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  • Aberration definition, the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course. See more. — “Aberration | Define Aberration at ”,
  • Optical aberrations occur because of lens curvature and dispersion. This discussion addresses how these errors are corrected in microscopy. In general, the effects of optical aberrations are to induce faults in the features of an image being observed through a microscope. — “Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Anatomy of the”, micro.magnet.fsu.edu
  • We found 50 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word aberration: Aberration (D&D), Aberration (Dungeons & Dragons), Aberration (EP), Aberration (Neurosis EP), Aberration (astronomy), Aberration (disambiguation), Aberration (film), Aberration (optics), Aberration: Wikipedia, the Free. — “Definitions of aberration - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Unlike the Lorentz contraction or the dilation of time, which are purely relativistic effects with no counterparts in classical (Newtonian) physics, the aberration of light is predicted by classical physics and was first demonstrated in 1725, two years before Newton's death. — “C-ship: The Aberration of Light”, fourmilab.ch
  • The aberration of starlight was discovered in 1727 by the astronomer James Bradley while In another experiment he viewed the aberration of starlight through a normal lens and. — “Stellar Aberration”,
  • (Click to enlarge) aberration spherical aberration chromatic aberration A. red B. yellow (Precision Graphics) aberration n. — “aberration: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • If higher-order aberrations (HOAs) affect your vision quality, you may need LASIK or lenses. What you need to know. — “Higher-Order Aberrations in the Eye - ”,
  • In reality, however, light refraction by the lens causes a variety of defects in the image, called aberration. types in aberration are SEIDEL's five aberrations, which occur even with monochromatic (single-wave length) light, and two types of chromatic aberrations, which are. — “Nikon | Imaging Products | NIKKOR - The Thousand and One”,
  • Explore axial and lateral chromatic aberrations seen in an optical microscope with this interactive Java tutorial. — “Nikon MicroscopyU | Interactive Java Tutorials | Chromatic”,
  • In optics, the word has two special applications: (1) Aberration of Light, and (2) Aberration in Optical Systems. I. Aberration Of Light This astronomical phenomenon may be defined as an apparent motion of the heavenly bodies; the stars describing annually orbits more or less. — “Aberration - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Recently geneticists have taken a closer look at a genetic aberration previously considered rare. — “Aberration - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • ABERRATION (Lat. ab, from or away, errare, to wander), a deviation or wandering, especially used in the figurative sense: as in ethics, a deviation from the truth; in pathology, a mental derangement; in zoology and botany, abnormal development or structure. — “1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Aberration - Wikisource”,
  • Definition of aberration from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of aberration. Pronunciation of aberration. Definition of the word aberration. Origin of the word aberration. — “aberration - Definition of aberration at ”,
  • aberration (plural aberrations) The act of wandering; deviation, especially from truth or Occasional aberrations of intellect - Lingard. Whims, which at first are the aberrations. — “aberration - Wiktionary”,
  • A new instrument, the aberration generator, has been developed for introducing precise amounts of aberration into an optical wavefront. Piston error, wavefront tilt, defocus, spherical aberration, coma, and astigmatism can be generated either individually or in combination. — “Scitopia : Topic Page for: aberration”,
  • Definition of aberration in the Medical Dictionary. aberration explanation. Information about aberration in Free online English dictionary. What is aberration? Meaning of aberration medical term. What does aberration mean?. — “aberration - definition of aberration in the Medical”, medical-
  • Aberration in optical systems (lenses, prisms, mirrors or series of them intended to produce a sharp image) generally leads to blurring of the image. Aberration of axial points (spherical aberration in the restricted sense) Edit. — “Aberration in optical systems - Psychology Wiki”,
  • chromatic aberration found in digital camera images and to describe the Chromatic 2. What causes chromatic aberration and what does it look like?. — “Chromatic Aberration Filter”,
  • Hence chromatic aberration should be corrected if visible otherwise, at least for full Chromatic aberration is a common lens error visible in images as. — “Chromatic aberration - Wiki”,
  • In this issue I shall endeavor to show how this interpretation of aberration cannot be correct. There are no fewer than four explanations, each physical, each based on experiment, accounting for aberration. — “Aberration”,
  • Definition of aberration in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of aberration. Pronunciation of aberration. Translations of aberration. aberration synonyms, aberration antonyms. Information about aberration in the free online English dictionary and. — “aberration - definition of aberration by the Free Online”,
  • Optical aberration, an imperfection in image formation by an optical system Chromatic aberration, caused by differences in refractive index for different wavelengths. — “Aberration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • What is chromatic aberration In this video i hope to explain to you what Chromatic Aberration (1 b 2 r) is. It is the random colour fringes that you get at areas of high contrast. The better the lens you own the les cromatic aberation you have. The photos were taken with the nikon 50mm f1.4 at different apertures. wide apertures usually result in more chromatic aberation than small (higher f number). However using adobe lightroom it is much easier to get rid of the colours. on an other note that if you shoot in jpeg the nikon d300 automatically takes out a lot of the chromatic aberation. hope this helps regards dom bower
  • Aberration of light My Second video on the wisdom of Carl Sagan.
  • Gallhammer - Aberration Band: Gallhammer Song: Aberration Album: The End Genres: Black/Doom Metal, Crust Lyrical Themes: Delirium, Paranoia, Hatred, Despair Origin: Japan www.metal- blog.goo.ne.jp
  • Aberration Trailer Trailer for my new movie ABERRATION out soon :) tell me what u think, and subscribe
  • Biology: Heredity Problems: Chromosomal Aberration for full video
  • Seidel Aberrations I A quick tutorial of tye origins and types of third order, or Seidel, aberrations made to support the course "Engineering Optics" at Oklahoma State University
  • Aberration Chromatique - La Vitalic 01 First attempt with After Effects to do some music visualization. This song is a blink at Vitalic and his famous track "la Rock 01". Thanks to the Copilot's tutorials.
  • After effects chromatic aberration intro no plugins required Some of my other projects: You can buy other files here: Here you can register for buy more quality projects:
  • The Aberration "The *** went to therapy and it didn't work" The Aberration is a 4 piece act from Chester, Vt. They advanced by way of crowd voting at The Metalympics Event Six. Visit them on myspace.
  • [Song][HQ] Solstice - Aberration Check out my channel and suscribe for enjoy more metal news, underrated bands, interviews/songs/video-clips in the best quality. --------------------------------------------------------- Infos : --------------------------------------------------------- Band name : Solstice Song : Aberration Album : Solstice Year : 1992 Style : Death/Thrash Metal Come from : United States of America (Miami, Florida) Formed in : 1990 Status : Active (Formed in 1990 then split-up in 1993. Reformed in 1995, split-up a second time in 1997. Reformed in 2000 but only a few rehearsals transpired. Reformed most recently in 2006.) Lyrical themes : Society, Death, Suffering, Aberration Current label : CXD Media Official website/myspace : --------------------------------------------------------- Their releases : --------------------------------------------------------- Demo 1991 - Demo [1991] Solstice - Full-length [1992] Pray - Full-length [1995] To Dust - Full-length [2009] --------------------------------------------------------- Their last known lineup : --------------------------------------------------------- Christian Rudes - Vocals, Guitars (Gutrot, Mulch (USA)) Dennis Munoz - Guitars (Demolition Hammer) Garret Scott - Bass Brian Harris - Drums (Decay (USA), Firewind, Foul Stench, Kenziner, session drums for Michael Harris, Seven Seraphim, The Reefer Hut, Vainglory, Zanister, Darkology) ----------------------------------------------------------- Keep metal alive, buy the stuff ...
  • Chromatic Aberration I A quick tutorial of the origin and effects of chromatic aberrations made to support the course "Engineering Optics" at Oklahoma State University
  • chromatic aberration in video (how to get sharp images) Everyone wonders what Chromatic Aberration is , its the blue and red stuff at the side of high contrast bits in your photo caused by light difracting badly in your lens here i show you it in real time Ifyou enjoy my photography related videos please post them on your facebook page and let others know about this channel, To keep up to date Please join the facebook fan page twitter page flickr account
  • Aberration Chromatique-Free Drive :)
  • Refraction & Aberration: Omino Glass Pixel Bender Filter Here is a short demonstration of omino_glass, a Pixel Bender filter. It implements an optically-motivated simulation of refraction, including chromatic aberration. Find out more at
  • Fall of America: Doug Casey on the Largest Criminal Entity on Earth Economist, author, and entrepreneur Doug Casey discusses what he considers the largest criminal entity on earth and why he does not vote.
  • Two Minute Tip: Removing Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop Here's another short tip on how to remove chromatic aberration (aka "purple fringing") using Photoshop.
  • Aberration - definition and usage The word "aberration" and how to use it. Notes: aberration (ab-uh-REY-shuhn) noun / a departure from the normal or typical; a departure from what is right or correct / His hysterical outburst in the meeting today was an aberration. He is usually quite calm and rational. / Some aberrations in statistical data cannot be explained. / Origin: From the Latin aberrare (to go astray)
  • Corpse Princess (SUB) - 16 - Beloved Aberration Makina Hoshimura is one of the living dead. If the girl is to ever find peace, she must hunt down and destroy her own kind. Aided by a secret society of monks, Makinas quest to rid the world of the undead begins.
  • How to Fix Chromatic Aberrations in Photoshop Learn to fix color shifts and artifacts in images, caused by low-quality lenses or an ability to catch quality color in all three channels, using the Lens Correction filter.
  • Seidel Aberrations II A quick tutorial of tye origins and types of third order, or Seidel, aberrations made to support the course "Engineering Optics" at Oklahoma State University
  • Neurosis - Aberration EP 1. Self-Doubt Never finding security Just living in a bad reality Never finding security Just living in a bad reality Exorcise the demons from your mind Purge the fear of failure Reject inbred subjective restrictions Remove the blinders, explore the infinate Never finding security Just living in a bad reality Never finding security Just living in a bad reality Exorcise the demons from your mind Purge the fear of failure Reject inbred subjective restrictions Remove the blinders, explore the infinate Look inside Find a way out Free your mind From the bonds of self-doubt Don't want to be A self-indentured slave To my insecurities Self-doubt (controls my destiny now) 2. Nonsense Mislead all along from start to end What creates this riddance of guilt ? A little here, none over there What more is said ? The door is shut from the inside But who's inside the door ? New time, wrong place, wrong face To get over there Forever spinning in faith Unload, leave, state the law Expect the rest Stumbling down to grovel with the rest of us Another life lost Just wanted to be Not too much Fall off the top and splash when you fall Eating the beaten path Taught the ways of self-destruction Questioning to the last 3. Pollution The corpse of mankind is floating down your stream Raping everything but keeping the image clean Is it will or is it gain ? The trick is being efficient yet undetectable Keep the stream flowing and decieve undesirables Is it will or is it gain ?
  • Aberration It's an aberrational time!
  • Chromatic Aberration Chromatic AberrationWhen a non-chromatic light beam of a point source passes through a lens it splits into several rays. Each of them has a certain wave length. Thus all rays when crossing the optical system will propagate in different ways. That means they do not intersect in one point, ie focus. Some rays deflect in a certain way, depending on the lens type. As a result the image seems to be blurred. Such deflections are called aberrations. Chromatic aberration is considered to be one of the most significant types of aberration. It is conditioned by dispersion of the lens material. Lens focal length is determined by its refractive index. So it is dependent on the wave of incident light. This results in every chromatic constituent of the white colour having its own focus in various points on the major axis. There are two types of chromatic aberration. In longitudinal aberration focuses from red to violet are distributed along the major axis. In lateral aberration magnification changes depending on the wave length, and coloured contours appear on the image. In order to get a good-quality image it is necessary for both monochromatic and chromatic aberrations to be small. There are various methods of reducing chromatic aberration. One of them is to use two adjoining thin lenses of different glass with dispersion of different types. The simplest example here is a photographic lens. It consists of two lenses - a crown glass collecting lens and a flint glass diverging lens ...
  • Spherical Aberration Spherical aberration decreases with decreasing aperture size.
  • ABERRATION (Tim Boxell film, 1997) scene #1 B movie with killer geckos, extra-rare to find. Please send me a message if you have a copy, I'd really appreciate it. Clip taken from
  • Theism is a Neurological Aberration for it happens in the BRAIN Connecting the delusional beliefs of Theism to the similar delusional beliefs accepted as reality by the Schizophrenic, temporal lobe epileptics and other nuts.
  • Obama PDF Explained: Absence of Chromatic Aberration is Not Proof of Forgery Absence of Chromatic Aberration is Not Proof of Forgery and Alteration Specific features and effects in the „Long Form Birth Certificate" PDF are supposedly „proof" of forgery and data alteration. I have investigated the features that are claimed as proof of forgery - I have tried to reproduce them with a sample document that was scanned and processed according to a simple routine. I use the AP version of the Obama BC as comparison. claims are: There are layers in Illustrator! the layers are in groups! there are clipping paths! „linked files"! Rotation and transform history! differently scaled elements (background vs foreground)! All above were explained in my previous 2 videos as normal processing effects of Optimize Scan in Acrobat. All these were debunked by the simple "Optimize Scan" function. Now, the most recent claim that the only way that PDF could be created is a deliberate forgery with data alteration, ist "Absence of Chromatic Aberration". I investigate this using Optimize Scan and OCR (2 clicks) This is something that might be done as a routine process whenever you are dealing with digizing thousands of documents in a big organization I reproduce the "loss of chromatic aberration" by a generic 2-click procedure both for a sample file and the AP version of the obama certificate. Notice, I am not claiming that exactly this process was used on the files. What I demonstrate is "Absence of Chromatic Aberration is Not Proof of Forgery and Alteration". I also expose ...
  • Aberration- a quirks and glitches compilation A compilation of cool and weird glitches, quirky shorts and other unfinished tracks that add up to my longest video yet. I hope all of the details come out over youtube.
  • Gallhammer - Aberration live 8/29/09 Death Fest at Bush Bash (Koiwa) Gallhammer live 8/29/09 Death Fest Bush Bash Cafe in Koiwa Aberration from album "The End"
  • Nimheil - Aberration Film clip for my song Aberration, from my just released third album 'Contemplation'. Using Creative Commons 50s propoganda films as a basis.
  • Aberration - Box of Pandora www.aberration-
  • Tilia Stem and Aberrations All images captured with a Celestron Deluxe LCD Microscope. The videos come out of the microscope via a USB cable as .3gp files. If you know how to play these in Windows Vista 32-bit (or convert them to AVI) let me know! My searches on Google have been frustrating and fruitless. This is my first video taken with the microscope. The specimen is a Tilia stem. It came as a prepared slide with the microscope. This video was shot at 40x (4x objective * 10x sensor). Except for the surprise ending... Spoiler Alert! (that was 40x * 1.3x digital zoom... it can digitally zoom up to 4x)
  • Aberration Natural selection turns deadly in the mountain resort of Langdon when Amy Harding (Pamela Gridley) returns to her family's cabin to escape a troubled past. As a fierce winter storm traps her and Marshall Clarke (Simon Bossell), a field biologist researching the strange disappearance of local wildlife, they come face to face with a family of deadly mutating predators. Now, to survive they must exterminate this new breed of cold-blooded killer that is growing ever stronger.
  • Chromatic Aberration: Creative COW: After Effects In this Adobe After Effects tutorial from Creative COW, learn how to remove chromatic aberration from your footage. This is part of a series of After Effects tutorials from
  • Demoniak3D Chromatic Aberration Demo This real time 3d demo shows the dispersion of lighting well known as chromatic aberration. This demo has been made with Demoniak3D: www.ozone3
  • Wretched-Aberration, Pt.1 Solo Cover Wretched-Aberration, Pt.1 Solo Cover
  • Book Trailer: Aberrations by Penelope Przekop View a trailer for Penelope Przekop's novel, Aberrations. Aberrations is about a young narcoleptic woman whose life has been overshadowed by the mysterious death of her mother. This coming-of-age drama explores how a family mystery influences the lives of those left in its silent wake. Aberrations was a book blogger top 10 for 2008. It was also recognized in PRINT Magazine's Regional Design Annual 2009 issue for outstanding cover art.
  • Aberration I short film for art class
  • Morgana Lefay - Aberration Of Mind *WARNING - RAPID FLASHING* Artist: Morgana Lefay Album: Aberrations of The Mind Track: Aberration of Mind *Sorry again for random effects
  • Coma Aberration The contributions to coma aberration from different parts of the lens are shown. Students should be able to discern the reduction of the aberation if only the inner portions of the lens are used, ie if the lens were to be "stopped down".
  • RAPED BY PIGS-Fetalic Embryogenic Aberration ARTIST: Raped By Pigs SONG: Fetalic Embryogenic Aberration YEAR: PROMO 2009 URL: /rapedbypigs
  • 3D Chromatic aberration renderman shader - test - Lustre

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  • “Recently, I worked together with my sister and husband to photograph my niece's wedding. For the event, I borrowed an expensive zoom lens and was blown away by its lack of chromatic aberration”
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  • “Chromatic Aberration is one of those topics that rarely gets discussed but is a huge concern when processing digital images. Chromatic Aberration is caused by a differing refractive index for each wavelength of light - hence red refracts at a”
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