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  • It is not an attempt to aestheticise daily life but to create a work of art which is derived from the life itself. them apart from their context, and aestheticise them in a new realm. — “Semper Vigilo”,
  • On the Comfort Zone we look at the landscape from many different angles From the perspective of those who want to sculpt it meld with it battle with it aestheticise it In this story we speak to. — “The Comfort Zone - 13/7/2002: Simon J Ortiz, Native American”, .au
  • Serena Davies is amused by Teach Us to Sit Still by Tim Parks, a laugh out loud account of the writer's battles with his illness so at least it would get acknowledged; perhaps it was helpful to aestheticise his illness, to see it as an artwork, linked somehow to the fineness. — “Teach Us to Sit Still: A Sceptic's Guide to Health and”,
  • "He doesn't try to aestheticise, but he also doesn't focus on the strikingly inadequate. Neither does he try to create any kind of phony effects, as. — “Bangkok – Urban Identities | Fresh Apps - iPhone Apps”,
  • Gallery & Academic Travelling in from different planets, Ashley and the world's rappers agree to aestheticise logorrhoea, shock-jockery and loose language and to keep those texts a-coming (there are 84pp in the accompanying libretto book). — “ASHLEY, ROBERT: Foreign Experiences: Gallery & Academic”,
  • Aestheticise definition, to depict as being pleasing or artistically beautiful; represent in an idealized or refined manner. See more. — “Aestheticise | Define Aestheticise at ”,
  • Hence, in the mid fifties, he asserted that "every society lives out its span in the grip today they even managed to aestheticise views of workshops and production processes. — “The Art of Design Management – George Nelson and Fortune”,
  • to aestheticise (third-person singular simple present aestheticises, present participle aestheticising, simple past and past participle aestheticised) To make aesthetic; to show something at its best, most pleasing or most artistic. Retrieved. — “aestheticise - Wiktionary”,
  • Listen free to Ouraken: Zhongma Fortress, 302.Ouraken_Zhongma_Fortress & more, plus 2 pictures. With his dark and meditative ambient music, OURAKEN explores the to the bombing of Tokyo, from the Nankin massacres to Hiroshima, fanaticism and death are tending to aestheticise their brutality. — “Ouraken – Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at”,
  • and photographer (Los Angeles International Photography Award, Hasselblad Masters "He doesn't try to aestheticise, but he also doesn't focus on the strikingly inadequate. — “Peter Nitsch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bangkok - Urban Identities photographs by Peter Nitsch "He doesn't try to aestheticise, but he also doesn't focus on the strikingly inadequate. — “Bangkok”,
  • Light Rail is an art publishing and education brand whose activities represent, aestheticise, politicize, and comment on individual agency within the. — “Light Rail - Company Profile | LinkedIn”,
  • Definition of aestheticise in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of aestheticise. Pronunciation of aestheticise. Translations of aestheticise. aestheticise synonyms, aestheticise antonyms. Information about aestheticise in the free online English. — “aestheticise - definition of aestheticise by the Free Online”,
  • A free online Talking English Pronunciation Dictionary - simply mouse over your entry to hear it pronounced. American and British spellings, with alternative pronunciations. Sounds are fast, clear and completely natural, pre-recorded by native. — “Pronunciation of aestheticise - how to pronounce aestheticise”,
  • In 1978, under immense pressure at work, Edgar Schneider suffered a nervous breakdown. After convalescing, he returned to work, but within a few months he was again He explains how in order to experience 'emotions' such as grief, sympathy or desire, he must intellectualise or aestheticise them. — “Discovering My Autism: Apologia Pro Vita Sua (With Apologies”,
  • 30cm x 40cm (12" x 16") Mini Print. Mini Art Print: The embodiment of Gustav Klimt 's Art Nouveau; The Kiss; the painting of the Kiss hangs in the Gallery Belvedere, On painting, Gustav Klimt 's principle was to: aestheticise & imbue each aspect of life with art perfectly epitomised. — “The Kiss, 1907-08, Gustav Klimt Print: 40cm x 30cm - Buy Online”,
  • The freshest iPhone and iPod Touch application reviews, news, sale items, new applications, and price drops of GEO Epoche, wrote: He doesnt try to aestheticise, but he also doesnt focus on the strikingly inadequate. — “Moneypenny the Dog – A homage ... by rupa publishing app”, 148
  • Blipstat Installation (video projections, objects, water, hydrophones, live sound and video processing, computers) by Tanja Vujinovic. of Puppets, Victoria Nelson ***yzed our need to create and aestheticise simulacra and infuse them with soul, pointing towards the ritual functions. — “Blipstat Installation by Tanja Vujinovic : Ultramono”,
  • Aestheticise, Aestheticise. Benjamin Markovits. Shroud by John Banville. Picador, 408 pp, £16.99, September 2002, ISBN 0 330 48315 3. John Banville's heroes seem to be in search of a centre or subject for their ruminations. Ghosts pester them; voices ring in their ears. — “LRB · Benjamin Markovits · Aestheticise, Aestheticise”,
  • Absolute Music and the Construction of Meaning Book by Daniel K. L. Chua; 1999. Read Absolute Music and the Construction of Meaning at Questia library. 3 One way of overcoming this situation was for humanity to aestheticise death in the hollow of the empty sign; the nothingness of absolute music. — “Absolute Music and the Construction of Meaning”,
  • Learn more, read reviews, and download BANGKOK – Urban Identities by rupa publishing on the iTunes App Store. "He doesn't try to aestheticise, but he also doesn't focus on the strikingly inadequate. — “BANGKOK – Urban Identities for iPhone, iPod touch (2nd”,

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  • “"rupa" ist Sanskrit. Es bedeutet Form und Gestaltung. Wir sind ein unabhängiger Verlag mit europäischen und asiatischen Wurzeln. Wir lieben die Vielfalt. Die bunten Muster des Lebens, die wir mit Ambition und Experimentierfreude zu Papier zu”
    — rupa publishing | Design. Photography. Art,

  • “Read klimek INTERVIEW in HATE MAGAZINE (eng.vers.) by FRANK ECKERT by KLIMEK on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. HATE MAGAZIN FÜR In the art world I sense a growing tendency to aestheticise all substantial issues. Even though a lot of art claims to be critical and discursive,”
    — klimek INTERVIEW in HATE MAGAZINE (eng.vers.) by FRANK ECKERT,

  • “Blog. Thursday, October 04, 2007. Printmaking - A Reflection. Last week saw my first of Auschwitz-Birkenau, not so as to aestheticise the image, but to explore what could be”
    — Nicholas Hedges - Artist,

  • “Forum Main Page. Email Alerts. Pages: Page 1. 2. 3. 4. All. George, thanks for speaking out on We are thus free to aestheticise and rationalise our attenuated barbarities”
    — The Forum, .au

  • “Would it be possible to essentially aestheticise violence in a meaningful way? The Source Photographic Review Blog is proudly powered by WordPress”
    — INNOCENT LANDSCAPES – Background " The Source Photographic,

  • “In July 2010 I started filming some test material for a film comissioned by Intermediae. of idealising art education, or as an attempt to aestheticise education for exhibition”
    — neil cummings | the enthusiast has the same relationship to,

  • “About the Kakiseni Blog. Kakiseni's self-obsessed, overeager little enhance the simulation — aren't trying to aestheticise stuff, or trying to be more real”
    — The Kakiseni Blog: Goldfish, Graveyards, Gripes " Blog,

  • “Some images and a few brief words about them to worship these things, or to evangelise an often dated and cliched Art School mission to aestheticise the decrepit or the ordinary (I can talk”
    — Photolalia: November 2005 -- Some images... and a few brief,

  • “Issue 42, May 2010. See the entire magazine online here.Museum of Modern Art, New York14 March – 31 MayBy David Everitt Howe For Marina Abramovic's retrospecti Despite attempts to aestheticise its messiness, much of Abramovic's practice retains a timeless vitality, particularly the pieces”
    — Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present - ,

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