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  • cheapest blueline, blue line, best prices on model trains, ho scale, n scale, broadway limited imports, bli, pcm, precision craft models, trackmobile, track mobile, microstru, BLMA, semaphore, Miller Engineering, animated signs, LED signs, model. — “Factory Direct Trains - Model Trains, Railroad Accessories”,
  • The Aérotrain was a hovercraft train developed in France from 1965 to 1977. The goal of the Aérotrain was similar to that of the magnetic levitation train: to suspend the train above the tracks so the only resistance is that of air resistance. — “Aérotrain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Rugged, dynamic Harley Earl turned another fabulous fantasy into fantastic fact creating this futuristic train way back in the mid 1950s. The cost and performance of the Aerotrain was aimed at making passenger business profitable for railroads. — “The Aerotrain / GM's Most Modern Train”,
  • For the hovercraft train developed in France from 1965 to 1975, see Aérotrain. The Aerotrain is a streamlined trainset introduced by General Motors Electro-Motive Division in the mid-1950s. — “Aerotrain (GM) - Trains”,
  • AeroTrain making its debut at Dulles. Posted: 6:50 pm Mon, January 25, 2010. By Associated Press. Passengers board the new $1.5 billion airport train system AeroTrain at B gate station at Washington Dulles International Airport during a media tour on Monday. — “" AeroTrain making its debut at Dulles”,
  • AeroTrain. This model is made using the orginal Varney Body molds. Each set consists of 1 Loco, 2 Coaches, 1 Observation. 3-303 Aerotrain, Rock Island #3-304 Aerotrain, UP - City of Las Vegas. — “Bowser - HO EMRRS - AeroTrain”, bowser-
  • The Failure of the Aerotrain. It's fun to imagine riding the rails in the 1950s as a passenger in a crack train like the Broadway Limited or California Zephyr, sipping martinis and watching the scenery through panoramic windows, enjoying train travel in its prime. — “Aerotrain”,
  • N Scale AeroTrain. Please click on the photo above for additional photos, as well as technical information 159.95. ATSF San Diegan AeroTrain Add-On Set $159.95. Rock Island AeroTrain Add-On Set $159.95. Links to other Con-Cor N scale items of interest. — “Con-Cor AeroTrain”,
  • There were two AeroTrain consists (train #1000 and train #1001). Built in 1955 and debuted at the 1955 "GM Powerama" which was held at Soldier's The two AeroTrain demonstrator sets logged over 600,000 miles traveling coast to coast and were open to the public for viewing in many major cities. — “The Hobby Smith”,
  • Please click here for prices, in stock list and sound options for the N Scale and HO Scale AeroTrain from Con-Cor " 0001-008743 New York Central (ran as Great Lakes AeroTrain) (1956). — “AeroTrain”,
  • Over 1,000 discounted books and videos on Railroads, Railways, and model/toy trains, including price/value guides to old toy trains 2nd Run of the HO AeroTrain due mid-August 2008. — “HO AeroTrain Model”, con-
  • AeroTrain is a one-stop source for your aircraft systems training needs. Welcome to AeroTrain Corp., formerly Avitek Engineering Corporation. — “AEROTRAIN Corp”,
  • The AeroTrain system features 29 electric train cars, each capable of transporting roughly 50 passengers. Officials said the AeroTrain was designed to satisfy current transportation needs while accommodating future growth. — “Dulles 'AeroTrain' cleared for takeoff | Washington Examiner”,
  • AeroTrain OPENED to passengers in January 2010 (click here for Press Release) Passengers heading to the A, B or C-Gates will be guided by signage via AeroTrain. — “Aerotrain HAS OPENED”,
  • AeroTrain offered by Bowser Manufacturing, Montoursville, PA 17754 GM Aerotrain 3-Car Set (click on image for a larger picture) PRR Aerotrain 3-Car Set (click on image for a larger picture) RI Aerotrain 3-Car Set (click on image for a larger picture). — “Bowser HO - English's Model Railroad Supply”,
  • Welcome to this tremendous place of resources about the aborted project that was the Aérotrain. Even if Jean Bertin, the father of the Aérotrain, had launched many different projects a this time, this website is only about the Aérotrain project, particularly the Experimental 01, Experimental 01, S-44,. — “”,
  • THE ROHR AEROTRAIN TRACKED AIR-CUSHION VEHICLE (TACV) (or The Little HSGT That Could) So how did all this rapid-transit stuff get started in the first place? Blame it all on the Baby-Boomers! Twenty years after the end of World War II, the aerospace age was in high gear. — “SHONNER: The Rohr Aerotrain Tracked Air-Cushion Vehicle (TACV)”,
  • Aerotrain Inc. — “Aerotrain Inc. > Home”,
  • 2:35 Add to Added to queue Aerotrain retour vers le futurby DJromT21,644 views 2:51 Add to Added to queue AeroTrain & U.P. M-10000 "HO" Train Modelsby Trainbuff242,186 views. — “YouTube - Aerotrain”,
  • aerotrain ( ′erō′trān ) ( engineering ) A train that is propelled by a fan jet engine and floats on a cushion of low-pressure air, traveling at speeds. — “aerotrain: Definition from ”,

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  • Washington Dulles International Airport - Aerotrain has arrived 01/26/10- PART 5 The Aerotrain ride from the Gates to the Main Terminal, the Baggage claim area and Ground Transportation at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), Dulles, VA. The Aerotrain replaces the Mobile Lounges which used to transport passengers and employees to and from the Main Terminal and Gates "A", "B", "C" and "D".
  • Dulles AeroTrain APM Footage Life as a tunnel rat. Explore the 6mi of tunnels underneath KIAD, and the mechanical monsters that dominate them. If you don't watch the whole thing, at least watch the scene at 5:24.
  • Dulles Airport debuts AeroTrain System
  • Rocket-Powered 'Aerotrain' Extraordinary-looking French invention from the 1960s - a rocket-powered train the went up to 235mph / 380kmh.
  • Con-Cor N Scale AeroTrain custom sound and light installation Con-Cor N Scale AeroTrain with custom CAB and Number Board light wiring and LokSound Micro Sound Decoder
  • - hovertravel in Portsmouth Round trip between Portsmouth (yeah, sorry for the typo in the video :-) ), and the Isle of Wight, UK. A nice and cheap flight I'd recommend to anyone !
  • AeroTrain Washington Dulles International Airport - Part 2 This video of the AeroTrain shows off the LED displays inside the cars.
  • Dulles International Airport AeroTrain Ride along of the AeroTrain at Dulles International Airport (IAD) from C Gates to B Gates with stops at A Gates and the Main Terminal. The Aerotrain travels at a top speed of 42 mph. This train system replaced the old mobile lounges (big buses) that only traveled at a top speed of 15 mph. The old mobile lounges are still in use to and from the Main Terminal to the D Gates and from specific times to and from the A Gates to the D Gates.
  • AeroTrains at Dulles Have you heard of the "AeroTrain?" The next time you fly out of Dulles International -- you'll become familiar with it.
  • Malaysia 2006 - KLIA Aerotrain Take a journey on the astonishing aerotrain at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, as it speeds underground from the main terminal, under the runway to the Satellite building - miles away!
  • Aerotrain Music by Moon on MC-909
  • Flat Rock Train Depot MTH Aerotrain Dec. 27, 2009 MTH Railking PS2 NYC Aerotrain pulls 8 coaches around the Flat Rock Train Depot layout on December 27, 2009. Look for the MTH PS1 Santa Fe Northern making a quick cameo.
  • Clément Ducommun - Aerotrain Clément Ducommun on Korg emx
  • Dulles Aerotrain ride to Terminal C/D from Terminal A Dulles Airport Aerotrain from the main terminal to Terminal A and then to Terminal C/D (part two). This is a fun new ride that mostly replaces the People Movers, or Mobile Lounges as Dulles wants us to call them. Unfortunately, though, the Aerotrain stops at a station to nowhere. The unbuilt Terminal C/D will eventually be built where the station exists now, but today after you alight the train you still have to walk at least ten minutes through lengthy tunnels to the 20-year-old "temporary" Terminal C/D building. The old People Movers took you right into Terminal C/D but the new Aerotrain DOES NOT. Even more unfortunate, the "temporary" C/D terminal building has just been refurbished so it will remain for another 8 to 15 years until whatever time the real permanent terminal building will be erected where the Aerotrain station actually is. The Aerotrain actually takes longer and requires much more walking than the old People Movers did. Even so, Dulles shut down the People Movers to temporary Terminal C/D, making a normally pleasant Mobile Lounch trip from the infield terminals to the main termianl into an unpleasant, late night death march to a train that runs every 30 minutes. Wear good walking shoes if you're using Terminal C/D at Dulles.. You're going to need them even though this fancy train cost more than $1.5 billion. It wil be great in 8-15 years, though. Not now.
  • N AeroTrain Brief History: There were two AeroTrain consists (train #1000 and train #1001). Built in 1955 and debuted at the 1955 "GM Powerama" which was held at Soldier's Field just south of Downtown Chicago. At the same show GM showed a Solar Powered Automobile (Geeze this was 53 years ago!) -and still no solar automobiles. The two AeroTrain demonstrator sets logged over 600000 miles traveling coast to coast and were open to the public for viewing in many major cities. In addition to the roads listed below that we can verrify used the AeroTrain is regular service, we know it also ran on many other railroads such as the Southern Pacific, New Haven, Canadian National, and spent a couple of months in Mexico. Anyone who can help with photos of the AeroTrain running on other railroads would be appreciated. Just send us an Email on what you have. (Click on Email link at the bottom of this page.) Today you can find parts of one Train Set at the Museum in St. Louis, and parts of the other Train Set at the Museum in Green Bay. The one in St. Louis was cosmeticly restored about 5 years ago using a $10000 donation from the NMRA. The Consist of each AeroTrain Each AeroTrain consisted of the locomotive unit, 8 40 seat coaches and the tail end observation car. A total of 10 units per train set. The Locomotive used the drive train off the SW-1200 switcher (regeared so it could hit a top speed of 102 mph), and the car bodies were built using parts from an inter-city bus body that GM was building ...
  • KLIA Aerotrain Aerotrain drives to Satellite Terminal
  • KLIA Aerotrain Kuala Lumpur International Airport Aerotrain that takes you between the satellite terminal and the main terminal building
  • MTH Aerotrain MTH Trains
  • KETC | Living St. Louis | Aerotrain From KETC, Living St. Louis Producer Jim Kirchherr visits the Museum of Transportation where the GM Aerotrain is on display. The Aerotrain was once an attempt for the railroad industry to compete with airplanes, but this idea did not gain popularity with travelers.
  • Japanese zero-emission Aero-Train developed by Tohoku University in Japan, Aero-train will start to work in 2020, and will be able to travel at 500km/h transporting 335 passengers at 10cm above the ground. this video was pulled from the universities website
  • Aerotrain footage of the Aerotrain, a futuristic prototype locomotive built by General Motors in the 1950's. This one is at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, WI, and is one of only two that were ever built.
  • AeroTrain Washington Dulles International Airport - Part 1 This is the first in a series of videos touring the new AeroTrains in Virginia. This is a front-row ride from Concourse C to Concourse B.
  • MTH Aerotrain MTH Aerotrain races across o-gauge railyard
  • Con-Cor Aerotrain Test Run More info at . This is a test of my Con-Cor Aerotrain with recently added DCC-ready coach. I've installed an MRC #1800 sound decoder in the coach immediately behind the locomotive. There is little to no room for a sound decoder in the locomotive itself, so Con-Cor made a special "DCC-ready" coach with room for the decoder and speaker inside. Also included with the coach is an "extension cord" to plug into the decoder socket in the loco at one end. This cord was then threaded through the back of the loco into the DCC coach and connected to the decoder.
  • AeroTrain & UP M-10000 "HO" Train Models Running Samples of Con-Cor Trains new HO AeroTrain and HO M-10000 Scale models. Exciting new HO models of historic trains Full details at www.con-
  • "Tunnel Vision": A Ride on the Dulles AeroTrain On January 20th, 2010, the AeroTrain APM System at Washington Dulles International Airport officially opened for employee use, soon to be opened for use by passengers. This short film takes viewers on a ride across almost half of the tunnels underneath the Dulles campus, and through all active train stations (Tier 3 station is mothballed for future development). Full stops at all stations are made and displayed in their entirety. The timing of such stops allowing for passenger movement are subject to change. In paying close attention, you can see areas from my other AeroTrain video, from a tunnel inspection, such as where we hugged the TBM wall to dodge the MRV. This film was produced by and for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to promote and showcase the AeroTrain APM system.
  • CG Rohr Aerotrain hovercrafts on elevated track Modeled in Hexagon 1.21, UV mapped and textured in 3DCoat 2.10.17, rendered on modo 401's turntable.
  • [MAH] KLIA Aerotrain Ride from Satellite Terminal to Main Terminal To commute between the Satellite Terminal and the Main terminal of KLIA, passengers had to board the Aerotrain. Similarly looking like Bukit Panjang LRT in Singapore, these Bombardier CX-100 trains operated by Malaysia Airport Holdings (MAH) Berhad are 3-car coupled. Taken on the 19th June, 2010
  • Aerotrain KLIA Aerotrain
  • A First Look at Dulles Airport's AeroTrain 1 MWAA officials and media outlets from around the DC region ride the AeroTrain the morning prior to its public opening. The train travels at about 42 mph and brings passengers to and from the security mezzanine at the main terminal and their gates.
  • Kuala Lumpur Airport, KLIA Aerotrain night view KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport's transit train, Aerotrain to departure hall from the check in terminal with a night view
  • Part 1 Aerotrain at Dulles Airport (IAD) Aerotrain at Dulles Airport opened to airline and airport employees on Jan. 22 2010... The Aerotrain was made to replace the mobile lounge, "Moon buggies." My dad tried it out! They opened it to the public January 26th! This video is from Concourse C to the main terminal. Make sure you watch Part 2.
  • O-Gauge PRR Aerotrain A Pennsylvania Railroad GM Aerotrain - MTH O-gauge passenger set with Protosound - operates on my model train layout.
  • Washington Dulles International Airport - Aerotrain has arrived 1/26/10 - IT'S TIME TO FLY !!! The Aerotrain at the Washington Dulles International Airport started serving the flying public on 01/26/1010. It's time to fly. The Aerotrain replaces the Mobile Lounges which used to transport passengers and employees from the Main Terminal to the Gates.
  • Aerotrain.mpg The Aérotrain was a hovercraft or air cushion train, developed in France from 1965 to 1977. The lead engineer was Jean Bertin. This project was abandoned in 1977 due to lack of money, the death of Jean Bertin, and by the French government deciding to use the TGV. This film appears to be about 1967 and probably the 02 vertion with a gas turbine engine with added rocket power.. Previously they used a propellor on a aero engine. (!) For more inf. See Aérotrain in Wikipedia. There are several later versions to be seen on You Tube.
  • Con-Cor HO UP Aerotrain "City of Las Vegas" Con-Cor made Union Pacific Aerotrain "City of Las Vegas". A Diesel loco pulling 10 passenger cars.
  • Rohr Aerotrain transported to Pueblo Railway museum - July 2009 The aerotrain is an air-cushion vehicle moving along a monorail. This prototype was built by Rohr Industries, on a license from french companie Bertin & Cie. This aerotrain prototype engine consisted in a Linear Induction Motor. After resting for 35 years in Pueblo aircraft museum, the story of this prototype came again to light: this incredible and expensive machine was given to the Railway Museum. It was finally moved there in July 2009, where it will become a live embedded museum of aerotrains. See the wikipedia page for more information, and
  • Aerotrain - MTH O gauge A few still shots of the real Aerotrain mixed in with a little video of my O gauge MTH Aerotrain.
  • Part 2 Aerotrain at Dulles Airport (IAD) Aerotrain at Dulles Airport opened to airline and airport employees on Jan. 22 2010... The Aerotrain was made to replace the mobile lounge, "Moon buggies." My dad tried it out! They opened it to the public January 26th! This video is from Concourse C to the main terminal.
  • Onboard the KLIA Aerotrain to the Satellite Terminal The train, is fully driverless and automated. One example, when the train reaches platform, the exit doors will open first for passengers to disembark and only in a short while, the entrance door at the other side will be open. Part of the train track goes underground as it passes through the taxiway above. The ride between the Main Terminal Building and Satellite Terminal A takes an estimated 5 minutes. It is due to be extended to Low Cost Carrier Terminal in 2007 and other new terminals in the future.
  • aerotrain lego own creation of the famous french train of the 70's
  • Riding the new Aerotrain at Washington Dulles Airport I took a ride on the new people mover (Aerotrain) at Dulles Airport from Terminal B to Terminal C. The facilities are amazing, the train spacious and fast but the announcements are ear-piercing and the tire noise makes this the loudest people mover Ive been on. Another issue is that the train says it goes to terminal C however it is actually ends past the C terminal at a new terminal that hasnt even been planned yet so you have to walk a long tunnel with moving sidewalks from the stop to the current C terminal and you still have to take the diesel fume-filled lounges to terminal D and cram into them for international arrivals.

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  • “KLIA Aerotrain services will temporarily suspended: There are "bus terminals" at the basement of the MTB beneath the Aerotrain terminal as well as at the Satellite terminal in the C11-C17 Wings”
    — KLIA Aerotrain services will temporarily suspended,

  • “Aviation, Defense and Space News, Jobs, Conferences by AVIATION WEEK the premier provider of aviation news, information, and data tools for the global aerospace and defense industry”
    — Video: AeroTrain At Dulles,

  • “Unbuilt aircraft projects and aviation technology forum. Discuss aircraft that never got built along with those that did”
    — Karem TR53 AeroTrain,

  • “The Aerotrain of the the late 50's was way ahead of its time. A concept that began certain if this picture is really of the rear of the Aerotrain, but it screams GM to me”
    — Hot Rod Trains.... by GM,

  • “A blog devoted to Technological Toys, including radio-controled airplanes, robots, unmanned air vehicles, with occasional entries on general science, technology, politics, and Jazz music”
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  • “New Dulles Aerotrain. New Dulles Aerotrain, originally uploaded by BelchSpeak. I'm on travel today heading back to St Louis. Best Week Ever Blog. Delete Online Predators. Fragile X Research. Geeks Are ***y. Hot Air”
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  • “The AeroTrain Jan 27, 2010. Every airport around the world has something neat about it out of Washington, DC, I thought I'd pass on the news about their new AeroTrain”
    — Blog | WAA - Winnipeg Airports Authority,

  • “N Scale Model Railroad Forum. Con_Cor Aerotrain - my quick evaluation. Author. Topic. Page: of 3. peteski. I mostly model B&M and While we are on the subject of windows, they should have frames around each clear window's edge (gaskets) as the real Aerotrain had those”
    — Atlas Model Railroad Co. - Con_Cor Aerotrain - my quick,

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