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  • Firefighters called to an abandoned home near the intersection of Leavitt Avenue and State Road 472 on Saturday found a fully involved fire. The damage to the home appears to be total, crews said. — “Fire abandoned home Volusia: Abandoned home completely”,
  • Abandoned Bulgarian children should not live any longer in specialized institutions by 2020, according to Bulgaria's national strategy for keeping children out of orphanages. Some EUR 180 M is the amount of money planned for spending on keeping. — “Bulgaria: Abandoned Bulgarian Children to Be Kept Out of”,
  • A mother abandoned her newborn baby on the street in China - because the little girl was blonde. She's adorable and I hope all works out well for her but Daily Mail - where is the evidence to say she was abandoned because she is blonde?. — “Baby girl in China abandoned on the street -- because she is”,
  • Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo held aloft Exhibit A on Monday for government waste: An abandoned youth facility that still employs 30 state workers. — “Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo rips 'ridiculous' waste of tax”,
  • - Olympia firefighters put out a large fire at the abandoned Reliable Steel warehouse in the 1200 block of West Bay Drive Tuesday morning, according to the Olympia Fire Department. — “Abandoned Reliable Steel warehouse in Olympia catches fire”,
  • Rain played spoilsport as play on day one of the Ranji Trophy Group A Elite division match between Mumbai and Assam was abandoned due to wet outfield. — “Day 1 of Mumbai-Assam tie abandoned due to rain”,
  • Abandoned Vehicle Program carries on. Posted: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 1:03 AM EST The Abandoned Vehicle Program, after much stalling, has finally gotten off the ground and continues full-steam ahead. — “Abandoned Vehicle Program carries on - -KUAM News: On”,
  • Issaquah police have a warning for drivers who abandoned their cars during the snow and ice storm that hit the Puget Sound Monday – come and get them or they will be towed away. — “Abandoned cars posing snow removal and sanding problems”, king5.com
  • Definition of abandoned in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of abandoned. Pronunciation of abandoned. Translations of abandoned. abandoned synonyms, abandoned antonyms. Information about abandoned in the free online English dictionary and. — “abandoned - definition of abandoned by the Free Online”,
  • How does the Council respond to a complaint of an abandoned vehicle? Introduction. The purpose of these pages is to provide an insight into the legislation and procedures used by Fareham Borough Council when dealing with abandoned vehicles. — “Fareham Borough Council: Abandoned Vehicles and the Law”,
  • Chinese police say they suspect a mother who left her newborn baby on a street corner abandoned her because she was blonde. The white-haired baby gir. — “Chinese baby found abandoned 'for having blonde hair”,
  • A two-year-old girl was found abandoned near the Bal Vikas Shishu Welfare trust at Pimpriwada in Kurar, Malad (East). Even after much attempt to trace the family of the child, the police have been unable to find anyone. — “2-year-old girl found abandoned in Malad - Hindustan Times”,
  • If you want to report an abandoned vehicle and get it removed, the local council can help. — “Reporting abandoned vehicles : Directgov - Home and community”,
  • This is the Abandoned Vehicles sub-homepage. The local council will deal with any vehicles reported as abandoned on local roads or property (usually including private property). — “Abandoned Vehicles : Council Services for Scarborough Borough”,
  • Eight years ago Brisbane woman Dianne Brimble was found dead on the floor of a cabin in a cruise ship. Rumours of drug use and other activities quickly turned to allegations of rape and murder. Crime - Abandoned: The Sad Death of Dianne Brimble. — “Abandoned: The Sad Death of Dianne Brimble - ABC Queensland”, .au
  • Watch Abandoned. Watch Unlimited Movies and TV Shows. No Late Fees. Abandoned (2010) In this taut indie thriller, bank executive Mary Walsh (Brittany Murphy) finds her sanity in question when her boyfriend, Kevin Peterson (Dean Cain), mysteriously vanishes from a hospital where he was taken for. — “Netflix - Watch Abandoned”,
  • The term abandonment has a multitude of uses, legal and extra-legal. Abandonment in law, is the relinquishment or renunciation of an interest, claim, privilege, possession or right, especially with the intent of never again resuming or. — “Abandonment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • During Ireland's boom years, thousands of people bought horses as a status symbol. But with the economy in crisis, many owners can't afford to keep them. Some 20,000 abandoned horses are roaming Ireland and could face starvation this winter. — “Facing Starvation: The Sad Plight of Ireland's Abandoned”,
  • Dozens of drivers who abandoned their cars during Monday's harrowing commute have learned their cars have been towed, and they're now stuck with the towing bill. — “Auburn police order abandoned cars towed, bills drivers”,
  • A Kyrgyz man trapped in an abandoned mine for three days has been rescued. — “Kyrgyz Man Rescued From Abandoned Mine - Radio Free Europe”,
  • Abandoned - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Abandoned”,
  • Why one abandoned pub in Stoke-on-Trent is being carefully dismantled. To play Breakfast with Pete Morgan - Abandoned pub dismantled brick-by-brick you need to enable JavaScript. — “BBC iPlayer - Breakfast with Pete Morgan: Abandoned pub”,
  • THE recession is being blamed for a sharp rise in the number of abandoned cats and new-born kittens. — “Dales and Eden sanctuaries swamped by abandoned kittens (From”,
  • Abandoned Terengganu woman ashamed to return from Lombok. — “Abandoned Terengganu woman ashamed to return from Lombok”,

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  • Alexander Rybak - Abandoned Alexander Rybak's new album. Alexander Rybak is a Norwegian violinist, singer, composer and actor. Rybak represented Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia. Playlist: Buy the song at: Abandoned is track #7 on his new album "Fairytales" 2009 www.emi.no
  • Kamelot - Abandoned (HQ, live from One Cold Winter's Night) Kamelot - Abandoned (live from One Cold Winter's Night) I really recommend watching the high quality version.
  • The Abandoned Teaser Trailer The Abandoned (a film by Nacho Cerdá) International Teaser. Visit for more info.
  • scott matthew - Abandoned fan video music by scott matthew
  • Axenstar - Abandoned I gaze at the moon and it is staring back at me I wonder if she could ever feel the pain I feel Alone now I stand, is this the beginning of the end I'm not quite so sure what all this sorrow was meant for All on my own the reaper has come to take you away In sickness and health, the grief that I felt, I want you to know Consumed by the pain I'm felt here standing in the rain (by your grave) Betrayed by our fate, all that's left in me is hate Now it seems to me, our lives a fading memory I no longer know the reason of me to live on All on my own the reaper has come to take you away 'Til death to us part, it tears at my heart to say you farewell Longing for that knock on the door Longing for that knock on the door
  • Los abandoned - Nada mio es fake Los Abandoned was an American alternative rock band from the Los Angeles, California area. The band's lyrics are in Spanish and English, or a combination of the two known as Spanglish. Their biggest hits were "Panic-oh!," "Van Nuys (es Very Nice)," and "Stalk U." They released two EPs and one LP, and in 2005, were signed with Vapor Records. The band performed with artists such as Zoé, Café Tacuba, The Breeders, Calexico, Julieta Venegas, Molotov, and Aterciopelados, and participated in the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival in Austin, Texas. In 2005 they participated in the Latin Alternative Music Conference on the Santa Monica Pier, along with Ely Guerra and Andrea Echeverri. They also opened the Bridge School Benefit for Paul McCartney, Neil Young, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. On October 5, 2007, the band released a statement on their Myspace page, saying that they had decided to go their separate ways. Their final show was a free performance on October 7, 2007, at TarFest, a film, music, and art festival at the La Brea Tar Pits.
  • part-1, Bulgaria's Abandoned Children Revisited In 2007 the BBC documentary film 'Bulgaria's Abandoned Children caused an international outcry because the images of neglect were so shocking to witness in a country that had just become a member of the European Union. Bulgaria has more institutionalised mentally and physically disabled children than anywhere else in Europe. The film is a heart-rending and eye-opening look into the life of one institution. Eigh*** months after filming it, director Kate Blewett returned to Bulgaria in 2009 to film with a handful of the children featured in the original documentary, seeing where they are today and how their lives have changed since the outcry and changes brought about by the film. The original documentary is set in a small Bulgarian village in an institute called Mogilino, a place where 75 unwanted disabled children are growing up. Many of them cannot walk or talk, not necessarily because they are unable to, but because they have been neglected and have never had the opportunity to learn. With extraordinary access, Blewett takes us into this tragic silent world. The second half of the film takes the audience back to Bulgaria to see how the lives of the children have been transformed beyond recognition as a result of the public response to the film. It is testimony to the power of television to bring about concrete change, and also demonstrate how even apparently hopelessly withdrawn and 'damaged' children can be reached, helped and given a meaningful life and future with ...
  • Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Tour Six Flags New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It has been abandoned ever since. This film was made in October 2010 by Teddy Smith. The park is scheduled to be demolished in January 2011. Originally posted by user "aroundlsu"
  • Prypiat, abandoned city Video from Pripiat. The city was abandoned in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster. http
  • Abandoned military base - Fort Ritchie Here is a drive through part of the abandoned Fort Ritchie, a military base on the Maryland-Pennsylvania border, and once the biggest employer in Washington County, Maryland. The base closed in 1998 as a result of the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure Act. the place where Cheney was hidden immediately following 9/11. Fort Ritchie lies at the foot of Quirauk Mountain in the Catoctin Range of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The site is underlain by the Catoctin metabasalt of the Cambrian Period. In its early military days, it was called Camp Ritchie after the land was bought by the state for the Maryland National Guard. During World War II it was transferred to the US Army and became the centralized Military Intelligence Training Center. It went back under state control for a time in the late 40's, but in 1948, the Army again decided it needed the post for support of the soon-to-be constructed Alternate Joint Communications Center, also known as Site R. The AJCC began operation in 1954, and supporting it was the prime mission of the post for 10 years. (Site R is the place where it has been reported that Cheney was hidden immediately following 9/11.) After some legal battles, the fort was transferred to PenMar Development Corporation and sold to Corporate Office Properties Trust of Columbia, Maryland in October 2006.
  • Santa's Village Abandoned - East Dundee, IL - Mad World This is photo record of Santa's Village in East Dundee, IL. Most of the rides featured are now either torn down or relocated.
  • Abandoned - Chapter Two (Halo 3 Machinima) Click above to watch Abandoned - Chapter One Abandoned - Chapter Two (Halo 3 Machinima) RomBag Productions premieres the 2nd chapter of Abandoned, their Halo 3 dramatic comedy series. Rivers has been assigned a new partner by Col. Redfern, yet his partner doesn't appear to be everything the Colonel had promised. After deploying to the Separatist controlled Sandtrap Outpost, Rivers and Breton find themselves in a sticky situation when the outpost is way more heavily guarded then intelligence had suggested. For behind the scenes, director's commentary and more check out these director links: Directors Channel: Directors Twitter: Directors Facebook: Directors Website: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima http Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Halo 3 Abandoned Chapter Two UPC 882224729741 halo xbox 360 machinima master chief rombag productions unsc rivers breton deranker deranking odst abandoned recon bungie microsoft episode chapter one season yt:quality=high
  • Abandoned Chippewa Lake Amusement Park 1878-2009 Documentary Chippewa Lake Amusement Park 1878-2009 Documentary Chad Dennis Clandestiny Brenna Lee Roth Abandoned Amusement Park Ohio History Time Lapse Then and Now Closed for the Season
  • Abandoned trailer Trailer for indie thriller Abandoned From: www.quietearth.us
  • Abandoned Mansion - Whitemarsh Hall This was one of the best mansions ever built in the USA. In 1938 it cost over 1 million dollars each year for the upkeep. It was abandoned for many years. Stotesbury's abandoned mansion was an awesome place. I spent my ***age years exploring the mansion and all of the three underground basements and abandoned gardens. If any you had a chance to visit the mansion please post and let me know.
  • Smallville - Abandoned Preview Clip Lois opens a box from her mother that's been closed for years. Catch Smallville this Friday at 8/7c.
  • Los Abandoned - Van Nuys (Es Very Nice) The first video for LA's own Los Abandoned, whose debut album "Mix Tape" has been getting rave reviews since its release in September on Sanctuary/Vapor Records.
  • Abandoned - Chapter One (Halo 3 Machinima) Click above to watch The De-Ranker (Halo 3 Machinima) Abandoned - Chapter One (Halo 3 Machinima) The guys who brought you the Halo 3 short The De-Ranker are back! This time RomBag Productions premieres the first chapter of Abandoned, their new Halo 3 dramatic comedy series. Taking place sometime after the events in Halo 3, civil war has emerged and rebel forces within the UNSC have broken off to form the United Separatists. It's up to Captain Rivers, a member of an elite UNSC unit to stop them, but that won't be so easy when Rivers is assigned a new partner who is anything but elite. Directors Channel: Directors Twitter: Directors Facebook: Directors Website: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima http Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Halo 3 Abandoned Chapter One UPC 882224729741 halo xbox 360 machinima master chief rombag productions RomBagProductions Rom Bag unsc rivers breton deranker deranking odst abandoned recon bungie microsoft episode chapter one season yt:quality=high
  • Sonata Arctica - Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited Sonata Arctica - Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited From their album "Winterheart's Guild"
  • Pharoah Sanders - "Kazuko" - An Abandoned Tunnel Pharoah Sanders - "Kazuko" - Live In an Abandoned Tunnel in San Francisco (Marin Headlands - close to the Golden Gate Bridge) 1982
  • Abandoned Pools - Clone High Theme
  • Abandoned Lakeland Mental Asylum A slideshow of the Abandoned Lakeland Mental Asylum that was in Lakeland, New Jersey. The asylum was demolished after the new hospital was built on the same grounds.
  • Film Clip: Brittany Murphy in 'Abandoned' Watch a clip of the upcoming Brittany Murphy film, the psychological thriller 'Abandoned.' (Dec. 22)
  • Gays Abandoned - Uganda November 2010 In Uganda homo***uals fear for their lives. And in recent months laws were proposed which would introduce the death penalty for gays and lesbians. For now the legislation has been shelved but for how long? "Homo***uality is a habit that is gradually learned/ that can become an addiction, just like drugs", says Pastor Moses Male. He's one of the many powerful voices in this deeply Christian country who say they want to 'cure' gays and lesbians and end the "Western homo***ual juggernaut" threatening their country. The new laws currently being considered even include punishment for anyone who doesn't report gay people to the authorities. "They want to use the law to silence us, so that we don't speak out at all", says Frank Mugisha, President of '***ual Minorities for Uganda'. As a homo***ual himself, Frank drives fast and always takes the back roads of Kampala, running from the mobs who, waiting for the bill to pass, have begun to take the law into their own hands. Anti-homo***uality in Uganda is age-old. Sheila was just twelve when she became the target of 'curative rape'- a man who told her how to "play with boys". Yet if the bill is passed it will further criminalise Sheila and others in the eyes of the public. "When you commit homo***uality, other things, like rape and murder, are minor", says one journalist. Produced By SBS Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
  • Ensiferum - Abandoned .
  • Diggin History #36 - Old abandoned school site in the woods metal detecting checkout my new site!!! 08 - Silvergurl and I went out in the morning metal detecting but we didn't find anything so we went to go see an old steam locomotive that was gonna pass buy us (my train video). Then Twistidd asked if we wanted to hunt a little bit longer at the old school site. So we all went over there for a few hours and this is what we found.
  • tour of centralia PA abandoned town Watch my live video: Due to an underground mine fire that began in the 1960s, Centralia PA has essentially become an abandoned ghost town. Only a few structures remain, and in numerous locations smoke can be seen (and smelt) rising from beneath the surface of the earth. There is an eerie and peaceful yet sad presence to the town. Song is copyrighted to Eddie Vedder -Society. (No copyright infringement intended)
  • Abandoned - Chapter Three (Halo 3 Machinima) Click here to watch Abandoned - Chapter Two! Abandoned - Chapter Three (Halo 3 Machinima) RomBag Productions premieres the 3rd chapter of Abandoned, their Halo 3 dramatic comedy series. Cpt. Rivers and his new partner Lt. Breton have been left behind when their team suffers heavy losses at the hands of the Separatists and are forced to pull out and abandon their mission. With communications down, and no help in sight, Rivers and Breton have to find a way out of Sand Trap outpost before they are over run by separatist forces. For behind the scenes, director's commentary and more check out these director links: Directors Channel: Directors Twitter: Directors Facebook: Directors Website: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima http Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: "Halo 3" "Abandoned" "Chapter Three" UPC: 882224729741 halo xbox 360 machinima master chief rombag productions unsc rivers reach breton deranker deranking odst abandoned recon bungie microsoft episode chapter one season yt:quality=high
  • The Abandoned Synopsis: An American woman searching for her birth parents learns she has inherited a house in the middle of a forest in a remote area of Russia. It is the house where she was born. Abandoned and uninhabited for 40 years, it stands in total disrepair and neglect. What she finds is more than an old house. She meets a mysterious man who claims to be her brother, a twin she never knew. Together they find the house holds secrets to a past they don't remember, forced to relive a series of horrifying events and shocking murders that occurred just after they were born, in the place they were supposed to die.
  • Lost & Abandoned: Haunted Winds Season 1 Episode 2 In this episode we explore an abandoned farm house that is said to be haunted. Stay tuned next week as we explore an old military base, where we have to actively avoid the on site security detail! Featuring: Chris Leckie Jason Goss and Camera Man: Jason Pusey Dont forget to check out our facebook fanpage for inside info: /smashtv.ca Don't forget to rate comment and subscribe! Please check out our vlog channel as well for more behind the scenes videos from SmashTVCanada! /smashvlog BONUS: Check out our vlog channel later this week for details on how you can join smashTVCanada on an upcoming Lost & Abandoned episode at a insane ayslum!!!
  • Paul Craig Roberts Reveals How The Government Abandoned Vietnam POWs on Alex Jones Tv 1/5 Paul Craig Roberts: Government Abandoned Vietnam POWs Kurt Nimmo www.prisonplanet.tv May 27, 2010 John McCain worked overtime to make sure Vietnam POWs never came home. Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, Paul Craig Roberts talked about the shameful abandonment of POWs by the US government. Roberts mentioned an article by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sydney Schanberg posted on the American Conservative website entitled McCain and the POW Cover-Up. "John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn't return home," writes Schanberg. "Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents." Schanberg notes there is overwhelming evidence — official documents, radio intercepts, witness depositions, satellite photos — of soldiers left behind in Vietnam. McCain has insisted this evidence was "woven together by unscrupulous deceivers to create an insidious and unpatriotic myth" about the US government. According to McCain, the evidence consists of nothing more than the "bizarre rantings of the MIA hobbyists," "hoaxers," "charlatans," "conspiracy theorists," and "dime-store Rambos." Schanberg's articles serve as yet more evidence that the ...
  • A La Mode - Los Abandoned Two videos: In the first video I took out the actual audio. I tried to sync the studio version of the song with the video as best as I could. I included the actual live audio in the second video. The sound came out really bad because I made a mistake when I adjusted the volume of the microphone of my camera.
  • Kamelot - Abandoned The fifth track of "The Black Halo" titled, "Abandoned."
  • Abandoned Madison School in Youngstown, Ohio Urban exploring: Abandoned Madison School in Youngstown, Ohio. UPDATE: December 2009 Thanks to Youtube user stormbirdstudio for a link to a news article that relates to this building. The school was no longer a school as of 2001, and was sold to an individual who made the building into a type of youth help center. He suffered some strokes in 2006 and left town until 2009. He is upset about the deteriorated state of his building, and if he cannot raise the funds to get it renovated, it will most likely be demolished some day. Here is a link to the news article and news video. The building is in a serious state of deterioration, but remains structurally sound. There is a lot of water damage, and paint and light fixtures are falling throughout the building. A detailed exploration was done on September 28, 2008 during the day. Surprisingly, there isn't much vandalism other than a few "tags" and some missing windows. The songs featured in the video are The Patient by Tool, and The Ghostwoman and the Hunter by Lacuna Coil.
  • Abandoned Rolling Acres Mall, Rolling Acres/Akron, Ohio Footage 2009 The gigantic Rolling Acres Mall has been shut down for about 4 years now. My dad does some demo/reconstruction work and he was offered anything he wanted inside the mall by the Demo company. I had the opportunity to ride my bike through the inside with my Camcorder. I didn't get any footage of the lower level. I was down there, but I couldn't take the bike. This once gorgeous late '70s mall has seen better days. Leaky roof has been the main source of problems. Also, thieves have stolen all the copper wiring so there is no possible way for the mall to be lit unless it was completely re-wired. Kinda creepy, with an eerie breeze throughout the whole place. Another freaky thing is that all the plants on the lower level are totally green. They are not fake. Totally healthy but overgrown. I think the roof is so leaky, the plants survive. Sears and JCpenny dpt. stores are still operating. I have no idea what's going to happen to the mall.
  • Riz Khan - Mission accomplished or abandoned in Iraq? As US combat troops leave Iraq, the Riz Khan show asks if the US is really withdrawing or whether it is just preparing the ground to wield soft power there for years to come.
  • Abandoned Mansion?- Lynnewood Hall Lynnewood Hall was one of the finest mansions built in the USA. Two of the members from the Widener family who lived here died on the Titanic. The fate of the mansion is locked in a legal battle as she sits there rotting away. Her fate is uncertain.
  • Abandoned Detroit 1-8-7 Skyscrapers It is an open secret that the downtown of Detroit, Michigan is as empty as the residential districts that surround it. On a walking tour of the city core one July 2008 Sunday, this is what I found; the setting for Detroit 1-8-7. Music is "Little Child" by Din Din Wo. http
  • Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited - Sonata Arctica SONATA ARCTICA
  • Abandoned Hotel Does this creepy abandoned hotel still have guests staying there? See what you think as you explore it with me.

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