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  • Find acronyms and abbreviations quickly and easily at Acronym Search. Categories include military, computer, finance, chat, accounting, and more. — “Acronym Search”,
  • acronyms flashcards at Flashcard Exchange. The largest on-line source of printable flash cards. Study online, print, download and share. — “acronyms Flashcards”,
  • For acronyms used on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Acronyms. Acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations that are formed using the initial components in a phrase or name. These components may be individual letters (as in CEO) or parts of words (as in Benelux). — “Acronym and initialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Acronym definition, a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words, as Wac from Women's Army Corps, OPE See more. — “Acronym | Define Acronym at ”,
  • This site functions as a valuable reference for acronyms and initialisms, providing both an Acronym Finder, where you can search for acronyms based on keywords or phrases, and as an Acronym Dictionary, which provides a list of possible definitions for each acronym. — “Acronym Finder and Dictionary - Acronyms .net”,
  • Acronyms are abbreviations and a number pf Acronyms float around in the World of Finance. In case, one does not know the meaning of the same, the entire issue, discussion, point of observation, etc. may not be understood correctly. Although it is. — “Acronyms - Finance”,
  • Find definitions for acronyms and abbreviations from A to Z. Search by letter, or browse abbreviations and acronyms used by the government, doctors, scientists, and the Internet. — “”,
  • Acronyms - a massive list of amusing and serious acronyms at Saidwhat. — “Acronyms - list of acronyms - Said What”,
  • ACRONYMS used on the National Immunization Program (NIP) web site. This list only contains acronyms and abbreviations associated with vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. — “NIP: terms/acronyms”,
  • A FREE comprehensive list of acronyms for computer, telephony, internet, web sites, programming and networking with links to definitions, meanings and additional information about each acronym. — “Acronyms Online - Telephony and Computer Related Acronyms and”,
  • The most commonly used acronyms for instant messaging. All Rights Reserved The trademarks and service marks of AOL or its subsidiaries identified herein are owned by AOL Inc. — “AIM - Chat with all your Buddies & Facebook friends”,
  • Searchable database of acronyms listed alphabetically and by category. — “All Acronyms”, all-
  • Acronyms and abbreviations are used by everyone. In regular language, but also in e-mail, sms, twitter or chat. This page provides you with the most common used abbreviations and acronyms. — “Acronyms | 500 most common used acronyms”, muller-
  • Buy acronyms at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “acronyms - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • This guide should help those frustrated with these acronyms, abbreviations and slang terms decipher what is being said by social Internet users. I often answer these questions with common social media acronyms, and more times than not; I am then asked "What's that mean?. — “Acronyms - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Acronym / Abbreviations Search. Enter Acronym / Abbreviations: Acronyms Meaning. Acronym Categories. Astronomy Acronyms (825) Atmospheric Research Center. — “Acronyms List”,
  • Searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military. — “Acronym Finder”,
  • Acronyms United States Government Abbreviations and Acronyms. Major agencies are listed alphabetically. Acronyms and Initialisms for Health Information Resources. Acronyms for global information and data resources in the health sciences. — “Acronyms”,
  • Searchable database of acronyms and abbreviations covering various subjects such as computers, technology, telecommunication, and the military. — “Acronyms - FreeDictionary”,
  • Acronyms finder and dictionary and abbreviations - no adult content - funny acronyms: training, medical, military, army, navy, computer, business, lists definitions, meanings and funny acronyms plus free online business training for management,. — “acronyms finder dictionary and abreviations finder dictionary”,

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  • Can you understand acronyms? Comedian/Speaker Judy Carter tests the audience on just how far acronyms have gone. If you can understand it, you might be nuts.
  • Acronyms Anonymous The other AA meetings that you may not have known about. i seriously have no idea. I actually kinda just wanted to vent out that FTW is soooooo bizzare but kind of everywhere at the moment! Oh.. and don't expect me to reply to comments that is like one Acronym. At least put like 3 in a sentence! haha jk. JK JK omg JK wt? ==== Wow! Thank you youtube for featuring this in Australia and NZ! Totally greatful for that. This was just a total random vlog vid about how i felt about FTW.. but YaY nonetheless!
  • Acronyms we all know our daily jargon as ***s. Lets explore the other less appreciated creations made by letters. and i'm not sure why the audio is so weird. It was like that on my computer, not just Youtube
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  • Acronyms Because typing whole sentences is too strenuous for the average human, we invented acronyms. Lol.
  • Acronym Sketch - Revue and Integration Written by Ben Warne Performed by Richard Bugler, Catherine John and Ben Warne Revue and Integration Sketch Show 2009
  • rant on acronyms Not my greatest video but it was fun to make. I'll try to make more videos
  • Audio Compression Acronyms - MP3 - AAC - OGG & More Learn about the exciting world of audio compression acronyms. Do you know what MP3 actually stands for? Yes, this is one of my "geeky" videos. www.totalmp3
  • Why Cant We Just Use Normal Internet Acronyms Anymore?
  • Internet Acronyms: Project Make John Laugh! My entry into the Loadbrecht's Sony Software contest! Yeah, how am I supposed to compete against the cartoon maker who actually helps people for a living? Sure, John, you poop on me, man, you poop on me!
  • Learn English Through Song Lesson 76 Acronyms www.learn-to-speak-english- Learn English Through Song Papa Omm Mow Mow.Learn English Through Song helps English Second Language (ESL) students study speaking, conversation, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and grammar. It's for anyone who enjoys learning to speak English with media arts. To learn conversation effectively and quickly, see my Speak English Here and Now Program. It teaches Conversation Rules in voiced dialogs for high school and university students and is played offline in browsers. Free song lyrics and practice exercises are available on site. Studying in this karaoke kind of way is fun! Lessons improve speaking skills in dialogs, pronunciation, listening comprehension and sentence structure. Learn to speak, practice listening, develop vocabulary or just sing along like karaoke but have fun as you study! TeacherFrank
  • Corporate Comedian Judy Carter Tackles Acronyms Have you ever noticed the crazy way people talk these days? It's a wonder we can keep up. Corporate Comedian and author of Standup Comedy: The Book and The Comedy Bible, Judy Carter shows 3000 healthcare professionals in Las Vegas that she feels their pain. If you're looking for a corporate comedian for your next event, call (310) 915-0555 or email [email protected] Corporate Comedy has never been so funny!
  • Military acronyms speaking piece Recorded on April 10, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • English in 30 Seconds: Common Internet Acronyms You have probably seen these acronyms. But what do they mean? A video for people learning English. Subscribe to our channel for information on new videos.
  • Nutnfancy Definitions - Acronyms & Concepts Pt 1 Nutnfancy uses many acronyms and describes certain concepts throughout his videos. Here are some definitions of those commonly used so far... These terms and phrases are widely used and not limited to just The Nutnfancy Project. This list is meant to help people understand what would otherwise be unfamiliar. Your mileage may vary... Some of the concepts have been named by Nutnfancy. However, not all of the terms, phrases, or ideas are his own. He makes this explicitly clear and always gives credit where credit is due. His intent is to describe these topics in depth and present food for thought. Sometimes though it's hard to know what he's talking about when he abbreviates certain words. This video was made to quickly define some of the acronyms and concepts that he commonly uses. This list is likely to grow as The Nutnfancy Project rolls on. If so, there will be a part 2, 3, etc.
  • Nutnfancy Definitions - Acronyms & Concepts Pt 2 Nutnfancy uses many acronyms and describes certain concepts throughout his videos. Here are some definitions of those commonly used so far... These terms and phrases are widely used and not limited to just The Nutnfancy Project. This list is meant to help people understand what would otherwise be unfamiliar. Your mileage may vary... Some of the concepts have been named by Nutnfancy. However, not all of the terms, phrases, or ideas are his own. He makes this explicitly clear and always gives credit where credit is due. His intent is to describe these topics in depth and present food for thought. Sometimes though it's hard to know what he's talking about when he abbreviates certain words. This video was made to quickly define some of the acronyms and concepts that he commonly uses. This list continues to grow as The Nutnfancy Project rolls on. There will probably be a part 3, 4, etc.
  • Business English - 7 Common Workplace Abbreviations An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. In written English, we use abbreviations to shorten common sentences to save time. This lesson will explain some common written abbreviations that are used in a business setting.
  • When Acronyms Attack LOL? I just had to do a this video in response to Johnnee's video after finding a poster at Walmart. Oh BTW, its johneepixels. I left out the S, oopsies! --- OMG! My first honor?! #91 - Most Discussed (Today) - Comedy
  • The Alex and Jim Show - Acronyms (Abkürzungen) We stranded in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria sometime this summer and thought "OMG".
  • Coupons 101: Coupon Acronyms, Blogs and Texts EXPLAINED ; ) This tutorial will get you familiar with most of the coupon jargon that is used on the blogs, resource sites, coupon sites and in guru texting. For more information on saving 60% or more on your grocery bill, collecting and organizing your coupons, click other "Coupons 101" Links.
  • Acronym 101: ABU Zoe investigates one of the most common acronyms among Airmen.
  • Coupon Acronyms and Abbreviations - Understanding the Lingo Get a better understanding of what the most popular coupon acronyms and abbreviations stand for.
  • craigslist acronyms (watch this second) acronyms on craigslist
  • Acronym 101: TR Every Monday, Zoe gives an Air Force Reserve acronym 101. This week, it's TR.
  • Acronyms-Help Delete Online Predators (English) In 2004 the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children partnered with the Ad Council to develop an advertising campaign that alerts families about online child ***ual exploitation. Acronyms is a video featured in the campaign.
  • Acronyms Rulez.. LOL! Closed Caption is available. Introduction: Acronyms language, the most used language in near future? ;-) What Acronyms mean, you wonder? It means "abbreviations that are formed using the initial components in a phrase or name." - such as LOL, ROTFL, IDK, etc. So the question is.. will it be popular "language" in near future? Acronym and initalism:
  • Bistro Answer to the game to be the teacher's pet. Here is the answer to the Bistro game. Ending music by
  • Computer Acronyms WWW, URL In this video I will briefly discuss the acronyms URL, WWW, and HTTP.
  • Internet Acronyms First show ever. I found some stupid internet acronyms that are claimed to be some of the most commonly used internet acronyms. Despite the fact that this sucks, feel free to leave constructive criticism. BTW! (By the way) Sorry about the volume issue with the intro music, its lame, and loud, and annoying! My apologies.
  • Fertility Acronyms Hopefully these help someone (-:
  • Derek Loux sings IHOPKC 7-Year Anniversary Acronym Song Derek Loux sings his Acronym Song for the International House of Prayer's 7-Year Anniversary in September 2006 and does a impersonation of speaker Dave Sliker. IHOPKC is known for having many acronymn for its departments and services.
  • Acronym Overload This is an animated anecdote of acronyms that I never actually anticipated animating until after ample amounts of applause from amigos and acquaintances that are apparently able to appreciate artful angles of actuality aside from all absurdities that are allegedly applicable to the appropriate affair. I almost always use all Adobe applications.
  • Chat Acronyms chat and text messaging abbreviations commonly used in online chatting etc. it's so annoying when ppl are all like 'what does jk mean ??' on yahoo answers and stuff that's why i made it lol. enjoy.
  • Wyss' Pieces: Acronyms This is another installment of "Wyss' Pieces" featured on the Concordia University-St. Paul campus television show "Concordia Spotlight." In this episode, I wanted to test students' knowledge of acronyms. Since people use abbreviations and acronyms so much in their daily lives, I just assumed that everyone knew what all these acronyms stood for...I was wrong! I took a camera around with me and just asked people if they knew what some very popular acronyms stood for. This is somewhere in between "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader" and Jay Leno's "Jaywalking." This is now being broadcast on Concordia University's on-campus channel, CTP. Enjoy! © Andy Wyss Sample Questions: What does YMCA stand for? Who was FDR? The letters of IBM stand for what? What does the IQ exam test? What do the letters AT&T stand for?
  • Acronym vs. Initialism Acronyms are Initialisms, Initialisms are NOT Acronyms
  • Acronyms vs. Initialisms, Heat 1, TRACIE vs. CV So, I've decided to do my first official tournament. The tournament features eight robots whose owners felt that the names were too long to be spelled out. On one side are the acronyms, where the abbreviation is read like a word, and on the other side, the initialisms, where each letter is pronounced as a letter. Fighting for the acronyms is TRACIE, an invertible rammer with twin spikes, whose name stands for "Terrestrial Robotic Artificial Computerized Intelligent Engine" And for the initialisms, CV. It's a box shaped robot with a deadly axe and a wicked cool logo. It was made by students from the Open University, and it stands for Cataclysmic Variabot. Sorry about the lack of music in the heats, but don't worry, I'll bring the music back in the semi-finals
  • Loose Women: Acronyms (07.09.05) Loose ladies Kaye Adams, Kym Marsh, Nina Wadia & Carol McGiffin.
  • Acronyms I hate Acronyms... so i made a video showing what it would really look like if the friends that you are talking to on aim or whatever messenger you use if they typed LOL or whatever kind of Acronym. -Morgan Hochstetler Contact- usti[email protected] myspace- /vmanworld subscribe- press the orange button
  • Letterman - Bush states the wrong acronym Bush is revealed as not an expert on acronyms

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  • “Welcome to MyRagan Forum. Browse through any forum, sign in or register here and you'll Embarrassing Acronyms. Quick Reply. Quote. Another forum discussion on embarrassing typos”
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  • “Like many organizations, the Forum uses numerous acronyms to communicate. This page provides a list of acronyms that are used throughout the Forum website”
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  • “Ok guys I'll keep adding to the list as I receive them! PM me with any new ones to add! Here we go in alphabetical order '03 - Springfield Model 1903 30.06 2A - Second Amendment AAMOF - As a Matter of Fact AAR - After Action report ACP”
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  • “Poker Curious defines and explains hundreds of different acronyms and slang commonly seen in poker forums. About The Forums (2+2 Forum) atm. at the moment. Ax. an Ace with a second random card. B&M. Brick and Mortar referring to physical casinos and gaming”
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