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  • We sell air guns, BB guns, pellet guns and air rifles Crosman, Gamo, Walther, Beeman, Benjamin, Beretta, Baikal, Daisy, Colt, Ruger RWS and many others. Call (503) 946-6008 or buy online. — “Crosman, Beeman, Benjamin, Daisy, Gamo, IZH Baikal, RWS”, airgun-
  • Air Guns - Discount Air Guns, RWS Air Guns, Crosman Air Guns, Daisy Air Guns, Benjamin Air Guns, Gamo Air Guns, Beeman Airgun Accessories - Air Rifles, Air Pistols, Airgun Scopes, Airgun Accessories, Air Gun Pellets NOTE: ALL AIR GUNS ARE SHIPPED DOUBLE-BOXED FOR SAFE DELIVERY. — “Air Guns - Discount Air Guns, RWS Air Rifles, Crosman BB Guns”,
  • In addition to air guns and BB guns we sell ammunition including a huge selection of BB's and pellets, accessories and everything you need to enjoy shooting a pellet gun or BB gun. Airgun articles. Click here for AIR GUN TIPS, TRICKS & REVIEWS. AIRGUN TIPS & TRICKS. — “Pyramyd Air”,
  • Air Guns Pellet Gun BB guns at Cobra Airguns Crosman BB gun & Gamo Air Rifles Dealer for 22 air rifles, Crosman air guns, benjamin air rifles, Daisy BB Guns, RWS air rifles Beaman air rifles. Long Island, NY are from the top Airgun Manufactures around the world Like RWS Air gun. — “Cobra Airguns”,
  • We sell Air Guns, BB Guns, Pellet Guns, Air Rifles from TechForce, Crosman, Gamo, Walther, Beeman, Umarex, Daisy, RWS and many others. Air Guns • BB Gun • Air Rifles • Airgun • Air Gun. — “Air Guns - BB Gun - Air Rifles - Airgun - Air Gun | Compasseco”,
  • Quality airguns by Umarex USA including RWS air rifles, Walther air pistols, Beretta air guns, Smith & Wesson pellet pistols and PCP guns. Umarex USA your premium air gun supplier. We offer high quality target rifles, CO2 pistols, replica airguns, plinking pistols and many of the best. — “Air Guns - Air Pistols - Air Rifles - BB Guns - Pellet Guns”,
  • Home page of Airgun Designs, makers of outstanding paintball guns and accessories: the E-Mag, Warp Feed, 68Automag Classic and Powerfeed, the Flatline and the RT Pro. — “Welcome to Airgun Designs”,
  • The Stoeger Airguns X Series are modern, high-tech air rifles with the look and feel of quality, European sporting arms. Stoeger air rifles are suitable for plinking, target shooting, pest control, and small-game hunting. — “Stoeger Airguns: Safe Shooting with your Stoeger Air Rifle”,
  • Airgun Manufacturers & Airgun Suppliers Directory - Find a Airgun Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Airgun Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Airgun-Airgun Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • The following are examples of areas airguns may not be shipped: Chicago IL, Morton Grove IL, Buffalo NY, Philadelphia PA, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Long Island City NY, Manhattan NY, Queens NY, New York City NY, and Staten Island NY. Persons in New Jersey need a permit for any air gun. — “Air Guns | Crosman Air Rifle | Gamo Air Guns | BB Guns”,
  • Information about airgun in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. air gun, airgun - a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air. — “airgun - definition of airgun by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The Airgun Network is the world's first airgun search engine, containing the listings of thousands of airgun-related products, all at one place! We've collected all the best air gun sites and auctions on the web, in an easy-to-find format. — “The Airgun Network - The place to find airguns”,
  • Air Gun Depot is your source for air guns, air rifles, bb guns and pellet guns by the major air gun manufacturers including Airsoft, Crosman, Daisy, Gamo, RWS, Hammerli, and many others. All of our air rifles, bb guns and pellet guns are in stock. — “Air Guns, BB Guns & Pellet Guns | Air Rifles, Pellet Rifles”,
  • Official Gamo USA Website. Gamo USA offers a complete line of adult precision air rifles, air guns, air gun pellets, air soft guns, air pistols, ammunition and optics. Today Gamo is the largest manufacturer of airgun pellets in the world, and one of the most recognized air gun manufacturers in Europe. — “Airguns, airgun sale, air rifles, bb guns, air pistols”,
  • American Airguns Website - The first website about airguns, air pistol, air rifle, and accessories. — “American Airguns Main”,
  • An air gun (e.g. air rifle or air pistol) is a rifle, pistol, or shotgun which fires projectiles by means of The oldest existing mechanical air gun, a bellows air gun dating back to about 1580, is in the Livrustkammaren Museum in Stockholm. — “Air gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • AirgunX - Amazing prices on bb guns, pellet guns, airsoft guns, ammo and accessories. All the top brands at the best prices. 5% on orders over $199 use code OVER199. — “Airgun X | BB Guns - Pellet Guns - Airsoft - Rifles - Pistols”,
  • Offering a full line of precision air rifles, air pistols, performance airgun pellets, air gun accessories and much more. — “Online Gun Sales - Air Guns, Air Rifles, Air Pistols, Airgun”, airgun-
  • D&L Airgun: Sales, parts and accessories for many brands of airguns. Warrenty and servicing for many types of air rifles and pistols. — “D&L Airgun - Bringing a world of Airguns to Canada”,
  • Air Gun Network - The source for air gun shooters, air gun hunters, air gun collectors and air gun enthusiasts. Airgun 1. All about air guns, air pistols, air rifles, air gun scopes and pellets by Beeman, RWS, Benjamin, Sheridan, Colt, Daisy, Crosman, Walther and more. — “Air Gun Network - Air gun Models, Air Gun Articles, Air Gun”, air-
  • Airsoft rifles and pistols for all levels, from young adults to competition grade. Products and accessories from Crosman, Daisy, RWS, Beeman & Walther. carries 0.177, 0.2, 0.22, 024, 0.25, 0.35, 0.45, 0.5 caliber ammunition. — “Airgun, Airsoft, BB Gun, Pellet, Electric AEG, Pistol, Rifle”,
  • For the energy source used in reflection seismology, see Air gun (seismic) American Airgun Field Target Association. World And Regional Paintball Information Guide. — “Air gun - WikiPilipinas: The Hip 'n Free Philippine Encyclopedia”,
  • Beemans'Private Website: Airgun history and information, expert witness CV. Airguns, parts, items, and literature for sale and reference. — “Airgunology and the Scientist”,

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  • Umarex SA 177 BB Airgun The New Umarex 4,5mm Steel Blowback Gun!
  • Advanced Encaustic Wax Painting : Encaustic Wax Painting Air Gun Tips How use of an air gun creates different effects on different types of wax; learn tips tricks and more from expert John Vandebrooke for creating beautiful encaustic wax paintings in this free art lesson on video. Expert: John Vandebrooke Contact: Bio: John Vandebrooke was raised in Ashland, Wisconsin and moved to the West Coast in 1961. Filmmaker: randy primm
  • Dinair Compressor & Airgun review Many of you have requested review on the various different personal airbrush system. I had the opportunity to attend the 2-day intensive Dinair class in NYC, and learned more about what Dinair has to offer. Dinair is the innovator of personal airbrush makeup system, and they haven been established since 1980. He're my review on their system. For Dinair systems and kits, visit: FTC --- No one paid me to make this video. The system was provided as part of the 2-day intensive class Dinair offer. I do not make commission by reviewing this product.
  • Airgun pellets penetration tests Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Some materials and objects I shot to see how much penetration my lead pellet can achieve, for fun. Just a clarification: 1.stop saying my scope is not sighted in because I had ''millions'' of comments about that and I'm tired of it 2. You guys who say that their gun shoot through 1/4 steel plate and easily through I don't know how many layers of wood, then make a video response about it! Damn, or just make a video and tell me to watch it. Instead of just talking, demonstrate it...
  • Whale Wars - Airgun Experiment Jeff Hanson concepts an airgun capable of launching a bottle of butyric acid farther than any Sea Sheperd could throw it. Will it work? [Deleted Scene]
  • Air Gun Rat Hunting - Shot in the eye - Caça ao Rato Air rifle rat hunting using GAMO HUNTER 440 .22. Ammo: Gamo Rocket Shot in the eye. Big one (40 cm) Tiro ao rato... Carabina Gamo Hunter 440 5,5 e munição Gamo Rocket. Rattus norvegicus is a rather large member of the mouse family. On average, these rats reach nearly 400 mm nose-to-tail, and weigh 140 to 500 g. Males are usually larger than females. Although not technically a seasonal breeder, a mating increase occurs in the warmer months of the year. An average female is capable of giving birth approximately seven times per year. Around 18 hours after giving birth, females experience postpartum estrus, and mate again. This reproductive function is responsible for the huge birthrates of Norway rats, which can reach 60 young each year per female. Norway rats are incredible pests to human populations. The species plays hosts to a plethora of diseases, including Trichia, Typhus, and the Plague. These rats also carry bacteria in their saliva that can infect those bitten and cause a sickness known as Rat Bite Fever. Norway rats also cause billions of dollars per year in the destruction of crops and food stores. They also cause fires by chewing electrical wires in buildings. (Animal Diversity Web)
  • AIRGUN SHOOTING ON DISTANCE 200 METERS (218 yards)! I changed pellets for JSB 16 grain .22 caliber,wow! AIRGUN- AIR ARMS S410 XTRA.
  • How to create a good Airgun / Air Gun! Tips & Tricks Some handy tips for getting maximum powered airguns. Music: Outcast - Hey Ya FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: My ammunition keeps rolling out of my barrel, how do I solve this? how I solved that problem: 1. if you have a barrel with a loading hole in it. (to put marbles and ball bearings in) you can simply solve this problem with a drop of glue. you put the ball bearing in and it will be prevented from rolling by a bit of glue blocking it. (make sure you can still shoot, not too much glue!) I use this for my first advanced airgun. 2. If you have a metal or even plastic barrel with no loading hole. simply squize the barrel a little bit so the ammunition gets stuck weherever you want. I use this on all of my airguns exept the first advanced.
  • homemade advanced air gun homemade air gun made by Niels
  • IWA_for_www.airgun.ge_part1 Specially For Georgian Airgunners Portal
  • Air Gun Squirrel Control 2007 Great collection of squirrels this fall
  • MY HOMEMADE AIRGUN My Homemade Airgun i made after seeing this The gun itself was first a Rolson oil gun which you hook up to an air compressor...i took of the small oil can and sealed up the pipe,,,i then connected a bike tire valve to were the old compressor connector was...and attached a 1 way valve bicycle shock pump...i then mounted it al on a piece of wood...The gun takes about 20 pumps to bring it to 290 psi,,,,and can fire a distance of about 400 shoots small metal ball bearings and lead shot...
  • .50 cal Airguns shooting at 200 yards Non commercially-made big bore airguns being used to hit targets out to 180 yards.
  • FX Airguns Part 1 Airguns
  • Air Rifle Hämmerli 850 AirMagnum CO2 Airgun Review and Features Review of the 850 Air Magnum by Hammerli / RWS done by Paul Capello, host of American Airgunner TV Show. The 850 CO2 rifle is available in .177 or .22 caliber and made by Umarex. It can shoot about 230 rounds from an 88g Walther CO2 capsule before it's point of impact starts dropping. Noise level is recorded about at about 103 dB. For more info, see www.850
  • Ajax Automatic Airgun Ajax Automatic Airguns(TM) from Liberty Airguns (). Multi-caliber fully-automatic micro-pneumatic machineguns Standard Ajax X177-X is BB-shot .177 caliber @ ~400 FPS with 50-200+ round magazine. These units are select-fire/fully-automatic (not just burst). Rate-of-fire is continuously variable to 1200+ RPM. Wide range of power (devices can be built to deliver sub-200 FPS to supersonic). Models have a variety of options including calibers, barrel selection, etc. By far, the most fun airguns ever designed and built (and quite possibly the most fun guns of any kind, period!). Visit for more information.
  • Custom Airguns These are assorted pictures of custom air guns. They are mainly all made from the bones of Crosman 1377c, 2240, and the Chinese made QB 78.
  • Hot air gun reflow soldering, atmega128L Here is a demonstration of using the reflow method to solder an atmega128 processor to a PCB without the need for expensive equipment. The hot air gun was a 10 dollar unit purchased at a popular tool outlet. Any questions, please ask.
  • Airgun with XRV This isn't an animation-related video.. it's more about what I do with my free time. I've got some simple animation in here though, so I hope you enjoy, either way :D In this video I made for Instructables, I demonstrate how I built an airgun complete with my own design for an explosive air-release valve (I call it the XRV cos I'm silly). If you decide to build this device, observe strict safety and common sense. It won't kill, but is a very dangerous piece of equipment and it WILL put out any eye it hits. Don't do something you'll regret for the rest of your life. -- My site: Instructables
  • Top 10 airgun pellet I miss out the explosive pellet :( crow magnum WASP magnum JSB diabolo exact remington norcia killer predator polymag RWS superdome crossman hyper velocity field pellet daystate rangemaster
  • homemade airgun this is my first homemade airgun, i made this from pvc pipe, bycycle pump, garden hose adapter and radio antenna for the barrel, i just dry shot one time because i did'nt have pellet that time .next time i will make video shooting this airgun, to show you how is the triggers work. hope u like it!
  • Crosman G1 Extreme air gun review This is my Crosman G1 Extreme air gun review. It is .177 caliber, and can shoot up to 1000 FPS.
  • Homemade Air Gun I built this air gun from instuctions i got from youtube but i added an extra something.
  • BBHC: Lukens Air Gun Lukens Air Gun, at the Cody Firearms Museum, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody WY, near Yellowstone National Park.
  • New airgun hunting rabbit shooting DVD from James Marchington This is a preview of the new video DVD by James Marchington on hunting rabbits with airguns. More details at Music: 'Beach Bum' by Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
  • .25 Caliber Homemade Airgun C02 powered, home made airgun I just finished building from scratch. Has a Lothar Walther barrel and holds about 40 grams of CO2 in the reservoir. Pictures: s192
  • Hog Hunt With Airgun This little piggy went to market! Keith using a GAMO Hunter Extreme .25 caliber to take out a good eating hog in the Texas Hill Country.
  • Big Bore Airguns, Up To .50 Cal. (Updated) A video about large caliber airguns also known as big bore airguns. They are any caliber larger than .25. The most popular are 9mm .45 .50, yeah that's right, a .50 cal airgun. This is a video to help explain them and show you a couple of the well known ones. Some include the Career Dragon Slayer .50 by Shin Sung, the Career 707 9mm Ultra & Career Fire 201S 9mm by Shin Sung, and the Sam Yang Big Bore 909S.
  • pcp airgun homemade 8 shot lever action airgun
  • Daisy Red Ryder: "Airgun Americana" by Nutnfancy You will be hard pressed to beat this much fun for $30. The Daisy Red Ryder BB gun is pure "Airgun Americana." It arrived on the American sporing scene in the 1930s and has been around ever since. Wisely Daisy has kept the Ryder in basically the same form: wood and steel. There are a few plastic parts but they are high strength polymer and don't seem to detract from the lever gun format that is so attractive to us. The Red Ryder gets its name from the comic book cowboy from the 30s and it's still a winner. Though it is lost on the newer generations, many of us grew up watching John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, Yule Brynner, Charles Bronson, and other western tough guys clean house with their lever guns. The Red Ryder captures this mystique and packages it into a fast firing, reliable, lightweight, accurate, and durable BB gun for both young and old. In 1938 the Red Ryder was a ground breaking design, setting new standards of excitement because of its repeat fire capability. Even today this simple, rapid fire BB rifle that needs no batteries, CO2 cartridges, multi-step loading procedures, or multiple pumps to keep it in the "fight." It is simple and time proven. Add in a 650 shot BB reservoir and the fun will go on for hours (it does with the Nutnfancy shown!). Don't expect high velocity from this little BB carbine however: my chrono work showed the guns achieving about 250 to 265 fps. Some may think this is much too low to achieve any accuracy or levels ...
  • How To Make An Air Gun Here is a video of how to make my air gun using copper pipe and a 500ml coke bottle. Enjoy
  • Modern Pneumatic Airgun - HM Buckley My first airgun I built 3 years ago. Caliber is .22 and is built using the book by HM Buckley "Modern Pneumatic Airgun".
  • Airgun Hunting ***The Original*** These are assorted pictures of air gun hunting or pest control. If you don't like hunting then don't watch it plain and simple.
  • Anton Chigurh air gun You pick the one right tool
  • Umarex Beretta PX4 Storm Recon CO2 Blowback Airgun Review - Umarex Beretta PX4 Storm Recon CO2 Blowback Airgun Review. -CO2 Powered -.177 cal. Pellets & 4.5mm Steel BB -16 Round Magazine -Beretta PX4 Storm Recon Replica (Tactical Version) -Semi Automatic -Blowback Action -400 FPS This video is a walkthrough table top review of the Umarex Beretta PX4 Storm Recon Pellet Gun. I show off the gun close up and I also take you through the differences between the Tactical and Non-Tactical versions with a side-by-side comparison. The Umarex Beretta PX4 Storm is a very unique pellet blowback air pistol and there are very few airguns that sport all the same features. The Tactical version literally doubles the price of the gun but if your looking for that Tactical look and feel then the PX4 Storm is a great gun to build a Tactical version from. Check out the full review on my website at
  • Weihrauch HW100 Airgun Rifle PowerUp. How to increase or decrease the power of your Weihrauch HW100.
  • DIY airgun
  • Nebraska Airgun Pigeon Hunt Pest bird hunting with RWS 850. Video kudos to by good friend Kent.
  • Homemade Full Metal Air Gun This is a weekend project of mine. Its a piston valve barrel sealer with a 1/2" ball valve pilot. The parts are made out of brass an steel. The pressure chamber is an emptied fire extinguisher rated to 18,5 bar ~ 270 psi. The piston is made out of hot glue. NO BACKGROUND MUSIC: sorry had to remove due to copyright infringement. And sorry again for the poor sound. It's the bad microphone in my camera. If someone cares: I filmed this with a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ 28.
  • 20mm airgun 20mm airgun from

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