Brian Wysor (Roger Williams University); D. Wilson Freshwater (University of North ...
  • harmful algal blooms - created at
  • [HD] Exxon Mobil Cool Animation - Blue-Green Algae + Red Prototype Car Commercial Exxon Mobil Cool Animation - Blue-Green Algae + Red Prototype Car Commercial
  • Fuzzhugger (fx): Algal Bloom Fuzz You are listening to a stock 2008 Music Man Axis running to an Achillies Amplification '59 Bassman clone. Tom and Julie Dalton's Algal Bloom fuzz is a mean little beast indeed. It is capable of tones that range from drive to sputter and everything in between. There are 4 controls GAIN: Adjusts the amount of signal that reaches the heart of the pedal. As you back it off, things get a bit cleaner but also gain a hint of sputter and fizzle. Hard right is full-on! FUZZ (Bloom): A huge, searing gain control that expands and pushes your fuzz tone, adding gain, sustain, and definition. VOLT (Texture): Limits the amount of power that reaches the circuit, creating some beautifully sick fuzz textures that mimic a dying battery. LEVEL: Your master volume control. This Algal Bloom also has the 'Germanium Choke Toggle' option (push/pull on the 'Volt' knob). This lets you swap the diode to Germanium resulting in a slightly different and grittier, raspier texture. Now you can set the Gain and Fuzz controls so notes die out early. Another point to note is that the Algal Bloom works great with bass as well. I'll be uploading a bass demo in the near future. Algal Blooms come in variety of incredible case finishes and you would be wise to periodically check for updates and availability. Special thanks to Tom and Julie for this demo unit. Again, check out http for more info and watch out for the bass demo, coming soon. Cheers, BK2010 ☺
  • Harmful Algal Blooms This is an educational video on harmful algal blooms with a hint of humor. The video was made as a "hot topic" video project for Dr. Walters marine biology class at University of Central Florida. Enjoy! Edited by Ryan Patrick using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0.
  • Science & Chemistry Facts : What Is an Algae Bloom? An algae bloom is an event that occurs when an increase in nitrogen and phosphorus in a water body causes algae to reproduce extremely quickly. Find out how algae blooms cause fish and other organisms to asphyxiate in the water with information from a science tutor in this free video on algae. Expert: Brian Erickson Contact: Bio: Brian Erickson is a tutor in math and science, as well as a field biologist. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • San Diego's Newest Green Industry: Algal Biofuels The San Diego region, home to more than 500 biotechnology companies, is poised to become a Green Houston, as world renowned geneticists, biologists, and engineers at UC San Diego, The Scripps Research Institute and other local research institutions join with their industry counterparts in a broad-scale research effort to develop advanced transportation fuels from algae.
  • LLyn Padarn Algal Bloom Llyn Padarn is a Site of Special Scientific Interest on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park. The lake is important for Arctic charr or Torgoch (Salvelinus alpinus), a rare fish in Wales. In May 2009 a toxic blue-green algal bloom usually caused by excess nutrients was reported from the lake for the first time. The bloom lasted all summer and resulted in the lake being closed as a recreation area. The bloom also caused deoxygenation of the water column, reducing the available habitat for charr. Water quality improvements and translocation options for the charr are under consideration.
  • Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Fuzzhugger (fx) Algal Bloom Skreddy Echo
  • Overfishing linked to harmful algal blooms -Protecting soils to help combat climate change -Overfishing linked to algal blooms A new study by Swedish researchers found that, along with nitrogenous runoff from livestock raising and agriculture, algal blooms in the Baltic Sea are linked to the decline of certain species of large fish. Specifically, the research showed that if perch and pike fish populations were healthy and no nitrogen pollution existed, the surrounding waters had only a 10% chance of being afflicted by an algal bloom. However, in areas where fishing had caused their populations to be substantially reduced, the chances of an algal bloom went up to 50%. The researchers believe that the increase is related to a disruption of the food chain, which in turn affects the ecosystem. Swedish scientists, we appreciate your work that sheds new light on our oceanic environments.
  • Salton Sea Algal biomass production Algal remediation of agricultural drain water at the Salton Sea
  • Research at VIMS: the algal-biofuel project VIMS scientists, part of the Chesapeake Algae Project (ChAP), were conducting basic research that promises to clean agricultural and other pollutants from the Chesapeake—and potentially the oceans—while delivering a carbon-based, sustainable stock that can meet the automotive fuel needs of an increasingly mobile world population.
  • Algal Turf Scrubber _Proven Large Scale Algae Production and Water Treatment Systems History and Background on the Algal Turf Scrubber Water Treatment Technology
  • Algal blooms in the Baltic Sea Algal blooms in the Baltic Sea are intensified when excess nutrients are deposited in the water and massively over stimulate growth. The nutrients mostly come from unsustainable farming practices in the countries around the Baltic. The algae can make people and animals sick and severely damage the Baltic ecosystem. Join WWF and tell the EU to stop subsidising farming practices that lead to algal blooms. /balticmarinerescue
  • FuzzHugger (fx) Algal Bloom - fuzz pedal! - (new demo!) The Algal Bloom is a super thick, harmonically rich, searing new fuzz pedal. Its name is inspired by its tone─thick and destructive...but very alive! From full and thick fuzz textures to a brighter, searing tone that still remains amazingly full. Surging fuzz textures, all the way up to a throaty roar! Between the four controls, you'll find tons of textures and tones... backed-off drives, "just right" thickness, and mind-altering harmonic fuzz tones! The pedal draws from some unconventional fuzz-making components, including a huge gain circuit! Created by Tom Dalton of FH(fx), the circuit design then received valuable input offered by Mellowtone. The result is a unique, brutal-yet-beautiful, new fuzz! Only at !
  • Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom - Super Duper Fuzz Mover Fuzzy garage synth overdrive drama rama fuzz.
  • Vertigro - Algae is the answer to our Oil Dependency Someone sent me this video and all I can say is, this is the answer to the worlds energy problems.
  • - 1/08 - Celia Smith - Algal Blooms - Pt. 1 - A presentation on algal blooms on west Maui, part 1 of 2. HCRI trimester meeting, January 10, 2008.
  • Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom Fuzz Demo - The Algal Bloom is a harmonically rich, wide-range fuzz! From mellow to gritty overdrives, to "just right" thickness, to mind-altering harmonic fuzz tones! An open tone with a full body...fantastic definition and note-separation. Unique interactive controls allow you to alter the response and texture of the fuzz. Surging fuzz textures, all the way up to a throaty roar!

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  • “Eutrophication and Algal Blooms Forum Admin. Pond Guru. Karma: +36/-0. Offline. Posts: 4186. 3-Hour Cruise? Eutrophication and Algal Blooms " on: May 13, 2007, 08:49:06 AM " Eutrophication is caused by the increase of chemical nutrients, typically compounds containing nitrogen or phosphorus, in an”
    — Eutrophication and Algal Blooms,

  • “Blog > Archive by tag 'algal fuels' DOE Invests Another $24 Million into Algae Research About the CleanTechies Blog. The latest news and trends across the CleanTech space, from”
    Algal Fuels | CleanTechies Blog - ,

  • “Cleaning up reformed hydrogen using Algal Carbon Sequestration. We at the ebTDesign Forum are big proponents of using natural gas This argument against hydrogen convergence may be mute with the advent of Algal Carbon Sequestration”
    — ebTDesign Forum - Blog Archive " Cleaning up reformed,

  • “Algal Bioplastics. September 15th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Algae-Energy-Products, Uncategorized. I was browsing through the Oilgae newsletter archives and thought I should share this interesting article ( and a few more on various other algae topics) with the Oilgae blog readers”
    Algal Bioplastics - Oilgae Blog,

  • “In the discussion of alternative energy and fuels, algae have been bubbling to the top of the proverbial feedstock pool. Algae, the little green guys responsible for everything from making your Dairy Queen Blizzard solid to forming the basis of”
    — Guest Blog: Power from pondscum: Algal biofuels,

  • “Our Blog: harmful algal blooms. wells national estuarine research Early detection of harmful algal blooms is critical for protecting fisheries, resources,”
    — Blog Posts tagged harmful algal blooms | Wells Reserve,

  • “The Algal Biomass Organization promotes the development of viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable commodities derived from algae”
    — List of Members | Forum | Algal Biomass Organization,

  • “Home "" Forum "" Main Discussion & News Forum "" Sustainability News "" Latest Sustainability Reports "" Comprehensive Oilgae (Algal Fuel) Report. Comprehensive Oilgae (Algal Fuel) Report. No You are free to republish only headlines and excerpts of our news and blog articles”
    — Comprehensive Oilgae (Algal Fuel) Report,

  • “About harmful algal blooms - From Subscribe To Plant Science Blog RSS Feed. About harmful algal blooms. Cambridge, Md. An international group of researchers is linking nutrient pollution in the world's coastal seas to an”
    — About harmful algal blooms, biology-

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