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  • At Morningstar, we firmly believe that the best investors are at least as attuned to the risks they're Thus, it's essential that you have adequate life-insurance coverage. — “Are You Adequately Insured Against Risk?”,
  • Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. Knowing reality means constructing systems of transformations that correspond, more or less adequately, to reality. — “Definition of Adequately”,
  • Definition of adequately from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of adequately. Pronunciation of adequately. Definition of the word adequately. Origin of the word adequately. — “adequately - Definition of adequately at ”,
  • adequately - French Dictionary Translation adequately /'ædɪkwətlɪ/ adverb (prepared, equipped) suffisamment; (describe) convenablement. Subscribe to the Oxford Unabridged dictionary for more translations,. — “adequately - English-French Dictionary ”,
  • Definition of adequately in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of adequately. Pronunciation of adequately. Translations of adequately. adequately synonyms, adequately antonyms. Information about adequately in the free online English dictionary and. — “adequately - definition of adequately by the Free Online”,
  • Synonyms for adequately. Other words for adequately. Different words for adequately. Antonyms of adequately. — “adequately - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Learn about Adequately on . Find info and videos including: Adequate Protein Diet, How to Get Adequate Sleep, What Is Adequate Protection in Bankruptcy? and much more. — “Adequately - ”,
  • Definition of adequately in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is adequately? Meaning of adequately as a legal term. What does adequately mean in law?. — “adequately legal definition of adequately. adequately”, legal-
  • NASDAQ News: UK FSA Says Some Firms Not Adequately Protecting Client Funds. — “UK FSA Says Some Firms Not Adequately Protecting Client Funds”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb adequately has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : in an adequate manner. — “adequately: Information from ”,
  • News: Panel approves measure to prevent ID theft | items, theft, adequately, debt, measure, walk, approves, don, panel, businesses Phoenix - Businesses which let people buy items on credit could end up eating the debt if they don't adequately check who they're letting walk off with the items. — “Panel approves measure to prevent ID theft | items, theft”,
  • Top questions and answers about Adequately. Find 2088 questions and answers about Adequately at Read more. — “Adequately - ”,
  • Dialysis is a procedure that performs many of the normal duties of the kidneys, like filtering waste products from the blood, when the kidneys no longer work adequately. There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. — “Dialysis Information on ”,
  • "Adequate accounting" and "returning excess reimbursements" are discussed later. An excess reimbursement or allowance is any amount you are paid that is more than the business-related expenses that you adequately accounted for to If the contractor adequately accounts to you for entertainment. — “Publication 463 (2009), Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car”,
  • Adequately Good is modified from Bloog, available at GitHub under an MIT license. To log into Adequately Good, click here, but don't expect anything to change. — “Adequately Good”,
  • Three Solitary Letters Adequately Deliver Today's Information. — “WORLD ASIA PUBLISHING | Three Solitary Letters Adequately”,
  • The school lunch should be adequate to meet the nutritional needs of growing children. Your grades are adequate but I think you can do better. The quality of his work was only adequate. Then, during the spring and summer, allow adequate recovery by taking one or two days off the bike each week. — “Adequately - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • WASHINGTON, May 27 (Reuters) - The head U.S. environmental regulator said on Thursday that energy giant BP Plc was not adequately ***yzing options to using an oil dispersant that could be. — “BP not adequately studying dispersant options-EPA | Reuters”,
  • Adequately definition, as much or as good as necessary for some requirement or purpose; fully sufficient, suitable, or fit (often fol. by to or for): See more. — “Adequately | Define Adequately at ”,
  • not adequately controlled on a long-term asthma control medication, such as an inhaled If a previously effective dosage regimen of ADVAIR DISKUS fails to provide adequate. — “HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION”,
  • adequately (comparative more adequately, superlative most adequately) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/adequately" Categories: English words suffixed with -ly | English adverbs | English. — “adequately - Wiktionary”,
  • Sleep adequately. Browse " Health State " " Joint Pain " Sleep adequately. Over stressing is a major problem that people are countering these days. It is due to their hectic lifestyle that the general time for sleep has reduced a Adequate sleep is necessary to not only maintain the physical health. — “Sleep adequately”,

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  • Tru-Spec 24/7 Pants: "Field Proven" by Nutnfancy Another great option for tactical pants, the Tru-Spec 24/7 Tactical pants are comfortable and durable. And I can speak to durability a bit: tested for over 1 1/2 years in tactical shooting and wilderness outings these pants have taken the use and abuse well. Though offered in 100% cotton canvas, I rec' you stick with the Tru-Spec 65% polyester/35% cotton fabric. It breathes amazingly well, it's lighter weight, dries adequately fast in warm weather, is comfortable, it's sharp looking, and durable. The fabric is Teflon® coated to resist staining but don't expect that repellency to last the life of the pant. It will diminish with washing. Some fading of the colors is normal (tips given in vid). Overall though, this is the best fabric I have found in a pant of this design and is identical it seems to the also-excellent 5.11 Ta***e Pro pants. Similar to those pants, the 24/7s have an active waist that features that can flex in or out to accommodate substantial variances in waist size (like that's even happened!). I prefer this method over all previous BDU or ACU design attempts and is a bit cleaner in appearance than the 5.11 pants. Stitching in the 24/7 pants is precise, overrun free, and features bar tacks in stress areas. Interior seams are finished well. Belt loops are ideal and the reinforced knees have a slit in them for inserting soft knee pads. Colors are shown and surprisingly include Multicam (for extra cost). Other upsides include genuine YKK® zippers, quality ...
  • NASA's Apollo TV Lies Revealed - PART 1 - The Truth Behind The Tones The Truth Behind The Tones - this multi-part series will begin to break down the truth about the incredible levels of manipulation and fakery that the Apollo lunar landing program TV footage was subjected to prior to being seen by public eyes. This is some rather complex subject matter, and cannot be even close to adequately explained in a brief 10 minute video. Because of this, I think the best way to present proof of this magnitude is to do so methodically, explaining various primary facets of the manipulation in parts. This first part of the presentation focuses primarily on the initial basics of discrete recognition or rejection of objects in scene, which was the most important component of the Apollo GCTA-TV lie (but certainly not the only component - not by a long shot). Other presentations will cover many facets of the TV coverup, revealing not only how they did it, but why. To the skeptics - I am NOT cherry-picking scenes here, and am not showing you only a few coincidentals from the hours of footage available. I have THOUSANDS of examples catalogued, and can and will back up what I am showing over and over and over again in coming presentations as I dissect this portion of the Apollo lie further. I will say right now that you have NO idea how deep the lies go, and you have NO idea what their true technological capabilities REALLY were back then - let alone today. I have researched this subject matter for years, I have personally interviewed an individual directly ...
  • Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?
  • Alec I feel like the randomness of this video adequately captures the randomness of the day. Alec's Channel: Alec's Twitter: My Twitter: My Collab Channel:
  • Wilderness Lean-To by Nutnfancy: Part 2 PART 2 OF ?: Building a lean-to wilderness shelter in snowy and cold conditions...good times! There are numerous shelters that you can construct in these northern, mountainous woods and this is one of them. It does require a fair amount of time, calories, and preferably some tools to get the job done. But the task itself is relatively simple. Many topics are discussed including the survival mindset and training, site selection, construction techniques, knife and tool usage (and breakage!), clothing and glove considerations, flashlights (Fenix L2D), common sense environmentalism, food procurement, etc. Conditions were adequately challenging with temperatures eventually dropping to 18F and snow continually falling. Allie the Mountain was the faithful companion on the outing.
  • Spyderco Dragonfly: "Airweight Utility" by Nutnfancy Definitely a good choice for your smaller every day carry (EDC) duties, the Spyderco Dragonfly is a svelte design. SUPER light at just 1.2 ounces, the Dragon is a forget-you-have-it-on knife. That's because Spyderco wisely dispensed with any attempt to add stainless steel liners to the Dragonfly (thank you!). This knife compares favorably against another favorite EDC, the excellent SOG Flash 1 assisted opener. The 2" VG10 (or AUS8) leaf shaped blade is flat ground and will provide superb cutting performance. Be advised that the Dragonfly is a small knife and may be too small for many cutting tasks... for package, letter opening and the like it excels. It arrives to you razor sharp as all new knives should. The blade deploys quickly, locks up adequately tight, the Zytel handle is comfortable, and the integral clip holds adequately over thick cloth. Improvements could include jimping on the thumb ramp and choil area, faster deployment (will speed with time I think), and a small metal clip (that would hold tighter), and cheaper price (it's overpriced for what it is). But in many ways the Dragonfly is an excellent, easy-to-carry small EDC blade. Likability scale: 7 out of 10 (if jimped, less expensive, with tighter clip: 8.5 out of 10)
  • Don Meredith - a legend RIP - NY Jets vs. Green Bay Packers MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Intro Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford preview the first MNF game of the 1973 season.
  • Pre-protest update: Police respond adequately. Sorry its taken a while to update this channel. I had severe computer probs, and decided to switch to ubuntu linux - and its been a large (but good) learning curve. I have had various meetings with the police, and I now personally do not believe that Scientology has infiltrated the police. What Scientology do have is very good lawyers, and an affinity to call the police at every opportunity. Anyway - GLOBAL PROTEST THIS SATURDAY (16th August) at an org near you. The Plymouth protest will be starting in Ebrington St at 11am, and will continue into the city centre later on in the afternoon.
  • Howard Leight "Impact Sport" Earmuff review by Nutnfancy The HW "Impact Sport" models are excellent high value electronic earmuffs for the money. Proven in many shoots in TNP, they are adequately durable, fast responding, stable during movement, and have good battery life. Moreover I prefer the single battery compartment of this model and the single and easy-to-use volume control with auto turnoff. If you're looking for mil-spec tactical earmuffs with comms integration, these probably aren't the best choice. For that capability you will pay about 5 to 10 times the price of these Impact Sports. But for most users they will function well for the reasonable cost paid.//////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 out of 10 (price considered)/////////////// Music:
  • PWG SELLS OUT 2 REVIEW Disc One Are You Adequately Prepared to Rock? - October 4, 2003 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Three-Way Match 1. "The Future" Frankie Kazarian (c) vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles- ***1/2 An Inch Longer than Average - November 15, 2003 Guerrilla Warfare Match 2. Joey Ryan vs. Super Dragon- ***1/2 An Inch Longer than Average - November 15, 2003 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match 3. "The Future" Frankie Kazarian vs. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson- ***1/4 Pimpin' in High Places - December 13, 2003 4. Frankie Kazarian, CM Punk, & Joey Ryan vs. Colt Cabana, Adam Pearce, & Super Dragon- ***3/4 Tango & Cash Invitational - Night 2 - January 25, 2004 5. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson & Super Dragon vs. X-Foundation (Scott Lost & Joey Ryan)- ***1/2 The Musical - April 17, 2004 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match 6. "Photogenic" Chris Bosh & Quicksilver (c) vs. Excalibur & Super Dragon- ***1/4 2005 Battle of Los Angeles - Night 2 - September 4, 2005 7. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. AJ Styles- ***3/4 Beyond The Thunderdome - March 18, 2006 8. Arrogance ("Photogenic" Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) vs. Cape Fear (El Generico & Quicksilver)- **** Disc 2 All Star Weekend 3: Crazymania - Night 2 - April 9, 2006 1. Roderick Strong vs. Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne)- **** 2006 Battle of Los Angeles - Night 2 - September 2, 2006 No Disqualification Match 2. Necro Butcher vs. Super ...
  • Tactical Charge: DuraCoated Leatherman Multi-tool The Leatherman Charge Ti (and TTi) remain my favorite full-size multi-tools (see review As it arrives from Leatherman, the Charge MT, in all its varieties, is adequately good looking but not special or impressive. Moreover, if a tactical multi-tool with low reflectivity or sheen is needed in your operations (and the black versions dont excite you) then maybe a DuraCoated Leatherman should be your next project. Here I show and discuss the Leatherman "Charge Ti" that I transformed into a "Tactical Charge," wearing a carefully applied coat of Lauer Weaponry's "Tactical Desert Earth" (an ultra-flat variety) DuraCoat. For such a small MT it is a big project and one that most will not want to tackle; the work required is disproportionate to its size. There are many parts with many surfaces (don't lose them!), each needing preparation for coating (to ensure adherence; I used combination fine steel wool and 400 grit automotive sandpaper). Also takedown and reassembly are not exactly fast and simple. But with patience the end result is impressive and you'll have a one of a kind multi-tool. For me it elevates this MT to the next level of coolness. ////////////////// Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 10 out of 10 //// Music: "Technot" by Torley Wong, avail at
  • Polarization of Light and Microwaves (Quantum Physics) A phenomenon that can not be adequately explained by classical physics. Radio waves, light, X-rays and gamma rays are all electromagnetic radiation. The classical visualization of the polarization of a wave is that the electric field is oscillating in one plane, like a stretched rope. A polarizing filter can be thought of as like a venetian blind. When the rope is oscillating in the same plane as the blind, it can pass through. When it is at right angles, it is blocked. This classical visualisation soon breaks down. Firstly, an electromagnetic wave passes through a polarizer when its electric field is at right angles to the 'slats' and is blocked when it is parallel. Another example is that of three crossed polarizers. This is shown in the movie.
  • frank turner Thatcher ***ed The Kids www.frank- Whatever happened to childhood? We're all scared of the kids in our neighboorhood; They're not small, charming and harmless, They're a violent bunch of *** little ***s. And anyone who looks younger than me Makes me check for my wallet, my phone and my keys, And I'm tired of being tired out Always being on the lookout for thieving gits. We're all wondering how we ended up so scared; We spent ten long years teaching our kids not to care And that "there's no such thing as society" anyway, And all the rich folks act surprised When all sense of community dies, But you just closed your eyes to the other sidev Of all the things that she did. Thatcher f**ked the kids. And it seems a little bit rich to me, The way the rich only ever talk of charity In times like the seventies, the broken down economy Meant even the upper tier was needing some help. But as soon as things look brighter, Yeah the grin gets wider and the grip gets tighter, And for every ***age tracksuit mugger There's a guy in a suit who wouldn't lift a finger for anybody else. You've got a generation raised on the welfare state, Enjoyed all its benefits and did just great, But as soon as they were settled as the richest of the rich, They kicked away the ladder, told the rest of us that life's a ***. And it's no surprise that all the f**k-ups Didn't show up until the kids had grown up. But when no one ever smiles or ever helps a stranger, Is it any f**king wonder our society's in ...
  • Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow - demonstration video dreamgenii® pregnancy pillow/maternity pillow/ breastfeeding pillow/nursing pillow/support & feeding pillow - How to Use video This short demonstration video shows you to how to use the dreamgenii® pregnancy support & feeding pillow to achieve a magical night's sleep during pregnancy, as well as how to use the award winning, unique pillow for breastfeeding, once baby has arrived. The patented dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow is Recommended by Midwives across the UK and is recognised as the only specifically designed pregnancy pillow to adequately support back, bump and knees at the same time without taking up all of the room in the bed. It encourages you to lie on your left side which is the best position for mother and baby (But is just as comfortable on your right) and gently prevents you from rolling on to your back during your sleep (Which can restrict bloodflow to your baby). Using the dreamgenii® Maternity Pillow from about 20 weeks pregnant, can also encourage your baby to adopt the optimal birth position which can mean a shorter and less painful labour. The dreamgenii® pregnancy pillow used as a breastfeeding support, is designed to support your back during feeding and keep the baby at the correct height and position for breastfeeding. Features -Recommended by Midwives -Specifically designed pregnancy pillow to adequately support back, bump and knees and give you a magical night's sleep -Can be used as a breastfeeding support -Designed to support your back during ...
  • BUILDING LITERACY COMPETENCIES IN EARLY CHILDHOOD ( DAVIDSON FILMS ) We have always wanted all children to read and write fluently. But with our growing dependence on computer based communication and the return of public interest in early schooling, much attention is being paid to the attainment of literacy. Fortunately, some of this interest has resulted in careful research into what skills, understandings and attitudes are necessary prerequisites for success in the primary grades. Filmed in several lively preschool and kindergarten classrooms, this film reviews the underlying cognitive, social and physical requirements for all formal education and then presents the literacy specific understandings and skills that are being widely cited, but not always adequately described. With instructive visuals from exemplary classrooms, serious scholarship and clever graphics are combined to introduce students to the current vocabulary and concepts of the development of literacy. Rejecting the "either/or" approach of the reading wars, this video presents an integrated vision of how the precursors of literacy grow from appropriate experiences provided by thoughtful adults to the children in their care. The film divides the literacy specific understandings and skills into two interdependent sets of competencies. The understandings and motivations that make reading an important activity are called the Communicative Aspects of Literacy. These include: Purpose of Reading, Concepts of Print and Comprehension of Text. These continue to grow throughout a ...
  • Stupid arguments on youtube - you need to read more! A point needs to be made about the stupid arguments made on youtube. The cry of "you need to read more" should be accompanied by claims of where I am wrong, how the book would helps me and what the book is. httpv:///watch?v=sL0_LMAGy9I
  • Money Management: Drawdown and Low Funded Account The Blog Entry that Accompanies this Vlog is: My Daily Blog is at: My channel at BlogTV is: For better or worse, people who want to get involved in Day trading, the stock market, trading and investing with futures options or the Forex, perhaps they start off adequately funded, and through poor money management - they end up losing it all very quickly. Or perhaps ones look to get started, with a minimal account. What to do? Well, they can try to trade their way back to a break even point immediately. Committing the same mistakes that got them to that point? Or, they can start to look at what drawdown means to a low funded account. If you have a low funded account, you have already violated a money management principle. Namely, to have an adequately funded account. Therefore, regular capital infusions is VITAL to the success of the accounts. We discuss this and other points in the following video ... NOTE: This is not an investment or trading recommendation. The losses in trading can be very real, and depending on the investment vehicle, can exceed your initial investment. I am not a licensed trading or investment adviser, or financial planner. But I do have 12 years of experience in trading and investing in these markets. The Challenge accounts are run for the education of other traders who should make their own decisions based off their own research and risk tolerance. Included Music is by Paul ...
  • Evolution / Creationism Debate: djarm67 vs Dr Steve Kumar Science & Reason on Facebook: Evolution / Creationism Debate: djarm67 vs Dr Steve Kumar. YouTuber and League of Reason member djarm67 debates creationist Dr Steve Kumar in a live radio show. djarm67 is a Christian and a defender of Evolution against Creationism / Intelligent Design. --- Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • • --- Creationism is the religious belief that considers humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe as the creation of a supernatural agency. Creationists believe that the theory of evolution cannot adequately account for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth—the creation-evolution controversy. In the Jewish and Christian faith, such creationism is usually based on a literal reading of the Genesis creation myth. Other religions have different deity-led creation myths. Since the end of the 19th century, belief in creationism has decreased as scientific theories have been presented that may support more naturalistic explanations for the universe and for life. When mainstream scientific research produces theoretical conclusions which contradict a strict creationist interpretation of scripture, creationists often reject the conclusions of the research and/or its underlying scientific theories and/or its methodology. Both creation science and intelligent design have been characterized as pseudoscience by the mainstream scientific community ...
  • Kinect Sports Roll Them Over Achievement Guide **Before using any of the techniques in my videos make sure you stretch adequately to help prevent injuries and improve recovery time.** I will post a link to a site you can use or you can find you own.** - The purpose of warm-ups includes: keeping muscles supple, increasing range of motion of joints, enhancing flexibility, improving coordination, increasing body temperature and heart rate, increasing blood flow to muscles and preventing injuries. -COOL-DOWNS, consisting of slow walking and stretching, are performed after aerobic exercise for a duration of 5-7 minutes.The purpose of cool-downs is to gradually return your heart rate and blood pressure to resting or pre-exercise levels. Stretching Site Link Below. -Achievements Unlocked In This Video: -Roll Them Over: Forced your opponent to roll 3 times in a match of Table Tennis -Head of the Table: Won a match in Table Tennis
  • Benchmade Vex 10750: "Mid-speed EDC" by Nutnfancy The Vex was a relatively high value EDC blade choice in Benchmades now-discontinued Red Line. For around the $40 price point, you could get a capable 8Cr14Mov blade in a strong design. This steel, similar to AUS8, holds an edge adequately, is easy to sharpen, and offers rust resistance. The blade is good looking with its grey titanium coating, has good sweep, and a large deployment hole. Lockup is solid. But I find several downsides in the design that tempers my enthusiasm for the Vex: deployment is somewhat slow (despite phosphor bronze bushings), deployment hole is occluded by the handle, the knife is chunky, the goofy pocket clip forces tip down carry, the jimping in non-functional, the thicker and mid-traction G10 scales have squared shoulders, and the 4.6 oz carry weight is a bit much in the EDC role. For around the $30 price point the Vex would offer good value but it is surpassed in terms of light weight, speed, ergonomics, and easy of carry but many other outstanding designs of equal price (several shown). ////////// Nutnfancy LIkability Scale: 5 out of 10 ////////// Music: Torley Wong
  • Shatner on Mountain Climbing For more go to: William Shatner filming Star Trek V: The Final Frontier at Yosemite, theorizing on what draws people to climb the big monolith El Capitan
  • We Were Lovers - Recording in NYC
  • Jesse Ventura Slams Parties on Civil Liberties Complete video at: Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura accuses both Republicans and Democrats of failing to adequately protect civil liberties. This program was recorded as a part of Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty: Rally for the Republic event, in Minneapolis, MN, on September 2, 2008. coverage of the RNC: ----- Former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura gives an energizing speech at Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty Rally in Minneapolis, MN. Jesse Ventura, also known as "The Body", "The Star", and "The Governing Body", is an American politician, retired professional wrestler, Navy UDT veteran, actor, and former radio and television talk show host. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. He is also a former co-holder of the AWA World tag team title with Adrian Adonis. In the Minnesota gubernatorial election of 1998, running as an Independent and member of the Reform Party, he was elected the 38th Governor of Minnesota and served from January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003 without seeking a second term.
  • Prince Paul (Prince Among Thieves) An awesome video. Kind leads me to wondering what it could've been. My guess it that it was too ambitious and dope for the label to support... The big media corporations seem to get nervous and hesitant when a real Artist attempts to adequately express themselves... I have this fine LP on vinyl, wish there was a way to bless my eyes and brain with a fully mastered DVD release of this freshness. There aren't too many places where one can witness the dope Sonics of Prince Paul synergistically combined with the smooth rhyme stylings of Kool Keith, Del La Soul, Big Daddy Kane, Chubb Rock, Sadat X, Xzibit, Everlast's flyest rhyme, and other ninjas mixdafied in a proper video conglomeration. Check it out!
  • Answering SPACKlick Each of these answers could have amounted to a whole video, and might have to be that long to be adequately and accurately explained. But it would've been really boring too. Hopefully these are appropriately abbreviated. Thank you for asking, SPACKlick.
  • The Real Cost Of Religious Faith - Atheist Experience 696 Mark calls in to let the hosts know they are going to burn in hell. Jeff and Matt throw him for a loop that he was not expecting. He was not at all prepared to adequately respond to some of the most eloquently spoken words I have ever heard on the show. Matt has a few epic rants in this clip that you don't want to miss. The best of which(IMO) starts at about 11:00 and continues to the end. Jeff Dee joinsMatt Dillahunty to host this clip from The Atheist Experience #696 - www.atheist- The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. The ACA is a non-profit organization, promoting positive atheism and the separation of church and state. If you would like to make a donation please do so at http To Watch the live internet stream: Every Sunday at 4:30pm CST / 2:30pm PDT / 5:30pm EDT / 9:30pm GMT To watch full archived episodes: www.atheist- Ending Comments/Audio - George Carlin from "You Are All Diseased" eNJOY! Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NC-SA 3.0
  • Are young officers adequately trained? In these times of terror, the training module for IPS probationers at the National Police Academy in Hyderabad has come under scrutiny. Questions are being asked if the curriculum adequately prepares the young officers to fight the modern-day terrorist. During a mock session at the National Police Academy, officer-cadets simulated mob control after a bomb blast at a place of worship, similar to what happened at Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid in May last year.
  • Semi Permanent Shelter - Woodburning Stove 2 In order to heat the shelter we thought that we would try a "Semi Permanent" Woodstove. In all to date we have spent about $11.00 making this stove ($8.00 was cutting the metal). I am confident that this stove will heat the shelter more than adequately! Join us as we learn through trial and error how to make a Wood Stove.
  • Wilderness Lean-To by Nutnfancy: Part 1 PART 1 OF ?: Building a lean-to wilderness shelter in snowy and cold conditions...good times! There are numerous shelters that you can construct in these northern, mountainous woods and this is one of them. It does require a fair amount of time, calories, and preferably some tools to get the job done. But the task itself is relatively simple. Many topics are discussed including the survival mindset and training, site selection, construction techniques, knife and tool usage (and breakage!), clothing and glove considerations, flashlights (Fenix L2D), common sense environmentalism, food procurement, etc. Conditions were adequately challenging with temperatures eventually dropping to 18F and snow continually falling. Allie the Mountain was the faithful companion on the outing.
  • IVC Ultrasound for Fluid Responsiveness When treating severe sepsis, we need to adequately fluid load the patient prior to starting vasopressors. But how do you know how much fluid to give? CVP is not the greatest measure. Use IVC ultrasound instead. This video will show you how to examine the IVC in a spont. breathing patient. This video is distributed with a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.
  • Bad Seed - The Dangerous Truth About Our Food This documentary exposes a vast conspiracy to contaminate and control the world's food supply through genetic engineering of food crops. Leading scientists and activists present the facts that you need to know about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Eighty percent of food sold in North America already has ingredients made of GMOs that have not been adequately tested for safety. See the complete film now available on DVD at . Search for #K596 Genetically Modified Food and #U652 Bad Seed. Both films are now available on DVD at . UFOTV, all rights reserved.
  • ATF Smuggles AK47s To Mexican Drug Cartels .... "To See Where They Will End Up" Backstory Feb 3rd ..... AK-47s found at death scene near US-Mexico border were part of ATF probe. In a sign of the cost of widespread US weapons smuggling into Mexico, federal law enforcement sources have confirmed that two guns, part of a series of purchases that were being monitored by authorities, were found at the scene of the firefight that killed a US Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona. Sources said US authorities did not have the ability to adequately monitor the movement of the guns toward the southern border, in part because of current laws and low levels of staffing. As a result, "the next time they became aware of those weapons was when they turned up at the crime scene," said one source, who, like others connected to the case, spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing criminal investigation. "My worst fear was that they would be used in a homicide of a Mexican military official or a Mexican police official. It crossed my mind that they would be used against US forces, but I didn't think it would happen this soon," said another federal law enforcement source. The disclosure comes amid a widening congressional investigation into allegations lodged by whistleblowers within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. They allege the agency has been aware of the purchase of assault weapons in the US by buyers suspected of selling across the border, but failed to adequately track them. Sen. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, ranking member ...
  • Gay Kids and Tyrannosaurus Alan This title adequately describes the content of the video.
  • Quantum Entanglement - The Weirdness Of Quantum Mechanics Science & Reason on Facebook: Quantum Mechanics (Chapter 6): Quantum Entanglement - The Weirdness Of Quantum Mechanics. --- Subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- Quantum entanglement, also called the quantum non-local connection, is a property of a quantum mechanical state of a system of two or more objects in which the quantum states of the constituting objects are linked together so that one object can no longer be adequately described without full mention of its counterpart—even if the individual objects are spatially separated in a spacelike manner. The property of entanglement was understood in the early days of quantum theory, although not by that name. Quantum entanglement is at the heart of the EPR paradox developed by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen in 1935. This interconnection leads to non-classical correlations between observable physical properties of remote systems, often referred to as nonlocal correlations. Quantum mechanics holds that observables, for example spin, are indeterminate until some physical intervention is made to measure an observable of the object in question. In the singlet state of two spin, it is equally likely that any given particle will be observed to be spin-up or spin-down. Measuring any number of particles will result in an unpredictable series of measurements that will tend to a 50% probability of the spin being up or down. However ...
  • "Mechanix Wear" Gloves: Get A Grip Man A quick vid showing another high value tactical glove option from Nutnfancy for you dudes: The "Mechanix Wear" glove. Comes in black (the "Stealth" model) and coyote brown. Details given for model numbers and ordering info from which also currently has free shipping on these. (). They feature Clarino synthetic leather palms, have internal stitching for a for a unobtrusive and tight fit, they breath well, look good, have good wrist closures, they're adequately tough, very comfortable, and they're affordable. Protect your hands and keep them in the game. A high value homerun from Mechanix! //////////////////// Music:
  • TheTinyDot A situation too weird for 99.999% of people to adequately explain.
  • KAAAHN!!(HD Video & Sound) ...KAHN!!
  • TOPS TSK: "Featherweight Survivor" by Nutnfancy The TOPS TSK is a compact, tough, very lightweight, and seemingly capable stainless steel survival blade. My first POU would not be a "steak knife" as this knife has a stout, thick blade. That means it slices crudely in many materials. The 440C steel starts at .017" thickness and tapers towards the tip. From the box the TSK is adequately sharp but its angle is abrupt for my cutting tasks and a shallower angle seemed appropriate to help it slice better. So after some work on the Edge Pro Apex, the TSK cuts better in all tasks (including cardboard and batoning). I prefer this shallower 21º grind and it should serve well in most roles. I would prefer another steel to the 440C choice as it's hard to get it razor sharp (154CM, VG10, AUS8 preferred) and keep it there. It offers good (but not excellent) rust resistence and edge holding. The leaf blade is an excellent all-purpose shape and it has a strong tip that held up in medium temperature batoning. The blade is full flat ground, it is marked "Ontario USA" (under the handle), and the tang is ¾ long. This tang length is ideal and will work fine for the POUs discussed; don't believe the group think that you always need a full tang knife (that would add unneeded weight here too). Not discussed are the serrated versions of the TSK but of course the PE is always preferred for easier edge maintenance. I'm not sure the "Black Traction Coating" is needed on the stainless blade but it does look good and it held up well. It also ...
  • STWMovie With thanks to Ralph for being so inspired. Genius! Some bad language in the subtitles FYI Goody bag on the way Ralph :-)
  • Episode 7 - Adequately Vulgar As episode 7 looms over our heads we ask ourselves: what time is it? i have an obligation that needs fulfilling to do with business... When swords are brandished and shields are few and far between, who else will save us but the 2008 Myspace Trident Comedy Award Winners: Ashton and George!
  • Is genetic testing adequately sensitive Dr Vikki Petersen talking about testing for gluten sensitivity and celiac
  • Wilderness Lean-To by Nutnfancy: Part 3 PART 3 OF ?: Building a lean-to wilderness shelter in snowy and cold conditions...good times! There are numerous shelters that you can construct in these northern, mountainous woods and this is one of them. It does require a fair amount of time, calories, and preferably some tools to get the job done. But the task itself is relatively simple. Many topics are discussed including the survival mindset and training, site selection, construction techniques, knife and tool usage (and breakage!), clothing and glove considerations, flashlights (Fenix L2D), common sense environmentalism, food procurement, etc. Conditions were adequately challenging with temperatures eventually dropping to 18F and snow continually falling. Allie the Mountain was the faithful companion on the outing.

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