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  • The term attribute is used to denote the syntactic function of an adnominal modifier, such as genitive NP, adjective phrase, relative clause, i.e. any kind of adnominal modifier. Examples adnominal modifier (this is probably the most common term in English). — “Attribute - Glottopedia”,
  • Structure: the possessor and the possessee in adnominal possession together form one NP, a 3. Even when only one genitive adnominal is present, its position relative to other attributes may. — “Adnominal possession”,
  • adnoun ( ) n. An adjective used as a noun, such as merciful in Blessed are the merciful. [ AD- + NOUN (modeled on ADVERB ).] adnominal adnom ' inal. — “adnoun: Definition from ”,
  • Adnominal definition, of, pertaining to, or used as the modifier of a noun, as new in the new theater, on the corner in the house on the corner, or the mayor's in See more. — “Adnominal | Define Adnominal at ”,
  • Adnominal Clauses. Adnominal clauses are constructed according to the same nominalisation strategy employed for adverbal clauses. The case for the verb of relative clauses is the genitive. Relative clauses behave much like any other genitive. — “Adnominal Clauses - Arden Reference Grammar”,
  • SIL bibliography listing for A semantic ***ysis of the adnominal genitive construction in James. — “SIL Bibliography: A semantic ***ysis of the adnominal”,
  • Even though adnominal adjectives in Old English are distributionally versatile in that they may precede, The placement of adnominal adjectives in Old English is investigated in relation to. — “Cambridge Journals Online - Abstract”,
  • element jeweils: Jeweils can occur both in adverbial and in adnominal position. 2 The Syntax of Adnominal Jeweils: First Steps. With the syntactic. — “Chapter III The Syntax of Distance-Distributivity”,
  • It is possible that a great majority of embedded or adnominal clauses are nominalised On the assumption that no in these constructions is marking Genitive, certain adnominal clauses. — “What Do Genitive Subjects Tell Us About Adnominal Clauses?”,
  • the time of the verb and the time of an adnominal modifier that occurs in the cotemporality of the verb and the adnominal modifier in (22a) without. — “A SCOPE THEORY OF TENSE AND ADNOMINAL MODIFIERS”,
  • Demonstratives are commonly divided into pronominal demonstratives , which substitute for a noun (phrase), and adnominal demonstratives , which accompany a coreferential noun. In other languages, pronominal and adnominal demonstratives are often formally distinguished: they may have. — “WALS - Pronominal and Adnominal Demonstratives”,
  • Unifying the syntax of adverbial / adnominal elements in German ( 1c) shows that adnominal s-expressions form a constituent with the. following numeral NP,. — “Unifying the syntax of adverbial / adnominal elements in German”,
  • total number of adnominal constituents appearing. with these head nouns in the corpora was 47,248, adnominal constituents. was 28,063. We got the list of pairs of a head (abstract) noun and. — “1 Introduction”,
  • 2. Structure: the possessor and the possessee in adnominal possession together form one NP, a possessive NP, or at least belong Adnominal possession is, thus, opposed to predicative possession, such as Peter has a hat or The hat belongs. — “Adnominal possession in the European languages: form and function”,
  • adnominal. adnorm. adnoun. ado. adobe. adobe flat. adobo. adolescence. adolescent. Also available: adnominal. ad·nom·i·nal [ ad nómmən'l ] (plural ad·nom·i·nals) noun. Definition: modifier. — “adnominal definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • adnominal (not comparable) Of or pertaining to an adnoun [edit] adnominal (plural adnominals) a word or phrase qualifying a noun, such as an adjective. — “adnominal - Wiktionary”,
  • The ODLT is a concise dictionary of language terms. It deals with etymology, semantics, grammar, usage, and linguistics. "This case [genitive], being in its origin the adnominal case, or case joined to a noun. — “ODLT dictionary definition of adnominal”,
  • Reflexive pronouns and adnominal intensifiers. If we agree on an informal definition of reflexivity as the co-indexation of two A last point showing that adnominal and actor-oriented intensifiers should be. — “Rethinking the relationship between”, userpage.fu-
  • The SIL French-English Glossary of Linguistic Terms is a bilingual glossary of linguistic terms in French and English. Le Glossaire français-anglais de terminologie linguistique du SIL est un glossaire bilingue des termes linguistiques en adnominal. — “The SIL French/English Linguistic Glossary”,
  • This dissertation presents the findings of an investigation of adnominal possession and ditransitives on the basis of data from Modern Greek. The general thesis of the dissertation is that possessi. — “urn:nbn:se:su:diva-8150: Adnominal Possession and Ditransitives”, diva.diva-
  • Definition of adnominal in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of adnominal. Pronunciation of adnominal. Translations of adnominal. adnominal synonyms, adnominal antonyms. Information about adnominal in the free online English dictionary and. — “adnominal - definition of adnominal by the Free Online”,
  • Key words: adnominal adjectives, Old English, generative syntax of adnominal adjectives which could straightforwardly handle a variety of properties. — “The structural location of adnominal adjectives: Prospects”,
  • The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford The final case marker, the genitive, is adnominal only, that is it functions only to indicate a relationship between noun phrases. — “ETCSL:ETCSLlanguage”,

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  • “when you consider what we intuitively might guess is a semantics for the adnominal ER, this really stops becoming mysterious. (A bit of background on adnominal ERs – there are two main approaches to the semantic ***ysis of adnominal ERs: it is a focus”
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