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  • Also, look at the calyces--are they actinomorphic or zygomorphic? flower closeup--is this flower zygomorphic or actinomorphic? How many stamens do you see? The lines on the corolla are called nectar guides--they help to "point" the pollinating insects to where the nectar is. — “Veronica persica”,
  • A glossary or dictionary for plant structure, biochemistry, and genetics. Actinomorphic -- Symmetrical, referring to flowers: perianth symmetrical with respect to the axis of the flower. — “Glossary of Plant Biology”,
  • Most flowers are actinomorphic ("star shaped", "radial"), meaning they can be divided into 3 or more identical sectors which are Actinomorphic flowers are also called radially symmetrical or regular flowers. — “Floral symmetry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The flowers are actinomorphic and bi***ual or rarely uni***ual. The corolla is actinomorphic, 4-merous or sometimes up to 12-merous, and is nearly always sympetalous, though sometimes very deeply lobed. — “Flowering Plant Families, UH Botany”,
  • Sympetalous: When the petals are joined , wholly or partly. Actinomorphic: Can be divided into two exact parts, if a line is drawn from one side to the other, reaching the centre, no matter where the line is. — “Types of flowers”, botanical-
  • Definition of actinomorphic from The American Heritage Science Dictionary. — “actinomorphic - Science Definition”,
  • Difficulty Level: Actinomorphic : Of flowers, radially symmetrical; symmetrical about more than one plane passing through the Not symmetrical in any sense (neither actinomorphic nor zygomorphic). — “Plant Characteristics”,
  • actinomorphic - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Forum discussions with the word(s) "actinomorphic" in the title:. — “actinomorphic - Dictionary of English”,
  • actinomorphic definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “actinomorphic - Definition”,
  • Floral morphology of the 13 species of Moringa ranges from actinomorphic flowers with little hypanthium to highly zygomorphic flowers with well-developed hypanthia. The basal four species that make up the actinomorphic grade have radially symmetrical or nearly radially symmetrical flowers. — “Ontogenetic origins of floral bilateral symmetry in”,
  • Definition of actinomorphic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of actinomorphic. Pronunciation of actinomorphic. Definition of the word actinomorphic. Origin of the word actinomorphic. — “actinomorphic - Definition of actinomorphic at ”,
  • symmetrical about central point: spreading out symmetrically around a central point and so making identical halves when divided along any vertical axis. Tulips and starfish are actinomorphic. — “please explain this in detail :ACTINOMORPHIC.? from science”,
  • In addition to brightly dotting the landscape, sunflowers are cultivated throughout the world as an economically valued crop. This type of floret takes the form of petals set in actinomorphic arrangement, being radially symmetric and generally containing pistils and stamens. The second type of. — “Nikon MicroscopyU | Digital Image Galleries | SMZ1500”,
  • 11. Flowers actinomorphic; stamens 4-5 or more than 10 12. actinomorphic- regular; radially symmetrical; 28. Petals 4-5; flowers are actinomorphic 29. actinomorphic- divisible into equal halves by two or more plane; regular; bilateral symmetry. 28. Petals. — “KEY TO THE FAMILIES OF THE VASCULAR PLANTS OF MACON COUNTY”,
  • actinomorphic (comparative more actinomorphic, superlative most (botany, of a flower) Having its petals arranged in a radially symmetric fashion. — “actinomorphic - Wiktionary”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for actinomorphic in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “actinomorphic - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • Expression pattern of CYC-like genes relating to a dorsalized actinomorphic flower in Tengia (Gesneriaceae) 1Hong-Bo PANG 2Qing-Wen SUN 2Shun-Zhi HE It would be especially interesting to know whether or how CYC-like gene activities are related to this type of perfect actinomorphic flowers. — “Expression pattern of CYC-like genes relating to a dorsalized”,
  • Is the flower actinomorphic (symbolized by an asterisk, *) or zygomorphic (z) actinomorphic; bi***ual (rarely uni***ual and then the plants dioecious); calyx of 5 basally connate sepals, corolla of 5. — “Plant Taxonomy - Biology 308”,
  • Definition of actinomorphic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of actinomorphic. Pronunciation of actinomorphic. Translations of actinomorphic. actinomorphic synonyms, actinomorphic antonyms. Information about actinomorphic in the free online. — “actinomorphic - definition of actinomorphic by the Free”,
  • Encyclopedia article about actinomorphic. Information about actinomorphic in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “actinomorphic definition of actinomorphic in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. being radially symmetrical and capable of division by any longitudinal plane into essentially symmetrical halves. — “Actinomorphic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • A rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker, and word finding tool for poets, writers, musicians, and language enthusiasts. Definitions of actinomorphic: adjective: capable of division into symmetrical halves by any longitudinal plane passing through the axis. Related words. — “RhymeZone”,
  • actinomorphic also actinomorphous adj. Botany Capable of being divided into equal halves along any diameter, as the flowers of the rose or tulip;. — “actinomorphic: Definition from ”,
  • actinomorphic: Definition and Pronunciation. — “actinomorphic: meaning and definitions — ”,

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  • are attached and excluding the petiole radial symmetry Symmetry along many longitudinal planes all passing through a central axis e g the leaves of a flush radiospermic Of seeds radially symmetric e g the seeds of all cycad genera except Cycas See also actinomorphic zygomorphic Cf platyspermic receptive Pertaining
  • one It owns an acid flavor slightly and takes place it and consumes anywhere in the world as much fresh as processing of different ways or like sauce puree juice dehydrated or tinned tomatoes garden Archaeological evidences exist that demonstrate that tomatillo a variety of the tomato acid and of green color that still is consumed in Mexico was used like food from
  • Campanula actinomorphic flowers Lobelia zygomorphic flowers Economic uses ornamentals
  • Class Notes Rosaceae Rosaceae flowers are unspecialized actinomorphic and with flat or shallowly cup shaped corollas The petals have wavy margins The flowers are adapted primarily for
  • Radial symmetry Divisible into equal halves by two or more planes of symmetry Fig 4 18 also called actinomorphic Example 1 Example 2
  • actinomorphic zygomorphic Cf radiospermic pleated Of a leaf creased along its length e g Zamia neurophyllidia See also corrugated plicate Cf plane plicate Pleated or folded longitudinally like a fan often used perhaps incorrectly to refer to the corrugated appearance of the adaxial leaflet surface in species such as
  • 29 Aceraceae Maple trees or shrubs leaves opposite usually simple with palmate venation flowers actinomorphic fruit a winged schizocarp
  • Click on image to view larger version Fig 4 Illustrations of actinomorphic flowered Cariniana integrifolia and zygomorphic flowered C micrantha drawn from photographs of living plants vouchered as follows C integrifolia
  • 花でない花には 直角に交わる2本の対称面を持つ 十字相称花 bisymmetric flower 3つ以上の対称面を持つ 放射相称花 actinomorphic flower がある セイヨウカラシナ アブラナ科 の十字相称花 ホウセンカ ツリフネソウ科
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  • of West Texas Cactus flowers show classic archaic features actinomorphic often solitary polypetalous numerous stamens and epigyny which in this family has involved stem tissue Local prickly pear Opuntia lindheimeri flower showing archaic similar to Magnoliidae features
  • Click on image to view larger version Figs 1 7 Flowers of all species in the actinomorphic grade and slender tree clades of Moringa Side views unless specified 1 4 Members of the actinomorphic grade showing
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  • 持つ 十字相称花 bisymmetric flower 3つ以上の対称面を持つ 放射相称花 actinomorphic flower がある セイヨウカラシナ アブラナ科 の十字相称花 ホウセンカ ツリフネソウ科 ユキノシタ ユキノシタ科
  • <em><strong>Megacorax graciel***< em>< strong> closeup flower<br
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  • A spring beauty waves in the wind at the gas station down the road When I was taking this I also noticed that there is a waterfall as you turn into the carwash drive through
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  • and varies in either being entire or with 2 4 or 6 opposite teeth like lobes The mature leaves measure around 24mm long and 6mm wide They have a pleasant lemon like aromatic smell The flowers are seen in opposite pairs because they grow from the axils of the upper leaf pairs The actinomorphic calyx is a single campanulate bell shaped structure with 5 teeth at the
  • AD A photograph of Nicotiana Tobacco in flower Note the actinomorphic trumpet shaped flowers of 5 fused
  • Inflorescence with open flowers Note the four flowers per head the actinomorphic flowers and the flowers and bracts that are red and pink Mt Kinabalu Borneo Malaysia Photo by J

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  • Cinnamomum verum (with translation text) More information??? Review: · GRIN Taxonomic Information: Contact: @
  • Morphology Of Flowering Plants Check us out at Flowers arise from the apical portion of a stem in a region called the receptacle. They may be borne directly on a main stem axis or rachis (sessile) or on a slender stalk or stem called a pedicel. They usually consist of four whorls of parts that develop in the following series, from the outer whorl to the inner: sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels. These whorls of parts may develop in discrete cycles, or be more or less continuous and spirally arranged. If all four whorls of floral parts are present, the flower is complete; if one or more whorls is missing, the flower is incomplete. The symmetry of flowers usually can be defined as radial (actinomorphic) or bilateral (zygomorphic). In a few groups the flowers are termed irregular (asymmetric) when the petals or sepals are dissimilar in form or orientation. Floral diversity is achieved by numerous variation patterns resulting from changes in 1) symmetry, 2) numbers of each floral part, and 3) degree of fusion of the parts. If like parts are fused, they are connate; if unlike parts are fused, they are adnate. Prefixes such as gamo-, sym-, and syn- denote connation, as in gamopetaly and sympetaly (fusion of petals to each other) and syncarpy (fusion of carpels). The prefix epi- refers to adnation, as in epipetalous stamens (stamens fused to the petals). In floral morphology, the prefixes poly- and apo- represent the lack of fusion, as in polypetaly (separate petals) and apocarpy ...
  • Myristica fragrans (with translation text) More information??? Review: · GRIN Taxonomic Information: Contact: @
  • Botany 2011- Saul Hoyos_155 155 HOYOS, SAUL Anatomical and morphological characteristics among Fusispermum spp. and Rinorea apiculata group (Violaceae) can be useful for understanding the phylogenetic relationships Whithin the Violaceae, Fusispermum spp. and Rinorea apiculata clade are strongly supported as being successively sister to the rest of the family; while the monogeneric Goupiaceae are sister to Violaceae. Few comprehensive empirical studies have ever been published on Violaceae, especially on Fusispermum spp. and Rinorea apiculata group. Furthermore, those studies have focused on the most widely available genus Viola, not a typical one in the family, being largely herbaceous and temperate, while most of its members are woody and tropical in distribution. Leaf, seeds, androecium and gynoecium of Fusispermum laxiflorum, F. minutiflorum, F. rubrolignosum, Rinorea apiculata group(R. apiculata, R. crenata), Rinorea s. str.(R. lindeniana, R. squamata, R. paniculata, R. dasyadena, R. viridifolia), and Goupia glabra (Goupiaceae) were examined. Structures in most of these species were illustrated for the first time, namely Fusispermum spp. and the Rinorea apiculata group.This new information may provide characters that can be understood in the context of hypothesis of relationships within Violaceae, and between Violaceae and Goupiaceae. The results of this research show that: G. glabra has a nodal anatomy (3:1) similar to the Violaceae. The petioles of R. apiculata clade have double vascular ...
  • Lythrum salicaria (with translation text) • Plants of future () • GRIN - Taxonomic information (http
  • Symmetry in flowers (a clear sign of creation by ALLAH) www.baltic- http www.fossil- Ms. Dilem, Ms. Gizem, Ms. Zeynep and Ms. Betul lecture on the miconceptions of evolution and the end times (February 8, 2011)

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  • “sister flowers by maya angelou mirm Examples of actinomorphic flowers are the lily ( Lilium Liliaceae ) and the buttercup ( Ranunculus Ranunculaceae )”
    — sister flowers by maya angelou mirm,

  • “and lame the shoreline the wife of the unclogged actinomorphic manganate.The most luxurious private jet has had a stormproof luxury private jet”
    — most expensive pri Most luxurious private jet.Safety |MOST,

  • “Sofia News Agency () is a real time news provider in English that informs its readers about the latest Bulgarian news. The editorial staff also publishes a daily online newspaper The News. and The News publish the latest”
    — Forum - - Sofia News Agency,

  • “flowers in the rain move Hex Left and Middle: Flat actinomorphic flowers with many stamens and petals with wavy margins. 19.99 flower delivery. Fruits reddish-blue to dark-purple”
    — flowers in the rain move Hex,

  • “[آرشیو] مقالات به زبان اصلی گیاه پزشکی through the central axis from any point, symmetrical halves are produced—the flower is called regular or actinomorphic, e.g. rose or trillium”
    — مقالات به زبان اصلی [آرشیو] - سایت علمی دانشجویان ایران,

  • “The complement that chanukah are blusterous steaming to mary riley that the To pay compost to this actinomorphic obstreperous, i resinlike his offenseless mary riley”
    — Mary Riley:,

  • “LEO Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch Disc florets are usually actinomorphic, with five petal lips on the rim of the corolla tube. The petal lips may be either very short, or long, in which case they form deeply lobed petals”
    — LEO Forum,

  • “To many, flowers are nature's gift. The invigorating beauty of flowers have always fascinated and enthralled through the ages. Another classification is "Actinomorphic", whereby the petals of the flower have a characteristic radial symmetry to them”
    — FLOWERS ARE NATURE'S GIFT | Fresh Flower Delivery - Save up to 45%,

  • “epiphytic, or lithophytic, autotrophic or rarely mycotrophic. herbs (or rarely scrambling actinomorphic, bi***ual [very rarely monoecious and polymorphic], sessile or pedicellate,”
    — www-efloras-org.pdf,

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