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  • acquiescent (adj) acquiescently (adv) acquire (v) acquired (adj) acquiescent (adj) Synonyms: agreeable, compliant, yielding, accepting, submissive,. — “Synonym for acquiescent - antonym for acquiescent - Thesaurus”,
  • Acquiescent definition, disposed to acquiesce or consent tacitly. See more. — “Acquiescent | Define Acquiescent at ”,
  • acquiescent adjective - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: willing to do what other people want. — “Definition of acquiescent adjective from Cambridge Dictionary”,
  • Definition of acquiescent in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is acquiescent? Meaning of acquiescent as a legal term. What does acquiescent mean in law?. — “acquiescent legal definition of acquiescent. acquiescent”, legal-
  • Feeling or marked by resignation; acquiescent: I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do (Willa 2. Disposed to accept or agree: acquiescent, agreeable, game, minded, ready. — “Search Results for "acquiescent"”,
  • acquiescent adj. Disposed or willing to acquiesce. acquiescently ac ' quies ' cently adv. — “acquiescent: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Latin acquiescent-, acquiescens, present participle of acquiescere. — “Acquiescent - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Acquiescent: Disposed or willing to acquiesce. She frowned, exactly as the Lady whom Stile knew would have, then flung her golden hair back in a kind of acquiescent defiance. — “acquiescent - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • Definition of acquiescent from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of acquiescent. Pronunciation of acquiescent. Definition of the word acquiescent. Origin of the word acquiescent. — “acquiescent - Definition of acquiescent at ”,
  • acquiescent (comparative more acquiescent, superlative most acquiescent) willing to acquiesce, accept or agree to something without objection, protest or resistance. resting satisfied or submissive; disposed tacitly to submit; acquiescent in Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. — “acquiescent - Wiktionary”,
  • Acquiescent Construction we are dedicated to building the highest quality projects for our clients and their communities. experience, and attention to detail inform every aspect of our work. Read More. Pages. Home. About Us. Acquiescent Planning. — “Acquiescent”,
  • acquiescent synonyms, acquiescent antonyms. Information about acquiescent in the free online English acquiescent - willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest; "too acquiescent to challenge authority". — “acquiescent - definition of acquiescent by the Free Online”,
  • A clear perception of the growing requirement of the corporate world in the area of IT has enabled Acquiescent to develop programs of specific relevance for the present and the future. Acquiescent has been conceived and promoted by highly skilled and experienced senior. — “..:: Acquiescent ::”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for acquiescent in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “acquiescent - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • A rather sesquipedalian or ***y way of calling someone a tool. The said acquiescent tends to be caught off-guard upon hearing they have been calle. — “Urban Dictionary: acquiescent”,
  • Winkler, Kanouse, and Ware (1982) presented a method of dealing with "acquiescent response set" that consists of counting up double agreements to paired items opposed in meaning and Winkler et al. do not recognize that acquiescent response set was once a topic of considerable interest to scale users. — “REINVENTING THE WHEEL: Winkler, Kanouse, and Ware on”,
  • Acquiescent - Dictionary Definition and Overview. Acquiescent : adj : willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest; "too acquiescent to challenge authority"; "a gentle and biddable soul"; "children compliant with the parental will" [syn: biddable, compliant]. — “Acquiescent - Define Acquiescent at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • We found 24 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word acquiescent: acquiescent: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] acquiescent: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of acquiescent - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • LexisNexis® Congressional allows you to create complex search strings, which in turn can significantly improve your search results. will also find acquiesce, acquiescent, acquit, acquiet, and so on. — “Building a Search String”,
  • Synonyms for acquiescent. Other words for acquiescent. Different words for acquiescent. Antonyms of acquiescent. — “acquiescent - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Paper Chase: Ousted Pakistan CJ says acquiescent government officials to be 'punished'. — “JURIST - Paper Chase: Ousted Pakistan CJ says acquiescent”,

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  • Douche-Bro (Part 1 of 3) This is the douche-bro who ended up throwing an ashtray onto me. He also spoke to me in Tagalog, assuming I was filipino. And there was major drama between him and this other douche-bro #2 involving someone's brother and doing nitrous (?). In the interim, there was talk about him and his acquiescent hipster girlfriend getting a marriage proposal and douche-bro #2 being best man, while the brother would only be a groomsman. Douche-bro was speaking as he was drinking, which led to beer dribbling down his chin and onto his shirt. Main douche-bro and douche-bro #2 ended up getting into a fight, which led to douche-bro throwing the contents of an ash-tray towards douche-bro #2, which mainly got all over me. There was no apology from douche-bro or any of douche-bro's friends.
  • The US govt is criminally acquiescent towards the conspiracy lynchings that are intentionally inflicted towards its own minorities, just like Hitler, exterminated its minorities, but at least he was [up front] with his "Final Solution" -- here you see more Conspiracies against the United States all done by our own government, who is out to harm and injure "targeted minorities", you can see first hand, proof and visual evidence of the use of "private individuals" and evil-disposed actvie conniving agents! Homegrown terrorist cells. the videos I will upload next will be of officer # 27111, at times square, everytime it see's me it calls me a "Scum Bag" and this is where our tax monies go!! This video is at the [same corner] at # 36th and 8th avenue that you see the other video of the animal with glasses attacking me, same corner!!
  • NS Dezbar Enoks - les sages acquiescent (old school fench rap ) instru by DJ Premier
  • Compromised Election in Martinez? BREAKING 11/4/10 3pm: One of our team now at the Contra Costa County election hand-count reports hearing from an official that 65 security seals were broken or missing from the pouch in which the memory cards are placed for transit from polling station to counting computer - a significant security breach. -- John Fitzgerald discovers possible election fraud in the 2010 Mid Term Elections. John is running for Mayor of Martinez, CA, the County Seat of Contra Costa County. -- According to the "official results," John Fitzgerald lost the election for Mayor of Martinez by a 3-to-1 ratio of votes. We do not believe it. Here's why: 1) The number of votes cast for Mayor in the past 2 Mayoral elections was 12000 and 11700, respectively. And yet, this election there were less than 8000 votes cast for Mayor, despite what we overheard was a record turnout. This is a suspiciously large undercount. 2) Our 2 exit polls - which are the traditional gold-standard for gauging election outcomes - differ dramatically from the "official results." One poll taken citywide by our roving pollster from 10am to 5pm found a consistent 7:1 ratio of Fitzgerald over incumbent Schroder. Another poll taken outside City Hall polling station from 6-8pm found a ratio of 1.4:1 Schroder over Fitzgerald. And yet the "official results" from every precinct showed a consistent 3:1 ratio of votes for Schroder over Fitzgerald. This is statistically implausible. 3) Eyewitness reports to our team of ballot boxes being ...
  • Mr Flood's Party Mr. Flood's Party by Edwin Arlington Robinson Old Eben Flood, climbing alone one night Over the hill between the town below And the forsaken upland hermitage That held as much as he should ever know On earth again of home, paused warily. The road was his with not a native near; And Eben, having leisure, said aloud, For no man else in Tilbury Town to hear: "Well, Mr. Flood, we have the harvest moon Again, and we may not have many more; The bird is on the wing, the poet says, And you and I have said it here before. Drink to the bird." He raised up to the light The jug that he had gone so far to fill, And answered huskily: "Well, Mr. Flood, Since you propose it, I believe I will." Alone, as if enduring to the end A valiant armor of scarred hopes outworn, He stood there in the middle of the road Like Roland's ghost winding a silent horn. Below him, in the town among the trees, Where friends of other days had honored him, A phantom salutation of the dead Rang thinly till old Eben's eyes were dim. Then, as a mother lays her sleeping child Down tenderly, fearing it may awake, He set the jug down slowly at his feet With trembling care, knowing that most things break; And only when assured that on firm earth It stood, as the uncertain lives of men Assuredly did not, he paced away, And with his hand extended paused again: "Well, Mr. Flood, we have not met like this In a long time; and many a change has come To both of us, I fear, since last it was We had a drop together. Welcome ...
  • Three Pieces for Orchestra - Mov. 3 - Passing By Three Pieces for Orchestra - Mov. 3 - Passing By Written by Brian Petuch Artwork by Stefania Alfieri Work for Three Pieces for Orchestra began in Spring of 2009. The work is a diary, or sketchbook, broken into three sections. Each movement deals with three autobiographical aspects, which include the heart, the mind, and the experience. Although each individual movement deals with just one of those subjects, the collective whole of the piece embodies one time period and one overarching foundation. The first movement's title, Tranquility in Turmoil, describes not only the juxtaposition of commotion and serenity within musical elements, but it also illustrates how remaining acquiescent and optimistic within turbulence can be soothing but overwhelming.The music features sudden drastic tempo and dynamic changes, large leaps in the melodic content, ostinatos with a pulsing rhythmic quality, a heavy reliance on staccato passages and tremolos in the strings, and high running lines in the upper register. The more light-hearted moments feature buoyant passages with light orchestration as well as a heavy reliance on syncopation. The movement features quasi Neo-Romantic gestures and rich textures built mostly with post-minimalist type sequences. Tranquility in Turmoil attempts to capture the emotional component of the work. Opaque Reflections Upon Ripples of Water is the second element of the piece, and it deals with thoughts. The name is not intended to be programmatic and does not ...
  • dougan's first dual comm (1080p awesome) yep i have finally acquiescent to requests to do dual comms and the first on the request list was I'm gonna head butt ya Phuck Yu
  • Acquiescent - Explosion Medley (Sam Tsui Cover) Our cover of Sam Tsui's mashup of Firework [Katy Perry] Grenade [Bruno Mars] and Dynamite [Taio Cruz]
  • Theocracy - Asymmetric Warfare Theocracy, Performed by Asymmetric Warfare Album: Self Titled Track 3 The systems of control are the same the world over individuality crushed in the grinding motor the church and the state accept no dissent insidious, subtle, velvet, but hell-bent fear is the reason, the motive, the key uncertain, some eschew rationality but no one can answer the big questions for you their goal is social control theocracy! give them control beneath the cross, the star, and the crescent armies have formed and marched, acquiescent the sole two emotions that they're taught to feel are inhuman blood-lust and a sickening zeal fanatic martyrs fill the mass grave of history driven to obey by so enticing a mystery promised eternal life after death have they lost their damn minds? theocracy! surrender your mind they establish their dominion
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin calls an Acquiescent Stoner
  • Acquiescent Dream State
  • Samsung BD-C5500 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player The Samsung BD-C5500 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player is certainly a revolution in its product market. Except the extra slim features of the Samsung BD-C5500 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player there are various other reasons for you to buy it.
  • The Devil Works for God -aZeroGodist Debate: The God and the devil TOPICS Who created the devil If god created the devil,what about evil Does the devil have godlike powers Devil works for god Preface: Dictionary definitions Topic 1: Who created the devil Part i: Did god create the devil In the beginning god created; the heavens & the earth, trees, plants, man, syphilis, all the many planets and stars in the universe and even "Space-time". As there is only ONE Almighty which must have of therefore created the devil. Part ii: DID MAN CREATE THE DEVIL Was it mans (I say man as he has been the dominant religious influence manipulator), was it mans inability to accept evil actions committed by others and even by themselves against their own integrity, their inability to see themselves responsible or even to hide their actions, to blame them on some external force, to condemn someone else, ie. the devil, "she's a witch, she's the devil I tell ye burn her at the stake". The devil made me do it. The devil told me to do it. God told me to do it. Topic 2: If god created the devil what about evil Part I: did god create evil If god created the devil and the devil is the summation of all things evil, unjust, down right iniquitous, then god created evil maybe deliberately/indirectly. Topic 3: does the devil have godlike powers The devils role The devils role is to make people disobedient off god, if Mr.D is successful then he gets to punish these naughty people. so Devy has a nice torture unworldly little place, that has ...
  • Libyan Protest February 17 2011 - ليبيا] 17 فبراير 2011 احتجاجات] Sandwiched between Tunisia, as it surmounts the impossible, and Egypt, as it wakes the sleeping giant, Libya has been, for the last 41 years, seemingly acquiescent to Gaddafi's regime, despite its remarkable, historical struggle for independence against Mussolini's Italy. Since the earliest days of the Tunisian uprising, many people have speculated as to whether the Sidi Bouzid contagion would infect the Libyan masses. When news of unrest over a 'housing situation' leaked via YouTube, many scrambled to follow further developments. This was a personal effort by a son of Libya to take part in what is now becoming a change across the entire Arab world. But in order to protect myself from harm, I have remained silent about my identity in order to prevent the regime from taking action against me. One day you will know who I am, but it won't matter because maybe one day we don't have to live like this in Libya Son of Libya JOIN US ACROSS LIBYA FEBRUARY.17.2011 TO CALL FOR CHANGE Credits go to Ibn Thabit for his music and for organizing the rally
  • "How Deep Is YOur Love" A Mello Mel Cover I always say this ... but it is especially true with this selection. I have always loved this song. It has so much meaning to it; "how deep is your love'" meaning, how far can your love go....which denotes that your love can be allowed to grow very deep. However, one ought to be mindful of where all this love is sewn. Material things cannot be brought with you to the grave and should be calculated as such. Search your heart and seek those things that are longanimous, humane, humanitarian, charitable, clementing and acquiescent. I do think my love for playing music will follow me to my grave....I thank God for it and plan to play full time in Heaven. :)
  • US Attorney - Bush should be in Jail, US has been betrayed by Bush & Co Georgia: US-created, US-backed proxy On a more local basis, Anglo-American machinations across the GUUAM corridor have taken place for years under Bush/Cheney, from militarization, covert operations and destabilizations leading to regime changes (CIA-supported "colour-coded revolutions," manipulated elections), to the literal bottom-up construction of pro-US/transnational corporation-friendly "democracy" puppet governments, such as the Saakashvili regime. As pointed out in the New York Times, "the United States did not merely encourage Georgia's young democracy, it helped militarize the weak Georgian state... At senior levels, the United States helped rewrite the Georgian military doctrine and train its commanders and staff officers. Georgia, meanwhile, began re-equipping its forces - with Israeli and US firearms, reconnaissance drones, communications and battlefield-management equipment, new convoys of vehicles and stockpiles of ammunition... The public goal was to nudge Georgia toward NATO military standards." Georgia's leader, Mikhail Saakashvili, came to power in 2004, as a result of US covert operations. South Ossetia, one of the so-called "breakaway" republics, is claimed by US puppet, Georgia, but has resisted Georgian rule. The Saakashvili government has attempted to seize South Ossetia for some time. In a pattern similar to that set during the 1990s Balkans conflict, each side accuses the other of genocide, atrocities and violations of international law. What ...
  • Asymmetric Warfare @ the Charleston 7.3.08 Opening for Skarp. Song titled "Theocracy"- The systems of control are the same the world over Individuality crushed in the grinding motor The Church and the State accept no dissent Insidious, subtle, velvet, but hell-bent Fear is the reason, the motive, the key Uncertain, some eschew rationality But no one can answer the big questions for you THEIR GOAL IS SOCIAL CONTROL Theocracy... Give them control Beneath the cross, the star, and the crescent Armies have formed and marched, acquiescent The sole two emotions that they're taught to feel Are inhuman blood-lust and a sickening zeal Martyr fanatics fill the mass graves of history Driven to obey by so enticing a mystery Promised eternal life after death HAVE THEY ALL LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS? Theocracy... Surrender your mind
  • Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Just in the Name of Democracy We don't really believe in democracy in America, nor have we ever done so. America stands for domination. Period. It is domination that is being exported to the Middle East, just as it was exported 100 years ago to Indian Country; to Oklahoma, and to Mexican territories. 'Democracy' was a bad word then; it's a bad word now, used only as a mask for something else. How else, in the name of democracy, could we be so dominated, so controlled, so acquiescent? How else could we be so powerless, in the face of ever-growing repression?
  • Acquiescent - Lullabyes (WPAA Singstars) Lullabyes
  • Acquiescent - Bad Aftertaste (Just a few clips thrown together!) New Music Video! XD
  • The Price of Coal (Barry Hines, Ken Loach) An excerpt from the BBC's Play for Today (directed by Ken Loach) based on Barry Hines' book about a royal visit to a Yorkshire colliery. Trade unionist and republican Sid Storey argues his case against the visit with a acquiescent trade union official. Filmed in the seventies against a backdrop of supposed economic decline and austerity Sid points out the contradiction between the advice of politicians for the population to "tighten their belts" and the extravagance and expense of a short visit by the Prince of Wales to the pit. Angry at the complacency and sycophancy of the pit's management Sid's impassioned, articulate monologue could easily apply today, on the eve of the Royal Wedding. Vive la Republique!
  • Cash and Willie doing something.avi This appears to be a cat domination ritual! Cash BITES the back of Willie's neck, as if to scruff him - which releases endorphins and causes a cat to relax - and then stands over him and kneads with his front paws while gently scratching the floor with his back paws. Willie appears acquiescent, but sometimes yowls at Cash and runs away.
  • Cameroun Cameroon Archives de Ahmadou Ahidjo et de Paul Biya Opens with the National Anthem of Cameroon, followed by clips of President Paul Biya (b. 1933- ), successor to Ahmadou Ahidjo (1924-1989). It shows the glory years, with Ahidjo strengthening his grip on power, which he later hands over to a seemingly acquiescent Biya in 1982. Ahidjo hoped to run the show behind the scenes. Unfortunately, Biya brought in his own friends and a row ensued, culminating in a failed coup in 1984. Ahidjo ran to exile in France, and layer Senegal where he later died in 1989. To this day his remains are still to be repatriated to the country he ruled for almost a quarter century. I do not own the footage used, I just compiled them in my own way. Sorry for the audio... , ,
  • Nic Weethee - Cocaine Kisses.m4v This song was written/produced/recorded by Nic Weethee. This is a copyrighted work by Nic Weethee. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2010. Weethee Records
  • It's a wrap - Mariah Carey Cover (Redo) Ok, I re did this because i said apprehensive instead of acquiescent in the 1st video and people kept telling me about it. Hope you like x
  • Cheap Samsung BD-C5500 The Samsung BD-C5500 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player is certainly a revolution in its product market. Except the extra slim features of the Samsung BD-C5500 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player there are various other reasons for you to buy it.
  • A love story between a towel and a dog th true love and pure love that I haven't seen many years. The ingenuous acts and the acquiescent response, I try to finded nearly one year, so I want share my hilarious with you. our little puppy Miley got in heat, the scent attracted our little getlemen samie, her scent were in our home everywhere even the towel that she slept on, one time we found samie did some strange things to the towel, so we just recorded it. One day we were so bored, so we use that video created this video, we wish everyone will like it! also thanks for Olivia Ong's where is the love to be the background music.
  • Acquiescence Acquiescence: *Passive assent or agreement without protest. *The state of being acquiescent.
  • Acquiescent - If it needs a name! Awesum!!
  • Acquiescent - If It Needs A Name New Project 1
  • Eric Morder "Cloud Song" featured in "Half A Bee," this song concerns revelation almost unendurable in its uninspiring implications. despite the "cloudiness" and suggestion of rain, it ironically has a perkiness and liveliness. a spontaneous free flow follows the main body of lyrics, unknown even to me until I let it out. folksy, bluesy, would work as a rock or heavy metal song if dressed up for it. (visit for blogs and links to purchase books, songs, or the Buskopolis documentary "Half A Bee"--, --featuring my stories, poems, and songs)
  • The Prism Guardians Pictures These are pictures I commissioned of the story. There are a few scenes in here that may be familiar but mostly these are just 'mugshots' of the characters with the song called 'Last Agni Kai' from Avatar: The Last Airbender. You'll see Isis grow from a child to an adult. Her friends, and the final encounter as they relax in the basking glow of the Great Soul Connectors. Enjoy. All pictures belong to their rightful owner. Song belongs to The Track Team. Video belongs to me.
  • Acquiescent - Closer To The Edge New Project
  • McShep || The Eighth Deadly Sin Summary: John crashed with jumper and lost his memory. He did not remember anything, not even his hidden relationship with Rodney. Rodney decided to say nothing (protects him) and lets John to remember. After some time Sheppard remembered what happened between him and Rodney but he still could not accept this fact and tried to elope from himself. Then he began to miss Rodney more and more and realized what he feels, he came to Rodney´s house and told him the truth. They lived together very happily but here ends this fairytale. John noticed that there is another person around his Rodney and that Rodney is very acquiescent even when he tried to hide it. Then McKay did not bother to sorry his behavior and had a little romance. John could not stand this jealousy and hurt Rodney. After Rodney recovered, he wanted John to forget him, but John could not. John thought about way how to divide Rodney from everyone other who is interested. In the end he found a way. ------NOT COMING SOON------- ®TwoFatalDays A/N: two scenes from absolutely amazing ®LaPrincesseNini
  • Acquiescent - Bad Aftertaste (WPAA Singstars) Music video of Bad Aftertaste at the WPAA Singstars Show
  • Matt Harvey - Kippers at the Barrel House Jules Preston has put together a tasteful b/w slideshow of Matt performing Kippers to a live audience packed like acquiescent anchovies into the Barrel House, Totnes.
  • an assemblage of parts Line up your parts of cognition I see you have no inhibitions Like you are an assemblage of parts Branching and adolescent Amber and acquiescent Now line up the parts of your body Oh, you are so awkward and oddly Like you are an assemblage of parts Your mandible meeting your sternum Nursing your wounds as you hurt 'em Then I will undress you And then, I will mess you up Staining my sheets Above the concrete Abstaining from everything You think Will hurdle you dangling From the brink And hurting you hanging You from the sheets As we count sheep And stare at the sky As you and I continue Undressing you Down to your sinews
  • Northsky - Tyanaak [Tears of the Forest God] This is a music video that compiles footage from the writing process, practicing, recording and performing stages of the song Tyanaak[Tears of the Forest God] from Northsky's debut album, Cry of the Woodlands, available 9.25.10. Produced by David Fink Lyrics: This island smiles under the cloudless sky Celebration; the thousandth spin of the sun One more year of protection Their dedication Their resolution to preserve The guardians of time The guardians of life One more year of protection One more year to sing their song Yet another spin of the sun To stand strong for the forest god The horizon... Ships come gliding... Prepare to stand guard (battle cry) It is their purpose of existence, But they are unprepared In this unbecoming hour It is the worst they feared Cunning schemes relinquished They must guard the shore Behind the mossy rocks they form In the shadows In the shadows of ancestors gone In front of the treeline To stand for the forest god Hark the call of their horns As they pierce the sky Rowing boats by the hundreds How they waste no time Mark the planting of flags As they pierce the soil Towards the moss-covered rocks They storm Fronting the shadows Front the shadows of defenders gone Prodigious disposal Stalking the forest god In the blink of an eye Genocide They face him at last Showering arrows of gold through his soul Heedlessly Needlessly Lucid thoughts Acquiescent of this ill-starred fate Flourishing a mirthless grin He weeps a tear of flame And the ...
  • Anarchy in the Inner Landscape: Buddhism, Psychedelics, and Personal Growth You can't have an effective movement when you're weighed down by emotional baggage! Your own neuroses are more noxious than tear gas, and there is no infiltrator more insidious than the cop inside your head. With this in mind, personal growth is not a luxury but a necessity. As we struggle against the various systems of domination & hierarchy out in the world, let us also be aware of how the underlying mentality of domination and hierarchy shows itself within our own psyches as well. In this workshop we will discuss some tried and true methods for overcoming the habitual behavior that leads us to self-sabotage our lives, strain our relationships and affinity groups, and render us more acquiescent to authority and likely to reproduce patterns of domination. We'll weigh the pros and cons of various paths to personal growth which we have experienced, which include Vipassana (Buddhist) meditation, Ayahuasca (psychedelic) shamanism, Focusing, Nonviolent Communication, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. By Ian Mayes and Nexus X Humectress at the 2011 New York City Anarchist Book Fair
  • Knock Knock by Arzoo I wrote this poem a while ago to dispel the frustration I felt due to discrimnation towards my hijab..I got lots of comments like ``you don`t deserve to wear it``to ``aren`t you hot in there``.....So this is my ``Whatever`` to all those comments...take this! hmph! Crushed soul Crushed - for they drill a hole Creating void, a black hole Knock Knock Who's there? Victim Of what? (silence ) Victim of what? (silence) Prithee share, I won't cut Steely stares at my dress Sense of seclusion they impress Hijab, an issue they address Us, they ignorantly oppress Oh, a shallow look that regress Me further into deeper stress Sadness overcomes as I digress This sorry situation; I must contest Silence, I am silent BUT, not acquiescent Tolerating, finally I just had to Let it out or simply stay blue Wishing to find a cure, to undo The damage done to moi, by you For I am truly falling through Listening to the lies you brew Would you cure it, would you? Answer me, in words that are true Sethe's Chockcherry tree; what a mess I carry one as well, oh yes Beloved; sixty million and more...God bless! Moi, another human; I must impress We suffer at our own hands; I protest Our weaknesses we must repress Sostoris drew a blank card, I assess A blank card people; just digress Would you cure it, would you? Answer me, in words that are true By: Cercatore aka Arzoo Website: www.orion2007
  • The Trail to Enlightenment This video discusses enlightenment in terms of happiness in the view of Siddhartha Guatama, as well as in reference to Buddhism and Taoism. There is an underlying debate over whether happiness is externally influenced or found within, these interviews give several opinions. In the Indian religions, happiness is a fairly existential thing, as most people focus on enlightenment in a later life. This is because only certain people in society were traditionally able to achieve such status, and that was the highest class - the Brahmins. What Siddhartha discovered is that happiness must be within the here and now, not limited to a caste or to another life. In viewing the world this way, he achieved happiness and universal understanding - by focusing on the here and now without attaching himself to it. This means that we are to act as a stone falling through water, to respond and react to the world and 'go with the flow' rather than try to correct and control our lives. In being so acquiescent, Siddhartha was able to find happiness. According to a business professor interviewed here, happiness is more likely tied to personal performance and worldly success - both of which involve a competitive comparison and relative review. Rather than base one's happiness on their own feelings of success, this view seems to compare one person to another and to another. In this way, happiness is an externally driven thing, that must be controlled and sought after to win over. The students ...
  • Mariah Carey - It's A Wrap Yet another early morning and you walking like its nothing Hold up, hold up, hold tight Ain't no donuts ain't no coffee see i know you seen me callin and callin I should crack ya right in ya forehead Pre-Chorus Let me take a breathe (Let me take a breathe) And regain my composure Told you one more time (Told you one more time) If you f'd up its over. When its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone You dead wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong So just scoo do do doot baby Chorus Its a wrap for you baby (It's A Wrap) Its a wrap for you boy (It's A Wrap) Oh baby Verse 2 If I ever misrepresented my self-image Then I'm sorry I was oh so acquiescent But I learn my lesson Boy you sorry bump, bump, bump All out in the open dont make me go call maury provich Pre-Chorus Let me take a breathe (Let me take a breathe) And regain my composure Told you one more time (Told you one more time) If you f'd up its over. When its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone You dead wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong So just scoo do do doot baby Chorus Its a wrap for you baby (It's A Wrap) Its a wrap for you boy (It's A Wrap) Oh baby Bridge Put all of your *** in the elevator its going down like a denominator Trying to keep holding on, holding on Boy let me go You gonna wake my neighbors, get away from my door That was your last shot you ain't coming back Its the martini I mean it baby It's a wrap When its gone, its gone, its gone, its gone You dead wrong, so wrong ...

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  • “Crossings But looking at her carefully she came to the conclusion that the hospital nurse was only slavishly acquiescent, and that the look of satisfaction was produced by no splendid conception of God within her”
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  • “But looking at her carefully she came to the conclusion that the hospital nurse was only slavishly acquiescent, and that the look of satisfaction was produced by no splendid conception of God within her. She was adoring something shallow and”
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