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  • ABB Group. IEABB Main story. Leading Irish Entrepreneurs launch inaugural Life Sciences International Summit. Dublin, 21 October 2010: The inaugural Life Sciences International Summit (the Summit), which takes place on 11 November 2010 at Croke. — “ABB Ireland”,
  • Get a stock quote for ABB ADR Representing One Ord Shs. Stock market quotes include the latest ABB stock price and fundamental investing data, price charts and ABB ADR Representing One Ord Shs news. You can also get free, real-time stock. — “ABB - Stock Quote for ABB ADR Representing One Ord Shs - MSN”,
  • Summary: 5 page article from the ABB Technolgy magazine "ABB Review - Special Report "Dancing with the dragon" 2008 II (Authors: Walter Holaus, Fredi Stucki): China is in urgent need of electrical power. Huge power plants are built all over. — “ABB Download Center”,
  • Welcome to ABB South Africa. — “Welcome to ABB South Africa”,
  • [1] ABB is a global provider of power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while. — “Stock:ABB (ABB)”,
  • ABB Control/Low Voltage and Automation Products including contactors, disconnect switches, timers, controls, circuit breakers, power breakers, and much more!. — “ | ABB Low Voltage & Automation Products”,
  •, a simple url shortener. — “ | Basic | a simple URL shortener”,
  • View the basic ABB stock chart on Yahoo! Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare ABB Ltd Common Stock against other companies. — “ABB: Summary for ABB Ltd Common Stock- Yahoo! Finance”,
  • 2010-05-12 - The Dean of Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University, Professor Docotor Hadya El-Hennawy, signed the ABB Jurgen Dormann Foundation contract to sponsor students in the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering and the Faculty of Energy & Renewable Energy. — “ABB in Egypt”,
  • Abb - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Abb”,
  • ABB () is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and. — “ABB in Canada”,
  • ABB () is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and. — “ABB in India”,
  • ABB Ltd (NYSE:ABB) (OMX Stockholm:ABB) Company Financials Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Contact Information ABB Ltd. — “ABB: Information from ”,
  • ABB- Legacy Login. Channel Partner Login. Note: Fax Orders for SSAC products to Login here for SSAC Product Sales Support - Contact SSAC Customer. — “ABB Channel Partner Secure Login”, abb-
  • What does ABB stand for? Definition of ABB in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “ABB - What does ABB stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by”,
  • ABB is a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, operating mainly in the power and automation technology areas. ABB is one of the largest engineering companies as well as one of the largest conglomerates in the world. — “ABB Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • ABB in the United States is a technology-based provider of power and automation products, systems, solutions, and services. — “ABB U.S”,
  • Provides power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. — “ABB Group”,
  • ABB, Inc. sponsors the Renewable Energy Summit Philippines 2010 on March 25 to 26 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza along with other associate co-sponsors. ABB in Philippines supports Earth Hour 2010 ABB has developed an automation solution for eSolar's inaugural 5 MW. — “ABB Philippines”,
  • ABB technology solutions hit the spot at ADIPEC 2010. 2010-11-08: The door has just closed on one of the main bi-annual events in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), the largest oil and gas event outside of North America. — “ABB in Middle East & Africa”,
  • Research and review ABB jobs. Learn more about a career with ABB including all recent jobs, hiring trends, salaries, work environment and more. — “ABB Careers and Employment | ”,
  • This is ABB Turkey website, where you can find businesses, products and links to other ABB web-sites. — “The ABB Group - Automation and Power Technologies”,

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  • "Loan Me A Dime" PT 1 - ABB w/Boz Scaggs 3/13/09 The Allman Brothers live at The Beacon Theater on March 13th 2009. You can still subscribe to watch these shows on VOD at . Sign up today. Support this project!
  • ABB Robotics - Painting ABB's latest Compact Specialist Painting robot shows off its versatility
  • Riding an ABB IRB 6600 Robot 1 Back in the summer of 2006, we were using an ABB IRB 6600 robot (225 kg payload) for a project. In between the time that we took delivery of the robot, and the time that we finished the tooling for the robot, we purchased a racing seat and 5-point harness. Our welder fabricated a seat mount and adapter plate to the robot's J6 flange. Over the course of the next few evenings, we made various programs for the manipulator, swinging the seat wildly around and taking turns going for rides. One of the highlights of my career! Please don't try this in your own shop - the safety risk in doing something like this is obviously quite high, even with the soft and hard limits of the robot adjusted for maximum protection. Industrial robots are simply not suited for interaction like this with people! Only one company has produced such a robot - KUKA - and it's only through heavy modifications that the German technical safety authority (TUV) has certified it for carrying passengers.
  • ABB Percussion Robot Performance
  • ABB Robotics - Painting wind turbine rotor blades Enercon has installed two ABB robots in its new paint facilities in Aurich for painting rotor blades. This is the first installation of its kind, able to complete the entire finishing process on large dimension rotor components. Finishing consists of two layers: The first layer is the gel coat. . The ABB robots provides the exact amount of gel coat for the required thickness: Depending on the amount of stress on a particular area, thicknesses may vary between 0.3 mm where loads are light and 0.6 mm along the leading edge or so-called nose (part of blade in first contact with wind) where loads are particularly high. The second layer is an environmentally friendly water-based varnish. Colour schemes ranging from plain grey to diagonal red-white-red-grey stripes are fully automatically coordinated without having to stop the facility in-between. Paint and finishing robots require extremely sophisticated control systems. An even coat can only be obtained with smooth-flowing motions. This is achieved by using seven axis paint robots. The electronic control system not only coordinates the robots seven axes but at the same time monitors all the other technical parameters such as temperature, viscosity, spray pressure and the correct paint dosage, explains Torsten Link, ENERCONs expert for blade finishing. Enercon manufacture the world's largest turbine blades with rotor diameters of over 125 meters. The paint protects the blades against the weather conditions which they are ...
  • Siemens, ABB vying for Areva T&D French state-controlled nuclear group Areva is strapped for cash and is exiting its transmission and distribution business across the world. It is a 4 billion euro global deal and it is going to electrify the Indian markets.
  • "Little Wing" ABB w/ Eric Clapton 3/19/09 The Allman Brothers live at The Beacon Theater on March 19th 2009. You can still subscribe to watch these shows on VOD at . Sign up today. Support this project!
  • ABB Robotics - Safe human robot interaction - SafeMove The working areas of people and robots have traditionally been seperated by fences thereby preventing any form of collaboration. However fully automation industrial manufacturing may not be the most efficient or economical option. It could make more sense to mix industrial robots with human skills. With the introduction of a safety controller in its robots ABB has made this possible and opened the way for new and innovative robot applications
  • WWE John Cena ABB Commercial Short WWE Commercial for John Cena and American Body Building
  • ABB Robotics - Packing Sausages ABB's FlexPicker robot IRB 340 packing vacuum packed sausages into shipping cartons
  • ABB Robotics - Motion Control - The FANTA can challenge Superior motion performance is the hallmark of all ABB industrial robots. In the FANTA can challenge we set a performance test that none of our competitors can come close to; what you program is what you get - at any speed. This superior motion performance is brought to you by ABB Robotics.
  • ABB Powerwall The ABB Powerwall is a collaborative interface for industrial environments, consisting of a large, interactive, and collaborative display. On-site service technicians can seamlessly move information back and forth from their personal mobile support systems to the ABB Powerwall. The system supports various kinds of collaborative work, including making annotations, browsing for information, and visualizing blueprints and three-dimensional representations of products or torrents. For the service technicians, the ABB Powerwall provides an unobtrusive way of sharing information, discussing problems and issues with others in front of a large collaborative screen, and the chance of socializing and learning from each other. Located strategically in the factory environment, the ABB Powerwall becomes a natural gathering point and increases interaction between different categories of workers. The ABB Powerwall was presented at the Design for User Experience ( conference November 2005. The project paper can be downloaded from http Project by Daniel Fallman, Mike Kruzeniski, and Mattias Andersson. Completed in 2004 at the Umea Institute of Design, Umea, Sweden.
  • ABB Energy Efficiency The emphasis of the film focuses on positive energy savings and the value that businesses will get by incorporating ABBs energy efficiency technologies. The film is short, sharp and visually arresting, and has been designed to convince its audience that energy efficiency is achievable and will both differentiate and give them a strategic route to market.
  • Interview with Fred Kindle, President and CEO, ABB 03.01.2008 Interview with Fred Kindle, President and Chief Executive Officer, ABB, Switzerland
  • ABB Robotics - Picking and packing salami snacks High-speed ABB FlexPicker robots equipped with specially developed grippers are making sure that Peperami salamis are packaged at the highest cycle rates at Unilever's plant in Ansbach, Germany. The robots are fitted with triple grippers which are able to pick up three randomly positioned salami snacks one after the other from a conveyor belt in a one step process, and place them individually in a rollstock machine. The positioning and location data required comes from an upstream image processing system which is positioned to capture the information on the individual sausages and pass it on to a master computer. Unilever commissioned ABB Robotics partner, robomotion GmbH from Stuttgart, to plan and design the fully automated solution; and install and commission the entire system at Unilever within 10 days. "This high-speed technology is not only of interest in the foodstuffs sector, as it can be used anywhere where small items have to be handled at high speeds" says Andreas Wolf, a director of robomotion. Unilever's chief engineer, Carim Gad, concludes "With the new system, we're running the packaging machine at full capacity, giving us a performance increase of up to 25 percent compared with manual loading. The ability to cover peak loads is of particular interest. For example, in the run-up to the Football World Cup, special production shifts were operating at the weekend. This alone gave us a competitive edge, enabling us to deliver Peperamis to our customers on ...
  • ABB IRB 340 Robot Croissants PickMaster, Croissants, Mildred, Spain
  • BFL - Abb Ansley Transformation Body of Work DVD - Please Purchase this fantastic DVD to change your life forever!!
  • "Layla" ABB w/ Eric Clapton 3/20/09 The Allman Brothers live at The Beacon Theater on March 20th 2009. You can still subscribe to watch these shows on VOD at . Sign up today. Support this project!
  • ABB Robotics - Assembly of digital camera The IRB 120 robot is the latest addition to ABB's new fourth-generation of robotic technology and ABBs smallest robot. Ideal for material handling and assembly applications, the new IRB 120 robot provides an agile, compact and lightweight solution with superior control and path accuracy. This demonstration cell was created to showcase the flexibility and accuracy of the new robot. The system is able to locate randomly placed parts using vision technology and then assemble them into the camera with a positional repeatability of 0.01mm. Parts being assembled are the battery and memory card. For more information visit the IRB 120 Home Page:
  • 2 IRB 640 ABB Robots 2 IRB 640 Robots are palettizing juice and wine boxes
  • ABB Robotics - Arc Welding - Productivity Tools Part 2 Integrated Error Handler When operating and maintaining a robotic arc welding cell you need to ensure you achieve maximum uptime to deliver your return on investment. ABB's Integrated Error Handler software is easy to use & allows arc welding cells to quickly and efficiently recover from a weld error with minimum intevention by the operator.
  • ABB Robotics - Packing wooden furniture 9 ABB Robots are employed by Svedplan in Sweden to pack the perfect flat pack furniture. Productivity has improved by 45%. For more information visit /robotics
  • ABB FlexPicker Robots Read more at and
  • ABB Robotics - Motion Control - The Wine Glass Test Motion control is at the heart of all industrial robots. Mats Myhr, Product Manager for the ABB robot controller demonstrates the unique "speed independant path" capability of ABB moton control. Using 2nd Generation TrueMove & QuickMove software ABB robots can carry 20% higher payload, have 10% shorter cycle times and are 35% more accurate. "That's what you can do with software" comments Mars.
  • ABB Robotics - Arc Welding ABB has introduced one of the most agile arc welding robots available on the market
  • ABB Robotics - Picking and Packing stock cubes Flexibility is a key attribute of industrial robots. In this movie ABB's smallest robot (IRB 120) shows off its versatility in packing flow wrapped stock cubes. Not only does the robot place the product in the carton, it also feeds blanks into the case erector. The system was designed, built & commissioned by Hot Melt and Packaging Systems (HMPS), which are one of Australia's most experienced ABB Partners. They have been integrating ABB robots into their Packaging Solutions for over ten years. In this time they have developed a range of Wrap-Around Case Packers, Top Loading Packers and Palletising systems designed around the ABB range of robots.
  • Mabinogi Chapter 3 BGM - Abb Neagh new mabinogi bgm HQ ver:
  • ABB S800 - A QUESTION OF POWER S800 The High Performance MCB from ABB
  • ABB Azipod Propulsion ABB is the frontrunner in electric power and propulsion. Our Azipod® propulsion system, the first electric azimuthing podded propulsion introduced to the market, is an example of technology with such clear advantages that it has established an industry standard
  • ABB Robotics - Service Support & Remote Service ABB's Remote Service concept is aimed at extending the mean time between failure of robots and robotic components. It will shorten the subsequent mean time to repair and lower the overall cost of ownership of the robot unit. An additional beneficiary will be the environment, with fewer service related call outs, travelling and fuel costs involved. With Remote Service, the robot itself automatically alerts the central database. It triggers an SMS to the on-call service engineer, who can immediately access a detailed data and error log and quickly identify the exact fault. From that moment on, ABB can support the customer remotely (in 50 percent of cases, the robot can be brought back on line without any further intervention) or through direct access to the robot's control system. If parts need to be replaced, the replacement item can either be shipped from local stores or from one of the ABB central warehouses, and a service engineer can be quickly dispatched to fit the new part.
  • ABB Robotics - Fanta Can Challenge- Level II - Superior Motion Control Superior motion control is the hallmark of all ABB industrial robots. In the first FANTA Can Challenge we set a test that none of our competitors could come close to. Now with the Level II challenge we have "raised the bar another notch" by introducing a THIRD robot & tightening the tolerances. The gap between the cans & pin is now only 1mm. And as always with ABB robots "What you program is what you get - AT ANY SPEED".
  • ABB chess playing robot 17.04.2007 Hannover Messe ABB chess playing robot
  • ABB Robotics - 10 good reasons to invest in robots Robots have been proven to deliver a host of benefits in a wide variety of applications. Manufacturers introducing robots to their production processes have typically seen a significant transformation in their productivity and efficiency. The International Federation of Robotics recently undertook a survey that identified the top 10 reasons that manufacturers invest in robots. ABB has now built on that survey and developed a Guide to help you better understand the "10 good reasons for investing in robots" with real-life case studies from companies and integrators who exemplify each one of the reasons. The 10 good reasons range from reducing operating costs, improving product quality and consistency, as well as the quality of work for employees, to increasing production output rates, product manufacturing flexibility and reducing material waste and increasing yield.
  • ABB Robotics - High speed picking applications made easy with PickMaster 3 High speed picking applications are often thought of as being very complicated to set up. Nick Hunt of ABB Robotics in the USA talks you through using ABB's PickMaster 3 software to simplify the task. He links cameras, conveyors and FlexPicker robots together using a simply interface without writing a single line of code at the robot teach pendant. Automation made easy by ABB.
  • ABB Robotics - Cake decorating When a Dutch bakery decided to improve the way it decorated its popular petit fours, it had no idea that robots would increase capacity by as much as 1000 percent. The two ABB robots (IRB 140) are installed in a DECOROBOT system manufactured by Hacos. The robots are "wall" mounted and equiped with multi nozzle dispensing systems & tool changers.
  • ABB Robotics - Handling bottled water With the help of ABB robots, bottled water provider, Oasis Water Company in Dubai UAE, has automated a once-hazardous operation and increased its production capacity so much that the firm is now the second largest 5-gallon water bottle producer in the world. Paul Dunlea, plant manager for the firm's Dubai facility says "Thanks to ABB robots the factory is now producing 60000 5-gallon bottles a day. This is a huge achievement that wouldn't be possible without the robots." With the company's previous mechanical rack loader set-up, it was able to achieve cycle times of 29-30 seconds, however thanks to ABB's robots the firm has been able to cut cycle times and increase productivity by an impressive 36%. In addition to helping Oasis Water gain a competitive advantage in terms of production, the ABB robots have also helped create a safer working environment for plant employees. Read more:
  • Timothy Hendron, ABB Shooting in St. Louis Timothy Hendron of Webster Groves committed suicide after the ABB shooting in St. Louis. Hendron was the sole shooter in the ABB shooting. He was from Webster Groves. At least five people were shot in ABB - two ABB workers are in critical condition, one in serious condition. Timothy Hendron of Webster Groves was a former employee who was in a lawsuit against ABB Power over pension plans offered to employees.
  • ABB Robotics - Assembly of electrical sockets When it comes to using robots to increase productivity, reduce costs & improve working conditions for employees ABB is happy to practice what it preaches. So when ABB Elektro-Praga decided to install a new production line for its "child-proof" dual-plug electrical safety socket at its factory in the Czech town of Jablonec, it chose a system that featured three robots purchased from ABB Robotics. "The small IRB 140 robot is ideal for this task. Although it's small, it is exceptionally fast, accurate and powerful -- it has one of the fastest cycle times of any articulated robot," confirms Petr Prade, Chief of Design at MMT, the system integrator that built & installed the new production line. Jana Dolková, who used to help assemble the sockets by hand before the advent of the robots, believes the new system is actually more "people friendly" than the one it replaced: "The sockets we are making contain fiddly components like screws and springs ... before, I almost had to squint to see them. This is a much healthier environment for me." "And of course," Dolková adds, "unlike humans, the robots leave no fingerprints!" At the moment, Elektro-Praga -- which specializes in low-voltage circuit breakers, switches, control products, wiring accessories and cable systems -- only employs the ABB robot system to turn out its "Tango" line of dual plug sockets. But in the near future, it plans to use it for several other variants. In fact, as it takes no more than 10 minutes to set up the ...
  • ABB Robotics - Picking pancakes ABB Robots installed by RG Luma are helping specialist food company Honeytop to speed up its pancake production and improve health, safety & hygiene. William Eid a director of Honeytop comments "This is our first investment in robotics technology and we have not experienced a single issue sincethe installation 6 months ago"
  • ABB Ltd. - SWOT ***ysis

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