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  • Admissibilities of linear estimator in a class of linear models with a multivariate t error variable HOU JianFeng, WU JianLiang, LIU GuiZhen, LIU Bin. Total coloring of embedded graphs of maximum degree at least. — “Welcome to SCIENCE CHINA Mathematics”,
  • These properties may be phrased as iterated admissibilities, e.g. If impurities are admitted, admissibilities are not assured. Expressing more precise. — “A Pronominal Account of Binding and Computation”,
  • No abstract is available for this item. Measures for the structure of clustering and admissibilities of its algorithm. Author info | Abstract | Publisher info | Download info | Related research | Statistics. — “Measures for the structure of clustering and admissibilities”,
  • Words that contain MISS : Words containing MISS admissibilities. admissibility. admissible. admissibleness. admissiblenesses. admissibly. admission. admissions. admissive. amiss. amisses. amissibilities. amissibility. amissible. amissing. antimissile. antimissiles. commissar. commissarial. commissariat. — “Word miss meaning. Word miss definition. Free crossword”,
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  • Admissibilities' definition, that may be allowed or conceded; allowable: See more. — “Admissibilities' | Define Admissibilities' at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Admissibilities - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
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  • T Measures for the structure of clustering and admissibilities of its algorithm New admissibilities of the clustering algorithm and a new agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm are also provided by. — “%A Akinobu Takeuchi”,
  • admissibilities. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 2 October 2010, at 06:22. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “admissibilities - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of Mix up with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. prototrophies, glimpsing, acrophobe, perchings, admissibilities, podex, punctured, 6, bi***ually, archeological_remains,. — “Mix up: Definition with Mix up Pictures and Photos”,
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  • In this respect it is advisable to note that the Sacred Ka'ba is an exceedingly august and sublime place. who live outside the Haram but within the circle of Mawaqit, they are called 'Ahl-e-Hill' (people of the place of admissibilities). — “HAJJ: Merits and Precepts - The Inhabitants With In The Miqat”,
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  • The online version of Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference on ScienceDirect, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text publications in science, technology and health. Admissibilities of matrix linear estimators multivariate linear models Original Research Article. — “ScienceDirect - Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference”,
  • Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “admissibilities definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word admissibilities: first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "admissibilities" is defined. — “Definitions of admissibilities - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • written questions served upon the opposing party to gain knowledge in preparation for trial. Unlike admissions, which are another tool of pretrial discovery, courts may limit the admissibilities of answers given in an interrogatory. — “Divorce : Interrogatories”,
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  • Alleged Financial Impropriety:Controversy arises over admissibility of bank document
  • ICC rejects Kenya's admissibility challenge The government has suffered what may well be the last setback in its efforts to block the ICC process on the post election violence cases, after the ICC appeals chamber rejected Kenya's appeal on admissibility challenge. The appeals chamber ruled that the cases against six Kenyans will proceed in The Hague, adding that the Kenya government had failed to provide sufficient evidence or show its seriousness in investigating the six individuals said to bear the greatest responsibility. And as Jane Kiyo reports the ruling paves the way for the confirmation of charges hearings, which are only two days away.
  • Minnesota Felony DWI Supreme Court Appeal State of Minnesota, Respondent v. Herman Tanksley, Jr., Appellant -- Case No. A10-0392: Appellant Herman Tanksley, Jr. was charged with two counts of fourth-degree driving while impaired. The charges were based, in part, on the results of a urine test indicating that Tanksley's alcohol concentration was .08 or higher within two hours of driving. Tanksley filed a motion to suppress the results of this urine test and requested a Frye-Mack hearing on the admissibility of first-void urine-alcohol test results. The district court denied these motions. The district court convicted Tanksley of fourth-degree driving while impaired, based on an alcohol concentration of .08 or higher, after a stipulated-facts trial. The court of appeals affirmed petitioner's conviction. On appeal to the supreme court, two issues are presented: (1) whether Tanksley was entitled to a Frye-Mack hearing on the admissibility of first-void urine-alcohol test results; and (2) if so, whether the denial of a Frye-Mack hearing was harmful. (Hennepin County) Case: State v. Tanksley A100392 Date: 10-5-2011 For a Minnesota DWI Attorney visit:
  • Everyday Evidence - How Limited Admissibility Works Stetson University College of Law Professor Charles Rose discusses preliminary questions and limited admissibility focusing on Federal Rule of Evidence 104 and 105.
  • AG orders Ocampo six investigated In yet another attempt to bolster Kenya's admissibility case at The Hague, Attorney General Amos Wako has ordered that the Ocampo Six be investigated over the post election violence. Wako wrote to Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere two weeks ago directing him to include the six suspects in investigations in relation to the chaos. The order is among 22 documents attached to an application to the International Criminal Court's Registrar seeking access to the evidence, which Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has collected against the six suspects. Yassin Juma reports
  • ICC Lawyers and Government Challenge The government announced that it would challenge the admissibility of the post election cases that 6 Kenyans have been summoned to answer, the ICC pre-trial chamber legal team warned that such an application was likely to fail, unless the government proves that there were ongoing investigations and prosecutions on the suspects. The ICC legal advisors say that while the Kenyan government had every right under article 19 of the Rome statute to challenge the admissibility of the cases, such an application cannot be based on futuristic investigations or prosecutions as suggested by the government yesterday. But justice minister Mutula Kilonzo insists that the attorney general could use the ongoing efforts by the government to reform the judiciary as the basis for the application, a move lands minister James Orengo dismissed as out rightly inconsistent with the Rome statute ICC.
  • Govt losses admissibility case The government has suffered a blow after ICC judges rejected its bid to challenge the admissibility of the cases against the six suspected masterminds of the post election violence. The ICC judges have ruled that the government has not shown any commitment to prosecute those behind the chaos and that the cases against the six suspects are properly before the criminal court. KTN's Beatrice Marshall reports.
  • how to add friends from non-admissibility of the case - facebook ‬ - YouTube.flv A new program from Facebook to add more than one person is very beautiful up to 100 people without any ban from Facebook Link download the software from Facebook
  • Admissibility Case in the Hague The case challenging the admissibility of the Kenyan cases in the ICC will be heard after the 28th of this month. This came as the Ocampo suspects started arriving in The Hague for a date with the ICC. Former Police Commissioner Major General Mohamed Hussein Ali is already in The Hague while other suspects are expected to arrive this morning. Our senior reporter Francis Gachuri has more on this story.
  • Admissibility of USG official statements and news articles. #Manning Art 39(a) Aug 30,2012 Re: MRE 801(d)(2)(d) and (e). Transcript to follow.
  • Mod-01 Lec-23 Admissibility in Detail Discretization of Scale Advanced Digital Signal Processing-Wavelets and multirate by Prof.vMGadre,Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • HOW TO GET A COMMERCIAL DRIVER FAST CARD More questions? Call us right now: 1-866-760-2623 This video explains how commercial drivers can get a FAST Card to get across the US/Canadian border quickly. This video is an instructional tool explaining how to apply for or renew your FAST card. FAST is a trusted-traveller program between the United States and Canada specifically for truck-drivers. It allows pre-approved people expedited travel between the two countries, either by air or by land. In this video we will explain: Who can apply for a FAST card? FAST cards are available to citizens and permanent residents of Canada and the United States. The card is used to expedite travel across the border for commercial truck drivers. You must be a commercial truck driver in order to apply for the card. What are the factors that might cause ineligibility? The governments of both countries treat the FAST program as a privilege and not a right. As such, they reserve the right to deny granting the card. In the majority of cases, you must have a clean driving record and a clean record with both Canada Border Services and United States Customs and Border Protection. Incidents that may seem insignificant, such as being caught at the border with undeclared items, can cause a denial. Most people with criminal records will also be denied. However, the only way to know for sure if you will be approved is to apply for the card. What documents do I need to provide? The first document that must be ...
  • Defense Attorney RJ Manuelian Discussing Admissibility of Experts in Casey Anthony Murder Trial Los Angeles criminal defense attorney RJ Manuelian discusses on In Session (TruTv) the principles of "Frye" a standard adopted by the State of Florida, used by judges used to determine whether certain expert testimony and evidence will be admitted. RJ discusses what Judge Perry will do in assessing whether to admit experts in the Casey Anthony murder trial.
  • Admissibility of Computer Evidence, S.35 Evidence Act - Electronic Litigation Conference, 2011 Admissibility of Computer Evidence - Electronic Litigation Conference, Singapore 2011. Views expressed by one of the speakers on the panel on S.35 Evidence Act, Singapore.
  • Gillian Higgins. The Prosecutor v. Ivan Cermak et al. Arguments on Admissibility. Part 2/2 Barrister Gillian Higgins of 9BRi and the ICLB argues before the ICTY in the Hague regarding the issue of admissibility of evidence in The Prosecutor v. Ivan Cermak et al.
  • ICC admissibility appeal rejected - English Government efforts to block the icc from prosecuting the six suspected masterminds of the post election chaos have hit a snag again. The appeals chamber of the international criminal court has dismissed the government's appeal against the admission of the cases against the suspects. The court says the cases against the suspects are rightfuly before the court and the government has not shown any commitment to bring to book the architects of the chaos. Ktn's muraya kariuki reports.
  • cse471 s12 week4 2 CSE471 Intro to AI Week 4 Lecture 2 More discussion on admissibility of heuristics (for example (1) that admissibility it is only sufficient but not a necessary condition for optimality (2) you only get admissibility if you relax (rather than tighten) constraints of the problem--circumscribing vs. inscribing circles). Proof of A* optimality. Viewing A* as doing focused progress to goal. How the "inconsistency" of a heuristic can interfere with this view as f won't monotonically increase. How pathmax correction helps restore monotonic increase of f-values of expanded nodes. Properties of A*--completeness, optimality, time (which is exponential in the relative error) and space. Improving A* space consumption using IDA*--which does tree cutoff using f-values (rather than d-values as IDDFS does), and does *depth-first search* in each iteration.
  • ICC Dismisses Admissibility Case The Kenyan government has lost its application challenging the admissibility of the post election violence cases that are currently ongoing at the International Criminal Court. The application had been filed by Attorney General Amos Wako. Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) Pre-Trial Chamber while throwing out the Kenya's application said the post election violence cases were properly before court. The ruling effectively dashes hopes of the 6 post election violence suspects of having the cases against them tried through a local mechanism.
  • Admissibility Of Logical Inference Rules - Vv Rybakov Admissibility Of Logical Inference Rules - Vv Rybakov The aim of this book is to present the fundamental theoretical results concerning inference rules in deductive formal systems. Primary attention is focused on: admissible or permissible inference rules the derivability of the admissible inference rules the structural completeness of logics the bases for admissible and valid inference rules.There is particular emphasis on propositional non-standard logics (primary, superintuitionistic and modal logics) but general logical consequence relations and classical first-order theories are also considered.The book is basically self-contained and special attention has been made to present the material in a convenient manner for the reader. Proofs of results, many of which are not readily available elsewhere, are also included.The book is written at a level appropriate for first-year graduate students in mathematics or computer science. Although some knowledge of elementary logic and universal algebra are necessary, the first chapter includes all the results from universal algebra and logic that the reader needs. For graduate students in mathematics and computer science the book is an excellent textbook.Author: Rybakov, VV Publisher: North Holland Illustration: N Language: ENG Title: Admissibility of Logical Inference Rules Pages: 00624 (Encrypted PDF) On Sale: 1997-03-14 SKU-13/ISBN: 9780444895059 Category: Mathematics : Discrete Mathematics Category: Computers ...
  • ODM Softens Stance on ICC Attorney General Amos Wako says Kenya's quest for a deferral of the International Criminal Court cases through the UN Security Council has failed and that the only option left now was to challenge the admissibility of the cases before the ICC pre-trial chamber itself. Under The Rome Statute, a government can challenge admissibility if it can prove that there are ongoing investigations or prosecutions of the same suspects under its jurisdiction in which case the ICC would halt the cases and refer them back to the Kenyan Courts. Wako expressed confidence that the government would succeed in its latest quest saying already investigations with an aim to prosecute the post election violence suspects were underway. Meanwhile the Orange Democratic Movement party, ODM, has now softened its stance on the ICC matter, saying it now supports a referral of the cases but on condition that a credible local judicial mechanism be established to try the six suspects. Hussein Mohamed reports.
  • Daubert: A Two-Edged Sword Atlanta plaintiff's attorney Douglas Dumont talks about the admissibility of expert witnesses' testimony. This talk was given on March 29 at the GTLA 2010 annual convention in Atlanta. For more information on Mr. Dumont and the Warshauer Law Group please visit .
  • Mod-01 Lec-22 Reconstruction & Admissibility Advanced Digital Signal Processing-Wavelets and multirate by Prof.vMGadre,Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • Kenya Files Case on Admissibility at ICC Kenya has officially filed a case at the ICC challenging admissibility of the Ocampo six cases even as the UN Secretary General told President Kibaki he had no powers over the Security Council's decision to defer the cases. Moon said that the fate of the matter rested entirely with the 15 member states of the Security Council.
  • List of Over 50000 English Words ADMISSIBILITY
  • Kenya's Admissibility Case It has been confirmed that the team of lawyers that has been appointed by the government to challenge the admissibility of the Kenyan cases in the ICC is set to arrive in Kenya today. This comes as the Pre Trial Judges ruled that the application will not affect the appearance of the Ocampo six in The Hague. Our reporter Hussein Mohamed tells us more about the case on admissibility of the case.
  • Mechanics of Solids - IITM 3.2 Virtual displacements Lecture Series on Mechanics of Solids by Prof.MSSiva Kumar , Department of Applied Mechanics ,IITMadras. Kinematic admissibility of vitual displacements - for solving problems of rigid bodies for equilibrium using vitural work method. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • The Cool Crucible - UNSW Law Professorial Lecture The cool crucible: Forensic science and medicine in the criminal trial' - Professor Gary Edmonds, 19 May 2011, 1-2pm. Drawing upon recent empirical studies and reports from Australia, England, Canada and the US, this presentation offers a critical re-assessment of the adversarial criminal trial. Focusing primarily on the reception of emerging forms of forensic science, it questions the value of traditional legal safeguards (eg admissibility standards, judicial discretions, cross-examination, rebuttal experts and jury directions) and the ability of the various participants to manage or reliably evaluate incriminating expert opinions. The presentation will conclude with some speculation on how admissibility practice in Australia might change across the ensuing decade.
  • Court Dismisses Appeal Filed by Femi Fani-Kayode.flv he Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal filed by former aviation minister, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode challenging the admissibility of computer generated statement of accounts under the old evidence act. The appeal was sequel to an objection raised at the federal high court by counsel to Fani-Kayode, Ladi Williams as to the admissibility of computer generated statement of accounts of the former minister. Though, this objection was sustained by the trial court, the court of appeal set aside the decision of the trial court and admitted the said statement of accounts in evidence. Fani-kayode appealed against the decision of the court of appeal to the Supreme Court. Whilst the matter was pending at the Supreme Court, the evidence act was amended and computer-generated bank statements were made clearly admissible by section 84 of the new evidence act.
  • New Expert Testimony Requires Testimony of Acceptability and Reliability State v Pittman 419 NJ Super 584 App Div 2011 New Expert Testimony Requires Testimony of Acceptability and Reliability. State v. Pittman 419 NJ Super. 584 (App. Div. 2011) New Jersey has not considered the admissibility in a criminal case of the results of the phenolphthalein presumptive test for the presence of blood on a person or object or any other presumptive test utilized for that purpose. Nonetheless, in this case, evidence of a positive result was introduced, without objection, by a police detective with no prior experience in conducting the test and no understanding of how it functioned or of the possibility of false positive results occurring as the result of the presence of substances other than blood. The court found the introduction of the test results to constitute reversible error, and in the course of our discussion of the issue, canvassed precedent from other states discussing the conditions for admissibility of the phenolphthalein test and other presumptive tests for the presence of blood.
  • Supreme Court has reserved Memo Case verdict on admissibility. Supreme Court (SC) has reserved the verdict in memo case on the admissibility
  • Paralegal Litigation: The Importance of Evidence American Institute for Paralegal Studies Video Lecture Series: One of the most important aspects of litigation is the admissibility of evidence to prove or defend against a claim. This lecture discusses admissibility of evidence. For more information, visit us at , or call 1-800-553-1410.
  • Restricted Parameter Space Estimation Problems Restricted Parameter Space Estimation Problems Introduction: Some History and Some Examples.- A Statement of the Problem, The Notation and Some Definitions.- (In)Admissibility and Dominators.- Minimax Estimators and their Admissibility.- Presence of Nuisance Parameters.- The Linear Model.- Other Properties.- Existence of the Mles and Algorithms to Compute Them. EAN/ISBN : 9780387488097 Publisher(s): Springer, Berlin, Springer, New York Discussed keywords: Parameter Format: ePub/PDF Author(s): Eeden, Constance Introduction: Some History and Some Examples.- A Statement of the Problem, The Notation and Some Definitions.- (In)Admissibility and Dominators.- Minimax Estimators and their Admissibility.- Presence
  • ECHR VIDEO ON ADMISSIBILITY CONDITIONS European Court of Human Rights - Video on Admissibility Conditions The European Court of Human Rights launched a short video in English and French on the criteria for admissibility, produced with the support of the Principality of Monaco. The video, which is approximately three minutes long, is aimed at the general public and sets out the main conditions required in order to apply to the Court; failure to satisfy these conditions is the reason why the vast majority of applications are rejected. In 2011, for instance, the Court finished examining over 50000 applications, but fewer than 3% of them resulted in a judgment being adopted. The video on admissibility is intended to remind members of the public wishing to apply to the Court that they must first satisfy certain criteria, failing which their application may be declared inadmissible. The Court is keen to encourage any initiatives aimed at making use of the video in awareness-raising programmes on human rights or in civic education courses.
  • ICC Rejects Admissibility Appeal Another barrier to the confirmation of charges hearings for Kenya's six post election violence suspects at the International Criminal Court was cleared after the Appeals Chamber of the court dismissed an appeal by Kenya that the cases were not admissible at the court. Presiding Judge Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko, ruled that no legal, factual or procedural error could be discerned in the Pre-Trial Chamber's decisions of 30 May 2011 that the cases were admissible before ICC. Judge Nsereko explained that, for the cases to be inadmissible, a national investigation must be ongoing and must cover the same individuals and substantially the same conduct as alleged in the proceedings before the ICC. Furthermore, the Appeals Chamber considered that the Pre-Trial Chamber made no error when it found that the Kenyan government had failed to provide sufficient evidence to substantiate that it was investigating the six suspects for the crimes alleged in the summonses to appear issued for them. The ruling effectively slammed the door on attempts by the Kenyan government to have the cases at ICC stopped and instead handled through local judicial mechanisms. Hussein Mohamed reports from The Hague.
  • ICC judges throw out admissibility case We begin in The Hague this morning where ICC judges have dashed hopes of the Ocampo six being tried here in Kenya. The three judges threw out an application by Kenya challenging the cases against the six suspects. The unanimous ruling by the three pre-trial judges says Kenya failed to prove its readiness to take over the cases. NTV's Linda Ogutu reports on the development that is likely to send the government back to the drawing board.
  • Kenya situation: Appeals Chamber confirms the admissibility of the cases, 30 August 2011 On 30 August 2011, the AppealsChamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) confirmed Pre-Trial Chamber II's decisions of 30 May 2011 on the admissibility of the cases The Prosecutor v. William Samoei Ruto, Henry Kiprono Kosgey and Joshua Arap Sang and The Prosecutor v. Francis Kirimi Muthaura, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Mohammed Hussein Ali (the decisions are available here and here) and dismissed the appeals filed by the Government of Kenya. This video was produced in 2011 by the Public Information and Documentation Section of the ICC, for non-profit and educational purposes. The ICC encourages its use, reproduction and distribution for the same purposes. Sale or commercial use is strictly prohibited. More information:
  • cse471 s12 week5 1 CSE471 Intro to AI Week 5 Lecture 1 Admissibility/informedness refresher. Realizing that max of admissible heuristics is admissible. Start of search with propositional state models. Initial and goal state descriptions, action descriptions, progression, how to make progression work with A* search (and a brief discussion of set-difference heuristic). Start of regression. Understand why regression is harder in atomic space. Understanding a goal state can be regressed over an action.
  • ICC conciders admissibility motion in case of Congolese militia leader
  • Jose Figueroa Admissibility Pre hearing Jan 25 2010 0002

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