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  • Detailed info on signs, treatments for ***ual abuse, rape, physical abuse, psychological abuse. Plus self injury and dissociative disorders signs, symptoms, causes, treatments. — “***ual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Psychological Abuse - HealthyPlace”,
  • Abuse is a complex psychosocial problem that affects large numbers of adults as well as children throughout the world. Although abuse was first defined with regard to children when it first received sustained attention in the 1950s, clinicians and researchers now recognize that adults. — “Abuse - children, causes, DSM, functioning, effects, therapy”,
  • The National Library of Medicine's authoritative and current database of information on child abuse. Overview, diagnosis/symptoms, treatment, prevention, research and statistics, organizations and resources. — “Child Abuse: MedlinePlus”, nlm.nih.gov
  • Resources on abuse, including ***ual, child, emotional, etc. Welcome to my site I am a survivor of abuse and bullying and my aim is to build a site which can be used as a resource for people dealing with mental health, bullying and abuse/trauma issues. — “Psych Central: Abuse”,
  • Abuse can take many forms. This article talks about recognizing abuse, its effects, and what someone who is being abused can do. — “Abuse”,
  • Information and resources for victims and survivors of all types of abuse: ***ual, physical, emotional, substance, adult or child abuse, and recovery issues like safety. — “Abuse”, abuse.suite101.com
  • What is Abuse? - Emotional, Verbal, and Psychological Abuse, Narcissism, Pathological Narcissism, The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the Narcissist, and Relationships with Abusive Narcissists and Psychopaths. — “What is Abuse? - Emotional, Verbal, and Psychological Abuse”,
  • Abuse occurs when people mistreat or misuse other people, showing no concern for their integrity or innate worth as individuals, and in a manner that degrades their well being. — “Abuse”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping Abuse. Geocities Abuse. My Help. Forgot your ID or password? Sign In. Sign in to see your account information saved articles and more. Recent Searches (0) No recent searches. Clear all. Recently Viewed (0) No Recently Viewed Articles. Clear all. Related Links. — “Abuse | Yahoo! Abuse Help”,
  • abuse ( ) tr.v. , abused , abusing , abuses . To use wrongly or improperly; misuse: abuse alcohol; abuse a privilege. — “abuse: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Abuse also includes excessive and wrongful misuse of a substance. ***ual abuse of a child refers to ***ual behavior between an adult and child or between two children, one of whom is dominant or significantly older. The ***ual. — “abuse - definition of abuse in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • 1.23 Detainee abuse. 1.24 Disability abuse. 1.25 Discriminatory abuse abuse. 1.28 Elder abuse. 1.29 Emotional abuse. 1.30 Employee abuse. 1.31 Financial abuse. 1.32. — “Abuse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Most states recognize four major types of maltreatment: neglect, physical abuse, ***ual abuse, and emotional abuse. Although any of the forms of child maltreatment may be found separately, they often occur in combination. — “Focus Adolescent Services: Abuse”,
  • Articles on child abuse (physical abuse, ***ual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and child neglect), including signs, effects, statistics, and treatment. Includes a national resource directory with hotlines and crisis centers. — “Child Abuse: An Overview ~ ”,
  • Definition of abuse in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of abuse. Pronunciation of abuse. Translations of abuse. abuse synonyms, abuse antonyms. Information about abuse in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. child abuse, drug. — “abuse - definition of abuse by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Child abuse or child maltreatmentis an umbrella term for the physical or psychological maltreatment of a child by an adult. It includes:. — “Child abuse - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Learn about Abuse / Survivors of Abuse Therapy and or find a Therapist who specializes in Abuse / Survivors of Abuse Therapy on . — “Therapy for Abuse Survivors, Survivors of Abuse”,
  • Intended to help the Internet community to report and control network abuse and abusive users. — “Network Abuse Clearinghouse”,
  • Child abuse is an act, or failure to act, that endangers a child's physical or emotional health and development. Victims of child abuse often become abusers themselves, continuing the cycle. — “Child abuse - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Emotional abuse is any behavior designed to control another person with fear, humiliation, It includes verbal abuse or constant criticism and more subtle tactics such as. — “Abuse”,
  • Sibling abuse is the physical, emotional or ***ual abuse of one The physical abuse can range from more mild forms of aggression between siblings, such as. — “Sibling Abuse: Your Child: University of Michigan Health System”, med.umich.edu

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  • GRAPHIC -- Rodeos Abuse, Maim and Kill Animals Forget the hype about rodeos being all-American. This video shows how rodeos abuse, maim and kill animals. Rock bands Def Leppard and Bon Jovi played at the infamous Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in 2007 in spite of receiving loads of information about the abuse involved. The Denver Broncos sent their mascot and cheerleaders, while the US Air Force Thunderbirds did flyovers, and on one day a complete air show at taxpayer expense. Dodge Trucks, Coca-Cola and AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Sam's Club / WalMart are among companies that give rodeo animal abusers advertising money. This allows the rodeos to keep abusing animals even in many cases when almost no one pays to see the cruel "show." Go to to see how you can just say "NO!" to companies that fund rodeo animal abuse. Our Rodeo Reality footage is representative of what happens at rodeos everywhere--the brutality and abuse the animals endure is inherent to the industry. All the documentation on this video was taken by SHARK investigators at rodeos sanctioned and operating under the "humane rules" of either the Professional Rodeo and the National High School Rodeo Association. The vast majority of the scenes on Rodeo Reality come from the rodeos listed below and none of the footage takes place before 2000. What you see in this video is the nature of rodeo today. Oklahoma State Fair Rodeo, OK, 2004 (PRCA) Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, WY, 2005 (PRCA) NHSRA Finals in Springfield, IL, 2000 and 2001 Oklahoma ...
  • Spousal Abuse Talk.. This is a very sensitive topic for me, so please don't comment nonsense.
  • Indian Boarding School Abuse Lakota woman Joanne Tall describes the abuse she received as a 12 year old girl in a "christian" boarding school.
  • Emotional Abuse: Lies Abusers Tell A short informative video on emotional abuse. Contains a selection of lies that abusers tell their victims in order to brainwash them to stay in the relationship.
  • RIHANNA ABUSE PHOTO REACTION TMZ has just release the photo pic of Rihanna being abused by Chris Brown. This is shocking and sad A photo that shows Rhianna bruised, bloodied and battered is the real thing, and it's "terrible," the pop singer's father said today "Yeah, I saw it," Ronald Fenty told ....
  • Child Abuse Story *WARNING* May cause triggering. - A story of a girl who was abused and her life afterwards.
  • Really Creepy *** abuse PSA Really funny Public service announcement PSA old man molest a child.
  • Abuse Gameplay The first gameplay moments of Abuse.
  • The Abuse of Prescription Drugs / Documentary Video The abuse of prescription drugs is quickly becoming an epidemic. They're easy to get and simple to distribute. Gone are the days when people need to go to a seedy street corner to get high. Now, they just need to go to a medicine cabinet or visit the doctor. While many communities are just beginning to figure out how to handle this legal drug problem, anti-drug groups in Tennessee have had a head start. For years, Tennessee held the unwanted distinction as the nations top state for prescription drug abuse. That is changing, thanks to hard work and cooperation. The people from Tennessee will share their experiences during this hour-long MCTFT broadcast. There will be no expert panel discussion, just advice from the people in the field. Learn how citizens in Tennessee discovered the problem and took control. Hear from coalition leaders, law enforcement, doctors, pharmacists, insurance executives, and others. See what they did so you can bring it into your own communities. Learning Objectives: See how anti-drug groups in Tennessee discovered the prescription drug problem Find out how cooperation is making a difference Learn what law enforcement officers are seeing and how they are adapting to the new drug problems Hear how health care providers are trying to protect themselves and their patients From the public domain, courtesy of the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT)
  • CHILD ABUSE WHY this video i made is a little graphis but i wanted people to know the true horror of child abuse i didn't want to sugar coat id
  • Emotional Abuse Stop Emotional Abuse, You Deserve Better. We all know about ***ual Abuse. We all know about Physical Abuse. But, we know very little about Emotional Abuse. Emotional Abuse occurs when one person emotionally and psychologically abuses another person who is in need of sincere affection. This kind of abuse takes many forms... Your partner Undermines your self-esteem. He/she delivers mixed messages: "I love you" (I hate you.) It's like pushing you through a cliff and running down to catch you. Your partner can tell you the sweetest things and the most hurtful ones at the same time. Your partner can also humilliate you by ignoring you. He/she might contact you only when they are bored or have some spare time, or need something specific from you. Your partner tells you that he "loves" you, or you are special, but he/she needs an open relationship. Your partner bluffs making you believe he intends to spend time with you, even makes plans that will never happen. Your partner tells you beautiful things he does not really mean at all, and will compensate your tolerance with small tender gifts. Emotional abuse also occurs through financial dependency. One partner does not let the other be financially independent. Or through intellectual and manipulative mind games. Abusers tend to play the victim or they take offense quickly. They invariably put the blame on others, or on the world, or on their luck, or situation. They acuse their partners of not understanding ...
  • ABC What Would You Do? - HYPOCRISY: When Women Abuse Men As the title suggests, this is a piece by ABC News that set up a scenario with actors in a park to see how the general public might react to the verbal and physical abuse of a man by a woman. Interesting implications and insights into the mindsets of many people. While men might pose more of a physical threat than women in general, abuse can go both ways and when you're a man being abused verbally or physically by a woman you're on your own most of the time -- most people seem to not give a damn.
  • Child Abuse A video to raise awareness for child abuse. song: concrete angel by Lora Merriman (and not by me!). please help and join the fight againt child abuse.
  • Drug abuse pictures before and after So sad how can people do this to themselves
  • Item Abuse TAS 11/25/10 edit - Happy Thanksgiving (to those that celebrate it)! As a little treat, I spent some time re-timing the annotations and implementing pause annotations again! Nearly anytime an annotation shows up, the video will pause for a full minute, so most people should be able to read all the annotations now. Viddler mirror here. It has the original music, but no annotations, so take your pick. Oh, and before people start asking, the audioswapped song is "Speak to Angels" by 009 Sound System. It was changed because somebody thought it was funny to flag this video for copyright infringement, and it muted the audio. Eh. TASes are recordings of games "formed by constructing an input file slowly over time using an emulator as a tool to overcome human limitations such as skill and reflex, then playing the file back to give the impression that the game is played extraordinarily" (from ). Tools such as savestates, frame-advance (not used in this TAS), and slowdown are used extensively to produce superhuman play. Not the most fun thing to make, let me tell you (especially with ZSNES.) If you wish to request a game for me to TAS, read my channel page description first for the "rules." Hack created and requested by penangbenny Don't mind the HUD difference after the non-scrolling castle and after the yellow switch-palace type area; penangbenny forgot to add those rooms in until after I was done with what he had already given me, and I was not about to ...
  • Man in the Box - Facebook Abuse Greg lays down the law to office workers for proper and improper facebook use.
  • Abuse of Children With Autism in School I'm a student at Towson University, and I just started my student teaching at Thomas Johnson Elementary in Baltimore City. I work really well with children on the Autism Spectrum, given my own experiences, but my internship went terribly wrong. My mentor teacher hit, kicked, and screamed at the children in an abusive manner. Reporting the abuse has nearly destroyed everything I have worked so hard for. My disorder has been used against me to discredit what happened, and both the college and the elementary school have tried to vilify me to protect their own reputations. Now what?
  • Re: YouTube Challenge "2007" Child Abuse NOT FOR KIDS VIEWING! This Is My First Video Upload, im glad it was for such a good cause
  • Security guards abuse their "power" in front of a full stadi Here is a great one, four Security guards decided to unnecessarily beat up a man, and the fan in the stadium swarm the field to get revenge. this one made me really happy to see these ass-hats get owned 50 strong.
  • Abuse in Relationships: Can You See It? Home Office - This is Abuse TV advert. What is Abuse? It can be if someone constantly puts you down, threatens you or forces you to do something you dont want to. Some forms of abuse are against the law and its not always physical violence. Abuse in relationships can happen to anyone regardless of the type of relationship. Research shows that suffering from abuse in relationships is more common for young women but young men can experience it too. Abuse can harm you physically and emotionally as well as leave you feeling isolated and lonely. For more information visit the official website at or search online for abuse in relationships. You can get involved in live debates, check out FAQs and get info on where to go if you recognise signs of abuse in your own or a friend's relationship.
  • MENTOS SPIDER ABUSE Have you seen these silly ass commercials? Like a good neighbor, State Farm is THERE!! The creepy spider Mentos advertisement!!
  • Twitter Abuse If you can't tweet something nice, at least make sure you're appropriately snarky about it.
  • Child Abuse Child Abuse needs to STOP NOW! It has gone world wide and we are loosing children through this. What if you were the one getting hurt, being abused, having scars and brusies everywhere all over your body! HELP PREVENT CHILD ABUSE. My saying is "Put yourself in their shoes!"
  • Concrete Angel Child Abuse Awareness **ALL CHAIN AND SPAM COMMENTS WILL BE REPORTED TO YOUTUBE **!!! I made a video using various pics to bring the much needed attention to the sunject of Child abuse and Neglect. song is Concrete Angel from Martina McBride
  • Wife Abuse A video about wife abuse. Sims Used: All the expansion packs except Bon Voyage and Freetime Song: Metric- The Twist HAIR- PUNCH & KICK ACTION- modthesims2.com
  • Expense Allowance Abuse by MEPs Hans-Peter Martin and RTL in the fight against abuse of expense allowances: A Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in Brussels earns approx. 14700 euros per month (~£11587), according to this RTL Report (in German with English subtitles). How much the MEPs have to work (or don't work) for their €14700 is the subject of this on-site RTL investigation in Brussels. The video is about MEPs who sign in on attendance lists and then disappear immediately for their weekend. RTL investigating journalists were thrown out of the EU building in Brussels during their work. Some MEPs try to justify themselves, some to invent excuses, again others flee before the camera and dash off to lifts or also in their confusion bump into the wall (German MEP of the Green Party)! One-man crusader Hans-Peter Martin, MEP from Austria: "A Member of the European Parliament earns on an average more than the German Chancellor Frau Merkel and one wants to hide this from the electorate. Therefore, one obviously must get rid of reporters investigating this."
  • Abuse (DOSgame) - last 5 levels playing last 5 levels of Abuse on normal mode. Abuse is opensource and can be found at This is not an elegant playing, it's just a playing... I'm not a pro in it, I just think that the game is good I got a game error when saving the game on last level, so I had to get back and play it again.. That's why the amo do not match exactly the same as when I load the save slot n. 5 So, be careful and be sure to choose a different slot each time you save the game :P I also took hours to be able to pass the missiles scene on normal mode. I think it would be almost impossible on hardest mode.
  • GRAPHIC -- Criminal Horse Abuse at Oklahoma Prison Rodeo American penal systems are supposed to rehabilitate criminals, so that they may some day return to society. However, in Oklahoma prisons the administrators can be worse criminals than the prisoners. This video exposes the criminal abuse and corruption of the Oklahoma Prison Rodeo, and the shameful, indefensible animal cruelty that occurs. Please call the Oklahoma Governor and the Director of the Prisons and ask them to stop sponsoring this cruel prison rodeo. It is an outrage that tax payer money is used to pay for this brutality. For more information, go to Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry Telephone: (405) 521-2342 Justin Jones, Director, Department of Corrections 3400 Martin Luther King Avenue Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111-4298 Phone: (405) 425-2505 Fax: (405) 425-2578 Email: [email protected] Marty Sirmons, Warden PO Box 97 McAlester, OK 74502-0097 Phone: (918) 423-4700 Fax: (918) 423-3862 Email: [email protected]
  • Interrogation or Child Abuse? The interrogation of a young boy over the murder of his sister has false and devastating consequences. Science of Interrogation : MON MARCH 10 9P et/pt :
  • Signs of Emotional Abuse Signs of Abuse, text taken from information from Interval House, Ontario, and North York Public Health Department. You may also want to visit our website: Song: Now We Are Free (Gladiator) by Enya
  • BRAINIAC Science Abuse - John Tickle Walks On Custard So its a fact of life that you can't walk on water. But Can you walk on custard? BRAINIAC Yellow T-Shirts and other awesome Merchandise are available here: More BRAINIAC videos on the Fan Club Channel:
  • Forfeiture Abuse: Even Your Drums Aren't Safe From the Police Can you DIGG it? Forfeiture abuse in action: Cops caught on tape discussing on how much property they can take from a house due to tiny amount of marijuana found. Read the report: IJ on Facebook:
  • Cartoon Characters on Facebook Spreading Child Abuse Awareness Cartoon characters are plastered across the Internet. It's a light hearted attempt to spread awareness about a heavy issue. Child Abuse Awareness Month isn't until April, but folks across the country - and right here in the Basin - are using the cartoons to put this tough topic in focus. Bugs Bunny, Mighty Mouse, Foghorn Leghorn - these are cartoon pictures from our childhood, plastered across Facebook. They're pictures that make us smile. Those pictures, are a far cry from two mugshots, displayed in the news recently. The first is of Kenneth Wayne Savell of Odessa. He was arrested this week, accused of beating his two little boys with a dog leash. Another is a mugshot of John Dana Bailey, also of Odessa. He was arrested and charged with murder this week, police say he killed 5-week-old baby boy, Dustyn Wright. Child abuse cases like these are the reason folks across the country - and even here in the basin - are posting cartoon pictures on Facebook. "All of my friends on Facebook are posting up their pictures, you know, and I didn't really understand what was going on at first, until I saw the some of the status updates," Robin Reece with CASA of West Texas, which is a child advocacy organization in Midland, said. The Facebook statuses are asking people to make their display picture of their favorite childhood cartoon. The goal is to get people talking about child abuse. "I think it's great! I think it's a really great way to raise awareness," Reece said. Reece says she ...
  • Child Abuse - Concrete Angel Alright, the court case for Kelsey Briggs' stepfather was last month so now seems like the right time. There is a bit of info below on each child featured in this video. Although, the Beaumont children were not abused: they were kidnapped, murdered and made headlines. Also, they are from my home state. In 1988, Judith Barsi was shot and murdered by her drunken father after suffering mental and physical abuse from him for years. He then went on and shot her mother. Two days later he drenched the bodies in gasoline and set the house on fire before finally shooting himself in the garage. Judith was 10 years old. Candace Elizabeth Newmaker was adopted out when she was 7. Within months of the adoption, her mother, Jeane Newmaker began taking Candace to a psychiatrist, complaining about her behavior and attitude at home. Although Candace was diagnosed and treated with medication, Jeane reported that Candace's behavior became worse during the following two years. Candace was a victim of child abuse and suffocated during a 70-minute treatment session supposedly to treat reactive attachment disorder On December 26, 1996, Patsy Ramsey (according to her testimony) discovered that her daughter was missing after finding on the kitchen staircase a two and a half-page ransom note demanding $118000. The results of the autopsy revealed that JonBenét was killed by strangulation and a skull fracture. JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was a beauty pageant contestant who was found murdered, at the age ...
  • Child Protective Services: CPS & Police Abuse Constitution, Invading Homes, Kidnapping Children, Ignoring Courts, and Criminalizing Americans. Polygamist FLDS Raid Sheds Light on More Cases. Child Protective Services can take your children too. CPS has come to believe they are above the law and the Constitution, that they do not need a search warrant to come into your home, label you as a child abuser for any reason and make you a criminal based upon their opinion alone, take your children away in a paddy wagon, and put your kids into foster homes pending a court hearing where CPS will try their best to win and permanently take custody of your kids. If CPS loses, they will continue to fight you, slandering your family and listing you as a child abuser in government databases. CPS is an abusive government agency spiraling completely out of control. It's time to shut them down. The unlawful removal of 468 children from the FLDS ranch in west Texas, has put CPS under the microscope. That case has led others to wonder if they can do that to FLDS children, can CPS do that to my children? CBS 42 investigative reporter, Nancy Wilson, shows us one family who says the same thing happened to them, and eight years later they are still trying to clear their names. This is the Gates family, Gary and Melissa have 13 children, 11 of them adopted. They saw a need for kids from a variety of backgrounds who need love in a stable home. Imagine their surprise when 11 government employees, 6 police officers and 5 CPS workers, showed up on their doorstep. The school called CPS when they discovered that the Gates pinned a baggy with food wrappers inside the shirt of one of the kids ...
  • Domestic Abuse An abused wife gets pushed too far. My Motorola Phone Entry ----------------------- Had to film, edit and add music using only a MotoZ10 Mobile Phone..I don't think I did TOO badly considering I'm useless with mobiles..I press buttons and they usually explode. -One incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute -On average two women per week are killed by a male partner or former partner -Over a third of all female murder victims are killed by a current or former partner -One in four women and one in six men will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime
  • This is child abuse,not therapy. 10 year old Candace Newmaker died at the hands of two therapists in a so called "therapy". Song: Bonny Swans by Lorena Mckennit
  • Nicaraguan women hit back at domestic abuse - 26 May 09 While activists in Nicaragua are demanding a change in the law to protect women from domestic abuse, some of the victims have already taken matters into their own hands - taking self-defence classes. Al Jazeera's Monica Villamizar reports from Nicaragua, where one in three women are thought to have been victims of domestic abuse.
  • Female Scientists Say Domestic Abuse Not Problem According to a team of female researchers who all recently sustained injuries due to various accidents, domestic abuse does not exist. More coverage at:
  • Eurythmics Sweet Dreams Eurythmics are a British musical duo, formed in 1980 by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused I wanna use you and abuse you I wanna know what's inside you (Whispering) Hold your head up, movin' on Keep your head up, movin' on Hold your head up, movin' on Keep your head up, movin' on Hold your head up, movin' on Keep your head up, movin' on Movin' on! Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused I'm gonna use you and abuse you I'm gonna know what's inside Gonna use you and abuse you I'm gonna know what's inside you more videos

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  • “Gov Gab features five federal government employees blogging about the great government information they use in their daily lives. From saving money and visiting National Parks to finding out about government auctions and the latest recalls, ***s and Drug Abuse Blog”
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