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  • Top questions and answers about Abashed. Find 14 questions and answers about Abashed at Read more. — “Abashed - ”,
  • While I am abashed at this honour, Kevin himself is smugly self-satisfied. So a private citizen might feel somewhat abashed at the prospect of risking entry into a debate regarding. — “abashed in English - Google Dictionary”,
  • abashed: Definition and Pronunciation. — “abashed: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • abashed - definition, usage, synonyms, thesaurus [ a] feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious ; "felt abashed at the extravagant praise"; "chagrined at the poor sales of his book"; "was embarrassed by her child's tantrums". — “abashed (definition)”,
  • abashed (comparative more abashed, superlative most abashed) Embarrassed, disconcerted, abashed. Simple past tense and past participle of abash. Retrieved. — “abashed - Wiktionary”,
  • Translations of abashed. abashed synonyms, abashed antonyms. Information about abashed in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. abashed - feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious; "felt abashed at the extravagant praise"; "chagrined at the poor sales of his book". — “abashed - definition of abashed by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Verb: abash u'bash. Cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self failure even to pick up the hammer at the bell-ringing contest would thoroughly abash him,. — “abashed, abash- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Signing Savvy is a sign language video dictionary that contains American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs. ABASHED. — “Sign for ABASHED | ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary”,
  • We found 21 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word abashed: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "abashed" is defined. General (19 matching dictionaries) abashed: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of abashed - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Abashed definition, ashamed or embarrassed; disconcerted: See more. — “Abashed | Define Abashed at ”,
  • abashed adjective - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: embarrassed. — “Definition of abashed adjective from Cambridge Dictionary”,
  • Translation of abashed in English. Translate abashed in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of Abashed in English”,
  • Abashed Ashamed Bright Confounded Covered Enlightened Expectingly Faces Lightened Radiant Shame Shamed Abashed Ashamed Bright Confounded Covered Enlightened Expectingly Eyes Faces Lightened Radiant Shame Shamed Turned. — “Psalm 34:5 Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are”, bible.cc
  • Find abashed synonyms and abashed antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Abashed Synonyms, Abashed Antonyms | ”,
  • abashed - English - Translating into 7 languages. abashed has got 50 translations within the Woxikon dictionary. Look up now. — “translation - abashed translate | English dictionary”,
  • Abashed (7 Occurrences) Psalms 34:5 They looked unto him, and were radiant; And their faces shall never be confounded. (See JPS) Psalms 35:4 Let them be put to shame and brought to dishonor that seek after my soul: Let them be turned back and confounded that devise my hurt. (See JPS). — “Bible Concordance: Abashed”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Abashed - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • ABASHED. Dictionary terms for ABASHED in English, English definition for ABASHED, Thesaurus and Translations of ABASHED to English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Korean, Turkish, Hebrew,. — “ABASHED in English - dictionary and translation”,
  • abashed. buy abashed mugs, tshirts and magnets. embarrased; ashamed; you get it would you be abashed if your private parts were flashed, while your fly was unzipped, and your underwear was ripped? If to yourself your true, the answer is, of course wouldn't you?. — “Urban Dictionary: abashed”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective abashed has one meaning: Meaning #1 : feeling or caused to. — “abashed: Information from ”,

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  • site and i must tell you in one fell swoop I m excited embarrassed elated and abashed I m the owner of a t20sm that was key word was a perfect match to Alan Robinson s l r shot on the site I purchased the cub in 68 from a triumph shop in Bakersfield ca Called custom engineering Before i could take the bike home Ron Pierce AMA
  • Monday to show the staff the Volt show car that will be on the stand at the Los Angeles Auto Show starting with a media preview Wednesday and we were both impressed and abashed Impressed by how good looking the car left is in person abashed at how we joined lots of others in bad mouthing it when all we had to look at were pictures below bottom that just
  • Also Scarlet Don t be shy come on over to <b><a href= http www flickr com groups scarlet sundays >Scarlet Sundays< a>< b> where red rules Also Rocks <a href= http bighugelabs com flickr onblack php id=3415630468 amp posted=1 amp size=large >Bigg0rated< a>
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  • Paris 31st of July bistrot des artistes click here Paris 14th of September 24bis
  • nights now and had been delayed by disconnects lag cancelled raids bad luck with respawns locusts and of course the Maiden s own nasty habit of killing the hell out of us Vanquished Next stop Opera event and then Curator
  • 7個port才給1A 這 會不會太小氣啊 abashed 而且實際上搞不好不到1A 這是Belkin附的電源 3 8A 就算每個port都接硬碟也沒問題啦
  • 喝酒的習俗 abashed 還真多花樣
  • Guess what can be the meaning of abash Examples Felt terribly abashed when she walked into the wrong hotel room Reply antonym of Abash here A obliterate B send away
  • to get this close to his face and the difference from this proximity and how he looks from the street is so striking I was abashed to be so near him to see his face so intimately St Anthony of Padua somewhere in the East Village He quite looks like the young wunderkind scholar and brilliant doctrinal mind he was doesn t he All cool and a bit proud if you ask
  • Bull session It s abashed that being the supervisor of this blog I have not wrote anything since long time ago Frankly speaking I am still adore the ACG very much but now it seems that a big
  • Mail us at unabashedband yahoo com
  • abashed radha arrives to meet krishna he65 jpg
  • f 2009年1月28日 カテゴリ
  • seemed not a whit abashed The children were either quite *** or wrapped in sarongs faded by the sun and weather to a dull harmony of their once too brilliant reds and greens A GROUP OF MOROS
  • including the head of the Tremere chantry Strauss The vampires looked uncomfortable abashed even All except Strauss His face was expressionless yet his eyes were full of contempt That will be all intoned LaCroix in his usual dismissive manner His eyes left their faces flicking to me his gaze once again condescending The vampires turned and walked out of the
  • Or look at this Finally someone has taken their design cues from Gerry Anderson But why does it have to be a crane Why can t it be some cool hybrid electric truck That s how we ll persuade people to give up the gas guzzlers By building stuff that
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  • to see the page with the definitions If you are using Microsoft s IE browser click on the page image once to make it larger and click on the back button to return to this index page abandon abandoned abandonment abase abasement abash abashed abate abatement abbreviate abbreviated abbreviation abdicate abdomen abduction abberation abet abettor abeyance
  • Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is
  • A part ca on e refait un petit tour de Scene Bastille vendredi prochain si ca vous tente Ca sera surement notre dernier concert de l année A plus et bonne continuation
  • Paris 14th of July au24bis click here Bistrot des Artistes Express14 Ange Gardien
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  • which he was so abashed and ashamed that he went to Travell 7 yeares On his returne the Queen welcomed him home and sayd My Lord I had forgott the Fart John Aubrey Brief Lives When William Webb Ellis the Rugby schoolboy who invented a new game by picking up the ball and running with it went on to Oxford University he won a blue not for rugby but cricket The
  • 所以其實架構上等於是兩台4 port hub串在一起 插了電源結果硬碟轉不動 abashed 不然就是燒錄或是copy到一半裝置會斷線 仔細一找才發現元兇 7個port才給1A 這 會不會太小氣啊 abashed 而且實際上搞不好不到1A
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  • Glahn looked abashed and admitted that he knows many people are unhappy with it AS WELL HE SHOULD I mean really to use as an example that phony chart of Steve Rakow s on p 6 with no ID of meaning of X or Y axis it s deceitful but they pulled that in CapX when faced with decreased demand entering this chart then citing its entry in the CapX 2020
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  • 昆蟲標本 好多沒看過 abashed
  • 喝酒的習俗 abashed 還真多花樣 舊式包裝合集
  • 2007
  • day 6 thikse gompa      the image of the buddha we d arrived
  • as I manage to wedge my foot and stand up I am abashed Arms and legs trembling in exhaustion I come to another late realization I am 40 and really it s time to stop climbing trees Photo Washington Monument grounds Inauguration Day Jan 20 2009 10 15 a m It cannot be denied however that the view is better from up here The first thing that strikes me is that the
  • WA Labor MP Mick Murray has been fined for taking abalone out of season ABC TV
  • See she asked triumphantly There s still some bloody snow down here Oh don t be such a n00b scoffed Andre from the rhododendrons You re embarrassing me She ll think we have no manners if you carry on like this Betty Lou abashed picked her way carefully over to where Andre was gingerly avoiding the little puddles
  • January but and so I was giving tiny stitches in baby alpaca back in thanks He was deeply gratified And to my surprise a little abashed but very pleased at my complimenting his work The surgeon who d assisted him was as it turned out the surgeon I d had in January her new job wasn t so far away after all I was thrilled to get to see her again three weeks ago She s
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  • THE CROW Abashed the Devil stood, And felt how awful goodness is, and saw Virtue in her own shape how lovely; saw And pined his loss.
  • Letter A - "Abashed" - ( adjective ) Mr TESOL's Video Dictionary ( As Defined By Members Of The Public ) Click Here Better Version -
  • Jenna Bush Predator like at 3:02 at 3:02 Jenna Bush gets abashed and shows her true colors...the energy field around her at that point becomes almost like the invisibility field in the Predator movies... Predator Cloak...can you see him? photos1 HIV=AIDS=FACT OR FRAUD Learn the Power of your Mind (free your mind) Reptilian Pact reptilians control your news stations...*note...when uploaded to youtube the anomalies are visable...
  • David Zitzow: Alan Laddd and The Abashed "Working Man Blues" (Merle Haggard) Live
  • Abashed - Beloved one - live 14sept07 Version live acoustique de beloved one d'abashed :
  • Rhyacian: Untimely Meditations, by The Ocean Precambrian (2007) A City of the blind Their vile inhabitants Abashed by their own lives' Insignificance The silent void of cogitations Absence of signification Committed to burn twice as long and half as bright We're dashing forward with our eyeballs turned inward: until the end of time, the human eye Staring wide-open into the horror of the mind, shall never ever sleep again We have awoken from our sleep Nevermore shall we be unheeding as the flock of sheep Grazing ingenuously Living blithely Roaming insouciantly Forgetting instantly Every night I'm swooping with the vast span of my wings Into the death-throes of my memory: the eternal scourge of the human mind I'm wandering in times which are not mine Terrified of what I'm about to find I'm trying to stop the past's rapid flight I'm wandering in times which are not mine Lost in between the *** and the shine The snake of fear creeps into our hearts at night Subdueing every mind at bedtime What will it take to arrive And cease trying to stop the past's rapid flight? How much more do I have to go through To prove myself that I'm still alive? We are living in pain The wind of the past will always shake you in the end We're waiting for the day When we will attain the ability to forget For, every day of our lives, the present is painful The future unknown The sting of the past is what makes every moment unbearable The future is overgrown
  • To all my 20 Subscribers (now 21) I promised it and now I am delivering. I told you guys I'd do a CREATIVE shoutout video to each of my subscribers when I reached the 20 mark. Shot entirely in beloved black and white I went to the streets to put together the most original shoutout video EVER.. :) Enjoy and a special thank you to all 21 subscribers... yes I couldn't upload when I was at the 20 mark. Music: "Jesus Freak Remix" - not sure who did this song and "Monkey Business" - Ill Harmonics PS My intro song (by me I'm abashed to say) is entitled "Skitzofrenic Accapella"
  • Charles-Valentin Alkan - Grande Sonate "Les Quatre Ages" - 20 Ans "Alkan's first movement is a whirlwind of a scherzo, naive in substance but unpredictable in manner. It is both the shortest and structurally the most straightforward, being in simple ABA form. But there is nothing straightforward about either the tonality or the rhythm. That opening D major flourish is constantly rebuked by a stern B minor explosion and the fast 3/4 scherzo rhythm is shot through with fierce cross-accents. The keys change kaleidoscopically before gravitating sharply towards D sharp minor, the remote key of the second movement - the man of thirty. At twenty he is still obviously a pretty restless character, a man of action impatiently feeling his way towards maturity. Suddenly the D major flourish lands on a thumping wrong chord (B flat) rewarded by an abashed pause and apologetic laughter ('ridente') and, second time round, the mercurial figuration takes fright and starts to break up. Some startled F sharps, marked 'palpitant' (breathless), confront fragments of the opening quavers in a 'cat and mouse' game full of questioning silences." "As our hero of twenty becomes more venturesome that the naive tune, starting 'timidement', gradually sheds its shyness in a flowing melody marked 'amoureusement' and later 'avec bonheur', but it only finds fulfillment in a coda of unsuspected power and excitement. With a final swaggering gesture marked 'victorieusement' it seems that the youth of twenty has come of age." *All quotes taken from Ronald Smith's book ...
  • Gorguts - Illuminatus Song: Illuminatus Band: Gorguts Album: Obscura Year: 1998 Lyrics: Consistence of dreams Sweet liquid illuminates Illuminatus... Soul's Arsis Consistence of souls, Nothingness in emptiness Enobscuratus... Flesh's Thesis Lake of flameless thoughts, A lucid crisis Cogitabundus... Stillness of mind Inner-circle rises, Sentiments are fine Nihiluminatus... Life mystified through blissful light... Rise Heresy and Heretic contemplation Life purified earthly mind... Dies Abashed and aghast rebellion Sensitive Aura, peaceful Requiem Illuminatus... Soul's Arsis Translucid dogma, peaceful condolences Enobscuratus... Flesh's Thesis Life mystified through blissful light...Rise Heresy and Heretic contemplation Life purified earthly mind... Dies Abashed and aghast rebellion A Chrome existence, insipid pertinence Cogitabundus... Stillness of mind Confirm ecstasy, Blissfully Nihiluminus... *All music written and arranged by Gorguts** Track list: 1. "Obscura" ~ 4:04 2. "Earthly Love" ~ 4:04 3. "The Carnal State" ~ 3:08 4. "Nostalgia" ~ 6:10 5. "The Art of Sombre Ecstasy" ~ 4:20 6. "Clouded" ~ 9:32 7. "Subtle Body" ~ 3:23 8. "Rapturous Grief" ~ 5:27 9. "La Vie Est Prelude... (La Morte Orgasme)" ~ 3:28 10. "Illuminatus" ~ 6:15 11. "Faceless Ones" ~ 3:50 12. "Sweet Silence" ~ 6:45 Line-up on Obscura: *Luc Lemay : Guitars, vocals, viola *Steeve Hurdle : Guitars, vocals *Steve Cloutier : Bass *Patrick Robert : Drums ____________________________________________________________ Produced by ...
  • Riley's G6 Watch this!
  • LSD lucy in the sky with diamonds Beatles- acousticAbashed 2 guitar acoustic version of LSD lucy in the sky with diamonds Beattles- acoustic
  • Leela Chitnis as a Singer... Ms. Chitnis began her acting career onstage at a time women seldom worked as actors. Her son Manavedra Chitnis said that women who did act were regarded as prostitutes, and so Ms. Chitnis was shunned by Brahmans, the priestly caste of which she was a member. She did not care, her son said, nor was she abashed by these prejudices when she moved on, in the 1930's, to India's large and lively movie industry in Bombay, now known as Bollywood. She began playing romantic leads and became one of the best-known heroines in the country. From 1948 into the 1980's, she worked as a character actor, becoming famous in the 1950's and 60's for her portrayals of mothers. In these roles, she developed an image of sober probity, underlined by gold-rimmed glasses and white saris. 'Whenever I think of her, I still shake with awe,'' said Jyotirmoy Datta, the senior arts editor for News-India Times, an English-language weekly published in New York. ''She seemed to be always right and prepared to follow the straight path of virtue.'' In a review of her work in 1997 in India-West magazine, published in Emeryville, Calif., RM Vijayakar called Ms. Chitnis the Duchess of Depression, not least because of her characteristic cough. Ms. Chitnis was born on Sept. 9, 1909, in a small town near Bombay. Her father was an English professor who adhered to Brahmo Samaj, a religious movement that rejected caste. Died in Danbury, Conn. USA (2003) She was 93. She had been living in Connecticut for many years to ...
  • Frozen Flesh - Antihuman Command (Demo) Letra: Irked men, by human idiocy Planing an extermination, for the planet destroy Murderers without piety, devour the carrion of the infamous beings, that live on this earth Crushed, abashed Tortured and shattered Hidden in the shades, waiting the moment Sharpening the knife, that ravages your sense Crushed and abashed, winding up your breath Torturing and shattering, i have no remorse Strangling your body, i just wanna see you dead I cant have piety, i just wanna disgorge Bloodstained streets, full desolation And irreparable damage for humanity Chaos reigns the earth, everything is ache and death *Artista: Frozen Flesh *Origen: Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca *Genero: Death/grind *Myspace: /frozenfleshdeath Tracklist: 01. Into the Death 02. Necro***philia 03. Cannibal Murder 04. Antihuman Command 05. IARA (Insignificant, Agonizing, Rotten and Stinking) Descarga:
  • Groezrock 2011 - Vardøger - by Tarmac "Vardøger" is an interactive installation created by the art collective Tarmac based in Meerhout (B). Passing festival visitors will be voluntarily requested to enter an alienating post-disaster setting in order to create a fragmentary "Doppelgänger" of themselves. Scanological mitosis as a living art form: one copy will be handed over to the abashed donor, the other one is used by the collective to create a huge organic billboard collage which creates the basis for a wayward interpretation of the irrefutable evidence: 20 years of Groezrock. Vardøger is the result of the spontaneous collaboration between Groezrock and Tarmac, a collective of affiliated artists based in Meerhout (B) which operates as a "Cultural Transfusion Center" since 2009 and assists in facilitating and creating of contemporary arts. Info: www.tar-mac.be more pics on
  • Alan Laddd & the Abashed - "Corporal Morgan" Rocker Gary Shane's country music band, Alan Laddd & the Abashed, with an anti-war song featuring Robert E. Lee...
  • Original Song: Abashed Here is thing. It's a bit too fast, but it's sort of long to make up for it.
  • Obladi Oblada beatles acoustic version by abashed During a live in a bar in Paris, we played this acoustic version of obladi oblada from the beatles. If you want to check out our concerts dates : /acoustic
  • Sophie Hall at Hebden Bridge (July 25th, 2009) Doing poems, looking rather abashed and a bit of a ***. But a very articulated ***. Enjoy listening to monotonous dirge as much as I enjoyed writing them.
  • Deny Not O SON OF MAN! Deny not My servant should he ask anything from thee, for his face is My face; be then abashed before Me. --Baha'u'llah The Hidden Words, from the Arabic #30 composed by Cheryl Watson
  • Abashed - the meaning and the aim - live 14sept07 This is a live version of the song The meaning and the aim of the second album of ABASHED.
  • Alan Laddd and the Abashed North Shore Sunday presents Alan Laddd and the Abashed, circa 1985.
  • Alan Laddd & The Abashed - "Requested Orange" Rocker Gary Shane's country music band, recorded in 1985, in a gig opening for Gary Shane and the Detour.
  • Abashed favorite toy This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Gary Shane: Alan Laddd and The Abashed "Condos On The Moon" Live
  • Sad Day 31/07/80 God bless Rafi Ji 'Ek Tha Gul Aur Ek Thi..' Ek thaa gul aur ek thee bulbul donon chaman mein rahate the hai ye kahaanee bilkul sachchee, mere naanaa kahate the. (There was a flower(rose) and nightingale who lived in a beautiful garden. It's a true story told me by my grand-dad.) Bulbul kuchh aise gaatee thee aise gaatee thee! aise gaatee thee!! bulbul kuchh aise gaatee thee, jaise tum baatein karatee ho. (The nightingale sang same way as you talk so sweetly darling!!) Wo gul aise sharamaataa thaa, aise sharamaataa thaa! aise sharamaataa thaa!! wo gul aise sharamaataa thaa jaise main ghabaraa jaataa hoon. (The flower/rose abashed, like I get perplexed!!) Bulbul ko maaloom naheen thaa, gul aise kyon sharamaataa thaa wo kyaa jaane usakaa nagmaa, gul ke dil ko dhadakaataa thaa dil ke bhed naa aate lab pe, ye dil mein hee rahate the. (Nightingale had no idea why rose was bashful. She was not aware that her singing quickened rose's heart beat with love and adoration. But he did not have courage to express his feelings, which remained hidden in his heart.) Lekin aakhir dil kee baaten aise kitane din chhoopatee hain ye wo kaliyaan hain jo ek din bas kaante ban ke chubhatee hain ek din jaan liyaa bulbul ne, wo gul us kaa diwaanaa hai tum ko pasand aayaa ho to boloon, phir aage jo afasaanaa hai ek duje kaa ho jaane par, wo donon majaboor huye un dono ke pyaar ke kisse, gulashan mein mashahoor huye saath jiyenge, saath marenge, wo dono ye kahate the (However, secrets of the heart cannot be concealed for much longer. As these ...
  • aero marathon ABASHED...!!!
  • The Crow - Death of T-Bird "Abashed the Devil stood, And felt how awful goodness is." My favourite scene in this movie. I dunno what it is that makes me love it so - the music (which is great!), the arsehole finally dying. Explosions. It's all good! :D
  • Abashera-Abashed Piano the music of my favourite impossible maze game
  • Gary Shane: Alan Laddd and The Abashed "Why,Why,Why" Live
  • Buckethead abashed Just Buckethead(from dvd secret recipe)
  • Abashed - live version of Under Pressure - 14sept07 live acoustic version of the song UNDER PRESSURE. Performed in Paris.
  • You Want Some Milk? Gavin wants milk, but doesnt want to admit it.
  • ToME4: The Abashed Expande, take two with teleporting platforms
  • So easy to write abashed acoustic live in Paris This is an acoustic version of abashed song so easy to write. To download the 1rst album free :
  • Gary Shane: Alan Laddd and The Abashed "Requested Orange" Live
  • THE CROW Halloween Make-up AndyBMakeUp Make-up By AndyBMakeUp Facebook: "Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is, and saw virtue in here lovely shape." _ Sbalordito il diavolo rimase, quando comprese quanto osceno fosse il bene, e vide la virtu' nello splendore delle sue forme sinuose. C***e Youtube: Ufficial site : Twitter: Per qualunque domanda lasciate pure un commento o messaggio privato nel c***e yotube Per le richieste Business potete scrivermi su [email protected] Make-up tratto dal 1° film, IL CORVO, mi sono voluto tenere nel "cinematografico" un trucco non proprio grafico, imperfetto e sporco come nel film (la difficolta' sta proprio nel non renderlo perfetto, nel film il trucco gli viene anche cambiato, a volte piu' sfumato ea volte piu' preciso, ho preso spunto nelle scene nelle quali ha il make-up piu' sfumato e piu' effetto d'ombra.) ______ make-up step by step in English: "THE CROW" I apply a white and creamy foundation as base. When the base is dry, I use a white AquaColor; you can use also a white supracolor, maybe whit a wet sponge. You can leave out the area around eyes, it isn't necessary. Transparent Powder to uniform the base and prepare the eyes to the black AquaColor. I'm using a black AcquaColor. I advise you not to use a powder eye shadow because the result would be a chalky effect. A creamy black eye shadow also works. A black and greasy product would be perfect. The name of the game is the blending: you have to ...
  • (Dance Cover) TVXQ/DBSK - Rising Sun [Full Dance] For us Cassies, our ♥ for DBSK is as eternal and unfluctuating as the Rising Sun. 'Always keep the faith'. {- Epic Lyrics- } Now. I cry under my skin.. My tears have gone to the skies and made the rain That falls onto the earth and washes my newly imprinted pain No!...Forgivness is an endless luxury of mine No!...My anger has flown off without target and lost its way No!...I pray for atonement with words of attachment No!...Here I go come back My wings have lost their strength The days of ashes only seem to be filled with sin I wake up from flying, stabbed by fragments of shattered dreams of poison Another pitch black morning Truth is what everyone wants But they only show deception on their faces I've been abandoned in eternity, are they looking for me? Break down the thick imprisoning walls. Press forward with courage and strength To regain my innocence I'll burn fiercely like a raging fire And end like the last radiance of sunset I'm waiting for the rising sun... Now, burn my eyes, Sun comes up, blowing the fog Never lies to your mind Got to be a true Realizing that my path is 101, I can't reach reality. So that I won't be abashed next to the Sun I just try to be me, and now Where's the end to this chaos? Somebody talks...it's a different answer everyday Desire, is it the sketch of happiness? Somebody talks...but it's not the solution to the moment Life's like star trailing after an endless orbit You go looking for questions and solutions Only to paint an incomplete ...
  • ToME4: The Abashed Expanse testing Testing a new zone, a part of Eyal that was ripped apart from the world and thrown into near space by the spellblaze. It has recently been destabilized and threatens to disrupt Eyal.
  • Abashed: A 3DW Vignette 3DW: Tables,Ladders, And Chairs Friday, April 22 7:00pm Belltime American Legion Post 80 Binghamton NY 13905 3DW Returns home to crown it's 1st Television Champion. Who will it be???? In the main event Sean Carr vs. Axel Lennox in a tables, ladders, and chairs match to crown the champion !!! Also Bill Bain from WWE/ ECW/ Tna fame will be in tag team match against The Degenerates of Society, Little Daddy C vs. Luke Bab***. Plus the Debut of Xavier Fate, and Ian decay . April 22nd in Binghamton New York come witness the start of the high flying , death defying , action packed DARE DEVIL TITLE TOURNAMENT !!! You don't want to miss this !! Tickets are $15.00 front row and $12.00 general admission $ 15.00 at the door ==================================================== 3DW: Born To Bleed Saturday, April 23 · 7:00pm Belltime Hillcrest Roller Rink 2181 West Main Street Sidney, NY 3DW Makes it's debut in Sidney featuring Sidney's own Little Daddy C Former WWE/ECW/TNA star Bill Bain will be on hand as well as Degenerates of Society, Rottmare with his manager Bill Pierce, Sean Carr, Axel lennox, AJ Evers, Nick Napoleon, Corvis Fear, And all your favorite 3DW stars !!! Don't miss all your favorite 3DW stars like Rottmare, Superbad, Nick Napoleon, Nick Talent, Marc Krieger, Corvis Fear, and many more!!! You can now purchase tickets online at 3 ===================================== "Lord Is My Weapon" by OTEP Non profit video.
  • Víctor Montoya - Love in La Higuera Text: Víctor Montoya Animation: Miro Coca Lora Translation: Elizabeth Gamble Miller Music: Adagio G - Moll Composer: Tomaso Albinoni Photographies: Alberto Korda Freddy Alborta Michel Gladu and anonymous © Miro Coca Lora Animation and production Stockholm, november, 2008 LOVE IN LA HIGUERA When El Che arrived in La Higuera tied to a military helicopter, he looked like an immortal guerrillero with his gunshot wounded leg. The next morning on my way to do my duty as a teacher, I came face to face with a reality that would never again let me live in peace. El Che was sitting on a bench in the little school and when he saw me, he teased me, by asking, -What is such a pretty young lady doing in this village? I didnt answer him. I was shy and didnt have any experience dealing with strangers. As they were moving him out to take photos, his eyes searched the crowds to wink at me. It was the first time I returned his look, somewhat abashed, although feeling extraordinarily happy, like anyone who finds the love of her life when least expected. In town the atmosphere was tense and people were listening to the Presidents speech on the radio telling them that the guys with beards were foreign invaders who carried off the young men at gunpoint, raped the women and would kill us all. I didnt know whether to believe the words of the President. I was in love and my heart began beating faster and faster. I never saw such a handsome man. It seemed like he didnt cut his hair so he would look ...
  • Alan Laddd & the Abashed - "Condos on the Moon" Rocker Gary Shane's country music band, Alan Laddd & the Abashed, filmed live in 1985. This song played on Boston area radio at the time.
  • dan & blair - bottle it up This video has been so long frozen (my video editor program didn't work well) but finally I finished this! Hope you like it! Song by Sara Barailles DESCRIPTION: In real story Dan sees Serena on some party and fell in love with her but in this story that girl is Blair Waldorf (video starts with that scene). After year he meets this beautiful girl again and don't know how to act. At school Dan tried to search her hanging with her sister and finally sees her outside and waves to her. Blair is a bit abashed: why this stranger is waving to her? Dan can't help himself but he's still attracted of Blair. Even her best friend Vanessa tries to speak to him sense and finally Dan realize that Blair lives totally in different world than he. But everything change quite quickly aswell when Dan crash middle of fight of Serena and Blair. Dan just can't see Blair broken and goes to comfort her. After that Blair starts noticing him and sees Dan in the new light. She starts being interested of him. Even Nate notice that.. Gossip Girl has a new gossip of Dan and some strange girl and Blair of course sees that. She will go to talk with Dan.. SORRY I didn't meant to do description so long but it just lengthend! FEEDBACK is always WELCOME!

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