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  • The State's arguments bear more on the competency of the witness to testify than the separate question of the oath or admonishment requirement. For example, if the oath or admonishment took place several minutes into a child's testimony, but the child had not testified. — “Torres v State”, bakers-legal-
  • Definition of admonishment in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of admonishment. Pronunciation of admonishment. Translations of admonishment. admonishment synonyms, admonishment antonyms. Information about admonishment in the free online English. — “admonishment - definition of admonishment by the Free Online”,
  • Paper Chase: Texas Supreme Court justice wins appeal of admonishment for Miers statements Texas Supreme Court justice wins appeal of admonishment for Miers statements. — “JURIST - Paper Chase: Texas Supreme Court justice wins appeal”,
  • An admonishment may include a requirement that the respondent follow a specified Admonishment is the least severe disciplinary action the commission can issue. — “Terminology”,
  • Under "Private admonishments" we learned that such admonishments are "designed in part to IN A SECOND admonishment, the Commission added, "The Judge's remarks concerning litigants. — “The Lehan Matter, by Mark Scaramella [Judge Jonathan Lehan”,
  • DiFiglia publicly admonished pursuant to Article VI, section 18(d) of the California 1992, Judge DiFiglia was privately admonished by the Commission on Judicial. — “PUBLIC ADMONISHMENT OF FORMER JUDGE VINCENT P. DIFIGLIA”,
  • Sacred 2:Pyx's Cudgel of Admonishment. From SacredWiki. Pyx's Cudgel of Admonishment. Jump to: navigation, search. Strength Attribute will modify this weapon's base melee damage. Spawns every 6 levels. Item Modifiers. Hitpoint Regeneration. Chance to knock back opponents. — “Sacred 2:Pyx's Cudgel of Admonishment - SacredWiki”,
  • Admonishment definition, to caution, advise, or counsel against something. See more. to urge to a duty; remind: to admonish them about their obligations. — “Admonishment | Define Admonishment at ”,
  • Synonyms for admonishment. Other words for admonishment. Different words for admonishment. Antonyms of admonishment. — “admonishment - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • claiming that, in issuing him the Written Admonishment, she had violated the Tab 1 at 11. And, he questions how, if the Written Admonishment was rescinded. — “Patrick R. Massie, Appellant, v. Department of Transportation”,
  • Definition of admonishment from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of admonishment. Pronunciation of admonishment. Definition of the word admonishment. Origin of the word admonishment. — “admonishment - Definition of admonishment at ”,
  • They were admonished to take advantage of the opportunity. As he admonished me, the fish turned obligingly, opened its mouth, wide and white, and engulfed my fly. — “Admonishment - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Letter of Admonishment. Elizabeth Wise. 04/18/2008. Letter of Admonishment. Stanley Ludwig. 03/21/2008. Letter of Reprimand. 2007. JUDGE Letter of Admonishment Withdrawn. Phil Shoffner. 11/19/2002. Letter of. — “Judical Discipline and Disability Commission”,
  • Definition of admonishment in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is admonishment? Meaning of admonishment as a legal term. What does admonishment mean in law?. — “admonishment legal definition of admonishment. admonishment”, legal-
  • Musar ("Admonishment") is a thread in traditional Jewish thought that seeks ethical inspiration, integrity or Its spirituality does not always describe rewards and punishments, but admonishment can be a factor. — “Maggid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ad·mon·ish·ment n. (-m e nt) [Cf. OF. amonestement , admonestement .] Admonition admonishment. Top. Home > Library > Literature & Language > WordNet. Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun has one meaning:. — “admonishment: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • 4.14 Admonishment is appropriate when a lawyer is negligent in dealing with client property and causes little 6.34 Admonishment is appropriate when a lawyer negligently engages in an improper. — “Lawyer Reg: Florida Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions”,
  • We found 21 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word admonishment: the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "admonishment" is defined. — “Definitions of admonishment - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Acronym Finder: LOA stands for Letter of Admonishment In a letter of admonishment placed in his file, Orange Coast College President Margaret Gratton told Hearlson to obey all school policies about harassment and avoid stereotyping students based on their. — “LOA - Letter of Admonishment”,
  • Admonishment: Admonishment Definition resources and information at . — “Admonishment”,
  • admonishment (plural admonishments) A reprimand or rebuke. The act of /wiki/admonishment" Category: English nouns. Personal tools. Log in / create. — “admonishment - Wiktionary”,
  • While the committee found that Burris broke no laws, they admonished the senator for "providing incorrect, inconsistent, misleading, or incomplete information" in his testimony about former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's (D) alleged attempt to sell the Senate seat. — “Sen. Burris says Reid apologized over ethics admonishment”,

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  • Leather Admonishment Mistress Del Rio vents her frustration with phonies and children who think they can waste her time and get away with it. Notice her very ***y 7" Arcch Enimy black leather pumps. For more information about our videos, please see
  • Rangel preempts admonishment Rep. Charles Rangel says House members should not be admonished for the wrongdoing of their staff members.
  • Modern Warfare 2 Rundown xBlOoDzx DiAbY xBlOoDzx DiAbY, AzNx InfernuZx, AzN Nagai Chnko, rakzztar13, Admonishment, HighTechHeroh, xBlOoDzx GaNdA
  • Mormon Ch 9 - Admonishment of Moroni For a copy of this book at no cost to you, visit Moroni calls upon those who do not believe in Christ to repent—He proclaims a God of miracles, who gives revelations and pours out gifts and signs upon the faithful—Miracles cease because of unbelief—Signs follow those who believe—Men are exhorted to be wise and keep the commandments. Between AD 400 and 421 Moroni admonishes mankind to follow the commandments of God, believe in Christ and repent. God is a God of miracles and mankind would ever experience miracles in their life if they should have faith in the Holy One of Israel. Miracles do not happen due to unbelief. He also admonishes us to be "more wise" than they have been, learning from their experiences vs. learning on our own the hard way. Much of the artwork belongs to the LDS church. One image of Moroni which belongs to is also available through them.
  • Me and the Binge Monster... Again. I ate TWO more cherry cheese danishes after making this video and was tempted to ditch the gym. I even felt tempted to purge. Were it not for my boyfriend and his support, encouragement, and admonishment, I'd have NOT gone to the gym that night.
  • An Admonishment to all Fallen Soldiers Jesus Christ loves you! He died for your sin, He died to the flesh, He rose from the dead; giving eternal life to all that believe that by His death, burial, and resurrection they too (by the death, burial, and resurrection of their mortal bodies) shall be made righteous sons of God, worthy of entrance into the kingdom of God. Repent and believe the gospel!
  • Three Descriptions of a God-Glorifying, Gospel-Centered Sanctified Church (Part 2) In this sermon Pastor Sean deals with admonishing one another in the church based on the three descriptions Paul presents about the church at Romans. He emphasizes how critical it is for all admonishment or instruction to be biblical. He goes on to compare Romans 12:1-2 with the v. 16 and the sanctifying work of the Spirit in the believers life.
  • Revilement-Six Word Admonishment Metal On Metal CD Release Party - The Wall, Taipei Taiwan, August '09
  • MEMRI TV Egyptian Cleric Sa'd Arafat: "Allah Honors Wives With Beatings" MEMRI SAVES YOUR ASS TOO - DONATE HERE secure3 MEMRI Clip Sa'd Arafat: Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings. Interviewer: Honored them with beatings? How is this possible?! Sa'd Arafat: The prophet Muhammad said: "Don't beat her in the face, and do not make her ugly." See how she is honored. If the husband beats his wife, he must not beat her in the face. Even when he beats her, he must not curse her. This is incredible! He beats her in order to discipline her. In addition, there must not be more than ten beatings, and he must not break her bones, injure her, break her teeth, or poke her in the eye. There is a beating etiquette. If he beats to discipline her, he must not raise his hand high. He must beat her from chest level. All these things honor the woman. She is in need of discipline. How should the husband discipline her? Through admonishment. If she is not deterred, he should refuse to share the bed with her. If she is not repentant, he should beat her, but there are rules to the beating. It is forbidden to beat her in the face or make her ugly. When you beat her, you must not curse her. Islam forbids this. Interviewer: With what should be beat her? With his bare hand? With a rod? Sa'd Arafat: If he beats her, the beatings should not be hard, so that they do not leave a mark. He can beat her with a short rod. He must avoid beating her in the face or in places in the head where it hurts. The beatings should be on the ...
  • Admonishment and Love Timothy Perry describes his struggles with going to the strip club, and how he was able to overcome it. This testimony is part of an ongoing series of videos that are a part of Ex Nihilo, LLC. Learn more at the blog /exnihilo
  • B★RS Vs. GRZ: Reclusion in Similarity PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR INFO. This AMV may look cool, but it's actually an admonishment of the Black Rock Shooter OVA. If you deeply enjoyed the OVA then I suggest you don't read the description. Just enjoy the AMV I...had no idea what to call this. Sorry for the lame title. This is a comparison AMV of two anime. The first you may recognize as the Black Rock Shooter OVA and the second is an anime known as Ga-Rei-Zero. I just finished watching the Black Rock Shooter OVA after waiting for over half a year for it, and I must say, I was extremely disappointed. While the fight scenes were kick ass, the plot was absolute randomness. (My dominating thought after the OVA was "If we could get kickass powers and cool scythes just by being jealous of our friend's friends then I don't know what this world would come to xDDDD) The sad part is that Ga-Rei-Zero follows virtually the same plot (Cute girl makes cool best friend. Best friend becomes evil some way or another. Two have to fight each other) The only difference is that Ga-Rei-Zero has an actual plot and better excuse for why the best friend goes evil! I was sad because the Black Rock Shooter was nearly a direct copy of Ga-Rei-Zero with more of a blue and green theme. This AMV shows all the scenes that are very similar to each other. The compared footage you'll see (In order of appearance) The main protagonists, who wear suspiciously similar, blue schoolgirl outfits. The cool best friend who a BOTH FRIGGIN NAMED YOMI ...
  • The Apostolic Succession Fallacy (ICGJC Admonishment) To your dismay, the Apostolic Succession is not the continuation in the office of the Apostleship. Matthias replaced Judas only to fulfill Psalmic literature, this was NOT a succession in the office of the Apostleship. If so, where are the succeeding Apostles in Christian history for Paul, Peter, James, John, Bartholomew, Matthew and so forth? Yes, you are right, there aren't any. Interestingly, the Apostolic Succession was first introduced by the Bishop of Rome, I Clement; therefore, it is impossible for the practice of the Apostolic Succession to have taken place during Acts chapter 1-do your research! More importantly, by definition, the Apostolic Succession is recognized as bishops being the successors of the Apostles; continuing the ministry of the Apostles. Even this is nonsense; there were only 12 Apostles, but we see over three hundred bishops at the Council of Nicea (300 cannot signify a succession of 12). More importantly, at most, we only read about five sees, where are the other six (he that hath an ear to hear, let him hear)? Again, this is merely an abridged version; this topic is in-depth and requires more attention than ten minutes. I hope you found this material informative and meaningful. Yours Rudely, KOC Enemy of the Cross Apostate of Apostates
  • House of Commons Speaker reads the riot act. House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken says, "Cut the crap, Harper!"
  • God Instructs us to be Vegan - Genesis 1:29 Ben Ammi illustrates the original biblical admonishment for the vegan diet and examines the connection between spirituality, worship and health.
  • Modern Warfare 2 Terminal AzNx InfernuZ AzNx InfernuZ, xBlOoDzx DiAbY, AzN Nagai Chnko, rakzztar13, Admonishment, HighTechHeroh, xBlOoDzx GaNdA
  • Persecution or a Great Awakening - Paul Washer This is a short clip from the Question Answer panel at the Revival Conference 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. The question was asked to the members of the panel will there be persecution coming to the Church in America? And this was Paul Washers sobering response.
  • Revilement - 6 Words Admonishment live @ The Wall 3/4
  • Dying Fetus - Stop at Nothing Track 6 From Stop at Nothing (2003) Lyrics: Compelled to eternal hate, censure of the mob, submit to them Pressured from the outside, prevailing herd mentality, fearing deviation Traumatized, retreat and submit, habitual failure, they no longer attempt Resist all efforts at change, practice the routine Fake courage to impress the other sheep All cowards in their own pointless, twisted fate Constant friction, voicings of new converts, don't know *** Arbitrary changes visit ownership upon me Do I look like I need you to rearrange my realm? Drift through the motions of your predetermined course Escape the dreary confines of your present circle Solve your internal conflict, mend your own life Follow useless trends, ***ing with my mind, indignant lies that I reject I care less and less for your weak opinion, pretension, pomposity Reinforce your fear, admonishment of fools, path of least resistance Bottomless mass of simpletons Uncover your own future, ignore the losers words Endure the pessimism, projections of the timid Escape the dreary confines of your present circle Solve your infernal conflict, before your demise Reinforce your fear, admonishment of fools, path of least resistance I care less and less for your weak opinion, pretension, pomposity You're not qualified to deliver me, realize, drop your crusade Nothing will prevent the ends I have chosen Agonizing reapprisal, long ago I came unto my own Discard the worthless bull***, comprehend the revelations beyond ...
  • Revilement-09-Six Words Admonishment(Live)
  • Smokey Bear Admonishment Smokey Bear greets the visitors at the National Forest Service's exhibit in the Yates Federal Building
  • Admonishment O Christmas Tree The word of the year is Admonishment. Based on the song O Christmas Tree. Rolando Burris sings with his buddy Robert. ©2009 Music and Video by Squirehogg.
  • NO PAY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL !!! GIVE ALL FREELY TO GOD !!! JUL 8 As vinegar, if mixed with sweet wine, infects all the sweetness of the wine and can never be removed from it, so too the devil will not go out of the soul of anyone whom he possesses, except through my power. What is this wine if not the human soul that was sweeter to me than any other created being and so dear to me that I let my sinews be slashed and my body mangled to the ribs for its sake? Rather than lose it, I even accepted death for it. This wine was conserved in dregs, inasmuch as I placed the soul in a body where it was kept for my pleasure as in a sealed vessel. However, the worst vinegar was mixed with this sweet wine - I refer to the devil, whose evilness is more sour and abominable to me than any vinegar. By my power this vinegar will be removed from the person whose name I will tell you, so that I may reveal my mercy and wisdom through him, but my judgment and justice through the previous man." EXPLANATION The first man was a highborn and proud cantor who went to Jerusalem without the permission of the pope and was seized by the devil. There is also something about this demoniac in book III chapter 31 and in book IV chapter 115. The second demoniac in the same chapter was a Cistercian monk. The devil tormented him so much that four men could scarcely hold him down. His elongated tongue looked like a cow's. The shackles on his hands were invisibly broken in pieces. This man was saved by the words of the Holy Spirit through Lady Birgitta after a month and two ...
  • Bush: Russia Must Reverse Course President Bush is demanding that Russia withdraw its troops from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, agree to an immediate cease-fire and abandon any idea about toppling the country's pro-Western government. (Aug. 12)
  • Jackson 5 - The Love You Save The Jackson 5's "The Love You Save" has the same elements used on the group's last two number one records: the super-charged youthful energy of the brothers, the interplay between Michael and Jermaine, Tito's kid-bass voice, and top LA session musicians. The formula was foolproof. "The Love You Save" hit number one R&B in the summer of 1970 and parked at the top of the pop charts for two weeks. The lyrics of the song were a play of words of the traffic safety slogan "the life you save maybe your own." Transformed into an admonishment of "fast girl" behavior, the song shares an opening similar in form to the Supremes' "Stop in the Name of Love"; while lead singer Diana Ross' "stop!" opening is '60s cool, Michael and the J-5's "stop!!" stops listeners in their tracks like the seering siren of an full-throttle ambulance. Arguably no other track in the group's catalog attained so much mesmerizing mania. "The Love You Save," along with their other chart-toppers, "ABC" and "I Want You Back," was used in the opening montage for the early-'70s ABC-TV cartoon series based on the group.
  • Piper calls SBTS posh and dangerous 1999 Here is an audio clip from 1999 when John Piper was speaking at Southern Seminary on the theme "Courage in the Ministry." I've added some visuals to help your attention span. This video is not intended to call any current SBTS professors "posh." Rather it is an admonishment to students to not fall in love with nice surroundings.
  • ATWT 3/14/08 Searching for evidence against Kit Carly and Jack agonize over what evidence they can find to prove Kit was in Oakdale the night Sam was killed. They agree to ask Brad and Katie to broadcast Kit's pic on-air to see what kind of leads they can pick up. Parker stops by the hospital during a free period to inform Jack of a big decision. Carly, fresh off a fruitless visit to WOAK, bursts into Jack's room with an insight--maybe they've been looking for the wrong person, since Kit could have been using a disguise. Her son's murder trial aside, she takes time for a motherly admonishment to get Parker back to school. Carly leaves to start figuring out what Kit might have looked like. Katie shows up to see Jack and Carly takes the opportunity to zip out in spite of Jack's protestations that she needs to play things by the book.
  • Negima: The Device Has Been Modified This video is a thank you to my fans for all their support during this hard time I've been going through since my account was hacked. All the donations to aid in getting my account back were appreciated. (Sarcasm) OK guys, seriously.This is a video that NeokaX originally made as an apology for "hacking" my account, but when nobody seemed to care we decided to make it an admonishment. Shame on you for not caring I was hacked! I know I've never been the most active uploader, which I'm sure is the reason for the apathy, but thanks to NeokaX, I promise to get off my ass, assemble the random skits I've been working on and release NDS XI before the week is out. Wait, it's Thursday? Damn! Excuse me, I have work to do. -Blastermaster1942
  • "Servant of Christ," Gospel Rap Cd, "Ready To Be Used" by Vesl Servant of Christ is a declaration of the freedom believer's have from religion and the hidden politics it try's to impose on those who seek to have an abiding relationship with God. When one reads God's word for themself they can bear witness that this is an issue that is poorly addressed. For more encouragement, admonishment and like content see Vesl's website at .
  • Christian Preppers Biblical Admonishment ~ Matthew 25 Matthew 25 contains one of my favorite passages. We are obligated to help others. That is what the Prepper does. Pardon my reading, I have a chronic double vision problem. Blessings, Preacher
  • Failures in Obedience to Christ As Christians, we desire to serve the Lord as best we can. However, we are not always fully successful. Sometimes, good intentions are not enough. The Holy Spirit directed me to share some of my failures. Christians need to realize that we are not cut off for making mistakes or for falling short. God is our father. What loving father ever disowned a child for less than perfection? None. And, God is the most loving father of all. God loves mercy. Nevertheless, I encourage all my brothers & sisters in Christ to seek the Kingdom without ceasing. We must set our hearts to never quit. Another admonishment dream about making videos was this: "I want to be a citadel in your heart, not a watch on your sleeve." At the time, it was the beginning of my making YT videos. In the earliest videos, you will see, I wore button up shirts and suit jackets and ties. I had a watch with a leather band and gold colored face. I wore it for every video- because it looked nice. The watch stopped running. But, I wore it anyway. That is when I had the dream. So, nowadays I just make sure to look neat so I won't drive anyone off by looking unkempt. But, it is the words which must do the work, not the presentation.
  • Trent Barreta vs. Drew McInytre (Friday Night Smackdown 21.01.2011) WWE Friday Night Smackdown 21.01.2011 Trent Barreta vs. Drew McInytre. One week after suffering a surprise defeat at the hands of Trent Barreta, Drew McIntyre returned to his winning ways, hurling Barreta off the top rope to hand his prey a painful loss. After the bell, the "Chosen One's" determined opponent further fueled McIntyre's rage with a defiant blow. This led to a vicious assault by The Sinister Scotsman that attracted the disappointed admonishment of Kelly Kelly.
  • BYOBB Presents: Batiste (Table Talk) - Part I Batiste Music Atlanta Georgia BYOBB Table Talk BYOBB Presents Lyndon and Lionel Batiste, who were guests on "Table Talk" at the BYOBB Studio. They were interviewed by Pastor C, and also performed the songs "In My Name" and "Fisher of Men" from their album "The Greatest Gift." If you would like to be a guest artist/speaker on Table Talk, please visit and CONTACT THEM. BATISTE PROFILE --------------- Batiste was exposed to the world of music at a very early age. With their father being a pianist, songwriter and former member of the Southern University Marching Band in Baton Rouge, LA, and their mother's love for the Saturday morning oldies station extravaganzas, Batiste naturally developed a deep passion for music. On any given day at the Batiste household, you could always find someone playing the piano, and someone else singing and/or dancing aloud, and this would become the foundation of a special musical experience born thru Batiste. Lionel and Lyndon, with Lionel (Ray) being the oldest, are four years apart in age and shared a room together practically all their life. Out of this closeness a bond formed beyond brotherhood, into friendship. It was not known if music would become a serious part of their lives as they were growing up. Because their father and mother are graduates of Southern University, education was high priority in the Batiste household and each child was steered towards higher education to obtain a college degree. Batiste would follow ...
  • The Devil's Admonishment The Devil reminds everyone that government IS supreme, no matter what, and no matter how unfair and evil it is.
  • Legal Department Drew Network Admonishment 23 For Andrew. Attorney Client privilege prevents me from saying more. You must realize by now how much is at risk. Do not mention the restraining order.
  • Italian Lessons: 28- Quanto Sei Bravo/Good Boy Some people mention that our videos are a bit too fast paced. Sorry about that, but most other language videos are way too slow and dull. Just rewatch or pause the video as you practice. ---- Word of the day.... being hosted by Fragolina. :) Remember, these "lessons" are to be considered on par with a study group where students help students. There are bound to be minor mistakes despite our best efforts. We aim to entertain as you learn a tidbit here or there... Music by Kevin Macleod ---- BTW Save your hate comments for someone that cares. Gentle admonishment is fine, but anything harsh is a one way ticket to Palookaville.
  • Carlton D. Pearson - Admonishment For 2011: "A Year Without Limitation" 2011 New Years Exhortation - Facebook Friends
  • Uljhan_SPARC_Qindeel.flv Such beatings at schools are also responsible for one of the highest dropout rates in the world, which stands at 50 percent during the first five years of education, according to SPARC. Qindeel Shujaat, executive director of SPARC, told a seminar on corporal punishment in Islamabad a few weeks ago: This "culturally accepted form of child abuse" also contributed to the high dropout rate among children and the fact that 70000 street children were present in the country. Yet, despite growing awareness regarding the issue, many schoolteachers remain convinced that some degree of corporal punishment is necessary to instruct children. "The teacher needs to ensure obedience and ensure children receive proper guidance. For this, an occasional light beating or other physical admonishment is necessary," Ghulam Asghar, 40, who teaches at a boy's private school in Lahore, told IRIN. The government of the North West Frontier Province banned corporal punishment in primary schools in 1999. A year later, the governments of Balochistan and Punjab issued directives to all teachers not to use corporal punishment on children, and followed up with disciplinary action against three teachers. The Sindh government also issued similar orders in 2007. But the fact is that, despite a campaign at government level and awareness-raising efforts by NGOs, the directives remain poorly implemented. Most children at schools across the country, both girls and boys, are beaten. "The law, as it exists now ...
  • Streaking We get our heroine to run down our street wearing only her pants to the admonishment of locals but not (sadly) the local constabulary.
  • Open Admonishment or Exhortation Tear down or build up? Looking at the epistles in a new light - Was the purpose to admonish or to exhort or both? Where is your balance point?

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