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  • We must redefine and redirect our traditional understanding of designing for accessibility to not only include those persons permanently disabled, but also those For information about compliance with accessibility guidelines and standards for a. — “Accessible | Whole Building Design Guide”,
  • Information about Hewlett-Packard Accessibility Program and Hewlett-Packard's commitment to making its products and services accessible to people with disabilities. — “HP Accessibility”,
  • Definition of accessibility in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of accessibility. Pronunciation of accessibility. Translations of accessibility. accessibility synonyms, accessibility antonyms. Information about accessibility in the free online. — “accessibility - definition of accessibility by the Free”,
  • Apple offers a variety of built-in tools and technologies that help people with disabilities get the most from their Mac, iPod, or iPhone. As part of our commitment to accessibility, our Retail Associates are specially trained to serve customers with disabilities. — “Apple - Accessibility”,
  • By enabling human capability through innovation, the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center strives to help all people maximize their potential, regardless of age or ability. — “IBM Accessibility”,
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: Accessibility Our stations feature accessible priority parking near station entrances, information on station pylons in Braille and raised alphabet, and extra-wide. — “Metro - Accessibility”,
  • Welcome to Accessibility dot Net - home of custom computers built your way Accessibility dot Net is a strong leader building custom computers for persons who are blind. — “Welcome to ”,
  • Ac·cess·i·bil·i·ty n. [L. accessibilitas : cf. F. accessibilité .] The quality of being accessible, or of Accessibility can be calculated by using a framework known as an accessibility matrix. — “Accessibility: Definition from ”,
  • Web Design References: News and info about web design and development. The site advocates accessibility, usability, web standards and many related topics. — “Web Design References: Accessibility”,
  • We hope that you will share our efforts to improve it's accessibility by providing us with your feedback about our efforts to let us know where the structure and technology of the site can be improved. The intended audiences for these pages are:. — “Internet Accessibility”,
  • The National Park Service is committed to making every possible effort to ensure that all information is accessible to people with disabilities, including both employees and customers we serve. If you experience any difficulty accessing the information on our web site, please email us. — “Accessibility”,
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is committed to making its Web sites accessible to the widest possible audience, including individuals with disabilities. This information may not be available in accessible formats. — “HHS - Web Accessibility Statement”,
  • In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act to require federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Inaccessible technology interferes with an individual's ability to obtain and use information quickly and easily. — “CDC - Accessibility”,
  • We appreciate that many visitors are concerned about accessibility to their digital government and we pledge that the EOHHS is committed to achieving meaningful accessibility to this online environment. This portal has been designed to offer. — “EOHHS Accessibility Policy - EOHHS”,
  • Blackboard® is committed to ensuring that our e-Education platform is usable and accessible. With valuable input from our clients and a strong set of development tools, we will continue to invest in developing accessible products and capabilities. — “Blackboard Accessibility”,
  • Accessibility refers to ensuring that access to information is available to the widest possible audience. Select from a list of accessible tax forms, publications, large print, and "talking" tax forms. — “ Accessibility”,
  • The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Vast quantities of information and resources for making the Web accessible to all. — “Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - home page”,
  • This chapter defines the concept of "accessibility," discusses how it is evaluated, and describes various ways to improve it. For more detailed discussion see the report "Accessibility: Defining, Evaluating and Improving Accessibility. — “Online TDM Encyclopedia - Accessibility”,
  • Accessibility is a general term used to describe the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible. Accessibility can be viewed as the "ability to access" and possible benefit of some system or entity. — “Accessibility - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Web Site Accessibility Policy - Texas Department of Insurance. Included in TDI's Accessibility Policy is information on both Web site and Web application accessibility and text, telephone and physical access to TDI buildings, facilities and hearings. — “Web Site Accessibility Policy from the Texas Department of”,
  • The Microsoft Accessiblity Web site provides information on the accessibility of Microsoft products and related resources including sections on Products and Resouces, Assisitve Technolgy, Step by Step Tutorials, Guides by Disability, Case Studies. — “Accessibility at Microsoft, Home”,
  • Accessibility Resources Privacy Policy Updated 11-15-10 | Careers | Contact Us | Terms of Use | Site Map | Accessibility © AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T. — “AT&T - Accessibility Resources”,

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  • DROID and Android Accessibility Surprise I saw the Motorola DROID today. :) I have a surprise for those of you who can't see very well, and are curious about whether you can use the DROID. Stay tuned for more information, I think you're going to like this. :)
  • Internet Access For The Blind (CBS News) Bruce ***ton is suing Target under the Americans with Disabilities Act. ***ton is blind and wants Target to upgrade its website to accommodate him. John Blackstone reports.
  • Access to Technology in the Workplace: In Our Own Words People with disabilities talk about their use of accessible technology in the workplace.
  • NHRivieraCancun - Accessibility Review A video review on wheelchair accessibility of the NH Riviera Cancun (formerly EdenH Luxury Resort) in the Mayan Riviera, Cancun, Mexico. There are a lot of positives for this resort, but to fully check it out, watch this video to see rooms, resort layouts, and access to restaurants, bars, and lobbies.
  • Google Chrome Extensions and Accessibility Rachel Shearer an engineer from Google's Accessibility Engineering team discusses how developers can incorporate accessibility best practices when designing their extensions. Rachel also presents ChromeVis, an extension she created for users with low vision. You can find more information on ChromeVis at: To learn about accessibility best practices for extensions please review our guide at:
  • Video accessibility for the HTML5 video tag This is a submission to the W4A 2009 Web accessibility conference (www.w4 ). In the video, we explain the current status of video accessibility on the Web and means forward for HTML5. We propose a solution for associating textual captions with video and explain it on the example of Ogg Kate, SRT and DFXP. We then explain further challenges such as Sign Language, Audio Annotations, and more general types of time-aligned text, eg Karaoke, music lyrics, ticker-text, transcripts, or annotations with hyperlinks.
  • apple ed accessibility iphone navigation us 20090909 r640 9cie
  • IBM Systems help Alameda County Social Services Agency achieve integrated reporting system All-in-one, integrated systems & services from IBM help Alameda County Social Services Agency optimize information on demand, reporting, and improve service to the community.
  • Accessibility (Ethiopia) - Leonard Cheshire Disability Young Voices A film by Tewobsta Muluken and Mekonnen Temsegen Workineh, participants in theLeonard Cheshire Disability Young Voices project from Ethiopia. Young Voices is a project of the Leonard Cheshire Disability Global Alliance. It brings together groups of young disabled people from 19 different countries. It gives an opportunity for them to share their experiences of fighting discrimination and learn about the new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and their human rights. It gives them training in campaigning, advocacy and media skills to help them hold their governments to their obligations under the UN Convention and raise awareness. They are using video cameras to share their stories and ideas with the world. These films are their own work, their own stories. To continue their fight for full human rights for people with disabilities, the Young Voices need your support. If you find these films interesting or thought-provoking, please tell your friends and circulate this link or visit our website: Subscribe to our channel by clicking the button above to be kept informed of new films and developments.
  • Equal Access for Deaf and Blind: Markey Legislation Congressman Ed Markey (D- MA 07) speaks on the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act to provide internet and technology access to all. The bill passed in it's final form September 28th, 2010. It is waiting to be signed into law! Follow Rep. Markey on Twitter: and Facebook:
  • Google I/O 2008 - Design Patterns for Enhanced Accessibility Leveraging Web 2.0 Design Patterns For Enhanced Accessibility TV Raman (Google) HTML DOM+ JavaScript constitutes the assembly language of Web Applications. Access To Rich Internet Applications --- ARIA --- adds in a couple of additional op-codes for helping Web applications better communicate with adaptive technologies such as screenreaders. How do we now push the envelope with respect to Web applications and adaptive technologies such as screenreaders and self-voicing browsers in a manner similar to what we as Web developers have collectively achieved for the mainstream user? This session will demonstrate programming techniques that help Web developers experiment with and build in the latest accessibility techniques into their Web applications. We will base this session on project Google-AxsJAX. Developers should know JavaScript, but session doesn't require deep AJAX hackery.
  • iPhone 3GS Accessibility Settings Follow Me On Twitter: Accessibility setting include: -VoiceOver (Not Voice Control) -Zoom -White on Black -Mono Audio -Speak Auto-Text Subscribe, Rate, Comment
  • Franchise Disability Access; Chris Cartridge World Disability Access for Small Businesses Inclusion Solutions 866-232-5487
  • BSI Documentary - Building accessibility Why are accessibility standards important? How do standards help designers? How can we make the World Wide Web wider? With a new documentary on accessibility, BSI Group provides some answers to the many questions on buildings accessibility and web accessibility. This is how the world's first national standards body has chosen to celebrate World Standards Day on 14 October. This year's global message is 'Standards make the world accessible for all'. The video -- which includes strong and interesting statements from many authoritative contributors -- will be shown during the European Commission's World Standards Day 2010 'Accessibility for all' conference in Brussels today. "People have different needs and abilities", says BSI Film Producer Sofie Sandell. "In this video we want to give them a voice to make sure that their needs are heard and fulfilled thanks to standards". The documentary touches on several aspects of accessibility, from buildings to websites. The key messages are: If people don't have access to buildings, transport and the web they are locked out from society; standards create opportunities for an active life for all. BSI Group has always been committed to establishing and supporting standards which promote the availability of products and services to all consumers, regardless of their disability or impairment. And this year's event will highlight the effort BSI is making in this area. "Accessibility has become an increasing focus for BSI, recognizing that ...
  • Accessibility: For everyone's Benefit More than one in ten, that is, at least 50m citizens throughout the EU, must deal with a disability and are confronted daily with physical barriers. And, as populations are increasingly ageing and disabilities are often acquired with age, their number is set to increase. Although EU legislation has been in place since 2000 to implement the principle of equal treatment in employment, disabled people still remain among the most disadvantaged social groups throughout Europe. Indeed, 45% of Europeans recently surveyed think that discrimination amongst disabled people is particularly rife.
  • WCAG 2.0 Theme Song Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - Disability WCAG 2.0 Theme Song, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. All Instruments, vocals, video/audio production, videotaping by David MacDonald Special thanks to Armando Prini, videotaping of David, use of video studio SATB studios.
  • 21st Century Communications and Accessibility Act Passage Video from September 28, 2010 passage of the 21st Century Communications and Accessibility Act
  • Accessibility at Western Providing the best experience for persons with disabilities.
  • Web Accessibility - A World Denied This Trailer introduces the SOCITM / AbilityNet DVD on web Accessibility - Access to the web for people with a disability - the full DVD is abvilable from
  • Web Accessibility - through the "eyes" of a screen reader "Click Here" must die and Skip Navigation must live. See how a person with visual impairment experiences the web using a screen reader application.
  • The future is Open Access In this short film dr. Arianna Betti explains how she uses Open Access publications in her daily work and how Open Access can speed up research and increase collaboration between scholars. Dr. Betti: 'Right now, we still must choose between Open Access and prestige. Let's keep our copyright. Let's put our publications online available in repositories. Let's choose the journals that have the best Open Access policies. And let's create new Open Access journals. At some point in the future there will be no distinction what so ever between prestige and Open Access. Because the future is Open Access.' More information:
  • Web accessibility and the W3C guidelines The W3C is a world wide consortium which provides guidelines on making the web more accessible to a range of users. In this clip, Craig demonstrates how Coatbridge College have developed their website with accessibility in mind.
  • Kitchen Accessibility Some kitchen accessibility ideas for those who are paralyzed or confined to a wheelchair. Accessible oven, stove top, oxo canisters, Keurig coffee maker station.
  • Equal Access: Universal Design of Instruction How to make instruction in a classroom or in a tutoring center accessible to all students.
  • What is Accessibility? (by Tom Hughes-Croucher) Video lesson "What is Accessibility? (by Tom Hughes-Croucher)".
  • Airline accessibility - Zara's story Under new European law, if you are disabled or have difficulty moving around you can receive assistance when you fly to and from Europe. Watch a video of Zara's air travel experiences and find out how the Commission helped her.
  • World Wide Access how to make web pages accessible to people with disabilities
  • BBC Click Accessibility An overview of what impaired users encounter when using in accessible websites.
  • Equal Access In The Classroom Every student deserves equal access to learning opportunities. The Described and Captioned Media Program focuses on those classrooms having students with broad differences in their ability to see and hear. Description and captioning make educational media accessible to these students. This production: (a) defines and provides examples of description and captioning; (b) provides teacher testimony supporting the need for these accessibility options in educational media; and (c) overviews the services provided by the DCMP, including our free-loan library of accessible media. For more information concerning the DCMP, visit our web site at . To learn more about accessible media, order a DVD version of this production, or to view this production with description, visit the Equal Access In the Classroom section of the DCMP site at http .
  • Video Games: Access for All -- KQED QUEST Can someone who's quadriplegic or hearing impaired play a video game? QUEST takes you to the international Game Developers Conference celebrated recently in San Francisco, where a group of gamers used colorful tactics to convince mainstream developers to make video games that are accessible for everyone.
  • Improvement of Web Accessibility in Japan Google Tech Talks March, 17 2008 ABSTRACT This talk is a shortened version of our presentation at the CSUN 2008 conference, titled "Improvement of Web Accessibility: What A Japanese Web Production Company Can Do". We would like to introduce how we are contributing to the improvement of Web accessibility. Speaker: Kazuhito Kidachi Kazuhito Kidachi works for Mitsue-Links, as a corporate director and the general manager of the Research and Development Department. He creates standards-compliant web sites for Mitsue-Links' clients, and is also enthusiastic about being an advocate for web standards in Japan. That's why he's a member of the Web Standards Project (WaSP). Speaker: Katsutoshi Tsuji Katsutoshi Tsuji works for Mitsue-Links as an Accessibility engineer in the Accessibility Team of the Research and Development Department. He has been totally blind since birth. He started working with Web accessibility in 2001 as a visually-impaired consultant. Currently, his main task is enlightening Mitsue-Links' clients about Web accessibility.
  • Accessibility Services Erin Peterson discusses what the Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning's Accessibility Services office has to offer UPEI students. Learn more at
  • EMC SourceOne Architecture: Scalability, Accessibility In this video, Michael Brown, Solutions Architect, takes you through some of the key features of the EMC SourceOne architecture, and explains how it's been designed to reduce operational burdens and costs; simplify access to content to enhance productivity; and enable information governance to mitigate risk.
  • Introducing The Android Accessibility Framework Starting with Android 1.6 — fondly known as Donut —the platform includes an Accessibility API that makes it easy to implement adaptive technology such as screenreaders. Android 1.6 comes with a built-in screenreader called TalkBack that provides spoken feedback when using Android applications written in Java. The next few videos will progressively introduce TalkBack, SoundBack and KickBack, a suite of programs that augment the Android user interface with alternative output. All of these special utilities are available through option Accessibility in the Android Settings menu. Once activated, the accessibility settings are persistent across reboots, ie, you need enable these tools only once. Notice that because I have accessibility enabled on my phone, all user actions produce relevant auditory feedback. Thus, each item is spoken as I move through the various options in the settings menu. The spoken feedback also indicates the state of an item as appropriate. Activating SoundBack produces non-spoken auditory feedback; KickBack produces haptic feedback.
  • Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility A brief demo and discussion of why HTML headings are so important for screenreader users.
  • Accessibility features in the iPhone 3GS The iPhone 3GS is ideal for people with vision problems or other physical disabilities. Within the iPhone 3GS accessibility options you can elect to enable text to speech and screen zooming. A Internet tutorial series by .
  • Enhancing Web 2.0 Accessibility Via AxsJAX: A Tutorial at Google - Charles L.... Google Tech Talks July 15, 2008 ABSTRACT Google is the Web's premier creator of user-friendly Web 2.0 applications, and we have long viewed it as part of our mission to do for users in the long tail (AKA users with special needs) what we've achieved for the mainstream user see this Google I/O talk entitled Design Patterns for Enhanced Accessibility for background. Accessibility 2.0 is now a hot topic on the Web and we would like to move from a world where AJAX applications were a straight No-No with respect to blind users to a world where these same technologies are used to enhance their usability for everyone. Google-AxsJAX is an Open Source framework for injecting usability enhancements into Web 2.0 applications. In this talk, Charles Chen and TV Raman will give a hands-on tutorial on using AxsJAX. The tutorial will cover the following: A brief introduction to the additional opcodes introduced by W3C ARIA to the assembly language of the Web (AKA HTML+JavaScript). AxsJAX library abstractions built on the above that help Web developers generate relevant feedback via the user's adaptive technology of choice. Steps in creating fluent eyes-free interaction to Web applications, including enabling rapid access to parts of a complex Web page. The tutorial will provide a step-by-step walk through in defining AxsJAX enhancements to a Web page including: An overview of the developer tools we use. Discovering pain-points in Web interaction and designing improvements iteratively ...
  • Accessibility Awareness Day at Notre Dame Scott Howland, Center for Students with Disabilities "If you can create an environment that is free of obstacles or barriers, then the disability doesnt really exist." School of Architecture: Center for Students with Disabilities:
  • New Accessibility Features on the iPhone 3GS (White on Black & Zoom) Some cool new accessibility features I found on the iPhone 3GS for those people who have problems with their eyesite. Sorry for the misconseption in the video. I wasn't aware of these when I shot this video. -Follow me on Twitter! for shout outs and advertising click here: www.MiChA3LdAc7
  • BBC Click and Accessibility First Paert of video introducing you to how people with a disability are using computers

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