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  • Hyena 3 Admins Standard 1 year Maintenance. Hyena 5 Admins Standard 1 year Maintenance Hyena 50 Admins Standard 1 year Maintenance. Hyena 100 Admins Standard 1 year Maintenance. — “Hyena Price and Order information”,
  • More SGO/Game Admins. Alright first i want to start off by saying: lol this is not to RE: More SGO/Game Admins. It's possible that Game Staff will expand in the near future; however, I think you're misinterpreting the roles of the SGOs. — “[Game] More SGO/Game Admins - Rejected Ideas - Ikariam US”,
  • System admins of Promet – an e-commerce, high availability Open Source web shop – share their findings © 2006–2007 Linux System Admins Blog — Sitemap — Cutline by Chris Pearson. — “HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframe”,
  • However, this is sloppy and it means that anyone with Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins can open anyone's mailbox. Someone with Enterprise Admins or Domain Admins in the root domain can figure out how to do it anyway. — “Jim McBee's Mostly Exchange Web Log: A recipe for setting up”,
  • theAdmins provides evalualuations and solutions for your company's key security, access, and network performance concerns, from firewall, security, and disaster recovery to infrastructure, systems, and networking. — “theAdmins | Citrix | Applications Delivery | Virtualization”,
  • Hi, this site is all about Admins, REAL ADMINS. This site is awesome. My name is Anonymous, and I can't stop thinking about admins. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet. — “Real Ultimate Power - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Persianadmins microsft linux cisco security Linux Password Recovery. Tag it: Written by Reza Behroozi. Monday, 03 December 2007. Debian Root password recovery. Click for View. — “PersianAdmins - Home”,
  • US-Admins offers a wide range of plans for dealing with your network administration needs and the software and hardware needs of many practicing professionals. Please feel free to comment, and tell us what you like and dislike about the new format. US- © 2003,2004 Privacy Policy Terms Of Use. — “US-Admins - Administrative & Computing Solutions”, us-
  • ADMINS, Inc. provides quality application software products and a comprehensive collection of rapid application development tools with the highest level of customer service for the municipal market. — “Admins Inc”,
  • OSNews is Exploring the Future of Computing with news on desktop, server, mobile, and specialty operating systems and new computing technology. "Three of the admins behind The Pirate Bay are all still guilty, a Swedish appeals court decided on Friday, but their jail time has been reduced. — “Appeals Court: Pirate Bay Admins Still Guilty, Higher Fines”,
  • A satanic race of pure evil, who rule the Internet through a Monarchistic feudelic system. On that system of reigning, on the head stands the Head Underneath him there are the Secondary Admins. — “Urban Dictionary: Admins”,
  • Key enhancements to SCCM give admins more control over assets, licensing The UI is now integrated into the System Center Configuration Manager console, which makes things much easier for admins. — “Key enhancements to SCCM give admins more control over assets”,
  • We were having fun but then. When Admins Get Jumped-CSS SAMP. SupraSkylineHKS 5 videos Subscribe Edit Subscription. Loading Upgrade to Flash Player 10 for improved playback performance. Upgrade Now or More Info. close. — “YouTube - When Admins Get Jumped-CSS SAMP”,
  • Resources for the Administrative Professional Event planning is a real profession, but many admins seek validation from organizations such as MPI to convince their bosses they are bringing value to the company.But, the real question is whether or not MPI will give you the best value for your. — “Admins @ Work: A Resource for Administrative Professionals”,
  • Ann Brown is a virtual assistant that helps business owners and real estate agents who need office support, marketing, seo, real estate assistance and support, and administrative help. — “Virtual Assistant Ann Brown Provides Virtual Support”,
  • Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops (system operators), are Wikipedia editors trusted with access to restricted technical features ("tools" See also Wikipedia:Admins willing to make difficult blocks, where admins willing to handle more difficult blocks and other situations can make. — “Wikipedia:Administrators - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Oracle is the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems company. Database Admins and Developers. System Admins and Developers. Architect. — “Oracle | Software. Hardware. Complete”,
  • Having said that, by necessity, No Heroes Game Server Admins are required to not only be mature players with sound judgment, but personal integrity, and a dedication to upholding our high standards of inclusiveness are the kind of people we want as our Game Server Admins. — “No Heroes Gaming Community”, no-
  • bypass internet filter and unblock web site in schools offices and anywhere. — “Admins Suck”,
  • Server Admins are here to run their server(s) and take an active role in determining network policy. Server Admins are the only ones who can directly change network policy and being a server admin is the easiest way to shape the network. — “Admins - Blitzed”,
  • C.E.O Ultimate Server Admins -=[USA]=-Nitengale - June 1, 1957 - July 1, 2009. On July 1st, 2009, at 10:23 PM EST, we lost our beloved Nitey after a long battle with cancer. She had beaten cancer twice in her life, but this third time, it finally won the battle. — “Ultimate Server Admins " Where The Best In The World Come To Play”,

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  • How to add admins on a CSS server with rcon [HD] Thanks for watching, please rate, comment and subscribe Ma_client commands: #1 rcon ma_client addclient "Client Name" #2 rcon ma_client addsteam "Client Name" "Clients STEAM ID #3 rcon ma_client setaflag "Client Name" "+client" Client Name, STEAM ID and +client should be in quotes. Please donate to [email protected] at paypal to make me continue making movies.
  • Dan3.0 - ADMINS! In which Dan gets Doobles an oil change and announces the first batch of decision engine admins. NEW BEAT Courtesy of: Dan 3.0 Blog: dan3point0 Dan on Twitter: Dan on YouTube: Music courtesy of "Mars Argo":
  • TF2: Last Stand Against Admin Abuse Song: Coward Killing Time by Renard_V Three brave warriors survive their last, epic, few minutes against a team of admins before getting banned.
  • Jiggly's Funhouse Admin + members invade and troll a TF2 WC3 server. As if you needed any further proof of their faggoty shenanigans, enjoy. They're angry and upset because there's an alternative to their rpg mod on another TF2 server, so now they might lose potential customers from their PAY server. Btw they charge 25$ for "the right to your levels", otherwise they come in and take them away from you when you have a lot if you haven't donated. This is on the CGA war3source server, Jfh just decided to invade it. This is again jfh codykins (in disguise) being joined by jfh general haze (who proceeds to spam "" throughout the video, even though they're violently against any form of advertising on their own server), and the *** polyp himself jigglytitty. It get's far worse as you go on. They basically confess to making a ***ton of money off of it and laugh about it. Depending on how you look at it, that may or may not be against the sourcemod GPL. Either way the video speaks for itself. What a swell clan!
  • How To Add Mani-Admin-Plugin to your CS:S SRCDS Dedicated Server (Quake Sounds) WinRAR Mani-Admin-Plugin + Quake Sounds www.mani-admin- Before posting a comment, please see if your problem has been asked already below. Songs DJ Splash - Flying High Pendulum - Hold Your Colour Suscribe! ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆ │▒│ /▒/ │▒│/▒/ │▒ /▒/─┬─┐ │▒│▒|▒│▒│ ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE●● │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ └┐▒▒▒▒▒▒┌┘ └┐▒▒▒▒┌┘
  • Pokemon D/P Music - Galactic Admin Battle Pokemon D/P Music - Galactic Admin Battle Uploaded early since Galactic music is in such high demand. :x
  • How to get mani admin plugin on css after downloading this you exctract on cstrike on your dedicated server now go to cfg and mani admin plugin and you will see a text file called adminlist.txt or od and a client.txt open these text and go to your game css and find your steam id join a server and after go to console and type status if you dont have console go to steam games and css properties and set launch option -console after go to game you will see console. now open admin.txt and type your steam id and also on clients set your steam id and your name and now just launch your dedicated server and you copy ip and go to game connect with your server aand you will get your admin plugin but not admin menu go to console and type admin there you go
  • CRM Admins
  • How Do Network Admins Troubleshoot Traffic Problems? - - It's always a fun time when I get together via video with Josh from SolarWinds. We hooked up this month to talk about NetFlow Traffic ***yzer, which will help you easily monitor your network traffic.
  • How To Create An Admin User Account via CMD The only major fault with this, is that you have to be on an Admin account to make one
  • Team Zephyr Admin Theme VS Ty, Tsu, and Cayne (Fanmade) EDIT: Like the Admins' names? Check out their Sims 3 looks here: This is a fanmade theme, not necessarily for Pokémon Black and White, but it will do. This is the theme of a team known as Team Zephyr, and is the theme while you are fighting an Admin of this team. Please remember to rate, comment, and subscribe if you want to hear more. This was made entirely by me, using the Pokémon Platinum soundfonts, provided by pokemonmastertriplex. Download link:
  • add admin to amxmodx how to add admin on you server whit amxmodx
  • Team Zephyr Admins Extended All credit for this song goes to lala19357. I just extended it. I made sprite of what I think Team Zephyr Admins Ty, Tsu, Cayne look like. Please enjoy. Original: lala19357's Channel:
  • How to add mani admin plugin to css steam dedicated server hi i am gonna show u how 2 add admin plug in and how 2 get more admin sry for my bad engelish and pliiz rate and commet and sub XD
  • What does the Admins (Director of pro Gaming) think about the Masters This is a few insight from the perspective of an admin at the intel extreme Masters Season 5. He talks about the schedule and what we gonna see today and also how many people work on this projekt and what he hates most :) Hope you gonna enjoy the Video. Next Video will be TLO about his toughts of Group B /TaKeTV /TaKeTVTaKeSeN
  • Admin Finder Tutorial For Noobies This is my video I have made a video a bit ago I though I would post it up. For all you people who need help after attempting this please feel free to message me. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Finder Download Link: ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  • How to become an Admin at Graal Classic Online I've forgot, you can fill an application to become an GP! ~ Picture @ 1:29 was from Chubology btw. Several tips and tricks to become one!
  • Rove Mobile Admin Tablet Demo See the award-winning Rove Mobile Admin mobile IT management solution demonstrated on a Tablet computer. Rove Mobile Admin takes advantage of the high screen resolution and great form factor to provide IT admins with a fantastic user experience
  • How to use hMod #1 Setting Admins Hey guys this is the first of a hopefully long series of short videos. This video shows you how to set admin privileges for yourself and friends. This will allow you to use all the other cool features that hMod offers. Check out my other hMod and Minecraft server videos if you are not up to this point. Have a great day guys Rate comment, subscribe and check back in for more :)
  • FBI's Mueller Testifies About Admin's Use of Torture April 24, 2008
  • Introduction to MySQL for Website Administrators Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Length of Class: 30 Minutes Tracks Web Design Prerequisites Introduction to Website Administration Purpose of Class This class teaches new website administrators to be able to understand MySQL Databases for general administration. This class does not delve deep into database architecture and theory, it just teaches what is needed successfully manage a site that uses MySQL to store and retrieve data. Topics Covered What is a MySQL Database How to Navigate through a MySQL Database using PHPMyAdmin How to export, backup a database How to extract data from a MySQL Database Class Notes Introduction Databases are used to store data. MySQL databases are most commonly used for websites because MySQL is open source and free. Storing Data MySQL Server software manages databases A Database is generally the largest unit for storing data Tables contain information about specific types of data (vendors, employees, parts list) Columns in Tables store specific information (Frist Name, Last Name, ID Number) Rows store Records in a Table (All of an Employees Record, or All Information about a Part Employee Number Last Name First Name Email Address Phone Number 1 Evans Tom [email protected] 444-444-4444 2 Thompson Fred [email protected] 555-555-5555- Connecting to the Database Database software allows for Users and Permissions like an Operating System does. If the Database Server is on the SAME server as the Web Server then you connect to the ...
  • How Admins Can Remote Into Computers Using Gencontrol pc- - Remote into computers using gencontrol (like vnc) without having to install anything on the client computers. No client side interaction is required. You have to be within a domain environment, and be a member of the Domain Administrators group. Current DOWNLOAD location PC-Addicts song thanks to Kbone from Background music thanks to my son Chris-JR For a fun place to hang out and mainly talk technology, or to ask questions or request help, come join our live chat! 24 pc- - Website http - Twitter - Chat - YouTube - Greatshark IRC - URL Trimming Service
  • Crying admin thinks I hack in CS:S A Crying 8 year old redneck admin thought I was hacking in a CS:S server so he started admin abuse and talking *** to me
  • How To Add: Sourcemod Admin Mod to your CS:S SRCDS Dedicated Server WinRAR MetaMod: Source + VDF Sourcemod Admin Mod Before posting a comment, please see if your problem has been asked already below. Songs C-Bool- Lersiva feat. KK Project - Be A Part Of You Remix Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space Suscribe! ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆ │▒│ /▒/ │▒│/▒/ │▒ /▒/─┬─┐ │▒│▒|▒│▒│ ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE●● │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ └┐▒▒▒▒▒▒┌┘ └┐▒▒▒▒┌┘
  • GMT Admin Tutorial This was created to inform the newly acquired admins due to our new admin policy. Music by Hxrmn.
  • Counter Strike: Source Admin Sounds Sounds for admins on server Counter Strike source
  • Wizard101: 2v2 Admin Battle First off this was filmed by Angel Dragongem. My video file got corrupted ans I was unable to import it into WMM so Angel let me use his video to make mine with narration. This is a 2v2 battle against Wizard101's best PvP Admins. They offered Angel another match, and he was gracious enough to allow me to be his 2v2 partner. So thank you Angel. =D The Admins were Moira Moonmender(Grandmaster Fire), and Alex Dragonbreath(46 Myth). It was a real fun duel, and they were great opponents. Ty KI for dueling us. It is very much appreciated.
  • Hellotxt Walkthrough Facebook Pages and Multiple Admins Ryan at Hellotxt explains how to set up multiple Facebook Pages to your Hellotxt account.
  • How to install an admin program(Sourcemod) to your server (Full tutorial) Join our steam group to get helped on dedicated server setuping. Don't have a server.cfg?Click here A tutorial requested on my channel.It describes with detailed steps all the procedures you have to do in order to be admin in your server.This tutorial is about sourcemod which in my opinion works best with Team fortress 2. Links Just erase anything inside admins.cfg and paste this.Don't forget to add your steam id. Paste on admins.cfg Admins { "YOURSTEAMNAMEHERE" { "auth""steam" "identity""YOURSTEAMIDHERE" "flags""abcdefghijklmnz" "immunity" "5" } } SUBSCRIBE to encourage me making more videos
  • Leki - BFBC2 - SWATCREW Admin Rage What does it take to get kicked from the "swatcrew" BFBC2 server? Not much as you can see from the video. Download version here (MP4 108 MB)
  • Pokemon Colosseum - Cipher Admin Battle Cipher Admins battle theme.
  • Trade Server Admins are fun to play with! Server IP: also, be sure to give me some earbuds. yeyeyeye itsa good idea. /id/grifspda
  • What do you think about gamer, caster and Admins ? What does the player think about a Caster and a caster about the admin and the admin about the caster and so on :D I asked them a few different questions and we had some fun for sure ^^ expecially filly mentioned some crazy stuff who is esl tv caster :)
  • GUNZ LICH QUEST BOSS FIGHT WITH ADMIN (Streamline) EARN MONEY FOR PREMIUM ITEMS FAST: Sign up to that site, complete some free offers, and earn easy money to use for premium items on ijji gunz! I have already made over $300 from this site for prems! :) Please note that this video was uploaded in june of 2007, when lich had just came out. so this was kinda a big deal, but may suck to most people now :P Edit: 110k views! Thanks everyone and make sure to subscribe and rate! To answer a few questions. 1)The boss is called Lich and he is summoned by Enormously Huge Skull(superion) and Devil's Dictionary(aneramon). 2)Most of all the admins are good, just because this 1 admin died does not mean all admins suck. 3)Items you can win from lich: Lich's Tail, Page 65, Wings of Catastrophe, Dark Lord Trousers. 4)4.8k per stage 12k for beating boss 5) There are 5 people in the quest because it was at an admin event (a long time ago), and when you quest with a gunz admin, there is a max of 5 players in a quest instead of 4. 6) THIS WAS PLAYED ON IJJI (NA) GUNZ, THE ONLY LEGAL PLACE TO PLAY THE NA VERSION OF GUNZ This is one of my first videos... Here is a video of Gamermatt (Retardz clan) fighting The Lich boss in Gunz with the admin. We ended up loosing, very bad ending, i know. xD ...........
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Battle Team Galactic Admin! Here's the music to your battles with those annoying Galactic Admins. It's a lot like the normal Galactic battle music but with some more spice. Hope you enjoy it!
  • Facebook: Update Page Owner / Admin Facebook Tips for Small Business - A Facebook video tuorial series that presents tips on Facebook fan page, How to perform various activities on a Facebook fan page. Facebook is a boon for small business and we provide this tutorial to you on how to...
  • Bored MC Admins we like to have a good time on the Minecrap server, and this was definitely one of those times =P if you like this and want to see more admin shennanigans: Like, Comment, and Subscribe =D Server: server2 - owned by BitBurner. whitelisted. if you'd like to be whitelisted, go to and find the "Our Server" section at the top. follow the instructions on the following page. Stalk Me
  • Muslim School Admins. Attack News Crew 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS went to TiZA. While on school grounds, the crew was attacked by school officials. The two men were able to grab their camera and kept it until police arrived. The Cameraman had to be treated as a result of the assault.
  • Wizard101: Battle with the Admins KingsIsle just sent their best Duelers to challenge Angel Dragongem on a 2v2 battle. Angel picked Alex Jaderider to be his partner for this battle because of them being good friends. Angel Dragongem and Alex Jaderider become the A team versus admins of Wizard 101. Now its time to see who is the strongest. This battle will say who is the best 2v2 duelers. Who will prevail? KI duelers or the A Team? Let the Battle Begin!!!
  • Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough Episode 43- Rocket Admin Showdown Today we take out the admins of team rocket one by one. Hope you enjoy the wacky accents that come about in this video, that's what happens at one in the morning with 5 cups o' joe. Enjoy!!!
  • TF2 - Pretending to be Admin In a server that has no admins. Honers: #80 - Most Viewed (Today) - Pets & Animals - New Zealand #100 - Top Favorited (Today) - Pets & Animals Credits: That guy
  • Epic Gmod fail admin. The RP server i usually play on was offline so i went onto this one and wallah. Yes i know i break the rules sometimes, but everyone does in this video but the main point is the admins are doing it alot more and they are admins.... also yes i know i blow into the mic, and yes im chewing something but ignore that and listen to the win. Server details. ByB "serious" roleplay.

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  • “Forum and Blog " Product Discussions " SmarterMail " 7.x Message Re: 7.x Message Archive Search missing for domain admins. Reply. Can you verify how the archive rule is set up? If you are using the "All Domains" archive rule, then domain admins will not be able to to view the archive. If you add”
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  • “admins's blog. Pictures from Band Camp - Order Form Now Available! Submitted by admins on Fri, 09/03/2010 - 3:10pm. The order form Submitted by admins on Fri, 08/29/2008 - 10:23am. Don't forget: 50% of your personal eScrip contribution is”
    — admins's blog | Los Gatos High School Music Boosters,

  • “Forum admins are today being warned of a new wave of spam coming to forums. It comes after Russian hackers developed a script to The script is able to post to forums even when email validation is required – a common anti-spam tactic used by forum admins”
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  • “posted in forum Site by Miith on November 13, 2009 at 5:34 pm. Admins Needed. posted in forum Bot by admin on October 18, 2009 at 5: posted in forum Site by TechiesOnAPlane on November 7, 2009 at 9:30”
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  • “Is there a place to vote for admins? like there is on wikipedia?- <sig>Serminigo Whirling Star of Vigilance Captain Archibald Haddock and Assmonkey</sig> 18:46, 28 September 2006 (UTC)”
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  • “matches exactly one character. Forum Challenge our Admins Read this before posting. Read Currently Online: 1 Guest. Currently Browsing this Topic: 1 Guest. Forum Stats: Groups: 2”
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  • “Discount medical supplies for pets, a vibrant online community for animal-lovers, and community blogs where people from around the world share photos and information about their pets, as well as information on pet health, breeding and more”
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